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Bit Minority Report, isn’t it?

Police arrested more than 30 pro-Palestinian activists in a pre-emptive operation designed to prevent disruption during Saturday’s Pride parade.

Scotland Yard said the group had been held on Saturday morning on suspicion of conspiracy to cause a public nuisance.

Arrested on suspicion to……yes, obviously, sometimes this is right. Shoot the bastards before or even as they’re planting the bomb that will kill hundreds. But arrest them before, upon suspicion of, getting shouty in hte streets? Seems a bit far.

Not a perfectly thought through reaction, rather a gut one……

12 thoughts on “Bit Minority Report, isn’t it?”

  1. Nothing must come in the way of teh Gayers and their right to shove their genitals into the face of children.

  2. It’s fascinating to watch the children play Top Trumps, isn’t it? I thought the anti-semites ruled all, but I suppose someone in Plodland is reverting to their good old fashioned romps and doesn’t want their bumchums upset…

  3. The Met have form on this. They did the same to anti-royalists before the coronation IIRC. As you say, very pre-crime.

  4. @Otto
    Yeah, I saw some video of it yesterday. And that did seem to be what was happening. Behaviour that not so long ago people were being arrested & successfully prosecuted for.
    Anyway, they’ve now established a pecking order of who owns their streets. And the public come a long way down.

  5. Had it been a march involving almost any other more mainstream group of British citizens – especially white and elderly ones, or people protesting about the right of cross-dressers to pretend they’ve changed sex, instead of gays and shouty folk, it’s hard to imagine Plod would have done anything.

    And at a time when Gays for Gaza and Queers for Gaza and the like are parading around demanding the end of Israel, would it not be positively churlish of the pro-Palestinians to disrupt the gayers’ parade….. thought they were all mates?

  6. It’s for their own protection. Getting shouty at Gayers isn’t a good look. Someone might video it and put it on social media.

  7. So the gays have a better hand that the pro-palestine gang in the game of protected minority poker?

  8. rupert:

    “Guess the Jews aren’t entitled to the same then?”

    The smart Jews are all doing their weekend shop in leather thongs these days.

  9. Grist said:
    “It’s fascinating to watch the children play Top Trumps, isn’t it?”

    decnine said:
    “It’s for their own protection. Getting shouty at Gayers isn’t a good look”

    Yes, I wasn’t sure which was correct of those two. I suspect it’s decnine, that someone’s protecting the Palestinians from the adverse publicity of their protest being seen to be anti-gay.

    Although of course it means Grist is indirectly right as well, that they’re worried smogs of the Guardian readers / BBC viewers will put gays higher up the protected list.

  10. “Which way will Queers for Palestian jump”

    They don’t need to jump they will be pushed by members of the ‘Religion of Peace’ ™ sic.

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