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  1. Enjoy the blog and the new web page but when scrolling down the page the middle column where the text is displayed is gradually getting narrower resulting in text at the lhs and rhs being cropped.
    Browser is IE6.

  2. Vladimir Belenkovich

    Hi, Tim!

    I searched for your name om impulse after watching Crossroads movie with a lot of Ry Cooder music. Then all in sudden I realized that it was Tim who told me about Ry Cooder and many other things.
    I googled and here we go. Tim is alive and kicking as a star of blogosphere now.
    But of course. I should have guessed myself.
    Let me know when you are in Moscow next time.

  3. I was just reading “Environmental Idiocy of the Day : Jeremy Leggett Edition” in The Business.

    Sorry Tim, but you really have completely missed Leggett’s point here – as is revealed by the fact that you seem to think it’s some kind of scoop to reveal that he runs a solar energy business!

    If this is your normal standard of journalism we’ll need to design a system to capture the carbon dioxide from the huge volumes of noxious hot air you produce.

  4. “Tim Worstall is an Englishman who has failed at many things. Thus his turn to writing, the last refuge of many who could make a living no other way.”

    Tim, according to your website text, you must be dead broke and starving by now because you even failed at writing! Dude, you are a sad, pathetic loser and I’m sure right now you are in some bar having your morning cup of Vodka aren’t you?
    Your Blog regarding Randy Salerno is a complete misuse of the Internet and makes me want to have it regulated to prevent morons like you from writing hurtful and disgusting dribble like this. Your Blog said nothing significant but it said everything about the kind of person you have become in your life. It was a deliberate attempt to be an Asshole but don’t despair Tim, it’s the one thing in your life you have succeed on becoming. Go back to England, you jerk-off, loser of an asshole. America does not need or want you here.

  5. Came to your blog via the Register and the article on sex trafficking. Loved it, absolutely spot on, so was surprised to see all the anti re your writing, “Go back to England, you jerk-off, loser of an asshole. America does not need or want you here.” hmmm, now there’s a command of language to be admired!!! Of course the margin thing reveals the truth, in my opinion the only use for IE is to download Firefox (or another browser that works), the critics are all Windohs users! Best of luck mate. Jack.

  6. I’ve read this blog for a while and never noticed the about section. All I can say is rofl @ the people whining about how you’ve said something they don’t like.

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  9. Poor, sad Tim

    Not least, not very bright to ‘out’ yourself for what you are, and try and sell your books at the same time.

  10. Another mercenary writer for hire, funded by right wing groups and individuals to push their views and promote their interests. Must be pretty lucrative…

    Tim adds: Mercenary writer for hire: yes, it’s known as being a “freelance”. There’s quite a lot of us about you know, most newspapers are full of pieces written by such mercenaries.

    As to groups and individuals, well, other than those we call “editors”, not seen much sign of that. And lucrative? I wish….

  11. Interesting stuff.

    I’m curious; who’s the liberal equivalent of Tim? What lefty blog is there that is as rigorously scrupulous with facts and figures? That is as sound in its knowledge and as bracingly authoritative? Any suggestions?

    Tim adds: Chris Dillow for sure. Unity on his subjects. Jamie K on his. Lots of them actually, just not that many on economics.

  12. Are you the guy who wrote this article?

    “Six Waltons Have More Wealth Than the Bottom 30 % of Americans”

    Truly, on the most literal level, you’re an idiot. Your argument that the wealth disparity in the United States can be ignored by virtue of the fact that you can divide total US household wealth by the US population and come up with a bountiful figure is idiotic, and does nothing to capture the economic realities of the country. Worse still, it is misleading, and paints an inaccurate picture of the economic life of most Americans. I cannot stop you from continuing to publish; I highly encourage you, however, to get a basic education.

  13. I second the above comment. If you think for a second that 6 figure offers are just rolling downhill from Wall Street to recent law school grads, or that doctors are striking it rich right after med school, you are incredibly ignorant. It’s probably really easy to write such a stupid and conclusive comment when you don’t actually have to do any actual journalistic work. Try this: pretend you are a recent law school grad in the top 25% of your class, and go ahead and knock on some doors at some firms. See what happens. Watch how much the offers just start pouring in. The way you twist reality in a self-serving manner is unethical at best.

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  15. Mr Worstall

    Just had a quick look at your site, following reading one of your (excellent) articles for the Adam Smith Institute.

    You’re doing good stuff. Rather sadenned by the insulting comments some have seen fit to post above. It never becomes anyone, in debate, to act in such a way, and generally reflects more on what they feel about themselves than what you’ve written.

    Press on and stick to those facts. Trivial insults will fade away. Good ideas will stick around.

