But it’s different when I make money out of it

For example, Packham has acted as a guide for holidaymakers on a £14,000 per person trip to Papua New Guinea, an 11-day cruise on the “exceptional True North Boat”, run by Steppes Travel, a specialist company that “carefully creates pioneering journeys in the world’s far-flung places”.

The present and environmental campaigner has also travelled with Steppes to Alaska in November 2019 producing a photo diary reproduced on its website and in its magazine.

The company acknowledges the ‘climate emergency’ and says it is working “to reduce our carbon footprint”.

Packham also admits to having done “lots of trips tour guiding” for another firm Spencer Scott Travel in Cuba, Peru, South Africa, Botswana and Uganda. “Check them out if you want something special,” says Packham on Spencer Scott Travel’s website that includes a link to his own personal homepage.

Packham, of course, gets paid well for being the guide – for which read shill – for these trips. For the business model is that the name, Packham, sells the tours in the first place. But that’s different, right?

Yes, you must be poorer

“We can no longer use plastics to create poorly made garments which are designed to be worn only a handful of times. These use large amounts of energy and create environmental damage in their production, and can take thousands of years to break down,” she said.

“Other materials, such as cotton and viscose, can also create environmental problems, so ultimately it is the scale of production that needs to change.”

We can’t use cotton and so on because that uses up vital resources. We can use plastics because they come from oil.

So, peasants, back to just the two sets of clothing, Sunday best and weekday.

Green always does come down to this, doesn’t it?

Dang, they’re really going for it now, eh?

The main difference in that span is not in how much land has been inhabited by people, but how those inhabitants cared for the land. The authors found that many ancient cultures were careful to preserve biodiversity hot spots, such as those found in the Amazon and the Congo, and as a result minimized or prevented ecological problems. The tipping point wasn’t the massive growth in the human population but rather how we shifted our land use. Since the industrial revolution in the 19th century, urbanization, deforestation, factory farming, mining and other irresponsible land uses have put our planet in danger.

Irresponsible” is just such a word…..

The current biodiversity crisis is often depicted as a struggle to preserve untouched habitats. Here, we combine global maps of human populations and land use over the past 12,000 y with current biodiversity data to show that nearly three quarters of terrestrial nature has long been shaped by diverse histories of human habitation and use by Indigenous and traditional peoples. With rare exceptions, current biodiversity losses are caused not by human conversion or degradation of untouched ecosystems, but rather by the appropriation, colonization, and intensification of use in lands inhabited and used by prior societies. Global land use history confirms that empowering the environmental stewardship of Indigenous peoples and local communities will be critical to conserving biodiversity across the planet.

Perhaps we can round up a few eohippus, giant ground sloths, a moa or two, to discuss this with?

Oh, that’s right, the indigenous eated them, didn’t they?

If only someone would let them know

It always does come down to this, doesn’t it?

Extinction Rebellion is planning to step up its campaign against the banking system with a series of direct action protests and debt strikes in the coming weeks aimed at highlighting the financial sector’s role in the escalating climate crisis.

Last week the group targeted Barclays Bank’s headquarters in London and the Bank of England as well as high street branches across the UK as part of its Money Rebellion protest.

One of XR’s founders, Gail Bradbrook, broke the windows of the Barclays branch in her home town of Stroud to kickstart the campaign.

You know, banks, financiers, the Joooos…….

If only someone would point out to them that the British banking system is largely a creation of the Quakers…..

Abject nonsense

The world’s biggest tobacco companies are fuming after being blindsided by ministers over plans to make them pay tens of millions of pounds to pick up cigarette butts.

Environment minister Rebecca Pow said cigarette makers must be made “fully accountable for the unsightly scourge of litter created by their products”.

Tobacco firms said that they had already voluntarily agreed to pay £50m to an environmental organisation that would aim to discourage smokers from dropping cigarette butts.

But with the money due to be handed over at the start of April, the Government instead decided a regulatory intervention was required to force them to pay for the clean-up.

The people dropping the cigarette butts are the people dropping the cigarette butts. So, fine them.

Pollution is, after all, caused by polluters.

It’s also a mere trickle of power…..

Ok, enough of the grim stuff. The mobile phone powered by pee was a fascinating idea, using the live bacteria in urine to generate electricity. The professor responsible for the project believes it could be scaled up and included in the fabric of houses. McGavin described it as “a ubiquitous and never-ending” fuel source.

The Greens are poisoning us

Domestic wood burning is responsible for nearly two-fifths of the most dangerous form of air pollution, despite being used by only 8 per cent of Brits, according to government data.

Wood-burning stoves produce PM2.5 fine particulate emissions, which exacerbate respiratory conditions and have been linked to death from lung and heart disease.

