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The connection with dogs is fun

Smelling women’s tears reduces male aggression, scientists have found, in a breakthrough that may help solve the mystery of why humans cry.

Humans and dogs are the only animals that shed tears when overcome with emotion, but scientists such as Charles Darwin believed the release served no useful function.

Now researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel have found that tears contain social signals which appear to act as a ‘chemical blanket’ to protect the weeper.

For a puppy weeing acts as an obligate instruction to an adult dog to not be aggressive.

It’s not obligate for women’s tears and men, obviously, even if it does help.

Still, “Stop pissin’ abaht, Sharon” has more truth to it than you might think.

So nowt to do with trans then?

Two 15-year-olds who were obsessed with torture and killing, preyed on the anxieties of transgender teenager Brianna Ghey in order to lure her to a park and then murder her, police have said.

The pair, identified only as Girl X and Boy Y, who are now aged 16, spent weeks plotting the attack on Brianna, who was apprehensive and rarely went out alone.

After posing as her friends and arranging to meet her at a local beauty spot, they ambushed her and stabbed her 28 times in an attack of shocking brutality.

Sure, the victim was trans, but the victim part wasn’t because of the trans part. Well, until the activists cook up some reason why it was of course.

Someone with more maths than I will explain this better

“I have to be clear that I’m not saying that transgender people are predators, but there are more people who are predators than there are people who are trans.”

P error, n error? Summat like that?

We have trans, 0.1% of popuilation. We have predators, 1% of population (both numbers inventions). So, Bayes? (more maths guidance needed). The bloke trying to use the women’s changing room is more likely to be a predator than trans, right?

And therefore the rules need to be written to reflect that – they need to be about predators, not trans?

Deluded loons on the loose

According to Cathy Hastie, an HR expert and lecturer at the University of Derby, the documents are an acknowledgement by organisations that striving for diversity among its workforce isn’t enough; more important is the culture within it.

“People need to feel included – meaning valued, accepted and supported – once they’ve got the job,” she says. “Research shows language plays a critical part in that; in retaining people, in their productivity and in overall organisational effectiveness. There’s a moral argument, and also a business one.”

Neither morals nor business efficiency mean that “elderly people” doesn;t work while “older people” does – an actual real life example.

What this is is actually the power skirts gone mad. The cure to this is women having more children. No one who has raised 3 or 4 is going to worry about this sort of patheticness. Not having Lego in hte living room carpet is enough of a victory at that point….

This is only partially joking too. I am co0nvinced that there is a set amount of mithering in a society. And if we’ve solved the difficult problems – child death (well, pretty much), plague pandemics, starvation, then we’re going to get the same people worrying about something else.

This is perfectly true

The world’s first tampons for men have been criticised by feminist campaigners as an “insult” to women who suffer period discrimination.

On another side of the packet it is stated that “periods are not a gender issue”.
Vuokkoset, a Finnish company released the controversial new sanitary product earlier this month to coincide with Transgender Awareness week and International Men’s day.

The product comes in a dark blue box which bears the words “For Men” on one side, but then extends this phrase around the packaging so it eventually reads “For Menstruation”.

Periods are not a gender issue, they’re a sex issue. As Transmen are in fact women then yes, menstruation – pace the drugs – is a possibility and so tampons, why not?

The nutters would be the ones marketing tampons to transwomen – and yes, those nutters do indeed exist. There’s even a brand which leaks fake blood to be really inclusive (no, really!).

Oh do fuck off

Menopausal female offenders could be spared jail under new sentencing guidelines for judges and magistrates.

The Sentencing Council, which advises the Government and courts, has set out new guidelines encouraging courts to consider more rehabilitative community sentences rather than sending people to jail for short terms.

The council said judges and magistrates should think more about sentences that are proven to reform offenders and think twice about jailing younger women because of the impact on children and older women because of the menopause.

Seriously, no. Do the crime, do the time.

BTW, will the definition of female used here include the ladypenis?

The latest Guardian worry

Of course, one murder is one too many:

Anger across Italy as killing of student highlights country’s femicide rate
Death of Giulia Cecchettin, 22, allegedly at hands of ex-boyfriend, casts spotlight on violence against women


In 2017, 357 persons were murdered in Italy (234 males and 123 females), equal to 0.59 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, with 0.79 homicides per 100,000 men and 0.40 per 100,000 women.

It’s like that Clinton line, isn’t it? War hits women harder because they lose their husbands and brothers.

Sounds remarkably counterproductive

Girls’ schools will mix more with boys to tackle misogyny and sex harassment

Mixing is going to reduce harrassment, is it? And can you think of anything more likely to create misogyny than continued exposure to teenage girls?

Women are delightful, of course, but better when hmm, not aged, nor mature, but perhaps not ephebe? Especially feral packs of ephebes.

This is untrue

The governing body for cricket announced new regulations Tuesday that will prevent transgender women from competing in international matches, joining other sports like swimming and rugby with similar restrictions.

