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Universities in England risk closure with 40% facing budget deficits, says report

An awful lot of that third tier should go bust. Or back to being a Technical College doing day release schemes for apprentices.

Mischaracterised, eh?

When Asna Tabassum, a hijab-wearing Muslim, was announced as the valedictorian for the University of Southern California class of 2024, my initial reaction was the thought of my south Asian mother saying, “What are you doing? Why aren’t you valedictorian?” But what followed was pride.

Then the university announced last week that it would no longer allow Tabassum to speak at commencement. After pro-Israel groups mischaracterized Tabassum’s pro-Palestinian views as “antisemitic”, the USC administration claimed that security concerns made her speech untenable.

Sadly so

There is now a striking correlation between levels of education and holding stupid, destructive ideas, between being highly credentialled and falling for every fashionable conspiracy theory, every tribalistic affliction, every online fad.

That long march through the institutions…..

So, here’s the plan then

They’re called “Pell runners” — after enrolling at a community college they apply for a federal Pell grant, collect as much as $7,400, then vanish.

Since fall 2021, California’s community colleges have given more than $5 million to Pell runners, according to monthly reports they sent to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office. Colleges also report they’ve given nearly $1.5 million in state and local aid to these scammers.

Should be possible to automate that, right?

Actually, at $7k a time, why automate? Spend the time to do it right.

Well, quite

The leader of the UK’s largest education union has called for an independent inquiry into the rise of sexism and misogyny among boys and young men, saying it should not be left to parents and schools to police.

Can’t have parents bringing up children. They might allow them to indulge in wrongthink. State podding hutches for all!

Just to remind, you can get into a teacher training college on 2 Es at A Level.

This is a bit off, yes

A council has apologised after parents were offered primary school class photos that excluded pupils with complex needs.

Parents whose children attend Aboyne Primary in Aberdeenshire were horrified and complained after being sent a link from a photography company offering them two versions of the class pictures.

The mother of a child with additional support needs said she was left “absolutely heartbroken” after her child was removed from her school photo.

That Tamsina not be shown alongside the mongo might sell piccies. But, err, you know, If that’s the school class then that’s the school class. As – and I’ve been trying to recall where this line comes from – if she’s good enough to get into the school then she’s good enough to be in the piccie, right?

Get me a feather

So I can be knocked down:

Playground bullies do prosper – and go on to earn more in middle age
Five-decade UK study finds that aggression at school leads to better-paying jobs, while those with emotional instability went on to earn less

No, that’s wrong.

Children who displayed aggressive behaviour at school, such as bullying or temper outbursts, are likely to earn more money in middle age, according to a five-decade study that upends the maxim that bullies do not prosper.

They are also more likely to have higher job satisfaction and be in more desirable jobs, say researchers from the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex.

That might be right.

It’s not that having been a bully leads to such things. It’s that the same character traits lead to both such things. And, umm, that aggressive and even o verbearing men do better is such a surprise, yes?


Can you get in touch? Sorry, forgotten your real name…..

OK, lety’s try this again. Can you email me with an email addy that I can respond to please?

Geography ain’t it, Honey

Cambridge admissions are “skewed” towards students from London and the south east, the university’s vice-chancellor has said as she launches a diversity drive.

Prof Deborah Prentice said she wants to encourage more students from “all backgrounds” to apply to the university, including from across the north west of England.

Cambridge tends – tends – to admit from certain socioeconomic classes. Which are concentrated in London and the SE. That’s where the successful professional classes are, after all, that’s where their kids will grow up.

It’s not that Cambridge (or Oxford) has a geographic bias, it’s that the target classes are biased in their geography.

That means that it’s not getting more students from different geographies that matters, it’s getting them from different classes.

Umm, yes, well….

Corporal punishment – an essential part of a decent schooling perhaps.

But, umm, the headmaster giving the 18 year old – and really rather cute – cheerleader a thorough spanking?

Might we not think that it is maybe not entirely school discipline that is involved here?

This is lovely fun

Some have argued the presence of teachers on OnlyFans underscores the financial pressures those in education face, with the average school teacher making $66,745 a year and 40% of all education professionals earning less than $25,000 every year.

