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Harry and Wossname

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex asked the organisers of an advertising boycott against Facebook “which brands they could help target” when they offered their support, a key figure behind the campaign has said.

Prince Harry and Meghan gave their support for the Stop Hate for Profit initiative last weekend, supporting the “urgent and pressing need for reform” and the call for “structural changes to the online world”.

It’s almost Snippesque in it’s desperate pursuit of being with the in crowd isn’t it?

There’s a business here

Giant US retailer Walmart is set to discontinue sales of “All Lives Matter” merchandise on their website, after a social media backlash.

The company, which is the biggest retailer in the US, caused controversy online earlier this week when it was revealed that a third-party brand, Old Glory, was selling a number of $20 T-shirts via the Walmart website, including “Blue Lives Matter”, “Irish Lives Matter”, “Homeless Lives Matter”, “Police Lives Matter”, “Drunk Lives Matter” as well as “All Lives Matter”.

The anger on social media began when Twitter user Kate Udle posted a screen grab of an “All Lives Matter T-shirt” with the comment “Are you kidding me @walmartcanada??? Disgusting. Do better.” Other Twitter users expressed their dismay, with one asking: “Why make it easier for the racists to get their clothing?”

Buy a t-shirt stamping (??) machine. Contract with a Bangladeshi factory for supplies of plans at 50 cents a piece. Scan the news for whatever is pissing the Woken SS off at any one time. Advertise and print.

Anyone got any cash?

Given the Telegraph’s paywall

We don’t know the reason that the expert goes on to give:

The Government proposals for some pupils to focus on English and maths when they return to school in September could lead to “cultural apartheid”, an expert has warned as headteachers vow to ignore the Government’s advice….

Our task therefore is to ponder what reasons there possibly could be.

Ideas along the lines of, well, literacy and numeracy are waacist, innit, are too obvious. What therefore is that argument?

The winning prize is employment at the fool think tank of your choice.


Markets and capitalism are entirely orthogonal to each other. We can have free market not-capitalism as John Lewis proves. The opposite of free markets is unfree markets, something that historically hasn’t worked out well. The basic problem being quis custodiet etc.

A Very British Coup

Well, yes, OK, a coup it is then. The elected government exercising power over the permanent established bureaucracy. A coup.

And the problem with this is?

How couldn’t it be true?

Unless, of course, breaking us for the next stage – the end of democracy stage – requires that reduction to our knees stage first of all, that is.

I can’t rule that out. But maybe, just maybe, that is the plan, after all and it’s me that’s being conned into thinking something else. In which case I’ll put on record my awareness of this now just in case it’s true, which is at least plausible.

After all, the only possible reason the elected government doesn’t implement the plans of the unelected Sage of Ely must be because those elected intend to destroy democracy.


Well, because

And, third, why the presumption that QE will end? Why is that being assumed?

At some point it will, as even MMT says. We cannot forever monetise fiscal policy, not without doing a Weimar we can’t.


Britain’s economy contracted by 2.2% in the first three months of 2020 – its sharpest decline in more than 40 years – as the immediate impact from the Covid-19 pandemic provided an even more severe hit to output than first thought.

That’s for the year up to March 31. Piffle, entirely an irrelevance. It’s what has happened since then that matters.

But it’s also true that this is how long it takes to produce decent GDP figures. Which does rather show how lousy is the information base we’ve got to try and plan the economy, doesn’t it?

Where’s my cheque then?

British elite ‘being groomed by China’

Presumably this means I’m not classified as part of the elite. But, given that they’re talking about a group that Heseltine belongs to neither are they talking about the elite.

Man had to buy his own furniture for goodness sake.

Still, presumably he who shall not be named here will soon be singing the praises of rule by Pooh. He’s not failed to chase any other grant after all.

Isn’t this interesting?

The oldest surviving photograph of a Māori person has been discovered in the national library of Australia, a historical “scoop” being lauded on both sides of the Tasman.

Hemi Pomara was kidnapped from his home on the Chatham Islands in the early 1840s by British traders, after his family were slaughtered by a rival Māori tribe.

The interest being, well, is he actually Maori? Or, rather, Moriori?

Given that we know the Moriori of the Chatham Islands were slaughterered and or enslaved in the late 1830s by some Maori…..

So, which way will this go?

