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Those who can etc

Rather fun.

Budding influencers like the young woman I met that night often refer to me as a social media “star”. But really, I’m small fry. I have 35,000 followers on Instagram and 23,000 subscribers to my YouTube channel. I specialise in dreamy, fashion-adjacent images with long, thoughtful captions about life and love. I’ve made an entire career out of it with brand deals, books, a successful blog and now a Substack, The Simple Letter. Technically, I’m what the industry calls a micro-tier influencer. Creators at the top end with more than 1 million followers are referred to as mega influencers; those at the bottom end are called nano influencers and have follower numbers anywhere between 1,000 and 10,000.

All very reminiscient of the Model, Actress, Whatever, in LA or NYC. The true stars make fortunes and there an awful lot out there on the edges who might pick up a sugar daddy to make it work.

This particular example doesn’t do that – instead she’s following the those who can, do, those who can’t teach etc. She’s making her living writing about what it’s like to be an influencer.

Soon to be followed, no doubt, by someone writing books about the sociology of influencers – these things do always seem to go one stage further Meta over time.

The 27 Club

I’ve made this point before:

The movie adds another layer to the legend that has built up around Winehouse, who was 27 when she died of alcohol poisoning in July 2011. In life she was an enormous and still growing talent, troubled by toxic relationships, thuggish paparazzi and her drug and drink addictions.
And, making her a member of the tragic “27 Club” — along with Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison — her premature death has spawned an Amy Winehouse industry.
Fielder-Civil’s most recent public comments came last September when he was a guest on Good Morning Britain as the show marked what would have been Winehouse’s 40th birthday.

“We were really young, you know, nearly over half my life ago,” Fielder-Civil said. “The fact is, a lot of people when they’re young [make] mistakes, not knowing how to conduct themselves, not knowing how to pace yourself, not knowing what your limits are, normal things that people learn as they get older. Perhaps we were not afforded the same kind of allowances to make mistakes.”

Sure, everyone makes mistakes. Meeting cider, liquor, drugs, general hedonism, for the first time. Most to near all of us are limited by jobs, money, availability and so on. Those who get very rich, very quick, very young, aren’t so limited. Takes about a decade to really kill a human body that way. Sure, accident, overdose, can make it happen sooner. But to really wear it out takes those years.

Thus the 27 club. About the time it takes for a 17 to 19 year old to kill themselves by gorging, unrestrained, on the world’s pleasures.

Sure, it’s only a theory but it’s mine and I like it.

Ah, so that’s it

Her comments followed a backlash against her appearance at a Biden fundraiser because of a series of damaging allegations of professional misconduct against her.

The accusations against Lizzo include sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment.

Ron Zambrano, a lawyer representing three of her accusers, reportedly told subscription television network NewsNation: “It’s shameful that Lizzo would be chosen to headline an event like this amid such egregious allegations.”

Lizzo, who was last seen at the event at Radio City Music Hall on Thursday, has denied the allegations.

Couldn’t work out why the shrieking. But then it makes sense.

Lizzo’s good, d’ye see? Fat and proud of it, body positivity and all that.
But then there are allegations of not being a nice boss. Forcing back up dancers to go to a sex club (or perhaps merely a tittie show) while on tour and that sort of thing.
That’s bad.

But then comes that petard. Because it’s the mere allegation – these days – of sexual or controlling or being a bad boss etc which is the sentence. But, of course, that’s not supposed to apply to those who are good, is it?

Seems a bit of a reach

The Duke of Sussex has been named in a $30 million US lawsuit alleging that Sean “Diddy” Combs, the rapper, used his name to give his sex trafficking parties legitimacy.

Rodney Jones, a record producer, has accused Combs, 54, of a litany of sexual assault allegations. His 73-page lawsuit against the rapper and several of his associates and record labels was filed in New York last month.

The lawsuit claims that Combs was known for throwing sex trafficking parties. It alleges that those affiliated with such parties, or those who sponsored them, were given access to celebrities such as “international dignitaries like British royal Prince Harry”.

Seriously, who thinks Meghan is going to allow Harry that sort of freedom?

Good question

The Royal Family Have Been Lifestyle Influencers for Centuries, so Why Is Meghan Markle Being Criticized for American Riviera Orchard?
King Charles III has been selling his own jam for decades, while the Prince of Wales rents out accommodations on his Cornwall estate.

Good question, eh?

But then Glamour is Meghan Central….


That it took so long for the streamers to renegotiate terms with Sag-Aftra, Porter says, has resulted in a shrinking middle class of working actors. “Those Friends people are making $100m a year!” he exclaims. “I’m getting six-cent cheques! It’s not OK!”
The Pose star plays a divorcing dad in Our Son, but he has other things on his mind – such as getting paid, why his James Baldwin biopic is like Barbie and trying to understand the Israel-Gaza conflict

Billy Porter is known for going big.


The joy here is that’s it’s so mechanical

Watch: Meghan bakes and poses in ballgown to debut lifestyle business
American Riviera Orchard website linked to claims the Duchess will position herself as rival to ‘domestic goddesses’ such as Martha Stewart

Yes, of course marketnig is a business. Yes, images are constructed, positions artfully defined. But there’s usually something there first. Some actual knowledge, ability. They’re not grown out of whole cloth.

