Not that difficult

Boeing says it will make planes able to fly on 100% biofuel by 2030

It’s the engines that matter really, isn’t it, not the aircraft?

But it does rather point up a point. For some uses at least – and aviation seems an obvious one – it’s likely to be cheaper to synthesise the fuel from green starting points – say, green hydrogen – than it is to change the entire infrastructure and technology in use.

The interesting thing being whether that’s possibly true of cars……


for drilling in ANWR. More specifically, in the 1.5m acre coastal plain, the refuge’s biological heart: the birthing grounds of the Porcupine caribou herd, the prime denning area for the Beaufort Sea population of polar bears (a threatened species, numbering only 900)

The reason it’s called a “population” of polar bears is because it’s a population of them, not a species.

That’s also not a threatened number for the apex predator species in such an area.

Ten thousand years of natural beauty and balance – America’s last great wilderness – will soon be “open” to the highest bidder, beginning at $25 an acre. The winner could initiate seismic testing: shaking the earth with massive vibration trucks, awakening polar bears in their dens.

Which way are we supposed to read this? That the bears will be woken up from a nap? Oh dear.

Or, that we’ll interrupt their hibernation? But polar bears don’t hibernate……

Didn’t take long for Zil lanes to appear, did it?

Labour councillors turned on Sadiq Khan last night while discussing the Mayor’s latest plans to move City Hall from the centre of London to the East End’s Royal Docks. Despite Khan’s own planning policy saying new developments should be car-free, plans for the new London Assembly building include two dedicated mayoral car parking spaces, a hypocrisy one Labour councillor branded “outrageous” during a Zoom meeting last night. “Two Car Sadiq” – echos “Two Jags Prescott”…

While the mayor’s team claim the hypocritical plans are due to security reasons,

Security” being the new euphemism for responsible workers…..

Seriously, do fuck off Honey

Via email, the beginning of the next lunatic campaign:

The UK will consume 19.2 billion single non-recyclable face masks in 2021. Most of these will be sent to landfill, the weight equivalent of 5 Eiffel Towers. Some will end up in watercourses causing an environmental nightmare. A new campaign has been launched in an attempt to reduce this number.

“It’s really important to consider the wider impact of single-use face masks as they can’t easily be recycled and end up in landfill, in rivers and the sea – that’s why we are supporting a new petition on the Government to ban their sale to the general public”,

Crippled JC on a pogo stick some people are stupid.

Absolutely super government investment in energy and well paying jobs

This is just great:

Decommissioning Britain’s old nuclear sites will cost taxpayers £132bn and take 120 years, the Public Accounts Committee has said.

Just feel the width on that stimulus! Isn’t it glorious that we’re spending more upon our energy supply and creating jobs into the bargain? With the multiplier this will pay for itself in no time as well.

Hmm, what’s that? That only works for wind and solar, not for nuclear? Now why could that be so?

You bastards

We have it on good authority that those who do it to the children would be better if they were thrown in the sea attached to millstones:

More than half of child and adolescent psychiatrists in England are seeing patients distressed about the state of the environment, a survey has revealed.

So all those lies about how the environment is getting worse – it ain’t – should lead to the Agenda 21 solution then.

Yes, obviously this will happen

Rishi Sunak is considering plans to charge motorists for using Britain’s roads amid concerns over a £40 billion tax shortfall created by the switch to electric cars.

A Treasury paper on a new national road pricing scheme has been presented to the chancellor.

Leads to an interesting thought really. Currently people keep touting how electric cars are cheaper. Or are about to be, summat. They’re not going to be when they’ve got to carry that £40 billion tax bill, are they?

Geeky calculation time

So, over here something about fracking and radiation. As I point out, it’s true, but is it important?

So, actually looking it up, we get this change in radiation exposure:

They found elevated levels of beta radiation in areas located downwind of UOGD wells, with levels decreasing with distance (an additional 100 UOGD wells within 20 km was associated with a 0.024 mBq/m3 increase in beta radiation downwind).

So, what we want is that exposure – or change in it – in the Banana Equivalent Dose unit. Perhaps, 24 hours of an ambient increase of 0.024mBq/m3 equals how many bananas consumed?

Just the normal insanity

Jaguar Land Rover is lagging behind the rest of the car industry when it comes to reducing pollution and is the manufacturer most likely to face huge fines for failing to hit tough new environmental targets….

