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NIMBYs Come in Many Flavours

Leading the campaign is Fred Lambton, grandson of Lord Lambton, the former Tory cabinet minister who lived out his life in Tuscany after resigning from the Heath government over a call-girl scandal.

Others include models Rose Hanbury and Zita Lloyd; Joseph Getty, grandson of billionaire Sir Paul Getty; George Frost, son of Sir David Frost; Rollo Weeks, an actor; Arthur Jeffes, a polar explorer; Marissa Montgomery, founder of the Pussy Glamore lingerie range; and members of such society families as the Guinnesses and the Heskeths.

The Save Siena group claims there are already enough airports within driving distance of the city to serve its 55,000 population. The streets are crowded each summer for the Palio, a medieval horse race around the Piazza del Campo, a square which has been declared a world heritage site by Unesco.

Lambton, 22, heir to the Earldom of Durham and stepson of Jools Holland, the musician and television presenter, said: “I spent a lot of time out there when my grandfather was alive and I have seen what the airport would do.

Hurrah, Hurrah!

The owner of a small German computer company has fired three non-smoking workers because they were threatening to disturb the peace after they requested a smoke-free environment.

The manager of the 10-person IT company in Buesum, named Thomas J., told the Hamburger Morgenpost newspaper he had fired the trio because their non-smoking was causing disruptions.

Germany introduced non-smoking rules in pubs and restaurants on January 1, but Germans working in small offices are still allowed to smoke.

"I can\’t be bothered with trouble-makers," Thomas was quoted saying. "We\’re on the phone all the time and it\’s just easier to work while smoking. Everyone picks on smokers these days. It\’s time for revenge. I\’m only going to hire smokers from now on."

If you\’re alowed to fire people for smoking, why not?

Antonio Nunes

Tee hee:

Portuguese smokers have been confined to the pavements since January 1, when new legislation banned smoking in many pubs and public places; so they were outraged to see a photograph of the man who had sponsored the legislation lighting up a cigar in a casino in the early hours of New Year’s Day.

António Nunes, the head of the Portuguese Food Standards Agency, who is charged with enforcing the new regulations, said that he had not realised they also applied to casinos.

They\’ve actually been very sensible here. If a bar wants to allow smoking they may: but they must have decent ventilation, proper extraction fans. Our local installed one a few days back, the man from the Ministry came around on New Year\’s Eve to sign off on it. They also have a sign in the window stating that they allow smoking, so those who do not wish to experience passive smoking know that they should look elsewhere.

Excellent in fact: the people have a choice.