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Cambridge University

Now this is interesting, isn’t it?

The sugary drinks tax may have prevented more than 5,000 young girls from becoming obese, new research suggests.

A study from the University of Cambridge found that the introduction of the levy in April 2018 coincided with an eight per cent drop in obesity levels in Year Six girls, rising to nine per cent in girls from deprived areas.

Researchers from the university’s Medical Research Council Epidemiology Unit tracked changes in obesity levels among children in England in reception year and Year Six, between 2014 and 2020.

Although there was a clear drop in obesity levels for girls, the research found no significant association between the levy and obesity levels in year six boys or younger children from reception class.

Take what they’ve found as being true – not always a valid assumption in this area but still.

So, now we need a theory to explain why a sugar tax works on girls, and girls only, of this age and not of other ages.

Saying “The sugar tax done it” is not a valid – not a valid scientific at least – conclusion. We’ve got to have a modus by which the operandi works.


Capitalism caused COVID-19 or vice-versa?

From the Cambridge University magazine Varsity

Community organising has shown what solidarity and self-sacrifice looks like in practice. Wildcat strikes have shown where the power really lies in society. Faith in the market has gone into free-fall as many are taking their destinies into their own hands. Capitalism is the disease. Socialism is the cure.

Some people need to find more creative and less awful outlets whilst in isolation. In this case I would prescribe a course of roughly 3-4 wanks a day, repeated daily for a fortnight or until the urge to write silly crap ceases.