This is rather amusing

Don’t ignore gender inequality
“Gender and power dynamics needs to be a thread throughout the relationships and sex education,” says Emmerson, who suggests looking at – and challenging – stereotypes in the media about masculinity and femininity.

Because who wants to bet that they don;t mean talking about who actually has the power over sex? Or even with sex, because of sex?

After all, if the proffering of poon – or the non-proffering of poon – doesn’t give women power over men then the plot of Lysistrata doesn’t make much sense, does it? Nor would husbands ever bother to take out the rubbish……

No, this isn’t what the problem is

Barriers to justice: ‘We are still governed by the idea that women lie about sexual assault’

Rather, it is factually true that some women lie about sexual assault. Which is a problem for we desire to, insist on if we can that, those who sexually assault spend considerable time locked away. Therefore we need a system which discriminates between those lying and those not.

If we didn’t have that problem then we’d not have a problem, would we?

Plain clothes coppers in nightclubs

Well, actually, you’ve got to admit that these birds do have a point here:

Plans to protect women by putting plainclothes police officers in nightclubs are bizarre, frightening and “spectacularly missing the point”, campaigners and charities have said.

The plans were outlined by the government as part of the steps it was taking to improve security and protect women from predatory offenders. Called Project Vigilant, the programme can involve officers attending areas around clubs and bars in plainclothes, along with increased police patrols as people leave at closing time.

Bryony Beynon, the managing director of the Good Night Out Campaign, said that the government’s plan was “pretty frightening”, and that it “feels like an increase in police intrusion into social spaces”.

Given the propensity for right on and woke women to drop their knickers for boys not in blue – as shown by the undercover investigations into extremist groups – having more of them hanging around the meat markets could be concerning, no?

Today’s Strong, Independent, Women

A sacred part of the modern mating ritual is the Google search. Unless you are Meghan, who swears she didn’t look up Prince Harry before their first date, it’s par for the course to find out all you can about a potential love interest before meeting them in person. Now Tinder, and other Match Group-owned apps, are making things easier for armchair detectives: they have partnered with a non-profit called Garbo so users in the US can run background checks on their matches. All you need is a full name or a first name and phone number and up comes his or her chequered past.

Should we be finding ways to make online dating safer? Absolutely. Is this the right way to do it? I am unconvinced. Not least because it seems you will have to pay for this feature, which will add a whole new dimension to victim-blaming. They went on a date without paying for a background check? What did they expect? Dating apps should be the ones responsible for ensuring known sex abusers don’t use their services; this shifts the burden of responsibility on to the user.

The last half century or so has been one long shout that strong and independent women can – and should – shag as they wish. Make their own decisions unencumbered by patriarchal norms. And quite right too.

Now the demand is edging toward the idea that it’s the capitalists who will be to blame if they end up shagging a wrong ‘un?

Yes, most strong and independent…..

This is being a bit cheeky, no?

A City banker is seeking almost £3.4 million in “stigma losses” from French bank BNP Paribas, after claiming that winning a gender discrimination case against the bank has affected her earning potential.

Stacey Macken sued the bank for £4 million in 2019, winning the case after telling an employment tribunal of years of bullying at BNP Paribas, where she was paid less than men in comparable roles.

She’s suing again for the damages caused by the fact that she sued before……

Now Miss Macken, of Fulham, is claiming that winning that case has tarnished her reputation and is seeking a further £3,363,594 from the bank.

One too many bites at that cherry perhaps……

Pleading her belly

The alleged Theranos fraudster Elizabeth Holmes is pregnant, according to a new court filing, potentially delaying her trial by several weeks.

Holmes is being charged with fraud for her role at the helm of Theranos, a blood-testing startup that was a rising star in Silicon Valley before it emerged it had misrepresented the effectiveness of its technology.

Lawyers for Holmes asked the judge on 2 March to delay the start of jury selection to 31 August, after her due date.

We have advanced, this just delays the trial rather than gets her off the sentence. Although no doubt this carefully timed pregnancy will be used – how could the mother of a months old babe in arms be jailed? – in sentencing mitigation.

Well, if you say so

If there ever was such a thing as “big dick energy”, the sheela na gig is the embodiment of big vagina energy.

Big isn’t usually taken to be the desirable in this particular sense. Bit like pendulous when applied to breasts.

But then we are being told to be nice these days:

Menopausal women could get new workplace protections as part of a comprehensive government review of female health and wellbeing.

Quite so

Shrubsole’s response is straightforward. “The one thing I think is potentially unfair is the constant comparison between [men and women’s sport],” she said.