The problem being that it doesn’t make small cars. The targets are for the fleet average. So, a manufacturer that outs out small cars can also make 5 litre beasts. A manufacturer that only makes 3 litre cars can’t average down. Which is the insanity of the target but then that’s what happens when politics tries to manage such things. You get idiot regulations.

Assuming that it is actually desired to limit engine size – assuming, so no shouting that it’s not needed or desired – the correct answer is something like what Portugal does. A tax upon registration of a vehicle, a tax which rises with engine size.

Making it possible for large companies to make gas guzzlers but not small is simple idiocy.


At first they were “being lovely and playing around”, Ms Morris told CBC radio, adding that she was happy to interact with the animals as she had had positive prior experiences from sailing among them.
But the encounter soon turned ugly. “They started surrounding us in a circle, coming for the rudder and the keel,” Ms Morris said.
The blows caused the vessel to spin violently in a circle, smashing the rudder and leaving the yacht adrift in a busy shipping lane.
The attack lasted an hour and the crew was eventually rescued after finally convincing the coastguard that they had been attacked by orcas. Cetacean experts say attacks by orcas are extremely rare, and such a spate of rammings is unheard of.
No one can be sure what causes the incidents, or even if the same pod is behind the attacks in Galicia and southern Spain, although this is a possibility given that orcas are known to migrate to the Strait of Gibraltar area in summer to hunt bluefin tuna, which are also sought eagerly by Cádiz fishermen.
One theory is that some orcas may be seeking revenge for attacks from fishermen, who have complained that the animals have learned to steal tuna from the weighted lines they use to catch the prized fish.

Why wouldn’t a carnivore try to open up floating packets of meat?

So that’s that then

Electric cars won’t solve our pollution problems – Britain needs a total transport rethink
George Monbiot

Because rubber from tyres, see?

The solution?

Even a switch to bicycles (including electric bikes and scooters) is only part of the answer. Fundamentally, this is not a vehicle problem but an urban design problem. Or rather, it is an urban design problem created by our favoured vehicle. Cars have made everything bigger and further away. Paris, under its mayor Anne Hidalgo, is seeking to reverse this trend, by creating a “15-minute city”, in which districts that have been treated by transport planners as mere portals to somewhere else become self-sufficient communities – each with their own shops, parks, schools and workplaces, within a 15-minute walk of everyone’s home.

This, I believe, is the radical shift that all towns and cities need.

Back to village life it is then, peasants.

Still think of the advantages. People won’t be able to escape rural Wales to bug the rest of us…..

One of those proposals for consultation that will definitely happen

Smart meters could allow energy networks to switch off central heating systems under proposals being considered by the watchdog.
The plans, tabled by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN), would allow distributors to contact consumers directly to ask for permission to temporarily turn off appliances with high usage, including heat pumps and electric vehicle chargers.
There are fears that mass uptake of these green technologies will put pressure on the energy network.

That justification is an outright lie of course. The real one being that green technologies of energy generation leave us with wildly variable supply. Therefore it must be possible to manage demand by turning out the lights.

As to why this will definitely happen whatever anyone says about it this is the whole point of smart meters in the first place. To be able to leave people in the dark when the birdchoppers aren’t turning.

Such hard workers!

Beats lawyers’ time sheets:

The assembly, which met for 6,000 hours across six weekends over 2020,

Of course, what he climate change assembly has decided to recommend is what the “experts” advising it would have recommended without the existence of the assembly.

What is it you expect people to do?

John Sauven, the executive director of Greenpeace UK, said the government’s oversight was not working, and pointed to cases in recent years where the rules had been violated, and concerns raised in the Environment Agency’s 2017 report over enforcement.

Sauven said: “The UK’s sewage sludge supply chains are already full of shady middlemen and waste brokers getting their hands dirty exploiting its opacity and the resulting regulatory failings. This is why the sludge that is spread on to our farms and fields has become such a toxic cocktail of plastics, chemicals and bacteria.

We can’t use artificial fertilisers according to Greenpeace. We’re all supposed to move to a vegetarian diet which means no cow crap to spread. And now we can use human sewage as fertiliser either. So, what in buggery are we supposed to be doing then John?

Not so much really

Environmentally conscious consumers who switch from cow’s milk to soya milk may be doing harm to the rainforest because it is cleared to grow soya beans.

Vast areas in South America, including in the Amazon, have been cleared to grow soya and demand for it continues to drive illegal deforestation.

Rainforest soil is usually pretty shitty. You’d not be able to plough it for long. That’s why the indigenous farming method is peripatetic slash and burn.

It tends to be the cerrado – savannah – or pasture like the pampa that gets ploughed.