Tim Worstall

Well, depends on your definition, doesn’t it?

So, men are wildly misogynistic about women’s sport:

Researchers have claimed that more than two-thirds of male football fans harbour hostile, sexist or misogynistic attitudes towards women’s sport.

The definition being used:

Media reporting of women’s sports – a sphere regarded as intrinsically inferior – was seen as “positive discrimination” or “PC nonsense”.

Allow me to create definitions like that and I can prove anything I damn well want.

Gosh, d’ye mean that social housing isn’t all that good?

Kwajo Tweneboa adored his father. They were very similar: they both enjoyed a laugh, had an interest in current affairs and made sacrifices to care for others. Then, in January 2020, Tweneboa watched his father, who suddenly became terminally ill with cancer, die. All the while, cockroaches, mice and flies infested their dilapidated housing association flat on the Eastfields estate in Mitcham, south London.

Tweneboa, a 23-year-old student, shared the flat with his two sisters, 24 and 21. He says he asked the housing association, Clarion, to make repairs for more than a year, with little success, before deciding to take further action. Since then, he has become a champion for his neighbours and all those living in similarly squalid conditions, forcing landlords and housing associations to acknowledge their responsibilities and make urgent, necessary repairs.

But, but surely killing the profit motive makes everything perfect?

As Bjorn Lomborg point out, predicted, those 20 years ago

And wasn’t Bjorn Lomborg shouted at for making the point?

Half a million fewer people died in England and Wales as a result of cold weather as the climate warmed over the past 20 years, latest data from the Office for National Statistics has suggested.

Between 2001 and 2020, there was a decrease of 555,103 deaths associated with warm or cold temperature, about 27,000 a year, with the vast majority of the fall, 509,555, because of fewer people dying from the cold.

We probably should acknowledge Lomborg as one of the great climate scientists in fact. Two things he predicted (this is just from memory) have indeed come true. This, lower deaths from warmer winters, plus also that solar was going to continue to plummet in price and would so largely solve the problem anyway.

Might be worth giving the whole thing a reread and seeing which else of his predictions have come true…

How excellent

A record number of students applied to study nursing last year, official figures show, as the pandemic inspired a rise in applications.

In 2021, 45,235 students applied to study nursing, up from 39,365 the previous year and 33,105 in 2019, data from Ucas revealed.

So we’ll not have to increase nurses wages for a good few years yet, we’ve got no recruitment problems at all….

Weak but fair

Perhaps not a fair evaluation of BoJo but a fair way of evaluating someone:

Boris Johnson’s wins outweigh his mistakes

There are plenty out there we can think of who wouldn’t even pass that test, no?

How weird

Tories are evil, fascists, exploiters:

In that case worry if you are young, because you have no economic value, unless you were born with a silver spoon firmly in place.

Umm, what’s the point of exploiting the young if there’s no economic value in exploiting the young? Idiot’s got it the wrong way around. His actual claim is that you’ve no moral value, therefore can be exploited for your economic value.

Another proof that this is all just word salad.

Amazing as it may seem his political rhetoric is even worse than his economic.

Tech folks

Anyone got a pointer to a good primer on SEO? Some work I’m doing would definitely benefit from guidance on this. Something better than Google’s own “write good articles and they will come” stuff. How many times to repeat a keyword, where, all that? Possibly even something aimed at Google News, not just the main engine?

Oh, and obviously, it needs to be fairly up to date, a recent version of what the engine does today?

A little reminder of past poverty and the army

He recalled the overpowering sense of “pull” from the office and how ten days later he was at Catterick, the Royal Signals training regiment, marvelling at being fed three square meals a day.

I’ve heard similar from one of our fellows here. The one who spends his retirement in the hills overlooking my own place of birth – well, close to Strete anyway.

Rather made up here

‘Significant evidence of fraud’ in Donald Trump’s business empire

Well, yes and no.

“We have uncovered significant evidence indicating that the Trump Organisation used fraudulent and misleading asset valuations on multiple properties to obtain economic benefits, including loans, insurance coverage, and tax deductions for years,” she said.

They’ve defined using different valuations for different purposes as being fraud. Rather than, you know, reality?

Err, yes?

Rural homes could be left behind in ultrafast broadband rollout
Nearly 150,000 remote properties might miss out on the Government’s gigabit internet drive as MPs warn reaching homes is too expensive


The Commons public accounts committee said that ministers appeared to have “no clear plan” for getting connections to the remotest communities, where installing conventional broadband is not financially viable for private companies.

If the value of the connection is less than the cost of the connection then don’t connect.

No, this is absurdly stupid

Prince Harry and Meghan have set up 11 companies in a tax haven

Lord knows I’m not going to defend those two. But really?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have set up a network of 11 companies in the tax haven state of Delaware,

Delaware’s not a tax haven, most certainly not for someone living in the US. It has distinct advantages as a corporate centre, not least is that they’ve paid great attention to having an efficient and sensible (no, not pro-corporate, just one that deals with cases quickly and according to the law) commercial court system.

You don’t get to dodge US Federal taxes by being in Delaware, most certainly not as either a resident or citizen of the US. It’s not a tax haven.

Among the listings are two publishing firms – Peca Publishing LLC and Orinoco Publishing LLC.

And that’s even more stupid. LLC and LLP are pass through entities. Taxes aren’t paid at the level of the company or partnership, they go on to the personal tax bills of the individuals. Being in Delaware in this sense is no different than – except for very minor issues – being in CA or TX or ND.

