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Don’t let women write about money.

It’s no surprise to me that a new study suggests that many so-called middle earners are finding it difficult to survive on an income of £60,000 a year. As the author of “Caught in the middle” reports, 20 per cent of those in the middle fifth of income distribution — those with a household income of between £30,000 and £60,000 — now struggle to pay for food or other essentials.

Once my husband and I were those people. Thanks to a hobbling career change, we were what you might call “middle-class broke”. We had a moderate mortgage on a plain little house — so were much better off than many — but we limped from month to month, and I bought food on credit.

When our sons’ state school had a fair, I scraped around and paid the £3 entrance fee in pennies. The parent on the door was exasperated, but I was immune to small humiliations. Both freelance, we were probably earning, in fits and starts, about £50,000 between us. Oh boohoo, sounds like a fortune! What can I tell you? That time was a continuous silent scream of stress and fear, and even though it was 15 years ago, just thinking about it gives me a sick, heavy feeling in my gut.


She’s 50% out in her estimation of the value of her own income.

No wonder times were tight.

Now this is fascinating

The brains of men and women operate differently, scientists have shown for the first time in a breakthrough that shows sex does matter in how people think and behave.

‌The issue of whether male and female brains are distinct has proven controversial, with some academics arguing it is society – rather than biology – that shapes divergence.

‌There has never been any definitive proof of difference in activity in the brains of men and women, but Stanford University has shown that it is possible to tell the sexes apart based on activity in “hotspot” areas.

‌They include the “default mode network”, an area of the brain thought to be the neurological centre for “self”, and is important in introspection and retrieving personal memories.

‌The limbic system is also implicated, which helps regulate emotion, memory and deals with sexual stimulation, and striatum, which is important in habit forming and rewards.

‌Experts said the brain differences could influence how males and females view themselves, how they interact with other people and how they recall past experiences.

‌Dr Vinod Menon, prof of psychiatry and behavioural sciences at Stanford, said: “This is a very strong piece of evidence that sex is a robust determinant of human brain organisation.”‌

So, we can now test for anyone who says they’re in the wrong body.

Hands up those who think that those who insist on the possibility of the wrong body thesis will accept the utility of the test in, erm, testing it?

The feminisation of men

For James, it started with muscles. He was about 16 and had become self-conscious about his physique, fearing that he wasn’t buff enough to attract girls. He found his way to a bodybuilding forum and began to work out. He can’t remember when it happened, but at some point trolls began to infiltrate the forum. They were visitors from another online community with a different focus.

“Their general vibe was quite mean,” says James, who prefers not to use his real name. “They’d take images people had posted of their impressive physiques and be like: ‘You guys forgot to work out your faces!’”

Despite the meanness, curiosity pushed James over to the forums, which were largely focused on facial aesthetics. He discovered a new world in which mainly young men and teenage boys scoured pictures of each other for perceived flaws and purported fixes.

The forums hummed with brutal judgment and offered James a compelling new outlet for his insecurities. “I was learning about problems I hadn’t even noticed,” he says. “I had a short face and a short chin, my nose was too wide, my eyes were too far apart, my hairline was too high … You don’t see a lot of these things until someone else points them out and then you can’t stop seeing them.”

That’s teenage girls that is. And as a passing phase neither good nor bad. One problem we’ve got is that this passing phase now lasts 15 years. Late primagravidae means the maintenance of that passing phase far beyond its expected years.

And men are being told they should become more feminine. Men are becoming more feminine. And even The Guardian isn’t liking the result.

So, umm, perhaps we should stop with the femimnisation of society?


France’s current fertility rate is 1.7 children per woman, but a close look at polling on people’s aspirations is revealing: the vast majority think the ideal family configuration is to have two children. And more people would prefer to have three than one. So we can tell that people would like to have more children than they currently have; there is no proof that they are not doing so because of their fertility levels.

Their fertility level is the number of children they have.


