It’s the Chuck Berry crime

Maxwell, 58, was charged on Thursday in a 17-page indictment with allegedly enticing a minor to travel to engage in criminal sexual activity, transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, conspiracy to commit both of those crimes, and perjury related to a sworn deposition. If convicted, she faces up to 35 years in federal prison.

The important but not said there being “transporting across state lines” which is what makes it a crime for the Feds. And, yep, this is what Chuck did a couple of years for.

There’s a wide spectrum of said crime too. If, say, the age of consent is 18, and you drive a date over the state line then park up and hubba bubba, said date being 17, then that’s this crime.

If you, purely as a theoretical illustration you know, organise vast fleets of young teens to service rich old men it’s the same thing.

So, the offer of a deal starts

The revelation that Ghislaine Maxwell will never sell out the Duke of York comes from a controversial confidante who has known the Maxwells for years.

So, here, presented through my “long term friend” is my first offer of a deal. What do I get if I do sell?

Well, not quite, no

When the British socialite and media heiress Ghislaine Maxwell arrived in New York City in 1991,

Rather the point was that there was no inheritance…..

Although that became more apparent in 1992, fair enough….


The suspects were as baffled as anyone as to why they were suddenly being picked up, perhaps fearing the work of a supergrass. But then, on June 12, some of the most senior members of Britain’s criminal fraternity received a text on their mobiles that made everything clear. The top-secret, encrypted messaging platform EncroChat, which they had for four years used for their business, had been compromised by law enforcement agencies. The message from the shadowy France-based provider was stark: “We can no longer guarantee the security of your device. We advise you to power off and physically dispose of your device immediately.”

But for many of the 10,000 UK users it was too late. The police had already begun kicking down front doors. EncroChat handsets, which cost around £3,000 a year, provided gangsters with a supposedly secure network on which they could deal drugs, order gangland hits, arrange money laundering and carry out their underworld activity.

Emerging in 2016 to replace an end-to-end encrypted service that was disabled, EncroChat became the go-to platform for top-tier criminals.

Britain’s National Crime Agency, with European law enforcement bodies, had spent four years trying to crack the system without success. But in April, cyber specialists working with the French police managed to hack into the network without being detected.

They were able to eavesdrop on millions of chilling messages and harvest a treasure trove of evidence. Nikki Holland, director of investigations at the NCA, said: “It was like getting the keys to Aladdin’s cave”, while her deputy, Matt Horne, likened it to “cracking the criminals’ Enigma code”.

Entirely unconnected, didn’t James Stunt just get arrested?

And the bloke I’d really like not to be at the moment is the cryptographer behind EncroChat. That sounds like a rather desperate position to have right now.

Of course he did

The 25-year-old Libyan man accused of killing three people in a Reading park shouted “Allahu Akbar” moments before the attack, a court has heard.

Khairi Saadallah, who was living in the Berkshire town, is charged with three counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder.

Our problem here is the Maggie as PM question.

Sure, perhaps this is anecdote not truth but still. Traditionally one way of working out whether a potential nutter is in contact with reality is to ask “Who is the Prime Minister”. This fell into abeyance in the Thatcher years because even nutters knew that Maggie was. Thus it was not a useful test of who was a nutter.

Shouting Allahu Akbar before knifing someone is not evidence of being a terrorist. Or, perhaps, it might be, but it’s also true that those who are nutters might shout it as well.

That is, it’s not definitive either way. Thus it’s not useful as a test. For it’s not distinguishing between the type of voices in the head that lead to the stabbiness.

OK, so…

It’s a country where 1/3 of the deaths in police custody are Black or members of other ethnic minorities,

What should the number be?

People of minority ethnicities made up 27% of the prison population
compared with 13% of the general population.

We’re to cavil about the difference between 27% and 33% are we? After all, people do die wherever they’re put, no?

I’d missed all of this

Once worth an estimated £3 billion, Mr Stunt had his assets and cash frozen at the High Court in 2018 at the request of the CPS in a ‘proceeds of crime’ restraint order.

Last June, he was declared bankrupt and, in March this year, his £11 million luxury cottage in Belgravia was repossessed along with his two apartments overlooking Chelsea Harbour, each worth £5 million.

How could I have missed all of this? He always did strike as being mouth and no trousers. And even Bernie E, who knows about these things, said he couldn’t work out where the money had come from. I’ve even commented on that gold dealing business, which is a poor person’s idea of how people get or stay rich.

How could I have missed all this deliciousness?

Not really, no, not quite

A man has been sentenced to death in Singapore via a Zoom video-call for his role in a drug deal, the city-state’s first case where capital punishment has been delivered remotely.

It’s the sentence of capital punishment which has been delivered remotely, not the capital punishment.

At which point we can descend ever further into pendantry hell. For capital punishment is always, but always, delivered personally and directly. Well, from the point of view of the executee that is. It’s usually rather remote from the courtroom and the judge….

Who was the 51 year old man arrested?

Ambulances visited the property of a solicitor on several occasions in the weeks before she was shot dead while at home with her children, neighbours have said.

Silke Hartshorne-Jones suffered fatal gunshot wounds in the early hours of Sunday morning at the 17th century farmhouse where she lived with husband Peter, a 51-year-old gun dealer, and twin eight-year-old sons.

Police were called to the Grade-II listed Chestnut Farm in Barham, near Ipswich, at 4.45am but were unable to save the critically injured victim, who was in her early 40s.

A 51-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder by Suffolk Police.