Children whose fathers spend time playing with them at a very early age may find it easier to control their behaviour and emotions, which has a beneficial impact as they get older and start school, according to a new study.

Research carried out by Cambridge University’s faculty of education and the LEGO Foundation looked at how mothers and fathers play with children aged 0 to 3 years and how it affects child development.

While there are many similarities, it found that fathers tend to engage in more physical play like tickling, chasing, and piggy-back rides, which researchers claim appears to help children to learn to control their feelings.

That fathers are necessary and thus should be kept around?

Or that it’s sexist to control emotions and therefore carry on as at present?

Of course he did

The 25-year-old Libyan man accused of killing three people in a Reading park shouted “Allahu Akbar” moments before the attack, a court has heard.

Khairi Saadallah, who was living in the Berkshire town, is charged with three counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder.

Our problem here is the Maggie as PM question.

Sure, perhaps this is anecdote not truth but still. Traditionally one way of working out whether a potential nutter is in contact with reality is to ask “Who is the Prime Minister”. This fell into abeyance in the Thatcher years because even nutters knew that Maggie was. Thus it was not a useful test of who was a nutter.

Shouting Allahu Akbar before knifing someone is not evidence of being a terrorist. Or, perhaps, it might be, but it’s also true that those who are nutters might shout it as well.

That is, it’s not definitive either way. Thus it’s not useful as a test. For it’s not distinguishing between the type of voices in the head that lead to the stabbiness.

Well, yes, obviously and of course

The Charles Dickens museum in Kent has become the latest target of this year’s anti-racism movement after a former local councillor daubed the building with graffiti calling the author a racist….

By today’s standards all those in the past were racists. Just as by past standards near all women today would be called loose.


A charity that employs 112 people

Well, actually, one that could only, possibly, max out at 112 employees.

Alarge part of Ianne Fields Stewart’s advocacy is centered on universalizing experiences that are often thought of as a luxury, thus making them accessible to members of marginalized communities. That’s one of the reasons Stewart — a queer, trans, non-binary activist — founded The Okra Project, a New York-based nonprofit that employes Black trans chefs to visit the homes of Black trans people who are experiencing food insecurity to cook them meals.

That’s really pretty specific. Chefs are 139,000 of the population. Blacks are 13.4%. Trans are 0.6% – arguable but that’s what Google says. There are therefore 112 people max who could work for these guys. Nationwide.

That’s really pretty specific.

We’ve looked this up before haven’t we?

Three things. First, £9 billion is not huge: it is just a blip in the £100 billion that is required to be spent each year to deliver the Green New Deal, and leaves the vast majority of houses thermally inefficient still.

Citation needed.

And when we do go look it up don;t we find that most of the housing stock is already insulated?

Well, we knew he would, didn’t we?

So, about Wirecard Snippa tells us that:

They will not pass company law that requires that accounting is responsible to all stakeholders, and not just shareholders.

They have not been willing to address the failure of the IFRS to address tax abuse via country-by-country reporting – which they have refused to consider.

They have accepted that the IFRS will not go near climate change because they say they are not competent to do so.

As a result, governments tolerate the accounting standard setter refusing to address the two biggest issues in accounting today because the profession does not wish these matters to be addressed.

And across the whole neoliberal world this is considered acceptable by governments.

Well, OK, that’s the Spud Blog Generator Mark I revving up. But the fun part is this:

But don’t get excited. The FREP apparently had just 15 employees and a budget of €6m. BaFin may be little better.

BaFin, which is a state body, was hugely, horribly, worse. Actually trying to jail the FT reporters working on the story.

Spud still can’t grasp that the state can be worse.

Margarita Pracatan

Be thatBe that as it may, Cillian de Buitléar, James’s producer, insisted that she took the business of being an entertainer seriously. “She wasn’t messing around, despite her unorthodox time signatures,” he said. “There was a certain amount of guessing you had to do when she started doing a cover version of a well-known song in rehearsal, but I suppose you could say she was reinterpreting it.”

The Guardian says this like it’s a bad thing

As Chesapeake was expanding at breakneck speed, natural gas prices were near $20 per million British thermal units, the benchmark for natural gas trading. But frackers like Chesapeake flooded the market with cheap natural gas, sending prices to well under $2.

The capitalists lose out, the consumer wins, cheap energy as well. Well, suppose they’ve got to think it a bad thing for it certainly goes against everything they believe about markets and capitalism, doesn’t it?