Aunt Agatha Books: Now Available / Shipping

Its been some time since we announced that we were publishing Aunt Agatha as a booklet. We’ve had COVID, (more) Labour Party and Conservative Party incompetence and Putin.

The books have finally been delivered and will be contacting those who donated to send out their copies as soon as possible.

Those who donated to the project should login to their donation profile (linked above) and should find a request for postal details. We still have 60+ copies available. A simple donation gets you a book.

Rich, Tim and Team




23 Things…

I went out with a friend on Saturday who was reading a copy of Ha-joon Chang’s “23 things they aren’t telling you about capitalism”. He didn’t know that the ASI/Tim Worstall published a refutation of Ha-joon called “23 things we ARE telling you about capitalism.” Anyway, for anyone who hasn’t read it. Heres a free copy – LINK

Updated Digital Package

We had a great response to the first digital package we put out at the start of the lockdown so today we launched our second box. You can grab some of Tim’s books for free as well as other well known authors. Check it out HERE.

Digital Care Package

Over £100 of Free Goodies For Isolation.

Across the globe, we’re adjusting to a new reality. Socially distancing ourselves from loved ones and adapting to new routines, even if temporary, can be incredibly challenging. We wanted to take this opportunity to send you a digital care package. Below you’ll find over £100 of materials. A mixture of things we’ve curated, created, or just found helpful. We hope that, in some small way, it may help improve your mental wellbeing. Just click the gift below! Free goodies include books from the ASI, IEA and others plus some vouchers and free trials. Madsen has also included a copy of his PHD that was republished a few years ago called “Trial and Error and The Idea of Progress”.

– Tim & The Team (please help by sharing this on Twitter)

(We’d like to say a BIG thanks to The ASI, IEA and others who helped put this together)

Click ^ Here

Capitalism caused COVID-19 or vice-versa?

From the Cambridge University magazine Varsity

Community organising has shown what solidarity and self-sacrifice looks like in practice. Wildcat strikes have shown where the power really lies in society. Faith in the market has gone into free-fall as many are taking their destinies into their own hands. Capitalism is the disease. Socialism is the cure.

Some people need to find more creative and less awful outlets whilst in isolation. In this case I would prescribe a course of roughly 3-4 wanks a day, repeated daily for a fortnight or until the urge to write silly crap ceases.

Bug Fixing

The latest version of wordpress is incompatible with the theme the site uses (its 10 years old). Were making some bug fixes and should be back to normal (whatever that is) soon.



Just a heads up.
We have been getting a few reports of people receiving emails asking them to donate to and via Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency with offers of rewards (of the payment variety, not sexual (sadly). We only process donations through DonorBox using Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.


Donors should have received a copy of:
Tim Worstall – Fact Checking Pollyanna
Kristian Niemietz – Socialism: The Failed Idea That Never Dies
Dr. Eamonn Butler – The Condensed Wealth of Nations

If you didn’t get your links, let us know.

We will be issuing free resource each month from January 2020. 

Wealth of Nations

We recently had a thread about the best books of 2019.

Eamonn Butler – Director of ASI has kindly uploaded a PDF and ePub copy of his “Condensed Wealth of Nations“.

You can download it: HERE

I found the original impenetrable. (I also currently use Atlas Shrugged as a door stop..)

This is an easier 84 page primer on the Wealth of Nations which i hope everyone here finds useful.

Tweet Of The Day: The Biggest Clit

It tickled me a bit…

Owen Jones has also blocked myself, Tim and CT on Twitter. Do you blame him?

Having just checked Adonis has us blocked as well.

Comment issue should be fixed

*After a bit of debugging the “you are posting too quickly” error should hopefully have been fixed.

*Have increased the width of the blog so the text area is bigger.

*Going to test out nested comments this weekend. If it becomes a pain we can deactivate them.

Please verify and let me know.


Tim Worstall In Numbers

I have just been doing some manual backups of the site and decided to go into some of the numbers around the site.

