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It’s not a mistake

For centuries women have covered up their shocking stories of the natal front line, partly I suspect because they didn’t want to terrify the next wave by mentioning incontinence, ruptures and tears. But now the system has slipped from Victorian to medieval. If we want the next generation of women to consider having children, we need to speak out.

This has been delibedrate policy. The madwives insist upon “natural” birth. That is, medieval. Even, pre-medieval.

Pain is good and eat up your placenta!

I’ve always rather liked this example

Melinda French Gates has resigned from the charity she set up with her billionaire husband Bill three years after the couple filed for divorce.

In a statement posted on X (formerly Twitter), Ms Gates said she will step down from her role as co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on June 7.

The Gates Foundation has done some stunningly good things – malaria vaccines say. It’s also done some unbelievable dross – endless Guardian pieces on empowering wimmins etc.

Under the terms of the agreement, Ms Gates will be handed $12.5bn (£10bn) for her work on behalf of women and families.

She added: “This is a critical moment for women and girls in the US and around the world – and those fighting to protect and advance equality are in urgent need of support.”

Guess who did which bit?

Wrong way to do it

Single-sex lavatories to be compulsory in restaurants, bars and offices under new laws
Building regulations will be changed later this year to make it compulsory to provide separate facilities for men and women

Leave proprietors and their customers to work it out. As with the idiocy of imposing smoking regulations on pubs. This is the sort of thing adults can work out for themselves.

Depends what you mean, donit?

Therapists must be allowed to question children who believe they are trans, the author of a landmark report on the dangers of gender ideology has said.

Dr Hilary Cass, whose review found that children should have extensive therapy before they are allowed to transition, said “exploration of these issues is essential”.

She was speaking amid a row at Britain’s psychotherapist body over the issue of conversion therapy for children.

The UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) has been a signatory to a memorandum of understanding (MoU) opposing conversion therapy, the practice of attempting to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity, since 2016.

However, the UKCP’s leadership has now withdrawn, claiming that the document was updated to include children specifically and therefore may prevent therapists from discussing changing gender with young patients.

On the gibbering idiots side “conversion therapy” is defined as anything that isn’t “Here’s your injections right now and we’ll take the willy off Monday”.

Therefore anyone saying even “You sure?” is an anti trans hater and evil and should be jailed.

A ban on “conversion therapy” really does rather depend upon what is meant by that phrase.

That’s not what the court said

Calling a female colleague a “pretty woman” at work is sex discrimination, a tribunal has ruled.

Not really, no.

The ruling came in the case of an accounts manager who sued her employers after her boss told her to attend a meeting – because a male client liked “pretty women”.

Emma Nunn was left feeling “humiliated and undermined” when Adam Crouch extended the invitation purely for her physical appearance, the employment tribunal heard.

Asking her to be the performative totty might be discrimination though.

Missing the point

Somebody’s essay from somewhere. Would assume it’s academic work of some kind:

Dissent comes most ardently from a distinctly conservative, male-dominated
group. They argue that bigger government is not the answer to this problem. Tim
Worstall, one such dissenter, believes that the answer is to throw money at the problem,
or, more specifically, at women. Worstall doubts that women actually cannot afford
menstrual products but believes, “if this is a public policy problem to which a solution
must be found then that solution is to give women some money.” He does not say where
this money should come from, who will determine how much money, or how it should
be distributed (2014). Worstall’s idea is not only less efficient but also more expensive;
while the United States government has the buying power to negotiate lower prices,
individual women do not. Furthermore, Worstall’s idea of simply giving women money
will not solve this issue. The stigma of menstruation and the degradation of women will
not be curtailed by handing women a check every month that enables them to buy
products that are a human right. Worstall’s theory treats the symptom, rather than the
problem. In order to truly tackle this issue, society’s mindset surrounding menstruation
must change—this can be started by enacting changes in public policy that acknowledge
menstruation as healthcare and that access to menstrual products is a human right.

There’s just so much wrong in that……

That other fractious split

The Observer is also not on the trans side – unlike US Guardian:

Just how badly wrong things went at the gender identity development service (Gids) is evidenced in the fact that Cass felt she had to explicitly state that, while some people argue that clinical care for children should be based on a “social justice” model, “the NHS works in an evidence-based way”. That should never have been up for debate: as the British Medical Journal argued in its editorial on the Cass review last week, it is deeply unethical to provide untested medical interventions for children that lack evidence of benefit, yet are life-altering and come with potentially very significant harms.

But that is exactly what has happened to a growing cohort of children seen by Gids, which has since been shut down. Disproportionately made up of girls and same-sex attracted children, many were put on an irreversible medical pathway without diagnostic criteria. This is despite the fact it can lead to infertility and damage adult sexual functioning; there are also as yet unquantified risks for brain development, bone density and in potentially prolonging gender-related distress that evidence shows may resolve itself naturally in many children.


