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Err, yes

Sex in an LA spa was strangely wholesome, like an extension of the wellness experience’: This is how we do it in America

Rob used to be hyper-monogamous – but then he met Mikey and discovered a whole world of experimentation

Anyone ever seen the word or phrase “hyper-monogamy” before?

19 thoughts on “Err, yes”

  1. So the action has just migrated 400 miles South from the SF bathhouse to the LA spa. Perhaps the well-known troubles of SF currently get in the way of male megafucking.

  2. It’s what MrsBud expects me to be, i.e. not have any kind of contact with the female of the species except when absolutely necessary.

    I have a female colleague who I trained, mentored and have just been external supervisor for her PhD. We have become very good friends over the last 20 years, but my wife is not at all comfortable with it to the point that I avoid mentioning her name. I have similar relationships with men, but obviously that isn’t a problem.

  3. “We bought a house in Echo Park last year and started socialising with a group of queer couples who see open relationships as a necessary form of self-care. ”

    Being sodomised by large numbers of strangers is a bit like Holland and Barrett.

  4. Recently, for my birthday, Mikey and I went to a spa together and had a flirtation with another guy in the steam room. He was muscular and very handsome, and I felt a little thrill when I noticed him checking me out. Mikey and I had a whispered discussion and decided to go for it. We all ended up in a bathroom stall together, kissing and touching.

    The next day we organised a dinner with our LA friends and told them all about it. Everyone congratulated us – the spa day was treated like a relationship milestone. One woman said, “How incredible that your spiritual connection has facilitated the capacity to move beyond your own bodies and limitations.”

    How incredible.

  5. Being sodomised by large numbers of strangers is a bit like Holland and Barrett
    Buy one get one free?

  6. Being sodomised by large numbers of strangers is a bit like Holland and Barrett.

    I read that as Holland and Holland, and assumed you meant they lined up side-by-side.

  7. Rob and I are planning a family, and we hope to have a baby next year. We are having a few sexual escapades before parenting becomes our top priority. I see what we are doing as a shared adventure. We might even continue exploring after we become parents – lots of our friends in LA have kids and seem to manage it. Perhaps once a year we will leave our baby with Granny, go on a mini-break and have a little romp.

    Danger, Will Robinson.

  8. Publius Terentius Afer told us that, because he was human, no human experience seemed strange to him. But Terence didn’t have access to the Internet.

  9. John – yes, We might even continue exploring after we become parents doesn’t fill your heart with hope, does it?

    On that article you linked to,

    Diana Sofia Aleman Roman was found unresponsive in the SUV outside her parents’ home in Santee, San Diego, about 12.20am on June 13.

    She had been left in the car for several hours in 63F weather when a family member found her and called 911. The baby girl was rushed to hospital but did not survive.

    This was a two month old baby. Still very small, but very noisy, and very demanding with the inconvenient feeds and poops. When our children were two months old my wife knew exactly where they were, every waking (or crying) second. No doubt other Mums do much the same?

  10. Oddly, of all the revolting elements of that vile and subversive piece, ‘Mikey and I had a whispered discussion’ was the bit that turned my stomach the most.

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