I assume that unless the police actually say “Peter Hartshorne-Jones was arrested” then the newspaper can’t say that. Therefore this circumlotion. Not that we’re left in a great deal of doubt…..

Forrin is forrin

She has since lodged an appeal against her public mischief conviction to Cyprus’s supreme court. The 12 men were released without charge.

The documentary will be a chance for Emily’s friends, who found her shortly after the alleged rape, to tell their stories for the first time.

The programme will explore “inconsistencies in the suspects’ account” of that night, with a former Home Office adviser re-examining the evidence.

Former DCI David Gee told the programme that if the alleged events had occurred in the UK, there appeared to be enough evidence to charge at least one man with rape.

And what was the situation under Cypriot law? After all, we have stopped this colonialist idea that we get to determine what foreign law is, haven’t we?

That’s fairly swift justice

Authorities in Bangladesh have executed a killer of the country’s independence leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, nearly 45 years after his assassination.

Abdul Majed, a former military captain, was hanged at the central jail at Keraniganj near the capital, Dhaka, at one minute past midnight on Saturday, Inspector General of Prisons Brig. Gen. A.K.M. Mustafa Kamal Pasha said.

Asaduzzaman Khan, the country’s home minister, said Majed was arrested in Dhaka on Tuesday. He had publicly announced his involvement in the assassination and is believed to have only recently returned to Bangladesh after hiding in India for many years.

Sure, there’s the 45 years there. But arrest on Tuesday – actually being taken into custody that is – execution on Saturday?

Not really messing about there. As it was unlikely they would given that the bloke he was hanged for killing was the Pops of the current Prime Minister….

Tee Hee Rod, Oh, Tee Hee

The police have also said they are worried about something called “crime” being committed during this lockdown. I think it is time we created some sort of institution — perhaps uniformed and given special powers — to fight this while the police harass people out for a walk and poke through our groceries.

Although, actually, it’s not all that funny, is it?

Well, there’s paedophile danger and then there’s paedophile danger

This might be something to not worry about very much:

About 300,000 paedophiles are sharing sexual images or abusing children on the dark web, nearly four times previous estimates, Britain’s National Crime Agency has revealed.

What we’re worried about is people abusing children. Actual live humans being harmed.

The worry about online pornography is that it leads to – either in its production or by stimulating the desire for action – live human beings being harmed.

That is, the online bit is measuring a proxy and not direct harm. What we want to know about is direct harm, not the proxy.

And the general finding is that more of the proxy leads to less of the harm. They’re substitutes, not complements.

The real difficulty here being to get anyone to accept the evidence……


We still keep ’em in at this age, do we?

A convicted sex offender has become the first prisoner to die from coronavirus, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) confirmed last night.

The 84 year old, one of Britain’s oldest prisoners, passed away three days ago at HMP Littlehey, Cambridgeshire.

He is understood to have been suffering underlying health issues and Covid-19 is thought only to have been detected after his death.

Food might be better than the average state OAP home.

A certain amusement here

This is partly linguistic. And partly fashion.

Harvey Weinstein trial: Jury finds Hollywood producer guilty of rape

Well sorta. He was found guilty of something called rape – rape in the third degree. Which isn’t “rape rape” and isn’t rape perhaps in the English sense of the word.

One reason we know this being that the sentence is 1 to 4 years.

It’s the “criminal sex act” which carries the much heavier possible sentence. He was actually cleared on the charge of rape, as in “rape, rape”.

This is, as I say, partly linguistic. American legal terms use rape far more widely than the English language does. But it’s also fashion. That he’s the evilest man who ever walked etc is simply known and true in certain sectors. There is an implication of this too. I guarantee there will be a Guardian column after sentencing comparing his sentence for “third degree rape and a criminal sex act”, comparing it to rapey rape sentences and demanding to know why he was treated so leniently.

We have to apologise for the truth these days

A police force has apologised for publishing leaflets linking rape to drinking alcohol after sparking accusations of ‘victim blaming’.

The flyers, which were distributed in Belfast, were discontinued several years ago, describe alcohol as “the number one date rape drug” and advise people to be wary of potential sexual assaults while drinking.

Sara Haller, who posted an image of the leaflets on Facebook, which has since been shared hundreds of times, wrote: “The tone, language and arguments all add up to ultimately saying that if you’re intoxicated you’re allowed to be raped.

“The issue with this leaflet is that the core message it gives out is that those who are raped are responsible for it.”

No Honey. The leaflet states that if you are drunk to incapacitation then you’re more likely to get raped than if you’re not. Just as you’re more likely to get mugged if you are than if you’re not.

Oh no he didn’t!

Man convicted of race hate crime for wearing Make America Great Again hat

What actually happened is that:

Sambrook admitted racially aggravated harassment

And that one incident of this occurred while he was wearing a MAGA hat.

Reading between as it were the most likely here is that he wanted to torment is ex-, who is mixed race, and therefore used race stuff to torment her. Rather than it being racism in intent, as it were…..

No comment

A thieving mechanic was crushed to death after a car fell on him while he was stealing its catalytic converter, an inquest heard.

Gary Gray, 38, died after the jack holding up the Vauxhall Astra came loose, causing the full weight of the vehicle to slam down and suffocate him.

An inquest heard that he had broken in after hours and had been attempting to steal a catalytic converter from the car’s exhaust system, which could then be sold on for around £60.

It’s not justice because the death penalty isn’t the appropriate punishment for tea leafing a cat converter. It’s not funny because the bloke’s dead.

But it is something.