Through resentencing, diversion and other reforms, Boudin has overseen a 35% reduction in the population of San Francisco residents in state prisons, a 37% decline in the adult jail population, and a 57% decline in the juvenile jail.


San Francisco residents have voted to recall the district attorney, Chesa Boudin

So, err, not what the people wanted then?

No, this isn’t quite what is being said

Ban text scammers from buying Sim cards without ID, says policing chief

What is actually being said is that no one should be allowed to buy a phone without ID because some of them will be scammers:

High street stores must be barred from allowing text scammers to buy phones and Sim cards without proof of ID, says the new police watchdog.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Andy Cooke, the new HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary, said the failure to crack down on “burner” phones and Sim cards that can be freely bought on the high street without ID was fuelling “serious criminality”.

He said the registration of a person’s ID for any purchase of a mobile phone or Sim card should be a legal requirement to help police curb the surge in fraud and combat county lines drug gangs who use the phones to run their illegal businesses.

The correct response to which is “Fuck Off, Copper”

Perhaps BiS could comment?

A Spanish road signage company is being investigated by police after using a highly realistic cut-out to represent a patrol car in an attempt to slow down traffic.

Video footage emerged on social media last week showing drivers reducing their speed as they passed the 3D hoarding – complete with blue flashing lights – parked in a lane that was closed due to road improvement work.

The footage alerted Guardia Civil officers from Albacete, southeastern Spain, to what they believe is an unauthorised use of their image.

“That car is not official. The Guardia Civil does not have cardboard cars,” the Guardia Civil said after putting an end to the experiment.

Is the Guardia Civil as effective ass cardboard cars?

A twink who got the ‘ump then

An allegation of rape against a Tory MP was made by a male politician who was a teenager when they first met, The Telegraph understands, amid growing pressure on the Conservative Party to name him.

The Telegraph understands that the MP first met the alleged victim, 20 years his junior, when he was a teenager. At the time, the MP was in his 30s.

It is claimed the two men became friends but fell out in 2019, according to a number of sources familiar with the case.
One senior Conservative Party source said: “The relationship between the MP and the young man was well known in his local party circles, well known in regional party circles, and well known at Conservative Campaign Headquarters. Everyone knew about it because it had been going on for years.”

Doesn’t bar the idea of rape and sexual assault and all that. But, umm, let’s see, shall we?

Ms. Patel has some work to do perhaps?

Afghan asylum seeker had been deported twice before Regent Street hammer rampage
Attacker jailed after he targeted women at random as he made his way along London shopping street before walking into pub and ordering pint

Presumably, now he’s a nutter, he gets to stay for treatment?

Well, given that he’s just got an 18 year sentence, yes……

Well, he would be, wouldn’t he?

The former son-in-law of Formula One billionaire Bernie Ecclestone took “a very hands-on approach” as his company became involved in an alleged “sophisticated” money-laundering operation and demanded regular updates on profits, prosecutors have claimed.

Don’t want to piss off the extended family by getting it wrong now, do we?

No, not Bernie.

And possibly the biggest victim here is the reputation of the crime family we all assume is behind this. For it ain’t sophisticated in the least. How in hell did they think this was going to work out?

No, no, no, couldn’t be!

James Stunt accused of being part of money laundering gang
Opening day of trial hears how Bernie Ecclestone’s former son-in-law was allegedly part of £266 million operation

*Runs screaming from the room, all illusions shattered*

“On some days, well over a million pounds in used notes was being paid into the Fowler Oldfield account.”

How stupid can these people be?

Umm, no, on balance

Christie’s cancels paedophile artist Eric Gill who abused his daughters and dog
Auction house to stop selling prints and sculptures by controversial artist over his perverse sexual past

That’s fine, obviously. Voluntary exchange is voluntary exchange.

However, others said that to carry on profiting from Gill’s work and displaying it in galleries is offensive and deeply wounding to victims of sexual abuse.

That’s nonsense. Lord Ahmed is in jail for sex abuse – whether or not someone shows, buys or sells an Eric Gill is nowt to do with him, his actions or his victoms.

Bit fierce

Boris Becker, the three-time Wimbledon champion, was on Friday jailed for two-and-a-half years over bankruptcy offences as a judge told him he had been humiliated, but shown no humility.

But then this is one of the crimes the court system really doesn’t like – lying to the court system.

On the fairly sensible basis that if people think they can get away with lying to the courts then the courts don’t really work.

This one will go on and on

Police rape investigators dismiss women as liars and time-wasters, leaked findings from a Home Office study reveal.

An academic-led inquiry commissioned by the Home Office has found that some police officers investigating allegations of rape and sexual assault believe that a significant number of reports are false and feel frustrated that some victims are “wasting” their time, political sources have told The Telegraph.