Do bugger off love

Sometimes a conversation on a vital topic can be the hardest one to have. The publication of the Misogyny in Music report by the women and equalities committee has opened such an important conversation.

We might predict that the word problematic will turn up. Not that I’m going to read any more to find out.

Boilerplate trash.

Blindingly obvious

The proposed update states that the long-standing trans policy, in place for at least the last decade, could have “unintended negative consequences to [a patient’s] overall health where they have chosen a name and gender identity that differs from their current legally designated name and sex assigned to them at birth.”

It adds: “Decisions based on, for example test results, can differ between those with chromosome XX and those with chromosome XY due to the physiological and biological differences.

“Therefore there could be a clinical risk if the biological sex is not known by the clinician, as treatment may be required to be based on the patient’s sex at birth instead of their gender identity.”

As all us sensible people have been saying all along, sometimes it matters and sometimes it doesn’t. The actual arguments are about when.#

Who gets served the Babycham and who the pint, it doesn’t. When trying to make babies of course it’s vital. So, these intermediate cases – with medical records, vital.

And on to the difficult ones – who gets to bare their genitals in the women’s changing room…..

I seriously doubt it

Sexist language is increasing in schools as more boys are exposed to misogynistic online content, a study has suggested.

Research commissioned by Vodafone found 70 per cent of teachers have seen a rise in sexist language in the classroom over the last year, while 69 per cent of boys have encountered posts promoting misogyny.

The study, commissioned to mark Safer Internet Day, warned that AI-powered algorithms pushing content to boys online was a key part of the problem. The research indicated that hateful content was often being seen when users were searching for other innocent material, such as fitness or gaming content.

I suspect, rather, a change in what is considered sexist oe hateful.

So what to do about this one?

In mid-November, she received a letter from Newcastle United telling her she was banned from the club’s St James’ Park stadium for the rest of this season and the two seasons after that, and that her membership had been revoked. She was also banned from buying tickets for away games.
confirming that police would be taking no further action because she had not committed any offence.

The complainant included screenshots of tweets Ms Smith had posted in which she suggested the trans lobby was homophobic because it wanted to “trans the gay away”, and that some transgender people were suffering from mental illness.

The complainant said: “If I were trans, I would feel extremely unsafe… had I had to share a space with someone so openly transphobic… Many of her tweets revolve around the ‘LGB’ movement, a trans-exclusionary and discriminatory movement for members of the lesbian, gay and bisexual community to deliberately exclude and aim to discourage/discriminate/target the transgender community.”

So, a vocal TERF, who has never said anything about it while actually at a football match, is banned from her home town’s foiotball for being a vocal TERF.

Being a TERF is a protected characteristic so it’s not obvious that is legal. One the other hand, we liberals might insist that anyone can refuse service to anyone for what ever reason. So, tough.

Quite clearly the original complainant doesn’t believe any of this toss they’re just being mean – or oppressive – to someone who disagrees with them.

But what, actually, do we do about this? My favourite would be to find that complainant and chastise them vehemently. Other ideas?

We have a correlation!

Trans people in England more likely to have long-term poor mental health – study
Research suggests risk of a mental health condition is up to five times higher than for cisgender people

Now what we need is some work on causation…..even, possibly, some on the chicken and the egg question.

So, the error here is…..

A Church of England primary school allowed a four-year-old boy to join as a girl, The Telegraph can reveal.

The child’s sex was hidden from classmates, who were described by parents as traumatised when they found out.

One of the parents of a child who was friends with the “trans” girl, told The Telegraph that the school has “robbed” her daughter of her childhood, as she struggled to come to terms with learning her friend is not a girl and that teachers “lied” to her about it.

The parents of the boy/girl. It’s not Munchausens, but close, and it’s by proxy. The kid’s got no damn idea about any of all of this, it’s being imposed by the parents.

Nobody takes that second position

Thomas, who was a moderate swimmer in the male category before transitioning, has now recruited the Canadian law firm Tyr to take a case to the court of arbitration for sport in Switzerland. However, because the 25-year-old is not currently registered with US swimming, it is understood that the case is highly unlikely to be heard before the Paris Olympics.

