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Well, we know this is wrong

Dressed in a sober black blazer and talking with trademark briskness, the prime minister urged Italy’s ruling elite to “put those who create wealth in the best conditions to produce it”.

“The more wealth that is produced, the more the state can use its share of that wealth to provide the solutions citizens are waiting for,” she said. “The purpose of a tax system is not to stifle society, but rather to help it prosper.”

Disagrees with Spud so obviously it must be wrong. Or, disagrees with Spud and is therefore highly likely to be sensible. Your call there.

2 thoughts on “Well, we know this is wrong”

  1. She wants to make sure the loot is there before she tries to steal it??

    Sounds rational to me.

  2. Maybe they could making the babies to create the wealth as well.
    And maybe start by slanting taxes away from young, working people who at the moment can’t have children.
    Oh sorry, that last bit is the UK.

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