Katie Price

Intelligent women seem captivated by her, characterising her as a tart with a heart. "Down to earth" is regularly attached to descriptions of her. Since when did being slightly working class become a virtue in itself?

Torygraph reverting to form I think, don\’t you? Who is the ghastly little working class chav calling herself Jordan?

The One Leg Necklace

I know, I know, I shouldn\’t believe everything I read on a celebrity gossip site. But this:

Paul’s daughter has exacted her revenge on her wicked stepmother by reportedly designing a one-leg necklace.


The silver, single-limbed pendant was unveiled to a select group of fashion industry players in Paris last month as part of McCartney’s debut jewellery collection, and is set to launch for spring/summer 2008.

Fierce? Good grief!

Royal Gay Scandal: Day Two

This Royal Gay Scandal has certainly taken an interesting step forward:

A royal aide boasts about his fling with an MP in a tape at the centre of the sex-and-drugs blackmail plot concerning a member of the Royal Family, a lawyer claimed yesterday.

The assistant to a minor relative of the Queen also claims that the true medical cause of death of a member of the Royal Family may have been concealed from the public.

Bumped off by MI5 at the instigation of Prince Phillip were they or something? It\’s not Mohammed Fayed on the tape is it?