The year with the most posts was 2008 followed by 2017
2008: 3554
2017: 2913

The most commented article was: Broadly my view although she’s going to get into so much trouble over this”

The month with the most comments has January 2020 storming ahead with double the previous highest.
January 2020: 13,080
January 2016: 6590

Top Commenters…
So Much For Subtlety: 12,912
Deary Me: 8,964
John77: 8,931
Mr Ecks: 8,446
IanB: 7,876

Factchecking Pollyanna – Free For Donors

We have just setup a system so that any new or existing donors to CT or Tim Worstall will receive a download link with their PayPal or DonorBox confirmation email which entitles them to a free copy of Factchecking Pollyanna: An Investigation into the Accuracy of Polly Toynbee’s Journalism”

You have the option of downloading the book as a PDF which is compatible with any device or the .ePub which has better quality formatting for e-readers such as Kindle and iPad. You can now download the Kindle App for most devices.

If you’re an existing donor you should have received an email this morning with your free download link.


Updating TW



Just updating on the post below.

I have added SSL Certificates (As recommended by some here)
Moved to a VPS (As recommended by some here)
Removed dead links from Vainglory and Blog Roll (As recommended by some here)

We have a staging site of what we would like to move to HERE

We listened to what was said last time and kept things such as the comment counter on posts and decreased the margin on the mobile comments section. Each post should display on the homepage fully unless its over 1000 words and then it will require “read more” to be clicked.

I do understand that the commenting system is a little different (we can enable nested posts too). If the commenting system is not right or changes need to be made i’m happy to address them. (Including moving back to the default system).
The new commenting system has:
-Nested comments
-Direct reply to comments
-Up and down votes (does not affect order shown)
-User Following – This allows you to be notified when a user comments on a post even if you haven’t engaged with the post yet
-See who commented on what (this only applies inside Tim Worstall and nothing like Disqus)

I quite like the changes but as always i’m willing to put it to the users.

The current template used was last updated in 2012 and technology has moved on massively and does create some security issues for us (not necessarily the end user). Were currently getting somewhere in the region of 25,000 brute force attempts daily because of unpatched security holes. We can block the IP’s but it’s like whack-a-mole. We need to move to an updated system but we want to make sure its right, first.

(PS. I did honestly try to make it green again but my interior design skills aren’t the best…)




Me again!

As i have said previously the theme used on TW is out of date and full of holes. We also need to add things like an SSL certificate os makes sense to do it all together.

You can check out the new site: here

Its just on a temporary server for the moment. Take a look around and let me know any suggestions, changes and all that.


Site Problems

On Tuesday we added an SSL certificate so you get the green lock (nearly wrote cock!) symbol in your browser meaning is now secure. We just want to steal your data, cash and voting intentions…

We also doubled the ram and processing power of the server so hopefully it’s quicker to access.

If the site still looks a bit broken clear you browser cache.



Rant Of The Day: Units Of Measurement

Honestly, it’s the constant imperial / measurement changes that piss me off as a Brit.

Liquids are Metric unless it’s Milk or Beer (Which can and often are sold as both… in the same shop, you will find 1pt, 2pt, 4pt and 6pt milk right next to 0.5L, 1L and 2L bottles of pop. And you’ll see in some places 660ml beers being sold alongside 2 litre ciders)

Distances in Metres when it’s swimming pool length, running tracks & fields. Yard, Foot and Inches when it’s Height, Football, Snooker Cues, Carpets and pretty much anything else you can think of

Weight is Metric when it’s food, unless it’s a steak or a burger. Imperial when it’s a persons weight.

Car efficiency is measured in Miles Per Gallon, but the Fuel is sold in Litres.

Recipes for cooking food can and will contain both measurements as well as cups, which is even more confusing.

Trying aviation is just crazy (I used to fly occasionally from Cambridge to various places around the UK). Fuel uplift is in litres. Fuel gauges in kgs. Runway length in meters. Altitude in feet. Pressure in hectopascals. Wind & speed in knots …

I was trying to help my brother with some maths homework where they wanted him to poor different liquids into different container to see what was larger 1/2 pint or 330ml.

I had to explain to him why we used different measurement for liquids, it was impossible to explain besides its just how it is as we’ve never moved on.

The worksheet needed a measuring jug in both pints and mils and cups. I had to convert fluid ounces into pints so I could do that homework it’s stupid, as he’s six!

Honestly, I was nearly wanting to go metric!