This could be a mistake

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have quit social media and will refuse to use platforms such as Twitter or Facebook to promote their activities, it has emerged.

The move is thought to have been prompted by the couple’s disgust at the hatred and abuse directed at them on social media, particularly against Meghan.

Not that I actually know about these things but it is fun to surmise.

Prince Harry and his wife have significant reach on a number of platforms, having more than 10 million followers on Instagram alone.

But they are understood to have said they will not be using any of them to build and promote their work in the United States, such as the new Archewell Foundation.

Those 10 million, plus Twitter etc, are the very thing that they’re selling.

Surely to God they don’t actually believe in their dreck do they? They do know it’s all a marketing exercise?

Well, yes….

Stella Tennant took her own life after struggling with mental health problems, her family have revealed.

The bits that made me think this might be so from the original reports were 50 ish, kiddies teens or grown up, going through a divorce…..being rather hard hit by all sorts of change in life in fact.

Ms. Birkin

Jane Birkin on the truth about Serge Gainsbourg and the pain of her daughter’s death
The actress and singer talks about her former lover, her new album — and why she’s breaking her silence about her daughter Kate

It couldn’t be that the new openness is something to do with the new album that needs promoting, could it?

Fun rumour

That New York Times piece talking about miscarriage. A rumour is floating around that it was an advertorial – the money flow was not from the paper to the writer.

Merely a rumour, of course.

Impeccably true stories

Today’s entry into the list of stories that simply are, without doubt, entirely true:

Mr Clinton, 74, has always insisted he has never set foot on the private island. A representative for the former president provided The Telegraph with a detailed account of Mr Clinton’s travel in January 2003, adding unequivocally: “President Clinton has never been to Little St. James island”.

A spokesperson for Mr Clinton has previously said his friendship with Epstein came to an end before the financier was convicted of soliciting a minor for sex in 2008.

Epstein hanged himself in 2019 while awaiting trial on further sex trafficking charges. Mr Clinton’s spokesperson insisted the former president knew nothing of Epstein’s “terrible crimes”.

Gosh, that’s exciting

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex celebrated their first Thanksgiving as a family in the US on Thursday, sitting down to homegrown vegetables from the garden.

A plate of veggies for thanksgiving. Yum!

It’s also grossly, pathetically, stupid. A £10 million estate used to grow 50 pence worth of vegetables is silly on a personal level. But it’s insane on a societal one.

America still does have those wide open spaces. You don’t really grasp how much of the damn place there is until you’ve driven it. And here we are, with people claiming virtue because they use the most expensive part of it, coastal California, to grow 50 pence worth of veggies that could – and should – be grown damn near anywhere.

The expense of that land showing us that lots of people want to have it, of course. Thus we should be putting that expensive resource to its highest value use, not some triviality like growing broccoli.

The broccoli should be grown in some arse end like Gilroy, even Santa Ynez, not Santa Barbara.

I’ve never actually believed this

James Stunt admits he was so rich he did not have a front door key for his own £10million home

That Stunt was rich.

Not sure whether I believed it was some recycling of his wife’s money or something to do with his family connections. The family best described as “interesting”. Providing, possibly a cash flow but not wealth in the sense claimed.

But I never did believe the stories about summat on the internet, art dealing and so on. As I’ve mentioned before that foray into being a gold dealer being what poor people think of as a rich man’s business instead of what it is, one of the world’s most efficient and thus profit light trades around.

“Mr Stunt said the safe had been completely emptied. “The whole thing had been cleaned out. There was literally not a receipt left. They took both my passports – my diplomatic and citizen ones.”


One of those things

Anyone who has ever been a journo gets bombarded with these things, PR announcements for this and that.


Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 13th Global Family Office Investment Summit on December 7-9, 2020 at the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah
Recognised as the World’s No. 1 Investment Conference,
The Most Exclusive and Influential Gathering of Family Wealth, Where Family Office Investing is not Quarantined.

Apparently lots of super people, the current Count Bismark, a Yugoslav princeling and so on.

And giving the thing a quick eyeball before deleting:

Lord Carmine Villani, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway’s BHH & MFO Global Partners Private Office, USA, London, Monaco, HK. CIO & MD of Saudi Crown Holdings, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Lord Villani? Not heard of that one. Apparently this bloke. And this bloke. And for some reason I seem to think that the Lord part is from summat like a Lord of the Manor, this time of Glencoe. Didn’t know the Scots did that but still.

Then there’s this bloke:

Count Eric F Charles de Villeneuve, President, The Ascotian Club, United Kingdom

The Ascotian Club is apparently a set of tennis courts in London.

