See, See, Told Ya, Told Ya!

The killer father who murdered his wife and three sons then hanged himself was today exposed as a cross dresser who watched pornography on a school laptop.

Just can’t trust the trannies at all, can we?

It’s an interesting illustration of the depths of true depravity there, that it was a school laptop used to watch porn on.

What fun

A powerful ‘mafia’-like syndicate operating within the trekking industry in the Himalayas is threatening to derail a government investigation into a lucrative scam involving the poisoning of tourists.

It was revealed last year that parts of the tourist industry have been conspiring to spike hikers in order to reap insurance payouts for costly and unnecessary airlifts from Everest and other high-altitude peaks.

An alliance of international insurers has threatened to pull cover for the country by Friday if the government of Nepal does not crack down on the elaborate scam.

Not in the sense of my approving of hikers being spiked but I am an aficionado of scams. Incredibly inventive, some of them.

Beats staging car crashes to claim on whiplash…..

Are we sure?

The plan to fix our prisons: Six-month minimum jail terms, refurbished cells and full-body scanners

The way sentencing goes these days 6 months is a pretty severe sentence. Meaning that an awful lot of people who get less today won’t get anything.

Hmm. Mr. Lud?

Didn’t a Tarantino movie open with this?

Phoenix police are investigating possible sex abuse at a nursing facility after a female patient in a vegetative state recently gave birth, reports CBS Phoenix affiliate KPHO-TV. Sources tell the station a near-drowning incident at least a decade ago left the alleged victim in that condition and she’s been a patient at the Hacienda HealthCare facility ever since.

She gave birth to a baby boy on Dec. 29. KPHO learned that the baby is healthy.

Dangerously close….

Four stowaways who allegedly threatened the crew of a cargo ship with armed bars were detained by police on Friday night after an operation to secure the vessel was launched off the Kent coast.

The crew of Grande Tema, en route from Lagos in Nigeria to Tilbury in Essex, locked themselves on the bridge after the stowaways they had discovered broke free from a cabin and started to make their demands.

The men had allegedly demanded the crew sail close to the British coast so they could jump off and swim ashore.

….to piracy on the high seas with violence there. Pity T. Blair changed the law on this really. Using Execution Dock again would provide a notable lesson and warning….

Something about the American system

Moments before the execution, Miller was asked if he wanted to say anything, but his reply was not understandable. He was asked again and his attorney clarified that he was saying: “Beats being on death row.”

No, I’m not saying that there should be no punishment. But:

The study, “Designed to Break You,” collected accounts from former death-row prisoners who had been exonerated or who had received lesser sentences after their death sentences had been overturned. Their stories revealed numerous problems with death-row conditions, including, “mandatory solitary confinement, a total ban on contact visits with both attorneys and friends and family, substandard physical and psychological health care, and a lack of access to sufficient religious services.” Every prisoner on death row spends about 23 hours a day in an 8-by-12 foot cell for the duration of their time on death row.

Takes about 15 years to progress from sentence to execution.

Nah, sorry, don’t care, that’s wrong.


Cat owners have been advised they could risk breaking the law if they force their pets into veganism.

One in six pet food suppliers has branched out into supplying vegan or vegetarian food for animals as owners embraced the new trend over ethical concerns with meat diets.

But yesterday the RSPCA said cats could become seriously ill if given exclusively plant-based diets and owners could run the risk of getting a criminal record.

A spokesman said while dogs were omnivores and could theoretically survive on a vegetarian diet, cats were carnivores and needed meat.

They pointed out: “Under the Animal Welfare Act, the law requires an owner to take reasonable steps to ensure that all the pet’s needs are met.

“This includes a healthy diet, as well as providing suitable living conditions, ability to behave normally, appropriate company and protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease.”

Sigh. I refuse to believe that the Portuguese are more advance in these matters than the British. Bags of cat food here might not have meat in them but they then, if they on’t, have a bit on them saying “Contem Taurina”.

Cats are obligate carnivores because they cannot produce the amino acid taurene. They must get it from their food, which therefore must contain taurine and that only comes from animal bits. Or is synthesised of course.