Less damningly awful than you might think

…We have previously identified a number of professionals involved in both the Cass Review and the NHS Gender Dysphoria Working Group which helped commission the review who are involved either in lobbying efforts against trans affirmative healthcare, or who have actively promoted conversion therapy.

To translate, those who are gainbst chopping the tits off teenage birds might have some evidence. This would be bad therefore don’t listen to them.

This is something of a change

The BBC breached its accuracy rules with a report on a transgender cat killer that failed to mention the murderer’s gender identity.

The broadcaster received complaints about how Scarlet Blake’s trans identity was not mentioned in an online article on Feb 23 and the BBC News at One three days later, on the day she was sentenced.

In a ruling, the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit (ECU) said it “considered that the omission of such information in the two instances specified by complainants, in a context where it had become material to an understanding of the case, amounted to a breach of the BBC’s standards of accuracy”.

We seem to have gone from deadnaming is a crime against all that is holy to not-deadnaming is not accurate reporting.

Well, yes Freddie

Hilary Cass’s proposals are mostly common sense. She must reject anti-trans bias with the same clarity
Freddy McConnell

Not that many of us out here with anti-trans bias. You do anything you want with your life and you’ve the same rights we do to making a go of it too. However:

By failing to take on clinicians who doubt the very existence of trans children and young people, the review lets down those it seeks to support

An awful lot of us simply do not agree that trans-children even exist. Sex isn’t something that children understand – which is why it’s illegal to have sex with children. And if society has decided, as a whole, that children aren’t competent to even have sex then we’re really very certain that they’re not competent to decide upon it.


Ms Hinds returned to work after her maternity leave, but an interview in June 2021 to discuss her needs was “inadequate” and a risk assessment was never carried out, leading to her resignation in September, the hearing was told.

Ms Hinds’s complaints of constructive dismissal and discrimination in relation to Mr Kalley’s description of her and the handling of her complaint were upheld.

The judge was critical of Mr Kalley’s suggestion she was being unreasonable when she complained about her workload.

“In fact she was experiencing significant work related stress in the advanced stages of her pregnancy, had suffered two panic attacks in short succession, felt overwhelmed, was worried about letting others down but equally concerned that she might become seriously unwell,” he said.

So, erm, she was being emotional then:

Describing an expectant mother as “emotional” at work is discrimination, a tribunal has ruled.

Hunh. nd the surprise about people not wanting to employ wimmins is what?

Fun but not vicious enough

Yet they never apply this word “radicalised” to young women. Why not? I suspect it’s because these politicians and commentators tend to be progressive themselves. Therefore, they see no problem with young women becoming drastically more progressive. In their view, the more progressive someone is, the better. So the fault lies entirely with young men, for failing to emulate young women’s lurch to the Left.

Personally, though, I think this lurch Leftwards should alarm us all. The future of Western civilisation is already threatened by our collapsing birth rates. And this sudden ideological chasm between the sexes is only going to make the crisis worse. No one’s going to be forming couples at all any more, if, on every first date, the woman asks, “What do you think of Gramsci?”, and the man replies, “He’s the type of striker Man Utd are crying out for.”

It’s a chilling thought. So clearly something must be done. Politicians must spend less time obsessing over the radicalisation of young men, and start paying attention to the radicalisation of young women, instead.

As it happens, the Labour Party has announced that, when it’s in power, it will help to combat the influence that Andrew Tate has on boys. Surely it would make more sense to help combat the influence The Guardian has on girls.

Otherwise, the only way young men are going to get a girlfriend is by frantically boning up on George Monbiot and Owen Jones. And if that’s what the future has to hold, perhaps Western civilisation isn’t worth saving, after all.

I feel that last para could be sharpened up a little…..

No, really, just no

Olivia Colman has criticised gender pay disparity in the film industry and said she would be paid more if she was a man, arguing that it is rooted in an outdated idea that male actors draw in the audience.

Luscious and lissome young birds have been known to draw audiences too. There’s no other possible reason for Megan Fox’s “acting” career.

That a man at 40 or 50 might be seen to be only just growing into his maturity is something that might be true but it’s not exactly outdated – it’s been true for the few hundred thousand years of our species.

It’s even possible to wish that it were outdated but then we’d all be kings for a day, right?

This is one that’s gonna get lost

JK Rowling has been reported to the police by trans broadcaster India Willoughby over “misgendering” on social media.

The Harry Potter author became embroiled in an online row with India Willoughby, in which she referred to the transgender newsreader, Loose Women host and former Big Brother contestant as a “man” and with “he” pronouns.

Willoughby, who was born male and underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2015, made a complaint to police over Rowling’s posts on X, formerly Twitter, claiming she had “definitely committed a crime”.

The broadcaster, who holds a gender recognition certificate, claimed to be “legally a woman”, although Rowling pointed out there was no law which compelled her to “pretend” that Willoughby was a woman.