    Best regards

    Peter Baker

  16. I was reading an article that you wrote for Forbes on the rise of autism. Could you please further explain to me why it cannot be environmental factors that are causing the increase, rather the change in the counting method?

  17. Hi Tim,

    Not expecting any kind of response but just read your herbalife article on forbes. I saw you searched on ebay to try locate evidence of products failed distributors may be trying to shift as a means to claw back what they can. It is apparenly illegal for them to sell it via ebay if you do a quick google search. They have a system in place to trace specific distributors who get caught out.

    My guess is that it would be quite easy to pour a few shakes away ect if youre plan is to throw in the towel! Or even store in the attic. Just thought this was one of the key ways a theory was tested yet no one researched why distributors dont sell on ebay?

    Theres a reason Herbalife dont monitor their actual sales to real consumers, why would they reveal they are a pyramid scheme when they can make a killing from distributors and get away with it!



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  19. No idea how i got here, i think i was looking at an expired domain to buy, anyway, good blog Tim and you’re english… finally finding one of our own, keep it up man.

  20. Just read an article of yours on Forbes about how minimum wage increases are not a good thing in your opinion. You gave an example of how a chipotle in SF actually loses money even if the extra money they’re paying out in wages is spent in the restaurant because there’s some mysterious extra cost of about 30% which you don’t explain at all what it is. You’ve already explained that chipotle has increased their prices, especially in SF, to account for the extra labor costs so it can’t be that. So, why does it cost extra to do business when people’s wages are increased and the business raises prices to accout for it?

  21. Regarding your Forbes article on welfare subsidizing corporations: when minimum wage is increased, the burden falls evenly on consumers. When you rely on welfare, the burden is paid through taxes. The wealthy pay the vast majority of taxes. So what these various news outlets are proposing is shifting the burden from the wealthy to the average, 50k a year household. Put in that light, it might put an end to the discussion.

  22. I’m shocked to learn that the Register has ended publication of your articles. I’ve found them to be exceĺlent in their explanation of economic issues to an intelligent but non-economist audience and I’ve sent copies of many of them on to other people. I say this as someone who disagrees with you politically on many things.

    I do hope that one Reg commentard’s theory is right and that you’ve been offered more to be published elsewhere. If that’s so be sure to publicise as widely as you can where your articles will be found.

  23. Tim Worstall,

    You are so wrong in your China article about Donald Trump. You have it all backwards. For you to think trade is just about consumption shows what a neophyte you are on international finance. We’re voting for Trump and not buying the propaganda you are trying to sell. Donald Trump is correct in what he says. The voters understand this and that is why he has millions more votes than the next contender. Btw, try to sell your nonsense to all the workers who have lost manufacturing jobs over the years to China and elsewhere. You are so wrong in what you write.

  24. Is there any way in which the very simple and easy to communicate idea of population density can be promoted on to the agenda of Brexit negotiations as a way of allowing the UK full single market access but with immigration controls?

    I envisage a simple policy along the lines of: EU to allow Single Market access with curtailment of free movement for countries with population density over 250 people per square kilometre.

    Germany has a population density of 233 p/km² (people per square kilometre). The UK has a population density of 269 p/km². So 15% higher density than that of Germany.

    If the EU were looking for a get out clause to allow free trade to continue (which is more beneficial to them than us given our annual 64 billion pound deficit with the EU) but to ensure that other countries don’t get any unreasonable ideas about curtailing freedom of movement perhaps setting an addendum to the Single Market access rules that makes an allowance for discretionary curtailment of freedom of movement once a population density of 250 p/km² is reached might be an idea?

    I imagine Chancellor Merkel might find that quite a useful tool over the next year or so when trying to get re-elected. It would also give the Dutch and Belgians the chance to introduce immigration measures, those countries being the only other EU nations that have a population density over 250 p/km².

    Just a thought. Hope it resonates and can be made use of.

    Yours sincerely,

    Jim Mitchell

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  26. Hello,

    I am an undergraduate studying economics and political science in the United States. I was wondering what research has been done (if any) and what good reads would you suggest in the realm of sports economics. I am really interested in observing studies of the cartel example given of sporting leagues that you have written about. Also the market structure of these leagues and how they set determine which prices to produce at.

    Anything would help. Thank you

  27. Tim,

    Saw your piece on the minimum wage in Forbes. Hoping you could reprise it for Modern Trader Magazine. WE are a financial publication and in an upcoming issue we are focusing on the restaurant sector. As you know attempts to increase the US Federal minimum wage to $15 is controversial within the fast serve restaurant sector. We think an oped piece on the affects of a higher minimum would be a good fit. Please let me know if you can update this for us. We would need it this week, but it fdoes not need to be a complete rewrite, just an update. Please let me know if you would be interested.
    Dan Collins
    Modern Trader
    [email protected]

  28. After reading your blog posts re MMT, I believe you will enjoy reading my recent book: “The Impotence of Central Banks” available on Amazon. Happy to mail you a couple of free copies if you send me your address.