Transgender women can play in any mens match they can qualifuy for. On the fairly reasonable grounds that, physically, they’re men.

Well, yes, obviously

The Marvels is expected to end its theatrical run with $210 million to $240 million at the global box office, under its $270 million budget and that would be, you guessed it, the lowest total for an MCU movie ever.

So, it’s a failure.

It’s also the highest grossing theatrical release of all time by a Black woman director, Nia DaCosta. Though that says more about who Hollywood lets direct big blockbusters, unfortunately.

Well, yes, obviously.

I’m sorry, but I call bollocks here

Early life and education
Morley was born in Leeds, Yorkshire[6] on 10 March 1924 under the name of Walter “Wally” Stott.[1][2][4][3] Morley’s father was a watchmaker who played the ukulele-banjo, and the family lived above their jewellery shop.[6] Her mother also sang.[6] Morley was a fan of dance music before being able to read the labels on the records, listening notably to Jack Payne and Henry Hall as a child,[6] and began learning the piano at the age of eight on a Challen upright piano.[6] Morley’s father died of angina[3] in 1933[4] at the age of 39, after which the family moved to Swinton and she ceased piano lessons.[6][3] She then tried playing violin at age 10 and the accordion at age 11, including in competitions, before choosing the clarinet and alto saxophone as primary instruments, taking clarinet lessons and playing in the school orchestra.[6] Morley then played in the semi-professional band led by Bert Clegg in Mexborough.[6]

As a mostly self-taught musician able to sight-read, Morley left school at age 15 to tour with Archie’s Juvenile Band, earning a weekly wage of 10 shillings,[6] and also worked as a projectionist.[3] Her mentor at this time was the pianist Eddie Taylor.[6] Morley continued to play saxophone in British dance bands during the period of World War II, joining the Oscar Rabin Band as lead alto in 1941, at age 17.[6] With this band, she began writing arrangements for pay[6] and made a recording debut with the tracks “Waiting for Sally” and “Love in Bloom”.[4] She later joined Geraldo’s band, which performed for BBC Radio several times a week,[6] in 1942[1][7] or 1944.[2][6][4] With Geraldo’s band Morley gained experience arranging for bands of many sizes and styles.[6] She studied harmony and musical composition in London with the British-Hungarian composer Mátyás Seiber and conducting with the German conductor Walter Goehr.[6] Morley’s early work was also influenced by Robert Farnon and Bill Finegan.[2]

Pre-transition work
At the age of 26, Morley stopped playing in bands to instead work solely as a writer, composer, and arranger,[6] and would go on to work in recording, radio, television, and film.[1] She was originally a composer of light music[2] or easy listening,[3] best known for pieces such as the jaunty “Rotten Row” and “A Canadian in Mayfair”, the latter dedicated to Robert Farnon.[4] Morley also worked with the Chappell Recorded Music Library and Reader’s Digest.[4][6]

Morley is known for writing the theme tune, with its iconic tuba partition, and incidental music for Hancock’s Half Hour in both its radio and television incarnations,[1][2][8] and was also the musical director for The Goon Show from the third series in 1952 to the last show in 1960, conducting the BBC Dance Orchestra.[2] At this time, she was known to work quickly and would sometimes write music for The Goon Show the same day of recording,[1] which consisted of two full-band arrangements per week and incidental music.[7] Another short but remembered theme composed by Morley was the 12-note-long “Ident Zoom-2”, written for Lew Grade’s Associated TeleVision (ATV), in use from the introduction of colour television in 1969, until the demise of ATV in 1981. By 1953, Morley was also scoring films for the Associated British Picture Corporation under music director Louis Levy.[6]

In 1953, Morley became musical director for the British section of Philips Records,[1][2][3] arranging for and accompanying the company’s artists alongside producer Johnny Franz. She notably worked with Frankie Vaughan on “The Garden of Eden” in 1957.[4] In 1958, she began an association with Welsh singer Shirley Bassey, including work for Bassey’s recordings of “The Banana Boat Song” (1957), “As I Love You” (1958), which reached no. 1 in the UK Singles Chart in January 1959,[3] and “Kiss Me Honey Kiss Me” (1958).[4] She was the head of an orchestra and a chorale at this time, releasing records as “Wally Stott and His Orchestra” and “The Wally Stott Chorale” respectively.[3] She also worked with artists such as Noël Coward and Dusty Springfield[7] and on the first four solo albums by Scott Walker.[2][9] The next hits she worked on were Robert Earl’s “I May Never Pass this Way Again” and Frankie Vaughan’s “Tower of Strength”.[4] In 1962 and 1963, Morley arranged the United Kingdom entries for the Eurovision Song Contest, “Ring-A-Ding Girl” and “Say Wonderful Things”, both sung by Ronnie Carroll.[4] The former was conducted on the Eurovision stage in Luxembourg. She was also credited with a rhythmic drum solo in the 1960 horror film Peeping Tom, which a dancer plays on a tape recorder.[2][10]

