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French amusement

So, OK, the “far right” “wins” the first round of the French election. At which point we gain hte second round.

In which everyone from hte centre right to the far, far, left is usrged to vote together to ensure that the “far right” doesn’t win seats.

The current “far right” is about as right as the 1940s British Labour Party. The far left is nudging up with Pol Pot.

Apparently everyone should be voting for hanging those with spectacles for fear of Harold Laski.


7 thoughts on “French amusement”

  1. “Better Hitler than Blum !”

    The front populaire of the 1930s never carried the right with it.

  2. According to the ever-less-conservative Daily Mail, “Such a victory would mark the first time a hard-right force has taken power in France since World War II amid the occupation by Nazi Germany ”. Bollocks. De Gaulle would be considered “hard-right” these days. Hell, he’s practically the prototype.

  3. Sam

    One could compare Petain’s surrendering France to Hitler to Atlee’s surrendering India to Nehru, or perhaps to his allowing the pro-fascist supporters of Japan to remain in control of Burma.

  4. An odd intervention from Farage, suggesting that Le Pen’s party will be a disaster for France. Is he trying to win “credibility” at home by shitting on his French equivalent?

  5. Heh, no, it’s from time in the European Parliament. He really doesn’t like them. Thinks they’ve crossed the line from being “right” to being “proto-fascist” – that second at best.

    Something to remember about Nigel. He’s acutely aware of how British voters really just won’t put up with anything – or not in any volume at least – even vaguely BNP/Moseleyite/fascist. So he’s always looking to the right of him and insisting that these folk, these here, can’t come into my tent.

  6. @PJF

    I don’t think he’s a fan of their economic policies (e.g. nationalise everything). There’s very little in the RN manifesto that wouldn’t get Diane Abbott moist, except they’re not down enough on the Jooz.

  7. The Meissen Bison

    «He really doesn’t like them. »

    That’s correct.

    PJF’s point is a good one: the RN today is a different creature and the overall climate has changed. Does Farage want to isolate himself and shun the Italian and German right as well?

    On a different tack, it’s Reform’s fault that they are being embarassed by some of their candidates. Reform has no constituency-level operations in the way that UKIP had so unknown “fruitcakes” have made it to becoming approved PPC’s, unknown to the skeleton regional apparatus and having lied about their social media profiles or maybe the checkers failed to check.

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