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Doesn’t answer the question

Justice Bryan, in sentencing, said: “The tragedy that played out on 25 April 2022 is a salutary lesson to all those who peddle the myth that cannabis is not a dangerous drug.

“No one is suggesting that [the murders] were religiously motivated. You never intended to make any sacrifices of your victims. This was simply a symptom of your psychosis.

“You were well aware of the risks to your health of smoking skunk cannabis. You had doubled your consumption of cannabis in the weeks leading up to the killings.

“You may have consumed seven grams of cannabis a day immediately before the killing.”

Dr Nigel Blackwood, a forensic psychiatrist for the prosecution, said the symptoms of manic behaviour displayed were caused by the large amount of cannabis Jacques had consumed.

Jacques had been hospitalised in a psychiatric ward in 2018 and diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

We know – know – that those going nuts will, often enough, self-medicate.

Personally, but not to any level I’d want to have to try and prove, entirely willing to agree that too much (like, say 7 g a day) could turn you nuts. But at any level of proof we’ve not shown that here. Nutter self medicates, or drug consumption makes you nuts?

Obviously, the jury isn;t still out on this but as a more general point, yes, in fact it is.

Not just aspiring rappers then

Both Washington and Jordan were well known to Mizell, who prosecutors said was killed in a business dispute over a lucrative deal to distribute cocaine in Baltimore, Maryland.

Washington was a childhood friend, and Jordan was Mizell’s godson. All of them grew up in the same neighbourhood in the New York City borough of Queens.

In the 1980s, Mizell and his Run-DMC bandmates helped usher hip hop into the mainstream with hits including It’s Tricky and Walk This Way, with rock group Aerosmith.

In their lyrics and stage shows, they were known to advocate against illegal narcotics. The group even recorded a “Just Say No!” anti-drug public service announcement in the late 1980s for the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

Ah, yes, but there’s another bit that must also be done

Oregon, the first US state to decriminalise hard drugs, is set for a U-turn after addicts took over the streets of major cities.

Police chiefs, district attorneys and city officials are leading demands for Oregon to recriminalise heroin and fentanyl, reversing key provisions of the liberal experiment, which was introduced in 2021.

Underpinning the original initiative, known as Measure 110, was the belief that decriminalising hard drugs would make it easier to get addicts into treatment.

Here in Portugal, which hsa done much the same thing, there’s another layer to this.

If you’re a tourist, an outsider, then the police can and will stop you. Search, find drugs, it’s that choice of treatment or jail. Locals are more leninetly treated.

To the extent that the drug market in Lisbon at least used to have a police presence. To keep order etc. But foreigners trying to use it were intercepted rapidly.

The point being that yes, obviously, there will always be addiction. Best perhaps to have it in the open, monitored, under some sort of control. But stamp down hard on any form of drug tourism.

I don’t say this is a perfect solution however much it accords with my own prejudices (“Wanna get high? Go for it! Die, well, your choice”). Rather, to make the point that such things – as are so many things – are systems. And it’s necessary to have all the moving parts of the system before it works as a whole.

If you’ve got near free drugs on every street then those who want free drugs will move there. And that combination of legal, with outreach and food and tent spaces and so on does make drugs near free. The treatment of locals that way seems v sensible to me – but gotta stop hte migration.

Don’t eat the staff meal!

At the height of summer in the beachside restaurants of Alicante in Spain, waiters and waitresses carry endless plates of tapas and trays of sangria to rowdy tourists deep into the night.

But in one busy “chiringuito” there was little sign of tiredness among staff in 2023, thanks to a secret stimulant that could land its managers in jail.

Police swooped on the outlet in Arenales del Sol de Elche to arrest its bosses for tricking employees into taking anabolic steroids to boost their performance.

Waiters and kitchen staff were allegedly told they were merely taking vitamin supplements but were being doped by pills and injections.


Blimey. Having done the job – for years, not just as the one summer from uni thing – it’s entirely true that you don’t need to work out as well as be a waiter in a busy place. But I have to admit that taking steroids never did occur to me as a way to do it better.