In 1961, Morley provided the orchestral accompaniments for a selection of choral arrangements made by Norman Luboff for an RCA album that was recorded in London’s Walthamstow Town Hall. The New Symphony Orchestra (an ad hoc recording ensemble, not to be confused with the Bulgarian New Symphony Orchestra), was conducted by Leopold Stokowski, and the professional British choir, namely the Ambrosian Singers as rehearsed by Luboff, performed such favourites as “Deep River”, Handel’s “Largo”, Bach’s “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”, Rachmaninoff’s “Vocalise”, under the album’s title Inspiration (also later reissued on a BMG Classics CD). In 1962, she arranged and conducted the RCA Red Seal debut album Romantic Italian Songs for Italian-born tenor Sergio Franchi, and later did the arrangements and conducting for Franchi’s 1963 RCA album, Women in My Life.

Some of her other notable works in the years before transitioning include the composition and arrangement for the films The Looking Glass War, released in 1970,[1][10] and When Eight Bells Toll, released in 1971.[1][10] She stepped back from the music and film industry between 1970 and 1972[3] in order privately to undergo gender transition.[7] During this time, Morley studied clarinet chamber music at the Watford School of Music for eighteen months.[3]

After transitioning to living publicly as a woman in 1972

Fine with Wally becoming Angela, no skin off my nose after all. The individual made my life better by working on the Goon Show, obvs so, you know, ta and all that.

But the point is becoming. Sure, maybe it wasn’t what was wanted, sure, maybe it was better after. But it was Wally and he before, Angela and her after. It weren’t she in Leeds.

No, sorry. I really am actually a liberal which is why rewrites of reality aren’t allowed.

Err, yes?

she was an early creator of what we now call ambient music, and her soundtrack for Clockwork Orange is just as astonishing now as it was back in the 70s.#

Wendy is trans, and transitioned in 1972

but there were still many indignities, accidental or otherwise. The most recent version of the Clockwork Orange soundtrack that I’m aware of, from 2001, still credits her under her deadname.

Seems reasonable enough:

A Clockwork Orange is a 1971 dystopian crime film

I’m not grapsing the problem here. The soundtrack was done before transition. So, that’s the name that’s listed. And?

Honeybuns, but that’s what it’s about

Don’t reduce trans debate to ‘bodily parts’, Nandy tells JK Rowling
Labour minister says society will be ‘utterly ashamed’ in the future for the way transgender women are currently being treated

Body parts are rather what it’s about……

To be honest I’m not actually aware that transwomen are being badly treated. Sure, the wilder claims of the weirder activists are being kicked back upon. Complaints of pre-ops with hard ons on the women’s changing rooms are to be found. But Carrie’s reduced to weeping that no one realises, unprompted, that she’s a woman on the phone despite a basso profundo to rival Chaliapin. Bigots!

The British are, as the British near always have been, pretty laissez faire about things not done in streets that frighten horses.


A health charity that helps women suffering from endometriosis has been criticised for appointing a trans woman as its chief executive.

Endometriosis South Coast (ESC) announced on Sunday evening that it had appointed Steph Richards as its new leader and that she would help its mission to support sufferers and educate people about the condition.

Why criticise this? A charity chief is there to run the charity, not to suffer from the thing being charitied.

You know, we don’t run Mencap and Mind using the differently abled and the deranged – they’re all to busy in Cabinet anyway.

I just adore the logic here

Lauren Tousignant, Jezebel’s interim editor in chief, told 404 Media that Jezebel was told “brand safety,” the fact that advertisers don’t want to be next to the type of content Jezebel was publishing, was “one of the biggest factors” that led G/O to stop publishing the site and lay off its staff. Tousignant said that a couple of weeks ago, the ads sales team asked if it could remove Jezebel’s tagline—“Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth”—from the site.

So the progressive left has been running all sorts of campaigns to make sure advertisers do not advertise with sites that the progressive left do not like. Advertisers have been hearing don’t advertise with things that people might not like. This is then the fault of the advertisers if one of the things folk don’t like – might be controversial – is progressive content.


“The closure of Jezebel also underscores fundamental flaws in the ad-supported media model where concerns about ‘brand safety’ limit monetizing content about the biggest, most important stories of the day—stories that create huge traffic because people read and share them,” Jezebel staff said in a statement from its union, the Writers Guild of America. “A well-run company would have moved away from an advertising model, but instead they are shuttering the brand entirely because of their strategic and commercial ineptitude. Jezebel was a good website.”

That’s fine, Hunnies. I hear there’s a well known progressive feminist website address going cheap. So, buy it and charge folk a subscription fee to read it. I think you’d actually get enough from a Go Fund Me to run for 6 to 12 months too. Play off that outrage. Of course, you’ll probably have to drop the union conditions to be able to keep it going after that….

As Carrie says: “In effect, then, online yahoos effectively get to censor what journalism is and isn’t funded”

Yep. And who invesnted the tactic?