The high school teachers – even the elementary ones – do pretty well. $66 k is only just a little under median US household income. Teachers have long been hired out of the lower drawers of the intellectual chest.

Getting into college is just the beginning. Your GPA will fall under scrutiny when you are ready to declare yourself as an education major. Education programs generally require a minimum GPA of 2.75. This can be lower or higher at your school, so ask your adviser for the minimum GPA requirement. In 2020, Columbia University Teacher College, required a minimum GPA of 3.0, as well as two letters of recommendation before they would accept an application

A GPA of 2.75 is not a major intellectual achievement at college. Nor, to be honest, is a 3.0.

So for those who do become school teachers the pay is really pretty good – and add vast pensions and health insurance etc on top, the short working year and so on. It’s really not a bad screw.

But of course there’s then that 40% of “educators” on less than $25k. They, weirdly, are the academically brighter but not bright enough. Those who didn’t do the teacher training classes. But instead did the Masters, even the PhD. But then didn’t get to become professors with tenure. Instead they’re floating around those hallowed college halls as adjuncts. Really, the only place where the vast mess of graduate overproduction can find any sort of work. Who else would hire a PhD in grievance studies? And even the colleges won’t hire as many as the colleges produce.

Which does lead to an interesting conclusion. The best thing America could do would be to close down 85% of their higher degree programs.

Go on, prove me wrong.

Yes, this is the point

But the salary threshold has been lowered to £25,000 for those who started their degrees last year. The repayment period has also been extended to 40 years.

According to research by London Economics carried out for the Nuffield Foundation, these reforms have increased the costs for lower and middle-income graduates while at the same time lowering the total repayments for those in higher-earning jobs, who will be able to pay off the debt sooner.

As women are more likely to have lower wages due to career breaks, they will pay on average £10,000 extra during their lifetime while men will pay £7,500 less than graduates on Plan 2, the research found.

We want those who do not get the salary uplift from having a university education to pay more for their university education. So as to dissuade them from consuming valuable resources in gaining a university education that’s not worth having.

Blokes doing arts, birds doing grievance studies, the entire aim is to stop them doing so.

Billy is a tosser

This is because we do not have in this country the electricians, plumbers, bricklayers, plasterers, tilers, scaffolders, bathroom fitters and roofers who would be needed to build 300,000 homes every year. Their skills cannot just be conjured up, but need training and apprenticeships that can take years. They are the very skills that will also be in demand to retrofit existing homes with heat pumps, change cladding that should never have been installed, and work on big infrastructure projects such as HS2. And they are skills that we — we as a society, including industry and schools, as well as ministers of all parties — have not been producing in sufficient numbers for a long time.

So, did Hague, at any point, suggest that closing down all the trades schools and turning them into universities was going to be a bad idea? That teaching everyone grievance studies instead of building might be a bad idea?

No, no, he didn’t, did he?

Fun, isn’t it?

A second school accused of Islamophobia may be forced to close its doors over its headteacher’s decision to ban children from wearing pro-Palestinian badges, The Telegraph can reveal.

Barclay Primary School in Leyton, east London, sent a letter to parents warning that it may have to “revert to online learning” if the safety of children and staff cannot be guaranteed after it had received bomb threats over the policy.

Clearly, there’s some activist group behind this. Bomb threats are not to be allowed and so on.

But who is supposed to define such things? Assume a majority of parents desire it to be allowed for a moment. No, just assume. Should parents be able to decide how their children are educated? Or should it be the State?

Which is a lovely problem for what I assume are left wing activists. By demanding that Palestinian badges should be allowed they are, of course, arguing in favour of school choice.

It’s the usual problem with architects

They think they’re societal entrepreneurs, radicals and revolutionaries even. Instead of the folk paid to make sure buildings don’t fall down:

Architects HLM, based in Aldgate, designed the school paid for by the Welsh Government. At the time the company said: “The new school will improve the social and cultural well-being of its users and facilitate a larger range of different learning requirements, intertwining both social and educational environments – a school for boys and girls to thrive.”

All lovely and open plan and collaborative and….

London-based architects designed the “sustainable communities for learning” school. It has large open balconies around a central “heart space” of dining hall, main hall and terraced courtyard.

But the design has been blamed for violence – with 136 exclusions at the 1,100-pupil school since term began in September.

