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Are Scots Tories really that bad?

Scottish Tories could break from UK party to ‘detoxify’ Conservative brand

So bad that their being known as Tories throws shades on all other Conservatives?

The proposal is actually the other way around. The Scots Tories set up alone to get away from hte toxicity of other British Tories….

12 thoughts on “Are Scots Tories really that bad?”

  1. I had a “Tory” MP in the sixties who was branded as National Liberal Unionist. Good bloke, as it happens.

    I think we should go back to referring to Labour people as Socialists or even Reds or Commies.

  2. While the Tories held five of the six Scottish seats they won in 2019 at the general election, there is alarm that the party’s vote share almost halved, falling to just 12.7 per cent.

    Ha ha ha. Faster, please.

  3. One of the main reasons the Scots Tories survived despite having incrophesively thick wet T May loyalists like Andrew Bowie is they successfully mobilised enough people with the us or the SNP (rock/ hard place) tactic.

  4. Ness – the Tory vote collapsed in Scotland, from 25.1% to 12.7.

    The Tories lost more deposits in Scotland than Reform, Reform got more votes than them in 25 seats, And:

    The Tories were in second place in 18 seats prior to this election; that figure is now down to five.

    I wouldn’t call that “survival”, more of a two-flusher.

  5. Steve, there’s still 5 of the scummy useless twats sitting as actual MPs tho, epitomised by the likes of A Bowie for whom I have a particular disdain, they haven’t been flushed round the UBend, they’re still bobbing about stinking the place up.
    They’ll still get MSM interviews etc and do their best to pollute the body politic.
    That’s what I meant – they’ve survived, as opposed to thrived/ done well etc.
    If reform had been somewhat more successful & more people had been prepared to take the risk of a SNP gain, then there could have been a Reform win in Scotland.
    My point was referring to the carpet bombing in the last week of posters saying ” Vote Reform – Get SNP”, it obviously worked to some degree.

  6. I do not want the Scottish Tories to break from the UK brand. I want Scottish Tories in the UK government when the UK Tories are in power.
    Scotland MUST NOT end up like Northern Ireland where no NI MPs ever sit in the UK government. We need UK government representation from Scotland when Labour or the Tories are in power. We do not want to end up with situation where a UK Tory government is forced to appoint a non-Scottish MP as Scottish secretary.

  7. Ness – it worked on some people, and their MP share flatters to deceive, but now they’re down to the 12% of old people who can be frightened via the legacy media.

    The average age of a Tory voter in 2024 is, what, 70 or something? I don’t wanna quote William Hague, but half of them probably won’t be here at the next election.

    Next flush will get em all.

  8. All the “Reform” spokespersons above choose to ignore Tim’s recurrent message that people tend to vote in their invidual self-interest and the Scottish people benefit under Labour from a massive transfer of taxpayers’ money from England to Scotland. So any Scot who isn’t befuddled by SNP propaganda is motivated to vote Labour. [The LibDem success in remote, thinly-populated areas owes much to their strategy of having different party policies in each constituency.]

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