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How’s this work then?

Leading House Democrat Adam Smith calls on Biden to end presidential bid

Someone getting on for 300 years old says an 81 year old is past it?

8 thoughts on “How’s this work then?”

  1. Because despite being born 300 years ago , and of course being dead, he’s not as far gone as the pretend President of the USA…

  2. Dennis, Tiresome Denizen of Central Ohio

    Nobody outside of Washington DC and Smith’s district has the faintest idea of who he is. Nobody.

    For intents and purposes, this is a fart in a tornado.

  3. Joe is like Covid.

    Remember you used to get banned from social media and fingered as a spreader of “misinformation” if you asked any awkward questions about the Effective and Safe?

    Now the papers are full of news about vaccine injuries.

    Joe Biden has been publicly senile for over 5 years now, shambling about drooling and shitting himself at international events, and they’ve just decided to let you in on the fact that your lying eyes are not deceiving you, because they’re trying to do a Cuomo style forced retirement on him:

    Joe Biden has been given printed guides directing him where to walk on and off stage at events.

    The printouts show large images of the entrance and exit to a stage with the words: “Walk to podium,” Axios reported.

    The guides include a precise path to the podium for the US president to follow.

    One five-page document seen by the publication showed large pictures of an event space taken from different angles, accompanied by the words “view from podium” and “view from audience”.

  4. There are 25 Labour MPs taking instructions from Karl Marx, but this example is much older.
    For longevity though you can’t beat the 4 MPs taking instructions from the 6th/7th century Prophet pbuh.

  5. People decline at different rates as they age. Old Adam is holding up pretty well compared to Joe.

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