Very unsure about this

Stephen Fry: Childhood sweets were gateway to my cocaine addiction

All sorts of people like sweeties. Few develop cocain addictions.

In fact, there seems to be a greater connection between being vastly rich, vastly young, and cocaine – perhaps that’s the reason?

Difficult description

Police are hunting for a litter picker after a drugs haul washed up on an Isle of Wight beach.

Holdalls containing hundreds of kilos of powder were found by litter pickers near St Catherine’s Lighthouse, on the southernmost tip of the island, on Saturday.

The haul comes after a fisherman discovered others in the sea off St Aldhelm’s Point and Durdle Door in Purbeck, Dorset, on Oct 2.

But police are now trying to track down a member of one litter-picking group who might have knowledge of Saturday’s discovery.

‘We would ask him to get in touch’
Stuart Murray, the Hampshire and Isle of Wight assistant chief constable, said: “There is a member of the litter-picking group, a man in his 60s, who we want to make contact with, as we continue to speak with everyone in the vicinity, and we would ask him to get in touch with us.

“He is of slim build, around 5ft 6in tall and had short grey hair, with a birthmark on the right side of his mouth.

“Possibly sniffing a lot, eyeballs revolving in different directions and incoherent. He could be difficult to recognise

Umm, why?

White House evacuated after cocaine found in routine sweep by Secret Service

Why evacuate?

There can hardly be an adult American left who hasn’t had at least some exposure to cocaine.

Anyway, the chatter over there is that maybe Hunter’s not quite as clean as he says Hunter is.

This amuses immensely

Mexican Pharmacies Are Selling ‘Adderall’ That’s Actually Meth

Think through how screwed the legal drug production system has to be for a stronger and illegal alternative to be cheaper? For it must be cheaper, otherwise why would people be putting meth into Adderall bottles in the hope of profit?

Now this is clever

Combat medicine
USAF Pararescue combat medics in Afghanistan used fentanyl lozenges in the form of lollipops on combat casualties from IED blasts and other trauma.[48] The stick is taped to a finger and the lozenge put in the cheek of the person. When enough fentanyl has been absorbed, the (sedated) person generally lets the lollipop fall from the mouth, indicating sufficient analgesia and somewhat reducing the likelihood of overdose and associated risks.[48]

Well done that man who thought that up.

However, the point here:

Europe has been warned that a flood of fentanyl, the synthetic opioid that has killed more than 100,000 people in the United States, is heading this way.

Belgium is on the front line of the new drugs war, as the main entry point for narcotics arriving from Latin America, and its customs chief says that fentanyl is a bigger threat than heroin or cocaine.

I thought the point about fentanyl was that, as a synthetic, it was easy to, umm, synthesise. So, what’s wrong with European industry then?

Or are the precursors difficult to get?

It’s a harsh solution but it does, in time, work

More than 11,000 British Columbians have died from drug overdoses since a public health emergency was declared in 2016. That’s six people a day for six years in this province of just five million people.

It is time for “a monumental shift in drug policy,” Carolyn Bennett, Canada’s addictions minister, said on Monday.

Her provincial counterpart, Sheila Malcolmson insisted: “Substance use is a public health issue, not a criminal one.”

“By decriminalising people who use drugs, we will break down the stigma that stops people from accessing life-saving support and services.”

That harsh calculus. Those who wish to come off will do so, unencumbered by the law etc. Those who do not will be dead. Solved.

They are their lives to waste after all.

We might be able to spot the problem here

A mysterious Adderall shortage reveals how America fails ADHD patients


The DEA controls their supply, under what it calls a “closed system of distribution”. After the agency decides its annual production quotas, manufacturers and distributors must set limits on how much of the meds each pharmacy can buy. Pharmacies must guard the substances under lock and key, and fill out forms if they lose even a single pill. Doctors, of course, must screen their patients. Every link in this supply chain must also refuse and report any “suspicious orders” of unusual size, frequency, or “deviating substantially from a normal pattern”.