“We are never going to bowl as fast or hit the ball as hard because we physically can’t. There’s nothing we can do about that – men and women are biologically different.

“Just because we can’t do that, doesn’t mean there’s any less skill involved. The same with 100-metre sprinters – biologically, the two can’t compete in the same field.

So, what do we do about those who are genetically on the one side here but want to bat for the other?

Story placement


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Menopausal women could get new workplace protections

From the Telegraph. Presumably the last is required if people try to do the first?

Quite so, quite so

What we’re living through is a trans panic akin to the satanic panic of the ’80s and ’90s, when parents and police were convinced there were devil-worshipping cults infiltrating every facet of society. It is not logical.

The question is who is doing the panic bit?

After all, the social transmission mechanisms look the same but again, which side?

Won’t the needs keep changing?

Menopausal women could get new workplace protections as part of a comprehensive government review of female health and wellbeing.

Ministers are appealing for women from all backgrounds to complete a simple questionnaire detailing how NHS services and employment practices could be improved to meet their specific needs.

Umm, yeah

The hearing, taking place before Lord Justice Holroyde and Mr Justice Swift, was told that there were 125 trans prisoners in 2017, 60 of whom were serving sentences for sexual offences. Of those 60, 27 were serving a prison sentence for rape.

That’s the ones that have been put into women’s prisons that is….

Reading between the lines

It is exactly what women want to hear in the age of #MeToo, yet Sturgeon also made a revealing admission. Denying Salmond’s claim that she offered to intervene on his behalf, she acknowledged that he might have been left with the contrary impression: “I was perhaps trying to let a longstanding friend and colleague down gently, and maybe I did it too gently.” This is absolutely stereotypical feminine behaviour, a woman taking responsibility for a man’s feelings, and it happens frequently in unequal relationships.

Given that it’s Joan Smith writing here we have to ponder whether Dennis MacShane was really that masculinely awful….

A fairly simple explanation here

Mums are boring. Mums are nags. They spend the first decade of your life screwing shoes on to your reluctant feet and chasing you round the playground with a spreadeagled coat in their hands, like needy bullfighters. After that, they switch into “let’s talk” mode, clipping on a rictus smile and pretending to understand about sexting. Of course mums don’t get the whole transgender thing! Mums are as cautious as cats about anything new, in case it proves dangerous to their young. Which only serves to make the new thing more appealing.

The purpose of being a Mum is to be that intermediate stage toward winning life, being a grandparent.

Mums are therefore likely to be against the cutting knackers thing off as it reduces the chance of grandchildren.

Such lovely language

Byun, formerly a staff sergeant, enlisted voluntarily in 2017 and went on to have gender confirmation surgery in 2019 in Thailand.

The defence ministry classified her loss of male genitals as a mental or physical handicap…

It’s not so much the second line there but the first. There’s so much weight on that word “confirmation” there, isn’t there? How can anyone object to a nip and a tuck that confirms? As opposed to changes?

It happens to us all – especially women

Judith Woods today complains about how actresses get sidelined once not hot. The explanation for this being that – as Woods does not point out – this suits the young actresses just fine and as they’re the ones with the moist fertility that the men in the business value then that’s what happens.

Rowan Pelling treats us to a story about how she organises her fridge. Pelling used to edit the Erotic Review and first published that call girl stuff that ended up getting filmed with umm, whassherface.

So, umm, ageing into summat etc seems to happen, eh?

Well, no, not really

Female directors at the UK’s largest financial services firms earn on average two-thirds less than their male counterparts, new research shows, underlining the pay gap that still exists between men and women at the highest levels in the financial sector.

It doesn’t show anything of the kind. It shows the different jobs being done:

The significant gender pay gap at firms listed on the FTSE 100 and 250 stock indices suggests there has been slow progress in recruiting women to more senior, higher-paid executive positions.

The vast majority (86%) of the female company directors occupy non-executive roles, according to the research, which tend to be lower paid than executive positions, and involve less day-to-day responsibility for running the business.

Different jobs get paid different amounts. Shock, horror.

What has really happened is that the much shouting about putting women on boards has led to a few HR power skirts being made non-execs. So, what did anyone think would happen?

Well, yes

It certainly seems true that Sheindlin’s pop-cultural status distracts liberals from politics they might otherwise find unpalatable. For instance, she applauds as “courageous” Bill Clinton’s 1996 welfare reforms on the grounds that “he disincentivised young girls from having children just because it was like getting a new pair of sneakers”, when recent analysis suggests that, in fact, the policy’s success was in reducing the number of beneficiaries – not poverty itself.

Reducing the number of beneficiaries is reducing the number of girls who have a kid like a new pair of sneakers, no?