Site Problems

On Tuesday we added an SSL certificate so you get the green lock (nearly wrote cock!) symbol in your browser meaning is now secure. We just want to steal your data, cash and voting intentions…

We also doubled the ram and processing power of the server so hopefully it’s quicker to access.

If the site still looks a bit broken clear you browser cache.



Rant Of The Day: Units Of Measurement

Honestly, it’s the constant imperial / measurement changes that piss me off as a Brit.

Liquids are Metric unless it’s Milk or Beer (Which can and often are sold as both… in the same shop, you will find 1pt, 2pt, 4pt and 6pt milk right next to 0.5L, 1L and 2L bottles of pop. And you’ll see in some places 660ml beers being sold alongside 2 litre ciders)

Distances in Metres when it’s swimming pool length, running tracks & fields. Yard, Foot and Inches when it’s Height, Football, Snooker Cues, Carpets and pretty much anything else you can think of

Weight is Metric when it’s food, unless it’s a steak or a burger. Imperial when it’s a persons weight.

Car efficiency is measured in Miles Per Gallon, but the Fuel is sold in Litres.

Recipes for cooking food can and will contain both measurements as well as cups, which is even more confusing.

Trying aviation is just crazy (I used to fly occasionally from Cambridge to various places around the UK). Fuel uplift is in litres. Fuel gauges in kgs. Runway length in meters. Altitude in feet. Pressure in hectopascals. Wind & speed in knots …

I was trying to help my brother with some maths homework where they wanted him to poor different liquids into different container to see what was larger 1/2 pint or 330ml.

I had to explain to him why we used different measurement for liquids, it was impossible to explain besides its just how it is as we’ve never moved on.

The worksheet needed a measuring jug in both pints and mils and cups. I had to convert fluid ounces into pints so I could do that homework it’s stupid, as he’s six!

Honestly, I was nearly wanting to go metric!

Are Black Friday Deals Really Deals?

Ive gotten into a little bit of a muddle. I’ve been looking for a new tablet computer mainly for email and reading (i dont mind Android or Apple).

However with all the black friday sales going on its hard to gauge what is a good deal and what isnt these days.

Does anyone recommend a tablet?

I have looked at the Galaxy Tab A i also like the look of the iPad Air, but really dont know. There seem to be loads including the Fire Tab on amazon at a sale price today, but are they really bargains?


Updating TW

Me again!

As i have said previously the theme used on TW is out of date and full of holes. We also need to add things like an SSL certificate os makes sense to do it all together.

You can check out the new site: here

Its just on a temporary server for the moment. Take a look around and let me know any suggestions, changes and all that.


Books of 2019

As were heading towards Christmas and New Year we’d like to compile a list of books (audio, kindle or the old fashioned paper versions) that you enjoyed this year and would recommend to other likeminded people on here and CT.

[UPDATE] Books not published but read this year also count!

Answers in the comments please.
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Side Project: Food Blog

Since 2006 we have been running a food blog consisting of restaurant reviews, recipes, wine tastings and general foodie blogging. It was the brainchild of Madsen Pirie and some of his friends. Its been on the back-burner since 2018 and we are looking to get it back up and running again. Would anyone be willing to contribute?

Another Food Blog

The site is being synced to a new server so images may not load.

CT – Update


9. Have enabled email notification and email subscription.

Should we enabled threaded comments here? Or is that too much?


Thanks for all the previous responses, we have tried to listen as much as possible.

Ill go through point by point so if you want to make any comment it’s a bit easier.

  1. CT is back online. Its hosted on Amazon and has a LetsEncrypt SSL as suggested by some here.
  2. I have added a minimal blog-style theme
  3. Read More ONLY appears if the blog post is longer than 500 characters, most will be readable from the homepage
  4. Comment counts are displayed below the title so you can see where the action is
  5. Comments are made via the wordpress comment system (the same as here) and not moderated
  6. Comments are able to be threaded
  7. There is a CT cookie which will allow your browser to remember your comment info WITHOUT an account
  8. We have some google ads on the pages at the moment they are rather large as GoogleAdsense is yet to propagate properly and will become smaller once its worked itself out.


Just want to test everything before we start writing content again.


Relaunching CT


Back with more questions.

We’re going to be launching the CT again in the next few days. We cannot just launch it on here as is gogle banned and we’d ideally like to earn some advertising revenue.

We have a few options, one is to use a simple theme on wordpress (like this one, but its quite limited and is no longer updated) i have uploaded all the old CT content to a test blog as a content store for now. If anyone wold like to suggest designs or themes i’ll take a look.

Ideally i would like to use the Ghost platform ( instead of wordpress, its very very simple and very very fast but does not come with native comments… so..How do you feel about Disqus? We quite like the way it works and can turn off any comment moderation, as well as anonymous commenting. Some of you would have to make an exception for Java in this instance..

I’d like some input before rushing ahead.

TW redesign / Changes

As i posed earlier, we listened about making changes to the site and reverted back to the old site.

This begs the question, what changes should be made?

The theme / backend that is activated is 3 years out of date and hasn’t has any security updates or fixes for over three years.

If anyone has any suggestions for a new theme / template for wordpress, please comment below.

We dont want to tinker too much, but just catching up on maintenance…

Reviving ConTel / ConTin

We’re going to revive con tel, we are just trying to decide in what format. Some of you had some issues with the previous design and how it worked. The main reason is continental telegraph provided a (small but steady) income. TW is google banned for ads (probably because we use the word cunt too much) so cant really be monetised, unless we use affiliate programs which use Java and Tracking (which 90% of you savvy lot arent using). So this begs the question… what format to we revive it in?

Would you like us to use the TW theme, so its familiar and simply has different content? (but with google ads).

Suggestions please 🙂

& also – we noted and listened regarding the redevelopment of this site.

Politics Site

Google has ‘somewhat’ censored this blog and the CT.

Myself and a few others are looking at starting a political news and comment site…

Struggling for names and domains.

Heres a few ideas… / / /.com

Any other suggestions?

Anna Soubrys Electoral Math Lesson..

Anna Soubry must have been given maths lessons from Diane Abbott last night after claiming that 63% of people voted for remain (or rather didnt vote for leave..)

However, her own election in Broxtowe makes some interesting numbers itself…