This guy’s trying to sell me marketing advice

Hello ,

Hope you are doing well this day and everything’s fine at your end.

It’s always suggested to keep a website error free and user friendly according to Google. Because having technical issues will hamper the performance as well as reputation.

You must make sure your website can be viewed from every mobile operating system and with most web browsers. For this you need to make sure your website will be error free and mobile friendly.

Rather lost my business with that second word of the email….

Doubt it really

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s niece, Theo Clarke, has been selected as the Tory candidate for Stafford, following Jeremy Lefroy’s announcement that he will be standing down at the next election. With Jacob, Annunziata and now Theo, the Rees-Mogg dynasty has almost taken over…

Theo – who previously described her uncle as “a well-spoken mortician, come to collect the corpse of compassion” – is the daughter of Jacob’s wife,

The daughter of your wife is not your niece…..

Fun with blogging

This from BiG has just become the crux of a piece that someone will pay me for:

r, US pricing of insulin is a classic example of regulatory unintended consequences. It’s regarded as a drug in the US, but because of the nature of the product it is impossible to produce a “generic” insulin. In Europe it is regulated as a biological product (which it is), opening the way to demonstrate that “generics” (biosimilars, technically) are as good as without demonstrating they are identical at the molecular level. In the US that route is not open to “generic” competitors to the 3 big insulin manufacturers.

The FDA will catch up with the rest of the world next year and you will see sensible insulin prices in the US from around 2021/2022 onwards.

I guess beer is owed…..

Poem of the day

They fuck you up, your mum and dad,
Especially if they’re hippy clowns.
Why would they make a small boy sad
By clothing him in frocks and gowns?

But wouldn’t you grow up deranged,
If your Mum called you “Hobbit’, hey?
The lunacy gets handed down
And never seems to go away.

Eugenics is a dirty word,
But surely there must be a place,
For cleaning the gene pool of turds,
To benefit the human race?


Comment of the week

I think this is just great:

September 11, 2019 at 6:21 pm
I have a Minnesota area code, 507, which is also the country code for Panama. I share my 10-digit number with someone in Panama named Marisa, an ad rep for a medical supplies business, and so every few weeks I get to tell a caller that he has the right number, but he’s dialed the wrong continent by mistake.

How long before Linda and Marisa start exchanging Christmas cards?

Well, I did predict it

A boy who gave up the money he was saving for a trip to Disney World to feed evacuees from Hurricane Dorian received a surprise Disney trip on Sunday for his selfless actions.
While Jermaine Bell was celebrating his seventh birthday, cast members from Walt Disney World and Mickey Mouse showed up at his house to surprise him by telling the now-seven-year-old boy he would be going on a VIP getaway to Disney with his family later in the month.

Of course, it was fairly easy to predict but I did and I was right. Which puts me one up on Snippa in the prediction track record…..

Tee Hee

DocBud: “So why illustrate the article with a picture of hotdog rolls instead of baps?”

If someone with a hotdog wishes to identify as somone with baps then stop oppressing xem, bigot.

CJ Nerd

Knives for BoJo

A journalist who Boris Johnson secretly discussed helping a friend to have beaten up has demanded an apology from the Conservative leadership candidate as he stands on the brink of Downing Street.

Stuart Collier, the journalist who was at the centre of the incident nearly 30 years ago, said Johnson was not fit to be prime minister.

In 1990, Johnson was secretly recorded agreeing to provide the address of the News of the World reporter Stuart Collier to his friend Darius Guppy, who wanted to arrange for the journalist to have his ribs cracked as revenge for investigating his activities.

In the event the assault did not occur, while Guppy ended up being jailed for a separate £1.8m fraud and Johnson later dismissed the call as a joke. But after being tracked down by the Guardian, the retired reporter said he had been so disturbed by the “Guppygate” incident he had told his wife to be careful answering the front door.

The other person involved in this, peripherally at least, was Peter Risdon. Who we’ve had as a commenter around here more than once. This Peter Risdon. Who, I think at least and hope this is premature, has died of liver cancer.

So we’ll not be getting the counter-story anytime soon.

Doing the time warp

A spam comment that just arrived:

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Myspace? Where has this spam been the last 10 years?