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You surprise me

The Telegraph has revealed a £278m black hole in its finances as a result of loans extracted by the Barclay family which are unlikely ever to be repaid.

Rilly? The kiddies of ageing into senescence enmtrepreneurs don’t have the knack?


And isn’t that an argument against the need for inheritance tax?

6 thoughts on “You surprise me”

  1. The most remarkable revelation in that story was that the Terriblegraph ‘won news website of the year at the Press Awards, for the second year running’. The alternatives must be utterly dire….

  2. Is that what happened (cos it’s not really explained)? The Telegraph used as a cash cow to get the kiddies off to a good start in business and subsequently good start followed by middle worse ending? All whilst cash cow began to dry up.

  3. Yeah, it’s the kids. Nothing to do with reduced sales, lost trust and the imminent death of print media in general?

  4. Perhaps the bank that took a lien on the Barclay assets had got wind of this.
    One purpose of banks, as yesterday’s discussion didn’t mention.

  5. I’d always thought that it was rather an argument for inheritance taxes. Specifically for cranking inheritance taxes up to feed the government beast in the face of reductions in income taxes.

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