Couldn’t possibly happen, don’t be absurd

Of all the ludicrous things to predict:

Mass migration due to climate change may lead to an increase in racial tensions and community clashes in the UK, police have been warned.

Abject nonsense. After all, having 14% of the nation foreign born has led to nothing but the joys and strengths of diversity. Why would more of the same not have the same outcome?

Ms. Shriver does have a point though

For Britain to remain Britain, it has to remain predominantly white. To say so, Shriver insists, is not racist. It is difficult, though, to know what else it could be. “For westerners to passively accept and even abet incursions by foreigners so massive that the native-born are effectively surrendering their territory without a shot fired,” Shriver claims, “is biologically perverse”.

This is the language of the British National party, of the AfD in Germany, of Marine Le Pen in France. To describe immigration as “incursions by foreigners”, to view black or brown people moving into your town as “surrendering one’s territory” and to regard non-white immigration as “biologically perverse” is not just to stray into racist territory, it is to jump head first into the swamp.

We can recast the argument. For Zimbabwe, or South Africa, to remain truly African it is necessary to cast out the Europeans. One place did so and there are plenty making the same argument in the other. Entirely true that it didn’t work out well and it wouldn’t, but that’s not the same point.

If ethnicity, or race, or culture, don’t matter then they don’t matter. If they do they do.

It’s not the poor moving, is it?

Jadhav*, 18, from Bangladesh, arrived in Italy 10 months ago, but is still haunted by memories of his journey with people smugglers across the Mediterranean Sea.

Only the poorest of the poor would risk such horrors, eh?

Determined to seek a better life in Europe, Jadhav had flown to Egypt via Dubai before reaching Libya by land. He worked for a year in Tripoli – in a supermarket, as a welder and laying roads – where he was jailed for 11 days, tortured, and released only after his parents sent ransom money.

Well, actually, no. To be able to afford that as a Bangladeshi he’s upper middle class at least. The poorest of the poor, the rickshaw drivers, the farmers on an acre of paddy, these folks are on 3,000 Tk (£30) a month. Plane flights don’t feature in their possibilities.

Well, OK, And?

Black, Pakistani, Bangladeshi people, whose very presence in Britain is inextricable from our colonial past, still live in the most deprived areas, in crowded housing, in places with the worst air pollution, subject to a range of toxic conditions that have huge impacts on health outcomes.

Large scale migration into Britain is a pretty new thing. A siubstantial portion of that BAME population is first genreation.

OK, so which society has ever had first generation migrants at the top of the socio-economic pile. Other than those which have been invaded that is? For we do have that example of the Normans in our own history.

So, the discovery that first generation migrants are not top of the socio-economic tree is a surprise to whom?

That’ll do it!

The Home Office has ordered a major overhaul of the Border Force amid growing frustration over the failure to stem the flow of illegal Channel migrants.

The two directors general of Border Force and Immigration Enforcement are to quit their posts and will be replaced by a single supremo tasked with curbing the crossings and overhauling Britain’s “broken” asylum system.

Consultants are also said to have been recruited to investigate a merger of the two Home Office directorates as the Government seeks to regain the initiative after a doubling in illegal migrant crossings this year and the failure to deport any to “safe” third countries.

Let’s shuffle the bureaucracy!

Alternatively, we could get St Steve with his performing lions on the beach at Dover……


Children of immigrants from deprived backgrounds are up to twice as likely to have a degree compared to their white peers, but this doesn’t translate into greater employment prospects, research has found.

That the first generation all run corner shops, the second are doctors and accountants is a cliche because it happens so often. Education is seen as the way up.

The counterfactual – at least, an interesting one – is what happens to the second generation without the education, not what happens with the second compared to the indigenes. And the effect is of course considerably better off and greater employment possibilities.

Just look at what happens to the second generation where education isn’t so prized……

A tad harsh perhaps

Denmark has passed a law enabling it to process asylum seekers outside Europe, drawing anger from human rights advocates, the UN and European Commission.

Well, where?

Denmark has yet to reach an agreement with a partner country, but Stoklund said there were negotiations with several candidate countries.

In April, Denmark’s immigration minister, Mattias Tesfaye, whose father was an Ethiopian immigrant, appeared in Rwanda on an unannounced visit to the central African nation, which led to the signing of diplomatic agreements on asylum and political matters.

Well, yes, that could well reduce the flow of asylum seekers into Denmark…..

