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Lawfare, nope, never happens

French investigators have opened an inquiry into the campaign finances of the far-right leader Marine Le Pen during her failed 2022 presidential election bid against Emmanuel Macron, as politicians on the left continue to discuss how a new government could be formed in France.

The Paris prosecutors’ office announced on Tuesday that an investigation had been opened last week to examine allegations over Le Pen’s campaigning funding, which include embezzlement, forgery, fraud, and a further allegation that a candidate on an electoral campaign accepted a loan. No further details were given.

We’ve also the news that Mrs. Sarkozy is being investigated on campaign finance fraud re hubby’s Presidential bid.

Hmm. Could be that all French politicians to the right of Stalin are crooks. Could be that all French politicians are crooks. Even, but whisper this gently, could be that the French state has decided to use the law against these pesky rightwinghers.

It’s even possible that all three are true…..

5 thoughts on “Lawfare, nope, never happens”

  1. Skimming through “A New Britain” – Labour’s plans for constitutional reform – makes one wonder whether government by lawyers was foremost in Starmer’s mind.

  2. A left wing government brought into power via a rather murky election process immediately unleashing the power of the state and judiciary to skewer their main political opponent by whatever means necessary?

    Nah. This is a 21st century western democracy, not Stalins Russia.

    P.s. Watch out Nigel.

  3. The major difference between the Western Left and alleged Western ‘conservatives’ is that the Left isn’t afraid to wield state power against its opponents.

  4. It’s a good example of how much of politics has gone extra-democratic. Last week’s Assembly elections were another one. A concerted media campaign against RN combined with the left’s threat to burn France to the ground if RN triumphed produced the result you see.
    This is something the right needs to learn. It can’t expect the democratic system to accommodate it because the liberal left owns the playing field. So if it wants to get into power, it needs to take the extra-democratic route.

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