This isn’t going to end up in charges against JK now, is it? Sure, there might be some idiot plod who’d try it on with Miss Normie, but noitwith JK. But that then sets the standard, the treatment of JK….

Blokes, eh?

When City executive Selena* logged on for a Teams call with five senior male colleagues in spring 2021, she was gobsmacked.

She had spent weeks warning bosses that the London-based investment firm risked falling foul of European regulations. She had gathered data and presented supporting evidence, but was repeatedly brushed off. “Nobody wanted to listen,” she said.

So her jaw dropped that afternoon when a male colleague raised the issue and immediately gained support from the same boss who had ignored her. “I had to stop the meeting,” she recalls. “I said: ‘Why does it take a white, middle-aged man to deliver the exact same message that I’ve been delivering over the last few weeks?’”

When her comments were dismissed, and described as “over the top”, it was the final straw. “The realisation was: it doesn’t matter how hard I work, how talented, how committed I am. They will never ever recognise me,” she said.

Selena – now in her mid-40s – later resigned, bringing her decades-long career to a temporary halt, and leaving another City executive’s behaviour unchecked.

Her story was among those shared by more than 40 women from the financial services industry during a closed-door session of the House of Commons’ Treasury committee’s Sexism in the City inquiry, the report and recommendations of which are due to be released this week.

Prompted in part by the sexual harassment allegations against hedge fund boss Crispin Odey,

“They won’t listen to me” and “sexual harrassment” are different things, no?

Don’t let women write about money.

It’s no surprise to me that a new study suggests that many so-called middle earners are finding it difficult to survive on an income of £60,000 a year. As the author of “Caught in the middle” reports, 20 per cent of those in the middle fifth of income distribution — those with a household income of between £30,000 and £60,000 — now struggle to pay for food or other essentials.

Once my husband and I were those people. Thanks to a hobbling career change, we were what you might call “middle-class broke”. We had a moderate mortgage on a plain little house — so were much better off than many — but we limped from month to month, and I bought food on credit.

When our sons’ state school had a fair, I scraped around and paid the £3 entrance fee in pennies. The parent on the door was exasperated, but I was immune to small humiliations. Both freelance, we were probably earning, in fits and starts, about £50,000 between us. Oh boohoo, sounds like a fortune! What can I tell you? That time was a continuous silent scream of stress and fear, and even though it was 15 years ago, just thinking about it gives me a sick, heavy feeling in my gut.


She’s 50% out in her estimation of the value of her own income.

No wonder times were tight.

Now this is fascinating

The brains of men and women operate differently, scientists have shown for the first time in a breakthrough that shows sex does matter in how people think and behave.

‌The issue of whether male and female brains are distinct has proven controversial, with some academics arguing it is society – rather than biology – that shapes divergence.

‌There has never been any definitive proof of difference in activity in the brains of men and women, but Stanford University has shown that it is possible to tell the sexes apart based on activity in “hotspot” areas.

‌They include the “default mode network”, an area of the brain thought to be the neurological centre for “self”, and is important in introspection and retrieving personal memories.

‌The limbic system is also implicated, which helps regulate emotion, memory and deals with sexual stimulation, and striatum, which is important in habit forming and rewards.

‌Experts said the brain differences could influence how males and females view themselves, how they interact with other people and how they recall past experiences.

‌Dr Vinod Menon, prof of psychiatry and behavioural sciences at Stanford, said: “This is a very strong piece of evidence that sex is a robust determinant of human brain organisation.”‌

So, we can now test for anyone who says they’re in the wrong body.

Hands up those who think that those who insist on the possibility of the wrong body thesis will accept the utility of the test in, erm, testing it?

The feminisation of men

For James, it started with muscles. He was about 16 and had become self-conscious about his physique, fearing that he wasn’t buff enough to attract girls. He found his way to a bodybuilding forum and began to work out. He can’t remember when it happened, but at some point trolls began to infiltrate the forum. They were visitors from another online community with a different focus.

“Their general vibe was quite mean,” says James, who prefers not to use his real name. “They’d take images people had posted of their impressive physiques and be like: ‘You guys forgot to work out your faces!’”

Despite the meanness, curiosity pushed James over to the forums, which were largely focused on facial aesthetics. He discovered a new world in which mainly young men and teenage boys scoured pictures of each other for perceived flaws and purported fixes.

The forums hummed with brutal judgment and offered James a compelling new outlet for his insecurities. “I was learning about problems I hadn’t even noticed,” he says. “I had a short face and a short chin, my nose was too wide, my eyes were too far apart, my hairline was too high … You don’t see a lot of these things until someone else points them out and then you can’t stop seeing them.”

That’s teenage girls that is. And as a passing phase neither good nor bad. One problem we’ve got is that this passing phase now lasts 15 years. Late primagravidae means the maintenance of that passing phase far beyond its expected years.

And men are being told they should become more feminine. Men are becoming more feminine. And even The Guardian isn’t liking the result.

So, umm, perhaps we should stop with the femimnisation of society?