We are saved, saved

However, Meghan Markle might be returning to the UK — and for a very special reason.

As per The Sun, Markle will reportedly attend the 2022 GQ Men of the Year Awards in person, where she is expected to receive an honorary award for her charity work. “Meghan has been offered one of the top awards of the evening so it’s a massive coup for her,” an insider claimed.

Raine on the parade

This is pretty cutting:

Some likened her to Margaret Thatcher in presentation, personality and the ability to get things done, although Thatcher had more education and charm.

Worked with her son who seems to have come out of it reasonably well…..

(This is about Raine Spencer, B Cartland’s daughter…..)

Actresses as royal bonks

The documentary also airs recordings of conversations between Juan Carlos and another former lover, the model and actress Bárbara Rey – whom secret service chiefs have admitted was paid a fortune not to reveal her royal affair or leak alleged sex tapes.

‘Arry ‘ad plenty of evidence around ‘im…..

Will Joe fly coach?

This could be fun, if they mean it:

Heads of state travelling to England for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral will be forbidden from travelling in private jets and helicopters, according to leaked guidance.


The logistics of having to decide whether Mr Trump would join him in crossing the Atlantic on Air Force One would be problematic for Mr Biden,

Especially since AF1 is a private jet that he’s not allowed to use…..

Sadly the correct answer is that they don’t mean it.

Another change

That old line “How unlike the home life of our own Dear Queen” now needs to become, given C III’s behaviour, “How like the home life of our own Dear King” doesn’t it?

You don’t, Honey

Duchess of Sussex: I didn’t feel like I belonged on world stage

Something she’s at last got right. She’s the shag of the sixth in line. That’s not world stage status. That’s opening fetes status.

What’s excrutiating is that she does actually get this right then shakes herself and throws off that understanding…..

It’s even possible that the shag of the sixth is a world stage position, could be that Royal Duchess is, but none of that is specific to Being Meghan. It’s, even if it is, not you, Honey.

Not going well then

There’s actually a bit of snobbery about Meghan now in the US because she’s become a celebrity story rather than a news one,” said one journalist who works for an American media company. She recalls the Duchess’s campaign for paid parental leave, where she wrote letters to senior US politicians, prompting speculation she was pursuing a career in politics.

“We rang (US Speaker) Nancy Pelosi’s office to see if they wanted to respond and they just laughed.

Err, vital, vital, journalism here

The Duchess of Sussex has invited the public into her California home for an unprecedented insight into her personal life, from the palm trees the Duke believes represent their love to the backpacks she hands out to the poor.

She welcomed a US magazine to write about the Sussexes’ new lives, and their plans for the future including a return to Instagram and a Netflix documentary telling their “love story”.

In a 6,500-word article including an anecdote comparing their royal wedding to the freeing of Nelson Mandela, the Duchess told of her relief at being “able to tell [my] own story”.

One to miss no doubt.


The Duchess of Sussex has claimed she was compelled to leave her baby son to undertake engagements on a royal tour of South Africa, despite a fire breaking out in what would have been his bedroom.

The Duchess, speaking on the inaugural episode of her first podcast, said she “had to leave” Archie with his nanny while she and the Duke stepped out for their first day of the trip, even though she was “shaken”.

Umm, right

The Duchess of Sussex’s account of her upbringing in her Oprah interview was not meant to be “objective fact” but a subjective statement of her feelings, her own lawyers have argued in a defamation case brought by her estranged sister.

The Duchess’s description of how she “grew up as an only child” cannot be false because it is a “textbook example of a subjective statement about how a person feels about her childhood”, they say.

All most modern no doubt. Post-modern even.

A certian aggrandisement here

The Duchess of Sussex has pledged to take her fight for equal rights to Washington DC, as she condemns the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade.

The Duchess has joined feminist campaigner Gloria Steinham to publicly criticise the decision as endangering women, warning of a “blueprint for reversing rights”.

Given the number of rather more famous and important Americans already doing that I’m not wholly certain that a B list cable TV actress is all that much of a catch for the campaign.

Err, yes

Duchess of Sussex pays her respects to victims of Texas school shooting
Meghan made a surprise visit to the town of Uvalde after Tuesday’s mass shooting which left 19 children and two teachers dead

How nice of her. Or alternatively, how publicity grabbing of her.

Your choice.