The study, known as Operation Soteria, has examined case files and interviewed police officers in three forces in England. They discovered that some detectives described minor discrepancies or inconsistencies as “false”, which failed to understand how trauma can affect evidence given by victims.

One survey of almost 200 officers in the Metropolitan police found that only one in four agreed that “very few” reports of rape and sexual assault are untrue, according to well-placed Whitehall sources.

Define “significant” and “very few”. The best evidence we’ve got is that 6% of complaints are wholly false. Some other number will be, given the nature of the offences, differences of opinion. Well, that significant or very few?

Define sexual abuse

One in 10 children sexually abused by the age of 16
Fifteen per cent of girls and five per cent of boys are victims of child sexual abuse by that age, Home Office-funded research finds

Does rather depend upon what definition is being used, doesn’t it?

Ian Dean, the director of the CSA Centre, which is funded by the Home Office and hosted by Banardo’s, said: “Areas with low numbers of recorded cases may assume they have low levels of sexual abuse, but we know from prevalence data that this is simply not the case.

“With 500,000 children under 16 estimated to experience some form of child sexual abuse each year, the significantly lower levels identified in official data indicate that services are failing to identify and address what we know is a challenging but very worrying and hidden problem.”

AKA, give us more money to deal with this thing that we’ve identified.

Page 15 here. Telling a 17 year old that of course you’ll respect her in the morning would seem to be included. No, not being trite, they have gone for a very, very, wide definition. As we’d expect.

Suppose so

The firing squad dredges up some of the core contradictions at the heart of American capital punishment.

“It’s an almost instantaneous death, it’s the cheapest, it’s the simplest, it has the lowest ‘botch’ rate,” said Corinna Lain, a law professor at the University of Richmond. (Federal judges have made similar points.) At the same time, it’s “more honest”, she said.

They’re also honest enough not to do it with the prisoner facing the wall and the bullet in the back of the head. Unlike some….

So, err, what is being said here?

A former justice minister has been branded “disgraceful” after he claimed that the conviction of Tory MP Imran Ahmad Khan for sexually assaulting a teenage boy was “nothing short of an international scandal”.

Crispin Blunt told The Telegraph that he thought the decision by the jury was unjust and that the case relied on “lazy tropes about LGBT+ people that we might have thought we had put behind us decades ago”.

Teh Gayers expressions of sexuality are not as those of other men, up to and including rape? Statutory rape? Fiddling with a cute young ‘un?

Or there’s dreadful bias by assuming that a Teh Gayer would fiddle with a twink?

It’s obviously possible that the contention is that this was a railroading. But why would that involve stereotypes?

What is it that Blunt is actually alleging here?

So my surmise was right

Police have raided the Unite headquarters as part of an investigation into bribery, fraud and money laundering, which is believed to be connected to the construction of a £98 million hotel complex.

It is about that hotel. My assumption has long been that there had to be something more than just incompetence to explain that.

Labour’s biggest union backer Unite is facing questions over how it spent £98m of members’ money on a hotel and conference centre.

Some Labour MPs are calling for an inquiry into the Birmingham scheme, which was originally estimated to be £57m.

And, well, you know, this is going to be fun:

Unite came under scrutiny last year over its decision to award the contracts to the Flanagan Group, run by Mr McCluskey’s long-time friend Paul Flanagan, as well as a health and safety contract awarded to SSC, a company owned by David Anderson, the son of Joe Anderson, the former mayor of Liverpool.

If there’s enough looking around we might even be able to get Derek Hatton into this as well………

No, not really, no

Robert Maxwell may have employed the services of the paedophile Jeffrey Epstein to help him hide hundreds of millions he stole from his company’s pension funds, a new documentary series claims.

To a very reasonable degree of accuracy Maxwell didn’t in fact steal the money, he lost it. OK, sure, he stole it from where it was meant to be and put it to other uses but he didn’t ship vast quantities of it into gold bars in the undersea volcano base. He did stupid things like buy his own stock which then went down in value. He lost the money, not stole and hid it.

Sounds a little harsh

Two parents have been charged with manslaughter after allegedly allowing their daughter to become morbidly obese.

In what is believed to be the first case of its kind, the parents of Kaylea Titford, 16, appeared in court on Tuesday after being charged with gross negligence manslaughter and causing or allowing the death of a child or vulnerable person.

The disabled teenage girl was found dead at her home in Newtown, Powys, Wales, in October 2020.

It is alleged that between March 24 and Oct 11, 2020, Kaylea’s father Alun Titford, 44, and mother Sarah Lloyd-Jones, 39, of Colwyn, Newtown, failed to ensure that her dietary needs were met, leading to morbid obesity.

Failing to meet her dietary needs is now manslaughter?