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The comments system – sorry, the spam system about comments – has been upgraded so, obviously, that has meant a decline in performance. Apparently now I’ve got to retain it as to what is spam and what isn’t. So, we’re on a Spud level of moderation for a bit until the auto system settles down again.

Well, OK, it won’t be a Spud level as view and language won’t define what is spam but you know what I mean at least….


“I thought everyone played the game Out-of-Date-License-Plate when they were in the car. Turns out it was just the kids of a highway patrolman.”

One of those offers of “I’ll write for your blog”

Following are some topics that I believe could be a perfect fit for your blog:

Top Benefits of CBD for your Sexual Life
Great dieting hacks you need to know in 2022.
All-Year-Round Benefits of CBD you should know!

Those are all subjects the readership here will be overly excited by, yes?

We’ve a bloke or two in Italy, don’t we?

O/T A bleg. I have a Brasiliera been mugged in Milan. Lost her docs, cards & money. Doesn’t know anyone there, speak Italian or understand the place. (WTF she wanted to go to Milan in the first place? Shithole of a city.) Currently I have her roosted in a hotel in the burbs & I’m feeding her via plastic. Need someone there I can transfer money to for her. Some working money to get her mobile to do the consulates (Brasil for a passport, Spain for a visa, replacement NIE). I don’t fancy having to retrieve her, deported, from Brasil.
Any ideas? Nearest person I’ve got’s a Cubana in Naples.

From Bloke In Spain of these parts.

Anyone in Pittsburgh?

I seem to recall that at least one reader here is from Pittsburgh? Possibly, maybe, might still be in Pittsburgh?

Another reader and contact of this blog has recently landed a job at U of P in P and given the common interest of reading here perhaps could be taken out for a beer and a “don’t eat the hoagies here, this is the right place” sorta thing?

Or, maybe there isn’t a resident, just an escapee from, reading here. Let me know please.

Risky, but could be a damn good job

Sometimes there are writing gigs that come along that are really well worth doing – or at least trying out. This is one of them:

We are seeking hungry writers/bloggers to add to our team. You don’t have to have an English or Journalism major but we do expect decent grammar. You don’t have to post 10,000 word editorials. We are looking for somebody who can pump out fast content as breaking news hits, rumors start circulating, etc.

Our writing spots also offer paid commission via pageviews generated. You would be writing for Gridiron Heroics.

They need one writer per NFL/NCAA team. The pay per view idea offers the opportunity of significant income. Of course, I’m not going for it because I know little about American football and care less. But for someone into it – if anyone knows nephews and nieces looking for a decent gig in sports writing say – then it’s worth pointing them at this.

It might not work out, that’s true. But it could, and if it does then writers with traffic will do very well. I made – different subject of course – $80k a year on a different site under a similar deal.

I have been fortunate – well, so far at least

I’ve not been depressed. I have been really shitty, but then I was deeply in debt, making no money and in a country it was difficult to get out of. That’s rational. Depression is something different. At which point, one of our mutual friends:

Those of you who have read this blog for any length of time will realise that I was widowed in early 2018. I have struggled with depression ever since. The lockdowns that deprived me of human interaction through work, made matters a whole lot worse and, yes, there were days when all I wanted to do was hide under the duvet. If it hadn’t been for the cats needing feeding, I would probably have done just that. This place also provided an outlet. Getting back to work lifted things slightly. Going out on one of the bikes helps. Writing my novels does, too as does playing the guitar.

I’m not wholly sure that depression is quite the right word for having being widowered (?). The loss of life’s love is depressing, but not perhaps depression.

That said, it’s sunny today and I have a guitar lesson booked… Next week I am off to the TT on the Indian.

On the other hand perhaps it is that same thing, ing and ion.

I believe that TT is on IoM. I’m pretty sure that we’ve a regular here who is on IoM. If we do can you reveal yourself directly to me (, we’ll organise me sending you a tenner for a couple of pints for Mark. On the basis of, umm, yes, got me there.

On the basis of why the fuck not?

Anyone need a webshop built?

One of our Blokes here wants to pay an offspring to gain some work experience. That means a free webshop to someone who has a product they would like to start selling. Offspring gains the experience (with Bloke, who does this for a living, looking over shoulder), someone gains the webshop and what happens after that, well?


I is amused

So, an email from somewhere out there in the ether:

My client needing backlinks urgently. So sir, I requesting that you give me a do follow, permanent backlink on your blog. When you are done, please sending me email to confirming. Here is my client website:

blah blah

Plz also creating a 5 star GMB and Trust Pilot reviewings too.

If I do not seeing a backlink in one week, I am create million toxic blog comment spam and redirect backlink to and you can saying goodbye to your Google rankings for 1 year or more.

The source of this is a small and new company in a country where I write a newspaper column. And my buddy in that country is already making contact with those folks. That part is just random fun, for who could know that someone you spam does write a newspaper column from 8k miles away?

Even then it does strike as perhaps not the best way to be conducting business…..