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The best town in the world


There are caveats to Skerries’ anointment: Miller does not compare it to other towns in Ireland or elsewhere; his research skewed towards middle-class, older residents; interviewees cited binge-drinking, cocaine use, petty crime and other problems; others lamented the lack of a cinema, hotel or swimming pool.

The overall portrait is of a prosperous, forward-looking community humming with a love of sport – Gaelic football, hurling, rugby, cricket, bowling, sailing, karate, hockey, kitesurfing, sea swimming – plus arts, drama, bridge, bingo and environmental activism.

A thoroughly, overweeningly, totally, bourgeois town of 11,000 people. Almost certainly religiously, ethnically, monocultural.

Hmm. So how’s The Guardian going to spin that as being the finest place in the world to live? The way they’ve done it I guess, to entirely ignore the point.

Some numbers here for the constituency (a 20x sized area) and look at where the non white Irish are concentrated.

There’s a simple solution to this

Often enough, indeed, simple solutions are wrong.

BBC radio star struggles with ‘too many white colleagues’
Nihal Arthanayake tells diversity conference that no Muslims are involved ‘in the senior editorial processes’ at Radio 5 Live

This solution is simple but it’s not wrong. Fuck off Matey.

No, not because of immigration, religion, race or anything like that at all. It’s that editors are not representatives of the workforce. They’re controllers of it.

BTW, have you ever in your puff seen such a naked insistence upon gaining a promotion? For Nihal is, clearly and obviously, suggesting that Nihal should be joining the senior editors….

Oooh, this is interesting

Leo Varadkar has promised to use the full force of the law to “reclaim Ireland” and punish those involved in the rioting in Dublin on Thursday evening.
The anti-migrant protesters descended on the streets of the capital after a man stabbed three small schoolchildren and a teacher outside a Dublin primary school.

The bloke or the protestors?

Show me, Bubba

Kevin Ellis, senior partner at PwC UK, said: “The gap in pay between professionals from a lower socioeconomic background and their more privileged peer is not only a societal issue but an issue for business and the economy.”

“Businesses need diversity of talent and thought. We’ve seen the benefits of improving the diversity of our workforce – you can’t measure this without collecting socioeconomic background data.”

What benefits of improving diversity?

We’ve improved diversity like Billy Oh these past few decades. We’ve also had roughly no economic growth these past few decades. What benefits?

We have a possible solution

The UK is spending 40% a person more than any other European country on housing asylum seekers with the costs taking up nearly a third of the official aid budget, which forced a 16.4% cut in the amount of aid spent overseas in 2022.

The findings come in a report by One, the aid campaign, which argues the proportion of the aid budget being spent on housing refugees in the UK is totally out of sync with its neighbours and is making the British aid budget both unpredictable and unmanageable

We could house them in tents on the beach. Send ’em back. Sink the boats even.

Or, as is the demand here, pay those costs and then send even more money off to other countries as well.

Option 4 seems the least appealing to be honest.

Strange from Mr Chakrabortty

Stradey Park should have received its new residents at the start of July, but local resistance put a stop to that. The opposition began with court cases and letters to Whitehall from the town’s great and good, but over the past 12 weeks it has metastasised. A permanent protest camp has sprung up right at the hotel gates, and what it has become leaves the town’s elected representatives baffled and fearful.

What began as complaints about the loss of a four-star hotel and 100 jobs is now a swamp of conspiracies about invaders and foreign rapists. A leaflet recently given out around the town asks: “Is it racist to protect your home from unknown unvetted illegals?” Last week, some of the people at the camp stormed the hotel. One leader of the original protest, Robert Lloyd, is now hounded outside his home for not being hardline enough. He says that friends whose weddings he attended now threaten him, and the night before we met last week, the police were doing hourly patrols outside his house.

Folk complain, demonstrate, against the arrival of asylum sekkers in a local hotel.

This is the fault of the Home Secretary.

Quiote why is never made clear – because Aditya certainly doesn’t think the seekers should be thrown out.

Good Grief

Even rightwingers know we need migrants
This is only the start of the age of migration — parties from all sides must strive for new ideas or risk French-style chaos

That’s Billy Hague. Wasn’t he a Tory at one point?

Oh, right

Grief-stricken Pakistani town mourns sons lost in Greek shipwreck
Poverty drove young men from small Kashmir town to board ill-fated fishing trawler, say families

Economic migrants then.

No, I do not think that drowning is a suitable punishment for attempting to be an economic migrant. But then nor is asylum the correct response to an economic migrant.