Job done.

We must always believe the victim

The man known as Nick, whose allegations of VIP child abuse sparked Scotland Yard’s vast Operation Midland inquiry, will stand trial in March next year.

The 50-year-old, whose real identity cannot be revealed for legal reasons, is charged with 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one count of fraud relating to a compensation claim.

No, no, always believe the victim.

Umm, well, umm,

A 20-year-old man charged with raping a high school student as she died
from a drug overdose was sentenced this week to less than three years in prison.”

Well, I guess she wasn’t going to spend years traumatised by the memory of the attack…a lifetime, yes, but not years.


Call for abolition of ‘not proven’ verdict in Scottish law
Country’s three-verdict system criticised for leaving accused innocent in the eyes of the law

That’s taking the accusation is the proof in rape cases a little far isn’t it? Complaining that sometimes the accused isn’t found guilty?

In 2016-17, only 39% of Scottish rape and attempted rape cases resulted in convictions – the lowest rate for any type of crime. Nearly 30% of acquittals in rape and attempted rape cases are found not proven, compared with 17% for all crimes and offences.

OK. So, what’s the rate in England and Wales. Obviously, there’s no “not proven” verdict. So, which way does it go? We’ve a higher guilty rate and a lower innocent? Or the same not found guilty rate? Which bit of innocent and guilty is not proven eating? A rather important thing to work out before thinking about abolishing the three bit system…..

Economic calculation

Trejo may now be clean but there is still one addiction in his life. “I love working,” he says, though this is partly because he has concluded that crime really doesn’t pay. “I realised that if I rob someone for $800, that may only take two minutes – but the other price is probably five years in prison. If you divide $800 into five years, it’s not a very good hourly wage.”

The level of punishment times the probability of punishment is the cost of crime.

Which does mean that if you raise the probability of punishment then you can reduce the duration of it. A guaranteed week inside for burglary might do more to reduce the incidence than 10 years applied to only 1% of those who do it.

So there’s gratitude for you

Julian Assange has launched legal action against the government of Ecuador, arguing that new house rules for his stay in the country’s London embassy violate his “fundamental rights and freedoms”, his lawyers said on Friday.

Assange’s lawyer, Baltasar Garzón, said the WikiLeaks founder was suing Ecuador’s foreign minister, José Valencia, for “isolating and muzzling” him with the new rules, which order Assange to avoid making online political comments and to take better care of his cat.

“He has been held in inhuman conditions for more than six years,” Garzón said, describing the conditions regarding the cat as “denigrating”.

He added Assange had not had his internet restored even though the new rules allow him to use the embassy wifi for his personal computer and phone.

He’d be out of jail by now if he’d surrendered. As it is he’s still got a sentence for skipping bail to serve….

So, so, rare

A mother-of-three has been jailed for falsely claiming she was raped.

Sophie Skinner, 25, from Llanfoist in Monmouthshire, denied perverting the course of justice but was found guilty by a jury.

Newport Crown Court was told the life of her victim Damon Osborne was “turned upside down” by the accusation in 2016.

She was sentenced to 18 months in prison by Judge Daniel Williams after he said she had shown “no remorse at all”.

The court heard that Skinner went out drinking in Abergavenny “looking for attention” on Saturday, 4 June in 2016.

CCTV showed her in a Wetherspoons pub, before going to public toilets in White Horse Lane.

“You then saw Damon Osborne who was waiting for a lift home – at the time he was 18 and you were 23,” Judge Williams said.

“You ran over to him and hugged him… the CCTV at the toilets could not be clearer – you initiated the sex with him.

“When he gave into your persistent demands for sex you told him you could get him into trouble for having sex with you.”

The court was told that Skinner then made a false claim that she had been raped to Wetherspoons’ door staff, and was interviewed by police.

But we must believe every claim by every survivor, mustn’t we?

All a bit minority report but…..

Councils are said to be using hundreds of thousands of people’s data to try and predict child abuse, it has emerged.

