Tim Worstall


Lorna Slater, minister for green skills, circular economy and biodiversity,

The message was sent after Ms Slater, who earns nearly £100,000 per year,

Excessive wealth and hyperconsumerism is for you sweetie, not me. Just rewards for difficult party work for me.


A woman was assaulted by a domestic abuser after he was confined to her home under a tagged curfew, an inspector has revealed – as he warned of a lack of checks.

Justin Russell, the chief inspector of probation, said it was “deeply concerning” and “unacceptable” that electronically tagged domestic abusers under restrictions were being allowed to live with potential victims.

On the one hand, if he’s a domestic abuser then this is possibly his domestic. So, after release (the tag is parole or summat) then why shouldn’t he return to his domestic? He’s been punished for his crime, no we don’t have sentences which say “You may not go home when time is served”.

On the other hand confining him with a tag to where the crime took place and another might doesn’t seem all that sensible either.

There doesn’t actually seem to be a fair answer either. What’s a penitent husband (no, imagine) supposed to do, rent another house while on parole? Or what’s the point of putting a scrote back into a target rich environment?

Any answers?

Ooooh, Gosh!

Federal prosecutors disclosed in a December sentencing memo that Nader had agreed months earlier to plead guilty to a single count of felony conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government by funneling millions in donations to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and concealing the funds’ foreign origin. Nader’s plea has not been previously reported.

So there was foreign interference then!

Those Rio Tinto mines

The Times has something about the British Cemetary in Huelva:

The remains of Scottish, English and Welsh people who worked in the Rio Tinto mines and brought football and afternoon tea to Spain lie in a forgotten corner of the country.

The cypress-shaded British Cemetery outside the southwest port city of Huelva has slumped into decay. Its walls are crumbling, refuse chokes its padlocked main gate and overgrown vegetation obscures the tombstones.

And, yes, OK. The graveyard up at the mines (Minas de Riotinto these days) would have been Catholic, so the Anglican one might well have been that 100 km (or whatever) away in the regional capital.

However, this:

The company, whose community was strictly regulated by etiquette and at its height bustled with bridge, golf, football and cricket clubs, built a village of grand mock Tudor houses for its workers that still stands along with other relics such as the pier and Mackay’s house in the city.

Didn’t know they’d done that in Huelva. I did know they’d done that up in RioTito itself. There’s one of those houses for sale right now:

URGE SALE. Historical house in good condition, recent reforms. New bathroom. Freshly painted. Large living rooms with fireplace, kitchen with office and pantry. Furnished. Quiet environment with landscaped pedestrian zones.”

Piercing the corporate veil

It’s unlikely to work out well:

The firms will be required to provide Ofcom with the name of a senior director who will be liable for criminal prosecution and jail sentences of up to two years if they fail to provide Ofcom with the information it needs to pursue an investigation.

Perhaps it might be OK right here, with social media companies. Perhaps it won’t be. But any longer term application of this – and this is indeed slippery slope – will lead to terrible problems. The entire point of having a corporation is that it is the corporation which is liable, not the individual.

Think on this for a moment. Someone at Facebook, in California, will have to be liable for Ofcom breaches with up to 2 years in jail. Everyone else follows suit – Italy, France, Indonesia, Iran and on and on. Difficult to get senior directors now, isn’t it?

Interesting little point

The descendants of slaves in the Americas are the richest group of Bantus extant.

OK, this isn’t quite right but it’s damn close. One reason it’s not right is that not all sub-Saharan Africans are Bantus, significant portions of West Africa are not. OK, meaning that the ancestry of significant numbers of African Americans is not Bantu. But, you know.

Per capita income of African Americans is around the $23,000 mark.

Per capita income and GDP per capita are not the same thing. But per capita income cannot be higher than GDP per capita (OK, GNI per capita but that doesn’t matter here). So, treat them as usefully equal for this point.

We need to use PPP incomes and GDP because we are trying to compare lifestyles. The US number for income is already at PPP of course.

Top African country is Equatorial Guinea at $24k and change. Anyone who thinks that flows through to the general population is an idiot. Next is Gabon, an oil rich enclave of 2 million people at $18,000 GDP per capita at PPP. Then Botswana at $17k is probably the first place we can say is actually earning it from actual economic development – however much diamonds have aided them in getting there.

South Africa at $13k, Tunisia at $12 k, that’s Arab, or Maghreb at least, not sub-Saharan or Bantu. And so on and most of sub-Saharan Africa is at the real shitty end of this list in the couple of $k levels.

Lots of the Caribbean, Bahamas, Kitts Nevis, Antigua, mid 20s to low 30s – arguably that top end is about the same as that Black American income number.

It is actually true. The descendants of those African slaves are the richest group of people of recent sub-Saharan African descent on the planet.

Remind me, we’re to pay reparations to this currently richest recent sub-Saharan descent group of folks for what?

We could skip that Bantu and Hausa and Igobo and all that descriptive difficulty and just use what US Census does – Blacks.

It is actually possible to say that current US Blacks are the richest group of Blacks either now on the planet or even ever.

Run that reparations argument by me again?


and reprocessing of rare earth elements required by the conference report (H.Rept.
112-329) to accompany the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, states
that each SSN-774 Virginia-class submarine would require approximately 9,200 pounds of
rare earth materials, each DDG-51 Aegis destroyer would require approximately 5,200
pounds of these materials, and each F-35 Lightning II aircraft would require approximately
920 pounds of these materials.

H.Rept. 113-102, to accompany H.R. 1960, the proposed National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014.

So that’s the Congressional Research report everyone quotes. But where’s that doc which is being quoted therein? 113-192 is here:


And 112 329 is here:


Will we find our answer?