Experts say there are several benefits in incorporating a company in Delaware, including the state’s flexible business laws and its low personal income tax rates.

What damn bloody experts are these? In the US system you pay personal income taxes according to the rules of the state where you’re resident. Where the LLC is resident doesn’t change that in the slightest. They pay CA income tax rates!

Delaware doesn’t impose income tax on corporations registered in the state which don’t do business in the state. Also, shareholders who don’t reside in Delaware need not pay tax on shares in the state. This is why it has been referred to as a domestic tax haven.

They’re pass through corporations! Meaning that they pay their tax where they reside – California.

Acting might be stretching it

She once posed for Playboy and also acted in films, with her credits including Zombie Island Massacre and the Malibu Bikini Shop.

Presented her kit on camera maybe, but acting would be too, too, strong.

Princess Rita was previously married to a Republican politician, John Jenrette Jr., from South Carolina.

Princess Rita Jenrette Boncompagni Ludovisi, 72, formerly known as Rita Carpenter, married Prince Nicolo Boncompagni Ludovisi, whose family have owned the property since the early 17th century.

All together now, can we say “hypergamy”?

They’re still not grasping markets, are they?

Brussels has extended London’s lucrative clearing rights until 2025 in a significant backdown by the European Union and a post-Brexit boost for the City of London.

Mairead McGuinness, the financial services commissioner, said the European Commission will allow banks and money managers based in the EU to clear trades in London until June 2025.

Folks do stuff where it’s convenient to do stuff. So why would you demand that they do it somewhere else?


And in October, after Dr. Rachel Levine made history as with her appointment as a four-star admiral, Tucker Carlson blew a gasket, declaring on his show that “the Biden administration declared that a biological man who wears a dress is now a female admiral…. You have to ask yourself how long will it be before Joe Biden appoints his horse to the Supreme Court.” I didn’t even know Joe Biden had a horse.

Not knowing the story about Caligula is not as big a comeback and put down as this journalist might think.

This is also fun:

“We live in a society that is fundamentally transphobic by virtue of the fact that being cisgender is positioned as normative”

Well, yes, in humans, it is. If it weren’t there wouldn’t be this insistence on surgery. If myriad sexes exist and all are fine then why would adjustment to one of two make sense?

Amazingly, yes, he wants to make it worse

The article is a little vague as to what this proposal might mean. It would seem that the idea is that the government should absorb the impact of some energy price increases at present but that the cost will be recovered when energy prices inevitably fall. At that time consumer prices will be maintained to repay money paid by the government now. In other words, the government will, in effect, provide a hedging mechanism to smooth consumer energy prices.

In principle, I have no problem with us. In practice, I do of course have an issue, which is that what this clearly implies is that the consumer energy market has completely failed and that as far as consumer pricing is concerned if such a scheme is to be put in place then government-regulated prices will be in operation into the foreseeable future, in which case the reason for private sector activity in the sector has to be questioned.

A problem caused by price fixing is to be solved by permanent price fixing. It’s as if he’s the perfect heat seeking missile for the wrong answer…..

Is US 5G different from EU?

This puzzles:

US airline chiefs have warned that the introduction of a new 5G service could cause US commerce to “grind to a halt” due to possibly grounding a significant number of aircraft and might “strand tens of thousands of Americans overseas”.

Clearly something to do with the spectrum band being used. But, does the US use a different band? I would assume so, given that we’re not getting warnings over here of the same problem.

I also dimly recall that the US was going to use some different band. Summat about the military refusing to give up the one needed to plug into the global standard maybe? This leading to the fact that US 5G was always going to be more expensive as even the US isn’t a large enough market to support the tech development without a price surcharge.

Anyone know the full story here?

O Tempora, O Mores

Actually, this is very English indeed:

Social media stars including Jodie Marsh and five ex-Love Islanders including Francesca Allen are to be subjected to a name and shame Instagram campaign by the UK’s advertising watchdog for continuing to flout social media marketing rules.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which issued a final warning to 122 UK-based Instagram influencers over repeatedly failing to tell followers when they were paid to promote products in posts, has resorted to using the social media platform to highlight their behaviour to users.

So instead of chiding birds for looking like low paid slags, tits oot fer the lads, the formal admonition is that they are engaging in trade. Far worse, dontcha know?

How archaically English….

Perhaps it shouldn’t happen but who is actually surprised?

Jeroen Rietbergen, the show’s band leader, has admitted he had “sexual contact” with women involved in the show several years ago, having been previously warned about his behaviour.

Mr Rietbergen, a Dutch composer, said he believed the interactions were “reciprocal and equal” but now understands the women “may have had a different experience”.

“During my years of involvement with The Voice of Holland, I had contact of a sexual nature with some women involved in the program and exchanged sexually tinted WhatsApp messages. My involvement with The Voice of Holland was as a pianist and bandleader,” he added.

Armies of young women want their shot at fame. Casting couch possibly involved.

I’m perfectly happy with the idea that perhaps such power imbalances shouldn’t involve the sex bit. But I simply cannot bring myself to be surprised that they do. Entirely voluntarily too – the idea that some will trade access to what they’ve got for what they want wouldn’t;t surprise even maiden aunts – maiden aunts would probably understand it more than most actually, given that they did;t do so by their own choice.