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Eoin Clarke and logic

There are nearly 4 million families who cannot afford to own a home in the UK that are forced to rent privately. Private rents are more than double the cost of social renting. This means that each family who cannot afford to  buy a home faces a £4,000 a year de facto fine from the state as they are forced to pay £8,100 private rental costs. There is a moral duty upon the state to provide more social housing for these people to halt their economic exploitation.
Absence of a subsidy is a fine?

Eoin Clarke and numbers

Our expert in Irish feminist history is having a rare old time with his access to the statistical database.

There has been a sharp rise in the numbers of companies going bust in the past 7 months. Scarily this graph only goes to June 2011, so it actually misses the collapses in July which on very conservative estimates would be at least 3,900. That means that since the Tories have come to power more than 20,000 businesses have gone bust.
Tories, baby eaters, bastards, borrow and spend more now etc.
In the comments:
That\’s nearly 15% fewer than the 23,273 liquidations in the corresponding period before the election, under Labour.

So are you arguing that Tory policies are working?

Even in the good times there are around 3,500 liquidations per quarter, so given the current economic woes your figures don\’t look too bad.

Well done Eoin, well done!