Hmm, apparently this gets pushed back a year:

Specifically, the report on the feasibility and desirability of recycling, recovery, and reprocessing
of rare earth elements required by the conference report (H. Rept. 112-329) to accompany the
National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012, states that each SSN-774 Virginiaclass submarine would require approximately 9,200 pounds of rare earth materials, each DDG51 Aegis destroyer would require approximately 5,200 pounds of these materials, and each F-35 Lightning II aircraft would require approximately 920 pounds of these materials.

Hmm, the source report might well be this one: ““Report on Feasibility and Desirability of Recycling, Recovery, and
Reprocessing Rare Earth Elements,” September 2012” and that little bugger I can’t find at all.

Goddammit I hate fucking computers

So, massive excitement, got the mesh network up and running. Can get phone to talk to it. Can get SWMBO’s tablet to talk to it. But I cannot get the laptop nor desktop (operating through a wifi connector) to connect to it.

The desktops connected through actual cables work fine. So does the desktop using a cable instead of the wifi connector. And so does the laptop when using a cable.

The reason we can’t just all use cables is because there aren’t that many cable slots on the router.

So, buggery fuck fuck. There’s some shit here which is just being shitty. Typical fucking computers.

Just a little thought

It’s a standard point to make about the Chinese rare earths trade that it pollutes the area around Bayan Obo with radioactive wastes. Which is does, there’s near always thorium around.

Except, except. Bayan Obo is also where China got the uranium for its bomb. So, how much of that radioactivity in that lake that The Guardian likes photographing is from the bomb program and how much from the rare earths?

Just a little observation

So, Unilever etc. Gaspingly large consumer products company.

One of the brands is Persil. Which has been on sale in my local supermarket for 3 years now. It is always – and I do mean always – 40 to 60% off.

That could be the supermarket running it as a loss leader but even then brands don’t like to be made to “look cheap” in that manner.

It’s also true that it’s just one brand in a portfolio and this is just one supermarket in a minor European market.

The thing is, based on this extremely limited evidence, I’d not be all that sure that Unilver is preserving the premium nature of its brands. Which isn’t good at all for a company which is based on the very idea of being able to charge a premium for premium brands.

Instead, Jope has served up several nasties too messy for the cleansing power of Persil or Surf. First came a sales warning in December 2019, then a margin miss in February last year. These were topped off with more bad news on margins in July caused by inflation in ingredient and packaging prices. Shares in the consumer goods giant fell by a cumulative 20 per cent on these days.

Bad news on margins, eh?

You don’t say?

Covid pill could also treat future variants and other viruses, scientists claim
Creators of molnupiravir say data suggests pill could be ‘multi-virus weapon’ and suppress transmission

Penicillin didn’t just cure the clap you know….

I’ll make a prediction here

Tyre pollution’s unseen impact – and what we can do about it
Whether it’s making them, using them or disposing of them, tyres are an environmental issue. But manufacturers are rising to the challenge

Tyres will be the next level of attack upon private transport. Once climate change CO2, smog and local pollution from tailpipes are dealt with, the battle against the proles having their own motorised transport will continue. It’ll be tyre particularates that are the claimed danger.

So, the proles may not have their own motorised transport. QED.

Amazingly, exactly the same paricularates from cycle and public transport tyres will not be a problem.

He might even be right

But it’s also pathetic:

The Duke of Sussex has said he does not feel safe in the UK, as he challenges a Home Office decision not to allow him to personally pay for police protection for him and his family.

The Duke wants to bring his son Archie and baby daughter Lilibet to visit from the US, but he and his family are “unable to return to his home” because it is too dangerous, a legal representative said.

He’s offering to pay and they won’t let him? Eh?

From the Lancet

They’re calling for papers about race and health:

We seek evidence examining race and ethnicity as a construct existing within complex societal and environmental contexts, with clear implications for practice and policy, and not misrepresented as a biological variable.

Hmm, what happens when it is a biological variable?

Stalin allowed the proles to see The Grapes of Wrath

See, see how terrible capitalism is?

The proles noted that poor folk had cars, how rich Americans must be:

It’s still more than an hour before the Saint Luke’s Food Pantry in Tupelo opens, but already more than a dozen cars are lined up in this corner of northeast Mississippi, the state with the highest poverty rate in the country.

By the time volunteers start handing out food in this December morning, six rows of cars will have filled the small lot — with dozens more parked on the road waiting to get in. By noon, the pantry will have served 559 cars.

Volunteer Lee Stratton says it’s been like this virtually every day through the pandemic.

“Lot of people coming,” Stratton says. “People need help, you know?”

They’re actually measuring poverty by how many cars turn up.

That’s a bit odd

Wiretaps, eavesdropping on internet traffic, arrests in the dead of night: over a five-year period as the head of Denmark’s version of MI5, and another four at the helm of its MI6, Lars Findsen mastered the tools of the intelligence trade like few other people in his country.

Taking the head of the spies and putting him in charge of the counterspies sounds like a bad breach of the necessary security walls really.

As BiS says, the supply is there

After four years and slim pickings she started a modelling agency with a view to financing her recording career. The agency quickly evolved into an escort business when some of her models began asking her if she knew any “sugar daddies”.
Jody “Babydol” Gibson, Hollywood madam, was born in 1957. She died of undisclosed causes on January 2, 2022, aged 64

That’s not good

Since 2016, when it started publishing accounts in full, Farmdrop made total cumulative sales of £23.3m and operating losses of £33.9m.


The company raised about $41m (£30m) in capital over almost 10 years,

How could this be? The Sage of Ely has just assured us that near all investment is made via bank loans!