The move, revealed by the Daily Telegraph, is the latest twist in the fractious debate between those who argue that fairness and safety in women’s sport is paramount and others who maintain that the inclusion of transgender athletes should be prioritised.

It’s an excuse being used, of course. But it’s not an actual position of anyone at all. For anyone – and everyone – trans is indeed included in their birth sex category. Or even, in this case here with the swimming rules, puberty category. So, it is indeed an excuse, not a reason.

As to the idea behind the actual reason, it’s not all that hard to find. Only if the old society is destroyed can the new arise – thus those hoping for that new nirvana can best bring it on by destroying that old society. That there are actual reasons why societies that endure have some of these distinctions is all the more reason to destory them.

Just to make myself very clear here. Adults get to do whatever adults wish – trans isn’t a probem in the slightest. It’s the insistence that the rest of society must be changed which is.

Sr. Milei’s first political refugee

By, umm, Luciana Peker*:

But the country that led the struggle for women’s rights in Latin America has now suffered an extreme, misogynistic setback, and I, too, feel I have been forced to leave my country. Ever since Javier Milei took office in December 2023, his government has deployed a shocking strategy that plunders natural resources, attacks social justice, dismantles the state and erodes the rights of women and sexual diversity. The attacks on feminism that this environment enables are a huge problem for Argentina. It is also a very serious problem for Latin America and for women in the west, however distant it may feel to them.


And so, less than a month after taking power, Milei’s government closed the ministry of women, gender and diversity,


That’s why I have had to leave the country, after threats, censorship, silencing and the suffocation of my work and income by Milei’s supporters.

I think – I think – this means she no longer gets a grant from the Ministry that no longer exists.

I have not left to be silenced, but to continue writing. And I have not left for ever. It’s not personal – it’s political.

Women in Latin America need women in the west to work with us to put an end to this violent oppression. Read the work of Latin authors, activists, writers and journalists, follow them on social media, share their content and support our women’s words, so that violence does not silence us and economic suffocation does not steal our voices again. Our freedom cannot be pushed back. Neither can our words.

Ah, so it’s a career move then?

* Indeed, indeed.

Erm, yes?

One must look no further than the FTSE 100’s list of chief executives to see how hard it is for women to reach the top, as an overwhelming 91pc of positions are held by men.

However, even for those who do break through the glass ceiling, research shows that the experience isn’t all that it seems.

The challenges facing women in the most senior City roles were reflected in a new report from recruiter Russell Reynolds, which found that women accounted for a record tenth of all global chief executive departures last year.

According to financier Baroness Helena Morrissey, former chief executive of Newton Investment Management and mother of nine, female chiefs fall victim to “tall poppy syndrome” in the UK.

Birds are 10% of top CEOs. Birds are 10% of CEOs leaving.


Very male, eh?

An Italian who was transitioning to become a man was found to be five-months pregnant after undergoing a mastectomy.

The individual, who had assumed the male name Marco, was at an advanced stage of the sex-change process having had his breasts removed.

He had been due to have a hysterectomy to remove his uterus before the pregnancy was discovered by doctors at a hospital in Rome.

The correct answer is not to do this

Civil servants have told employers to collect gender pay gap figures based on how their workers identify rather than their biological sex, The Telegraph can reveal.

All companies with more than 250 staff are required to report their gender pay gap as part of the Government’s aim to end the difference between salaries of both genders.

However, advice published by the Government Equalities Office (GEO), updated in March last year, encourages firms to collect information based on the gender that each employee identifies with.

It means the salaries of biological men could have been recorded as belonging to women, potentially skewing the data.

Not to collect the data on the gender pay gap at all. Of course. Because some damn fool will only try to do something with it.

But if you do want to collect it then hte correct way is both ways. Gender and sex. So that we can then see if they differ – and can then see whether the gap is about gender or sex. Not that it is, of course, it’s about being the primary child carer but then we all know that, right?