Megan’s convinced it works the other way, that it’s all and entirely artifice only.

You know, like some Teenage Trot believing prices are things randomly assigned etc.

Right On!

The Duchess of Sussex has criticised women who are “completely spewing hate” to other women online, calling on female executives in tech to do more to block it, as Prince Harry cheered her on.

The Duchess, speaking at an event about women in the media in Austin, Texas, said she could not “wrap her head” around how people could have been “so hateful” towards her on social media.

“It’s not catty, it’s cruel,” she said of comments written online while she was pregnant. “Why would you do that?”

“What I find the most disturbing frankly, especially as a supporter of women, is how much of the hate is women completely spewing that to other women,” she said. “I cannot make sense of that.”

She specifically criticised female executives at online platforms who host conspiracy theories, disturbing rhetoric and “very inciting comments”.

“There are a lot of women at the highest executive level who are great champions of women and great philanthropists, and they are working in these spaces, and yet they’re allowing this kind of behaviour to run rampant.

“And at a certain point, they have got to put the do’s behind the say’s and really make some changes on a systemic level.”

Change The World to stop wimmins being catty to me!

To which the correct response is “Fuck Off, Honey.” Or even “Fuck Off Honey.”

Well, he was

Duchess of York called Turkish banker accused of theft ‘kind and supportive’ after £1.4m payment
Prince Andrew’s ex-wife praised Selman Turk in letter after receiving funds from the financier accused of stealing £40m from heiress

He was kind and supportive £1.4 million times as well.

Seems faily based

The Duchess of Sussex “creates so much drama” that does not exist and then uses it to “rewrite history”, Gary Goldsmith has suggested.

The Princess of Wales’s uncle criticised Meghan as he chatted with his fellow Celebrity Big Brother housemates on the ITV1 show.

The 58-year-old businessman reserved some of his wrath for Prince Harry, saying: “I mean, you can’t throw your family under the bus in such a dramatic style, then write books about it and expect to be invited round for Christmas.”

By contrast, Mr Goldsmith hailed both his niece and Prince William as “the saviour of the Royal family”.

In fact, difficult to argue with much of that.

Well, no, not really

As the Sussexes build their brand in America, they appeal to a young, diverse, liberal-leaning constituency.

They’re trying, but not doing very well. Either at the brand building or with whom. They seem to be stuck with shrieking 13 year olds who want to marry a Prince as their support group.

Dunno why they’re doing this but it’s still fun

Prince Harry’s memoir is not “proof” he took drugs and could have been embellished to “sell books”, a lawyer for the Biden administration argued on Friday.

‌It came as a DC court began hearing a case on whether to compel the US government to release Duke of Sussex’s visa application stemming from revelations about his illegal drug use.

The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, has for months been challenging the Department for Homeland Security (DHS), arguing the documents should be made public as a result of confessions he made in his bestselling memoir Spare.

They contend that the Duke’s past drug use should have disqualified him from entering the United States under federal law and that releasing his application is of “immense public interest”.

Quite why Heritage has decided to pursue this I’ve no idea. But it is fun.

Still, of course a celebrity memoir is not proof. You seen some of the shit people say in those things?

That’s not how titles work

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have rebranded their website to “unify” their family after their children started using the Sussex title.

Rather than being known as the Mountbatten-Windsors, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet had been known as Archie Sussex and Lilibet Sussex since the coronation, a source said — in the same way that Harry was known as Captain Wales when he was in the army.

Trust an American to get this entirely wrong.

The Duke of Marlborough’ actual name is Spencer-Churchill. Now, he was, for a time, known by his title. But of course that was Marquis of Blandford, which means Jamie Blandford.

Therefore, Archie can be Archie Mountbatten Windsor, or Archie Dumbarton. But not Archie Sussex.

Tsk. There was a time when Duchesses knew such things. Tempora, Mores etc

There’s a joke to be made here

Duchess of Sussex joins podcast company that wants to make life ‘suck less’
Meghan ‘overjoyed’ to sign podcast deal with Lemonada Media after parting ways with Spotify

Possibly life will suck less because Megh has done all of that for us in her earlier life? Along those lines – but I can’t quite construct it properly….


I heard Meghan actually thought she was going to be a princess and live in Windsor Castle.

There’s a reason the royals rarely married out of the princely or aristocratic families…..

There’s really not much juicy discovered as yet, is there?

Bill Clinton put pressure on Vanity Fair not to cover allegations about Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew’s accuser claimed in newly released court documents.

Virginia Giuffre, who accused Prince Andrew of abusing her as a teenager, a claim he strongly denies, discussed selling a now infamous photo of the pair to Vanity Fair in a 2011 email exchange with another journalist.

The exchanges are among a tranche of almost 1,000 legal documents related to the convicted paedophile Epstein made public by a US court on Wednesday.

Worth recalling that everything here is allegations, made in a court case. Not findings of fact.

But even then there’s not a huge amount that we all didn’t suspect already, is there?