Violating any of the DEA’s rules can mean big trouble: anything from civil penalties to criminal prosecution.

Government efficiency at estimating, planning for and supplying the market then.

Meanwhile, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), which controls the supply of the drugs, announced last month that it would not increase manufacturing quotas for 2023, despite the shortage…..

The United States has Soviet Union style shortages of Adderall because the United States runs the supply chain of Adderall as if it were the Soviet Union.

All hail the efficiency of government planning!


The £70,000 Audi, penchant for Louis Vuitton and other hallmarks of a millionaire’s lifestyle seemed incongruous with Rasvinder Agalliu’s police constable’s salary.

She claimed that the funds came from her husband Julian’s work as a chef for professional footballers, but he was also a major drug dealer who used the Encrochat criminal app to trade in cocaine and cannabis.

Agalliu, a beauty queen who worked at the Metropolitan Police for more than 15 years, was sacked after a disciplinary panel rejected her claim that she did not know about his criminal activities. The case can be revealed after her husband, an Albanian who boasted to contacts about her job with the force, was found guilty on Friday for conspiracy to supply drugs.

On the other hand, 15 years in and still a constable – not overly endowed with brains then.

Wrong field

A Tasmanian flower farmer who planted a new line of “really beautiful poppies” has issued a warning to other gardeners after learning she had mistakenly grown opium poppies.

Thing is, this isn’t, in fact, illegal in Tasmania.

Tasmania is the largest alkaloid poppy producer in the world, and supplies almost half of all global demand.

Growing them in the wrong field, without the correct licence, that’s illegal, yes.

Today’s business idea

A drug incinerator in Antwerp:

“We are urgently looking for additional incineration capacity,” Vincent Van Quickenborne, Belgium’s justice minister, said.

“The storage of the batches of seized cocaine is the responsibility of the customs service. These batches are of course closely monitored by police, customs and other services.

“They do everything necessary to limit the security risk. However, there has been something of a bottleneck as there have been so many seizures and also because just one incinerator was in use.”

In 2021, Belgian customs officers seized nearly 90 tonnes of cocaine being smuggled through the port of Antwerp, which has become the gateway for illicit imports into Europe.

The country is expected to surpass the amount of cocaine seized in its ports last year – a record-breaking period.

This year the seizure figure is on track to be more than 100 tonnes, cocaine worth about €5 billion (£4.3 billion) on the street.

It wouldn’t be so much the profit to be made from the work. It would be being able to stand there and burn money in that manner.

So, we’ve Pharma Bros around here


Synthesis:[57] Patent:[58]

Theophylline (1) is alkylated with 2-bromochloroethane [107-04-0] (2) to give 7-(2-Chloroethyl)theophylline (aka Benaphyllin, Eupnophile) [5878-61-5] (3). Displacment of the remaining halogen leaving group by the primary amine in amphetamine [300-62-9] (4) gives fenethylline (5).

  1.  Rücker, Gerhard; Neugebauer, Martina; Neugebauer, Michael; Heiden, Paul-G. (1987). “Zur chemischen Stabilität des Fenetyllins”. Archiv der Pharmazie. 320 (12): 1272–1275. doi:10.1002/ardp.198700045.
  2. ^ Kohlstaedt Dr Erwin, Klingler Dr Karl-Heinz, DE 1123329 (1962 to Chemiewerk Homburg Zweignieder).

So, how tough is this? Not that we’re going to go into business competing with the Syriian government, obviously, we all prefer living much too much for that.

But as a technical matter, how tough is this synthesis?


British Virgin Islands premier arrested on cocaine charges in US sting operation
Andrew Fahie is charged with conspiring to import drug into the US and money laundering by the Drug Enforcement Agency

Or was it Turks and Caicos last time? Yes, yes, that was it. PM owned the refuelling plant at the airport, was filmed stuffing bundles of $ into his pocket for refuelling someone in the middle of the night, wasn’t it?