An insane medical idea

Endometriosis is a painful condition in which tissue similar to the lining of the womb grows around other organs inside the abdomen. It affects 1.5 million women in the UK. The study looked at the experiences of treatment and diagnosis of 33 patients and revealed how doctors’ lack of understanding of the symptoms meant women often spent years in pain before their condition was diagnosed. During this period participants were told they were exaggerating their symptoms, or their pain was dismissed as psychological.

So, on the basis of no medical training at all. Whether endometriosis is actually rising in incidence or merely in prominence is unkown – to me at least. But assume in incidence.

Some women do have more painful periods than others. One of the longstanding – and this could just be male doctors of course – suggestions about painful periods is to have a child. Perhaps that full exercise of the bits will sort them out. How useful that is I’m not sure but that has been one of the things said over time.

Even if not true at least during the pregnancy itself the symptoms will disappear.

One more assumption on this Jenga Tower of nonsense. Endometriosis will be worse in those having bad periods.

So, the move from a society where primagravidae is 20 to one where it’s 30 will increase the incidence of endometriosis as reported.


Now, Jenga Tower of assumptions etc. But, just imagine, for a moment, that it’s true. Go on. How many doctors will be allowed to say so without getting hounded from office by the harpies? Which is the real problem we’ve got, isn’t it? Not even anything about endometriosis, but that we all know that certain answers, even if they’re true, are not allowed these days. No, it gets worse too. Because wrong answers are also hugely informative – if we’re allowed to work through why they’re wrong and so dispeove them. But if we’re not allowed to even mention wrong answers, if they’re rejected for political, not scientific, reasons then we’re still fucked, aren’t we?

Clearly this is possible

Almost half of all Spanish men say feminism has gone too far and they are now discriminated against, according to findings which revealed nearly a third of women agree with them.

Spain has pivoted towards feminist-friendly policies in recent years under Pedro Sánchez, its Left-wing prime minister.

Some 44 per cent of men agreed that society had “come so far in promoting women’s equality that men are now being discriminated against”, according to the survey by Spain’s National Centre for Sociological Research.

Is it true though?

The survey, based on interviews with 4,000 people, also showed that Spanish women continue to bear a larger burden in terms of care and housework. On a weekday, women spend an average of just under three hours on chores, 50 per cent more than men.

Among parents, Spanish women dedicate 6.7 hours to their children per day, almost double the number clocked up by men.

The findings sparked concern among feminists that Spanish men were confusing a loss of historic privileges with an invasion of their rights.

Without showing us the paid working hours of the sexes we don’t know whether that’s an equal division of the overall workload or not, do we? That kids need looking after is true. That a household requires income is also true. So, how are the tasks divided among the adults in the household? And, yes, that is the important part – for the household is the human economic unit.

Isn’t this just delightfully gorgeous?

The Fawcett Society is now behind the Ethnicitypaygapcampaign. Well, OK, maybe they should be, maybe they shouldn’t be. As I’ve said at the ASI today, their numbers are crock because of course they are.

But isn’t this fun? As soon as you go to “wellwhaddainbuggerydoIdoaboutit?” you get to here:

Equilibrium Mediation Consulting (EMC Ltd), is a HR Consultancy providing bespoke HR services to the public and private sector. We aim to deliver a holistic package that will enable organisations to develop their HR Strategy. You may wish to look at your equality, diversity and inclusion strategy, change management or people development strategy.

Rarely is the grift so obvious even if it’s near always there.

To be somewhat catty

Madonna, Beyoncé, Britney, Whitney: if you think about the most iconic names in mainstream pop history, you’ll probably come up with a list of women. And this week, we have solid confirmation of female artists’ dominance. British audiences listen to more female musicians than male, according to the latest industry figures for 2023.

Pop stars, yes. Artists not so much.

Which of those are we going to try to portray as musically adventurous?

Quite. The pose, the image, the wrapping, sure, pop stars. Artists?