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Oooooh! What Fun!

Labour has appointed one of the country’s foremost climate experts to lead a “mission control centre” on clean energy.

Chris Stark, the former head of the UK’s climate watchdog, will head a Covid vaccine-style taskforce aimed at delivering clean and cheaper power by 2030.

As is becoming true – language always does change, obvs – “expert” now means “propagandist”.

18 thoughts on “Oooooh! What Fun!”

  1. Oh but the man is obviously an expert.
    Shame it’s in Troughing and Careering, instead of his alleged expertise.

  2. So some indoctrinated twonk “expert” who’s “expertise” seems to be in parroting ideology has been put in charge of a quango full of similar entitled imbeciles with a truly laughable belief in themselves.

    The shysters and sharks looking for handouts for their grubby subsidy farms must be pinching themselves to ensure they’re not actually dreaming.

    What could possibly go right?!!!

  3. Even if expert were being used correctly, I don’t want a climate expert in charge of energy generation and supply. Ideally I want lots of engineers doing lots of things, coordinated by the market but insofar as I want any one person, I want an energy expert.

  4. I don’t think that Major Tom would get far in a battery powered rocket. Or was it The Laughing Gnome you were thinking of?

  5. Chris Stark “one of the country’s foremost climate experts” is an alumnus of the University of Glasgow, having graduated in 2002 with a degree in Finance and Law.

  6. Martin Near The M25

    “… aimed at delivering clean and cheaper power by 2030.”

    Utterly delusional. I’m worried they might be too stupid to be lying and actually believe this.

  7. Stony – Major Tom’s a junkie, but can you blame him?

    I have no plans to live through a Labour government sober.

  8. For some reason my earlier comment has disappeared, or perhaps “been disappeared” as it entered moderation but seems not to have emerged.

    Is this perhaps an example of Worstall’s Law: every blogger eventually turns into Richard Murphy?

    It begins with a laudable but doomed attempt to correct the incorrigible which eventually becomes an obsession, degeneration is sign-posted with apparently innocuous yet slightly disturbing frantic typing, unwillingness to use a spellcheck and grammar so bad as to distort meaning and it’s then but a short trip along the primrose path of dalliance to replicating the Troll-Finder General himself.

    While RM seems to be increasingly deranged, perhaps because of the pain of being ignored by anyone who matters, his most persistent critic seems to be metamorphosing into a tribute-act – a chip off the old potato.

    Still: the power, the power of showing those trolls who’s boss around here…

  9. It’s actually new technology defeats elderly white man gammon. As usual.

    Can’t find the damn code monkey either.

  10. ‘I have no plans to live through a Labour government sober’

    Is THAT why I’m drinking, Steve??

  11. @El Draque – “Clean and cheap?
    They have to choose one or the other.”

    That’s why the appointment is clever. Appoint someone who thinks it’s possible and challenge them to achieve it.

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