Britain’s changed, hasn’t it?

Mozammel Hossain told party activists at the Tories’ first mayoral hustings that he was “not a Brexiteer”.

Mr Hossain is one of the three contenders who made it onto the final shortlist to be the Tory candidate to take on Sadiq Khan in next May’s election,

Tell a Briton of 50 years ago that the two – likely – caindiates for Mayor of London would both generationally hail from the subcontinent.

That both the – Tory – PM and Home Sec did.

This is not to say that it’s good or bad, it’s to be entirely uninterested in that part of it.

Something just noted couple of days back. Between the 2001 and 2021 censuses, non-white (ie, not “White British” classification) grew by 15% of the population. That’s one hell of a change in population demographics. The entire white population of South Africa is only 7.7%.

Again, this is to be entirely neutral about good or bad. But it really is one hell of a change.

So, a thought. Is there anywhere else ever that has had this much demographic change as a result of immigration in such a short time? Absolutely no part of the Empire did in us going outwards – not in just a couple of decades it didn’t. Transport just wasn’t fast or bulk enough for that.

So, candidates for a faster change are?

Interesting language

New splits have emerged in Olaf Scholz’s coalition after the German government backed a controversial EU deal on migration and asylum.

On Thursday, EU interior ministers made a long-awaited breakthrough on the divisive issue at a meeting in Luxembourg after giving last-minute concessions to Italy.

However, those concessions, which speed up asylum procedures at borders, were met with dismay by the Left wing of Mr Scholz’s SPD party and the Greens, his coalition partners.

Well, sorta. It’s not so much asylum procedures that get speeded up. It’s the denial, the deportation, that does.

Instead, the three-party coalition government backed an agreement, which allows asylum seekers to be deported from Europe’s borders if their application fails, in a process that should last a maximum of 12 weeks.

Arguably this is as it should be. Instead of wiating in limbo for years, get a decision within 3 months. Those who should get asylum – founded claims of oppression – get it and move on to a normal life. Those trying it on go home.



First it was no to Polish plumbers, then Afghan refugees. Now the right doesn’t want any migrants at all
Aditya Chakrabortty

Some people think and feel that way. And? You’re not anti-democratic, are you?

Is it really all about rumpy with duskies?

Mrs Moseley, who is married, had previously had an affair with one asylum seeker, a Tunisian man named Mohamed Bajjar, despite having championed her charity’s no sex with migrants policy.
Clare Moseley, founder of refugee charity Care4Calais,

Couldn’t you, perhaps, just have the rumpy, over there, and not ship them by the boatload here?

Ten pound Poms

Ten-pound poms: the ‘invisible migrants’ who made Australia their home

An ancestor did this. Rather before it cost £10 tho’. 1850s perhaps, 1860s. Back then there was a scheme where families with lots of unmarried daughters were offered free passage. So, four daughters and one son (I think) and off they went.

She had a time of it. One marriage, a divorce (which back then was a thing, tho’ less so in Oz than Britain), at least one child born, as the birth certificate says in handwritten notes “11 month after husband’s death”, at least one more if not two marriages. Emigration when she married another Brit, a mining engineer, who took her off to Peru. He died up there in the Andes (Cerro de Pasco, a cousin has been up there and seen his grave in the Anglican cemetery) and she gave birth to g grandma in Callao. Possibly but not certainly the child of that mining engineer – rumour has it there was a mestizo midnight creeper around.

I assume that there’s an entire set of Oz cousins floating around. She certainly had a time of it.

But that’s the reason for not emigrating off to Oz. The family’s tried that, didn’t like it.

This is already true in some areas

Dr Paul Morland, a demographer and academic visitor at St Anthony’s College, said previous research had suggested that around 50 per cent to 60 per cent of the overall British population would define themselves as white British by the year 2060.

However, this would likely mean that younger age groups in primary school – and the wider population in large cities – would already have crossed the threshold where white Britons would be in a minority.

Diversity is our strenght. Discuss.

Dunno, really, I don’t

David Starkey has sparked a racism row after claiming that Rishi Sunak was “not fully grounded in our culture” while criticising him over the Coronation.

Mr Starkey made the comments about the Prime Minister, the first non-white occupant of No 10, as he accused him of being absent from the build-up to the celebrations.

Senior Conservative MPs accused the 78-year-old historian of making derogatory references to the Prime Minister’s Hindu faith and British Indian descent.

The entirety of the rest of the political spectrum insists that those not white – ie, not indigenes – face terrible oppression solely because of their difference. Apparently noting the same difference in reverse is verboten?