H.R.H. Princess Léa of Belgium, espoused to the late Prince Alexandre of Belgium, and aunt of King Philippe of Belgium

Book now, eh?

Hmm, not sure

The place made me think of John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row but it is also not dissimilar to Loren’s hometown of Pozzuoli, near Naples. And this has to be at least part intentional.

Having lived in the area what I seem to recall is that she actually lived in Arco Felice. Which we could sorta say is a suburb of Pozzuoli but not really. Next place along the coast and really rather different. North Somersetonians would recognise the difference between Radstock and Midsomer Norton, that sorta difference.

Pendandtry, obviously, as there might be a mile in it.

One rather fun bit is that her sister married Mussolini’s son. Who was a rather good jazz pianist who I was once taken to see at the officers’ club of the Nato base.

I’m not so sure about the heiress bit

Indignant and defensive: Ghislaine Maxwell deposition reveals side to heiress not seen before

To apply entirely incoherent psychological analysis to someone I’ve only met once and then for 5 minutes in a pub. Pre- all the stuff with Papa and the boat too.

I think she was going to be an heiress, was trained up to be one, educated so and so on. And then, for well known reasons, the inheritance rather didn’t come through. Leaving her with brains, contacts, education, a network, a name and so on. And a certain requirement to find the cash and position commensurate.

The rest of it following from that. As analysis this probably working about as well as getting a psychologist to comment on the scandium market but there we are.


Ms Maxwell has lived a sheltered existence, protected by powerful rich men who knew how to make problems go away.
For the first 30 years of her life, that man was her father, Robert Maxwell, the British media mogul who died mysteriously aboard his yacht – named The Lady Ghislane, after his youngest child – in 1991.
Stepping in to take his place was a young American financier, Jeffrey Epstein, a man of great wealth and connections.

I might not be alone in this analysis.

Not required on manoeuvres

Where does poor Prince Harry fit into Meghan’s masterplan?
I fear the Duke of Sussex is out of his depth in California as his wife pursues an unknown agenda of her own

He’s done his bit. Provided the title, with the ongoing link in Archie.

This is giggle worthy though:

A source told Vanity Fair this week: “I think if Meghan and Harry ever gave up their titles she would seriously consider running for president.”

Not even the most deluded corners of Hollywood would swallow that idea.

American lawyerese, not Meghan’s ego

That’s my, at least, reading of this:

The four-page ‘Virtual Event Request Form’ issued by The Harry Walker Agency (HWA), seen by The Telegraph, shows the lengths bookers will have to go to to secure an online audience with the Royals.
One of the conditions specified in the form is that it is up to the speakers to decide who introduces them and moderates any discussion with them.
“The choice of Introducer and Moderator will be at the final discretion of the Speaker,” it reads. “The Fee will need to be paid directly from the contracting organization’s account,” it adds.

Can’t imagine that Chelsea Clinton’s rider is any different.

This is not actually a flying start

But the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have wasted little time in getting their new careers off to a flying start, according to industry sources.
The couple have been “quietly shopping an idea for a project around town”, the film and television trade magazine Variety has reported, saying the Sussexes are pitching as “joint producers”.
The Duke and Duchess took meetings with executives in June, it is claimed, for what is expected to be their first major commercial media project as they forge their new lives of “financial independence”.

Variety reported that numerous media companies have heard the Sussexes’ pitch, including NBCUniversal, where Bonnie Hammer, who cast Meghan Markle in Suits and became a friend, is chairman of content studios.

Pitching an idea is not financial independence nor the start of a career.

It’s pitching an idea, in the same sense of going to ask the bank manager for a loan.

It is understood that the Duchess does not intend to return to acting. Instead the couple are expected to produce the project,

And who thinks that’s going to work? It’s their image that’s being sold not their production skills. Therefore it needs to be their image they’re selling, right?

Seems appropriate

Juan Carlos’s departure — a decision taken to ease pressure on his son, King Felipe, and the Borbon family as anti-monarchist sentiment grew — came after Spanish and Swiss prosecutors launched investigations of allegations of bribes over a Saudi Arabian high-speed rail contract.


He is said to be the guest of the Fanjul family, wealthy Cuban-American friends who made their fortune in sugar plantations.

Well, not so much. They’ve made their fortune out of the American sugar tariff regime – the one that makes domestic sugar twice the price of world -, a regime they’ve been able to maintain over the decades by the delicate deployment of election funding.

Appropriate friends to have…..