Their popularity has boomed in recent decades, and PM.25 from domestic wood burning doubled between 2003 and 2019, while vehicle emissions have dropped.

Just think how much all that biomass at Drax pumps out……

More sciencey bits I don’t understand

The hillside projects would mimic the UK’s traditional hydropower plants by using surplus electricity to pump water uphill, and later releasing the water back down the hill through turbines to generate electricity when needed.

But the “high-intensity” hydro projects use a mineral-rich fluid, which has more than two and a half times the density of water, to create the same amount of electricity from slopes which are less than half as high.

The company behind the plans, RheEnergise, said the project would pump the dense fluid up a hill with a height of 200 metres, at times of low electricity demand. It would be held in an underground storage tank larger than an Olympic-size swimming pool.

This high density fluid, there’s no formula for it revealed. But OK, so, something that’s 2.5 times the density, that should indeed mean you need a smaller drop to generate the same power, right?

Move 250 lbs through 100 yards, same as 100 lbs through 250 yards – right?

I’d probably start muttering to myself that density and – well what? viscosity? – are closely related and we might not expect a thicker liquid to turn a turbine in quite the same way. But, umm, the initial insight is valid or not? That initial insight by these developers that is?

That they’re flogging their stock online through their website is a different matter……

I’m terrible at the sciencey bit

CEP Energy said its $2.4bn battery at Kurri Kurri, north-west of Newcastle, would have a power capacity of up to 1,200 megawatts

I’m not sure but…..

1.2 gigawatts is about a big nuclear power station, isn’t it? Therefore it’s costing $2.4 billion to have the battery store the output – the equivalent output – of a large nuclear plant for one hour?

Have I got that right?

So that’s all right then

Together, we have a responsibility — and opportunity — to rebuild for a more sustainable and equitable future; one our world needs, our children deserve, and where generations not-yet-born can continue to explore and enjoy the beauty and benefit of this home we share.”

The Duke has previously come under fire for advocating more environmentally-aware travel while using private jets, but he says he only rarely does not use commercial aircraft, and took action to offset the carbon dioxide emissions caused by his trips.

Quite what is meant by sustainable tourism isn’t clear but I have a feeling that it means Northern peasants get a choice of Skegness or Blackpool. That’s certainly what the P³ has indicated…..

Not that difficult

Boeing says it will make planes able to fly on 100% biofuel by 2030

It’s the engines that matter really, isn’t it, not the aircraft?

But it does rather point up a point. For some uses at least – and aviation seems an obvious one – it’s likely to be cheaper to synthesise the fuel from green starting points – say, green hydrogen – than it is to change the entire infrastructure and technology in use.

The interesting thing being whether that’s possibly true of cars……


for drilling in ANWR. More specifically, in the 1.5m acre coastal plain, the refuge’s biological heart: the birthing grounds of the Porcupine caribou herd, the prime denning area for the Beaufort Sea population of polar bears (a threatened species, numbering only 900)

The reason it’s called a “population” of polar bears is because it’s a population of them, not a species.

That’s also not a threatened number for the apex predator species in such an area.

Ten thousand years of natural beauty and balance – America’s last great wilderness – will soon be “open” to the highest bidder, beginning at $25 an acre. The winner could initiate seismic testing: shaking the earth with massive vibration trucks, awakening polar bears in their dens.

Which way are we supposed to read this? That the bears will be woken up from a nap? Oh dear.

Or, that we’ll interrupt their hibernation? But polar bears don’t hibernate……

Didn’t take long for Zil lanes to appear, did it?

Labour councillors turned on Sadiq Khan last night while discussing the Mayor’s latest plans to move City Hall from the centre of London to the East End’s Royal Docks. Despite Khan’s own planning policy saying new developments should be car-free, plans for the new London Assembly building include two dedicated mayoral car parking spaces, a hypocrisy one Labour councillor branded “outrageous” during a Zoom meeting last night. “Two Car Sadiq” – echos “Two Jags Prescott”…

While the mayor’s team claim the hypocritical plans are due to security reasons,

Security” being the new euphemism for responsible workers…..

Seriously, do fuck off Honey

Via email, the beginning of the next lunatic campaign:

The UK will consume 19.2 billion single non-recyclable face masks in 2021. Most of these will be sent to landfill, the weight equivalent of 5 Eiffel Towers. Some will end up in watercourses causing an environmental nightmare. A new campaign has been launched in an attempt to reduce this number.

“It’s really important to consider the wider impact of single-use face masks as they can’t easily be recycled and end up in landfill, in rivers and the sea – that’s why we are supporting a new petition on the Government to ban their sale to the general public”,

Crippled JC on a pogo stick some people are stupid.