Five local authorities, Thurrock, Brent, Bristol, Hackney and Newham are accused of using 377,000 people’s data to create an algorithm which would allow social workers to intervene with families perceived of as needing attention from child services.

Among the information gathered are school attendance and exclusion records, housing association repairs and arrears information, and police records on antisocial behaviour and domestic violence, according to The Guardian.

But the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) told The Telegraph it was looking into the practice.

A spokesman said: “All organisations have a duty to look after personal information in their care but records involving children – often sensitive personal data – require particularly robust measures.

“The use of predictive analytics to for child safeguarding is clearly an activity that is likely to have a significant impact on the privacy of individuals.

“We would therefore expect any council using such technology to have fully considered the privacy risks, including conducting a thorough Data Protection Impact Assessment,and to have taken steps to address those risks.

“We will be making further enquiries to ensure that the use of this technology is compliant with data protection law.”

It’s an obvious enough area to be trying to use AI to predict problems. What are the common factors etc? Any warning signs etc?

We could even aid in writing the decision tree.

Has Mummy got a new scrote boyfriend?

Another fun problem

A transgender offender is seeking to delete from her record two crimes that could only have been committed by a man.

“I do not wish my gender history to be more widely known and do not wish to disclose my trans status to employers,” the woman, who asked to be identified only as Helen, said. She is to launch a judicial review to remove two convictions for “importuning as a man” when she worked at a Soho “clip joint” in the 1970s and 1980s.

A right to removal, if established, could cover rape, another crime that can legally be committed only by a person with a penis.

Trans people with a gender recognition certificate are legally entitled to keep their birth gender secret.

Well, so, what do we do here?

The convictions are spent, obviously enough, so they’ll only turn up on one of the more detailed records searches.

Dunno – what say you?

Formally reprimanded, eh?

A doctor has been formally reprimanded by the Dutch medical complaints board for carrying out euthanasia on a 74-year-old woman with dementia, despite her resistance.

The woman refused a cup of coffee containing a sedative and when she struggled, the doctor asked her husband and daughter to hold her down so she could insert a drip containing the lethal injection.

My word that is a stiff punishment for murdering someone, isn’t it?

The patient had been placed in a nursing home in Mariahoeve in The Hague after her condition became significantly worse, and it was there that a review by the on-site doctor concluded the woman was suffering unbearably from her condition.

The unnamed patient had completed a living will five years prior to her death, saying she wished to die when she considered the time was right, but it was not a formal euthanasia declaration.

A drug designed to make the patient sleep was put in her coffee, in breach of rules, it was found. The doctor, who is appealing against the ruling, also ignored the woman’s protests and inserted a drip into her arm, it was found. She further breached guidelines by asking family members to hold the patient down, according to an official report into the death.

When she thought the time was right, not when someone else did.

Well, yes

EXCLUSIVE: What break in..? £90m ‘burglary’ at billionaire James Stunt’s Belgravia mansion NEVER HAPPENED, claims ex-bodyguard on duty all night

I might have mumbled something about how in my opinion something like this was a vague possibility.

So rare, so rare these false claims

The father of three spent six hours in custody and faced possible sex assault charges as part of the “devastating impact” of claims made by Claire Morgan.

Morgan, 35, alleged she was sexually assaulted three days after she took a five-minute fare from the driver in Bridgend, south Wales in May last year.

She lied the man had taken her to an adventure playground, grabbed her breast and put his hand down her underwear.

The victim, a treasurer at his local mosque, was the sole source of income for his family but was forced to hand over his badge during a six-week investigation, the court heard. Police spent 60 hours investigating Morgan’s allegations as well as £450 on forensics.

A judge said the man avoided charges because of “diligence” from investigators while CCTV also proved inconsistencies in her account.

After reporting the fake offences, Morgan later set up a fake Facebook profile under the name Sarah Jenkins to answer a police appeal in which she claimed she witnessed the attack. She also made an anonymous call to Crimestoppers to provide further bogus details.

We must, but must, simply believe the claimant, always, eh?