  29. Hello Tim,

    I usually find myself in complete agreement with you – however, your latest Cap-X article on the NHS is a little wide of the mark I think.

    I have had two major contacts with the NHS in the past 12 months – a broken arm and the death of my mother – along with a few family visits to our GP.

    In truth, on each and every occasion, I could hardly fault the service and professionalism I/we encountered.

    The only issue I might grumble at is having to wait 110mins for an ambulance – but a) it was not an emergency, b) I live 12 miles from the hospital, and c) people were abusing the service at the time (hardly the fault of the ambulance service).

    Anyway, keep up the good work. The centre-right needs good advocates.

  30. The argument isn’t that the NHS is bad. Rather, that it’s not as good as other arrangements.

  31. With respect – you said that, ‘the NHS is not what it is cracked-up to be’, and that it is. ‘not very good at its actual job’.

    Other points I might suggest;

    1. Careful quoting King’s Fund as a source – it is a notoriously partial organisation.

    2. Careful using places like Singapore as yard-sticks, they have a far smaller – and more grateful – population to service.

    3. Don’t forget the NHS is also used to boost employment – so the government recoups some money via income tax.

    4. Undoubtedly the NHS could be more efficient – ask how them many managers are employed at > £100k, nay, £200k p.a.; and quiz them on procurement (surely corrupt as well as inefficient)………..but the fact remains that an ordinary family like mine has received superlative service in the past year……..(whilst on holiday in USA last year, we had to pay $116 for a small tube of anti-biotic eye ointment).

    ……..remember visiting the GP in the 1970s – he (always a he) would make you feel guilty for being sick; and hospitals had hardly advanced from pre-WWII………I for one have seen much progress both in terms of ’software’ as well as ‘hardware’.

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  33. I love that this Brexiter arguing how great it will be to have food from all over the world flowing into the UK with no tariffs lives/or at least has a house in Portugal! lol

  34. Dr Worstall,

    Im not sure how else to contact you in response to your article “The Minimum Wage Has Never Affored a Two Bedroom Apartment So Why Should It Now” Published on Forbes June 10, 2017.

    First you stated what someone would have to make to afford a two bedroom apartment at 30% of your income then compared that to curtent minimum wages.

    Then you compared monthly minimum wages for a full time employee against average monthy rent for that time. In most of your calculations for the years you choose 1940, 1968, etc the average rent (for all types of housing) are still around 50% or less of a minimum wage full time salary.

    Then you further stated most larger homes tend to not be part of the rental market.

    As someone who is in their 40’s, has lived in larger rental home much of my life and currently live in a 5 bedroom house in an upper middle class neigboorhood of similar homes that has a rental rate of 45%, and someone that rented out a 3br house for 7 years, I would argue the rental markets included many single family and larger than two bedroom home over the decades.

    With that in mind, the comparision of minimum wage salarey per month at full time pay is $1,257 and the average rent per month in the US in July, 2018 was $1,405. Just for further comparision the average cost of a 2br in the US ghis month is $1,208.

    According to these numbers the average rent is over well over %100 of a minimum wage salary. And close to 100% for a 2br.

  35. I would like ammend my previous comment. I said the US average for a 2 br was $1,208, that is actually the average for a 1 br.

    With these calculations the Minimum wage needs a serious hike. Please inform me if I am missing something here.

  36. Young Persons Perspective

    Interesting this Tim Worstall character lives in the past, when by far away life was exceedingly easier back then. As somebody reasonably young I read his work as a remnant of a different era and not realistic. Maybe back in the 1960s back when you did not have to have years of experience to begin with. And you could live in the countryside for months on end with the money you had earned but it is not like this anymore. Realistic for somebody whose life experience is from the past to completely out of touch with the realities of the younger generation. My reality of life is nearer to the depression mate minus starvation to death, that perhaps that may be the reality. Tim Worstall forgets how easy life was after the Depression and Second World War up until the 1980’s and then there was the 1990’s when the inflationary realities changed the world substantially in the time.

  37. Young Persons Perspective

    Once the economy had been gutted it was far easier to buy a hotel. Tim Worstall let me guess lives in a big fine house, with lots and lots of money whose has got where he has gotten where he is through being a realist and seeing the world through rose coloured glasses. Has forgotten his childhood in the depression or the second wall through his remarkable success in life probably unlike the luck of his parents perhaps and their generation la la la.

  38. Tim you did’nt tell us how 100.000 Uber and Lyft cars create a huge traffic problem in Manhattan.I’m sure you Know VERY WELL THAT!!! I’M SÛRE ALSO YOU LOVE UBER!!$$$$$$$$

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