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Dominic, who was popular with his fellow students when a palette of crisps and pot noodles


2 thoughts on “Oh Dear”

  1. Before i went to bed i thought i wonder how old jeremy hunt was doing. Imagine my surprise when i saw a Surrey newspaper online put up Tory landslide on their update feed.

    here it is. — My guess the journo is either an uber savvy click bait talent extraordinaire or a bit small g green.

    Exit poll predicts Tory landslide
    The Conservative Party is poised for a record defeat, according to an exit poll predicting a Labour landslide.

    The Tories, who have been in power since 2010, are set to be banished to the opposition benches of the House of Commons, with exit polling suggesting their numbers will be reduced to 131 seats, a loss of some 241 MPs.

  2. Pffft. It’s just ChatGPT writing all the cruft we read now, right? Even when assigned to a actual meatbag I bet more than half the time it’s put through AI to generate, then they just adjust the inevitably wrong figures to whatever Aunty Beeb has on the front page

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