The National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT) said the open-plan design was contributing to poor behaviour.

Debra Thomas, interim head teacher at the school, admitted that it was “painful” to say that the “design of the building is quite a big issue”.

Large open space areas become colonised by gangs of feral teenagers.

Surprise, eh?

Well, yes Sir Simon

It is almost unbelievable that the secondary curriculum and teaching methods have changed little since Charles Dickens’ Hard Times. Educational research now stresses the need to prepare young people in creativity and teamwork, in physical and mental fitness, and in skills relevant to the modern world of work – and play.

It’s just that all the educational research is done by those who ascribe to the more fatuous of the lefty shibboleths about hildren, the mind and humans. Tabula Rasa and all that. There’s not a single conservative anywhere in educational academia – or at lesat I’m willing to be there isn’t.


Politics latest news: VAT raid on private schools will not cause pupil exodus, insists Starmer

So why are you doing it then?

The insistence is – from Polly Toynbee leftwards – that private schools should not exist therefore they must be taxed into oblivion. Because equality. Or only if all attend the state podding hutches can the New Briton be created. The urge isn’t, not really, anything to do with money, it’s abolition. So if people won;t stop because money then why bother?

And they called it Downside

A British boy who went missing in Spain six years ago has been found “alive and well” after escaping from a “spiritual community” in France.

Alex Batty, from Oldham, Lancashire, was 11 when he did not return from a family holiday near Marbella with his mother Melanie Batty, then 37, and his grandfather David Batty, 58, in 2017.

His grandmother and legal guardian, Susan Caruana, said in 2018 she believed Alex may have been taken to Morocco as part of his mother’s pursuit of an “alternative lifestyle”. She had taken him to a commune there on a previous trip.

Prosecutors said the teenager, now 17, had been found near Toulouse after escaping a rural community. The boy reportedly said he had not been trapped in the commune, but wanted to “set his own path”.

One down, two to go

University of Pennsylvania head quits amid anti-Semitism row
Liz Magill faced fierce backlash after refusing to say calling for the genocide of Jews constituted ‘harassment’

That’s the smirking gimp gone. We might think only two to go.

But that’s not, in fat, right. From hte Rabbi who resigned from Harvard’s antisemitism board:

Battling that combination of ideologies is the work of more than a committee or a single university. It is not going to be changed by hiring or firing a single person, or posting on X, or yelling at people who don’t post as you wish when you wish, as though posting is the summation of one’s moral character. This is the task of educating a generation, and also a vast unlearning.

It’s an Augean Stables job:

American academia – especially the elite colleges – is in the grip of a series of delusions of which antisemitism is only one. The generation’s grand task is to educate those delusions out and reality in. It is not easy, but it is necessary for our civilization to survive. After all, the purpose of those colleges is to educate our children, not mis-educate them. So, we’ve got to sort them out, put them back on the right track.

(That last is not the Rabbi. But it’s what he meant).

Lordy Be this is piffle

Children of the 1980s and 1990s in the UK and US were caught out as the financial crisis scuppered the economy just as many started work: generational progress ground to a halt as millennials’ pay took a step down from the levels their predecessors enjoyed at the same age. But that was 15 years ago – some of those “kids” are hitting their 30s and 40s, with children and wrinkles emerging. How are they faring today?

US millennials have staged a recovery – the incomes of those in their early 30s today are 21% higher than those of their predecessors at the same age in 2007. Sadly, new Resolution Foundation research finds the same can’t be said for their British peers, who still have lower incomes today than 30-somethings in pre-financial crisis Britain. The typical weekly pay of graduates aged 30 to 34 fell by a staggering 16% between 2007 and 2023.

In the US the expansion of the universities took place a generation before it did in the UK.

So the effect of the boom in supply of graduates took place a generation before it did in the UK. The Resolution Foundation’s report is comparing the US post the boom in supply to the UK during the boom in supply. That is, the UK numbers include the effect of having too many univiersities as it happens, the US the stable landscape of already having had too many universities.

It is, in short, completely shite analysis because it is not certeris paribus. But then that’s the Resolution Fouondation for you.

The answer, as ever, is simply to close any university which has ever employed R. Murphy. And sow the land with salt etc, obvs.