For our own problems with those coming over the Channel. Why not put our processing centre in some exciting part of France like, say, Lille?

Interesting numbers

Lucy Moreton, professional officer for the ISU immigration union, said Border Force was being overwhelmed by the “phenomenal” numbers of illegal migrants now crossing the Channel.

More than 560 reached the UK over the weekend, including 336 in 19 boats on Friday, a record for a single day in 2021, surpassing the previous high of 209 on April 28.

500 over a weekend?

Well, yes, George, yes

During the first three months of the pandemic – from 1 January until lockdown on 23 March last year, 18 million people arrived in the UK from abroad. But only 273 of them were obliged to quarantine. By contrast, across the 12 months to March 2020, 23,075 people were thrown into immigration detention centres: prisons for people who have not been convicted of any crime but are suspected of entering – or remaining in – the country without the correct paperwork.

We do quite often stick people in prison before conviction:

1. Population. The prison population stood at 79,514 on 30 June 2020. The sentenced prison population stood at 67,352 (85% of the prison population); the remand prison population stood at 11,388 (14%) and the non-criminal prison population stood at 774 (1%).

It’s what we do with people suspected of a crime that we’re not sure will show up for their trial and or punishment.

Immigration fun

An infection control specialist who has been offered a job as a senior NHS biomedical scientist to help tackle the pandemic is facing deportation by the Home Office, prompting fresh calls for a more “humane” approach to skilled migrants.

The government has refused Charles Oti, 46, from Nigeria the right to remain in the UK even though the job he was offered is among the government’s most sought-after skilled positions.

Hmm. OK, the laddie’s Nigerian. On what grounds should he – or should he not – be here.

However, the Home Office – which recently accepted that Oti suffered experiences akin to torture during a racist attack in Northampton – said he faced being deported because he did not have the correct documentation.

That’s all they tell us. We don’t know whether it’s just failing to have got a form signed for permission to stay. Or that he swam the Channel and has no docs or rights at all.

Funny that really.

That’s a fairly big change

“By 2031, one in five Britons will be from a black, Asian or minority ethnic background and that number is forecast to increase to almost one-third of the population by 2061.

It was democratically decided, wasn’t it?

After all, we have those who insist that the price of tampons must be democractically decided. So larger questions must be too, right?

Barnardo’s white privilege

These are just a few of the experiences that those from a visible ethnic minority have to deal with regulalry – you may have even failed to notice – until now – that you don’t’ have to deal with the same barriers. It is important to be aware that being born with a certain skin tone affords people certain advantage in life that people of another skin colour are not afforded. By creating greater awareness and understanding we help to build a fairer and more equitable society for future generations.

Apparently it doesn’t include spelling or grammar.

Because of the intersectional nature of society, this means that it’s incredibly likely you have experienced some form of oppression – the gender pay gap is still 18.4%.

Or statistical numeracy. Or even logic – as we all know some to all of that gap is because of voluntary differences in male and female behaviour.

For example, while white British women are paid on average £11.21 per hour, Pakistani women make £10.10.

That’s casuistry – black British women get paid more than white. Sure, largely a London effect but still.

BAME* young carers and their families identified language barriers as one of the key reasons they’re unable to access support.

And isn’t that just a surprise. Not speaking the language of the country you’re in makes things difficult.

Be open to start the conversation with others who are interested and willing to learn, even if they don’t understand.
Share fact-checked resources, examples, information and statistics with others.
Look after your mental health, and take breaks where needed.
Keep cool – stick to the facts and show some patience.
Pause the conversation with someone refusing to listen – suggest they continue their research.

And when do these ghastly little shits start to do any of that themselves?

Well, actually Honey, it’s about half of it

Small Axe is great: now let’s have some films about black life outside London
Lanre Bakare

The ‘authentic’ black British experience doesn’t begin and end in the capital. It’s time the UK film industry woke up to that

Begin and end perhaps not.

There are about 2 million blacks in the UK, about 3% of the population. Half and half African and Afro-Caribbean.

Half of those are in London. So, the median, mean and modal black experience of the UK is London. Seems a reasonable enough target for the film industry, no?

We’ve heard this before

But this kind of appointment is not an exception for this government; it is the rule. Again and again, those who deny or question the impact and cause of racism are selected for key equality positions: Trevor Phillips, who was suspended from the Labour party over alleged Islamophobia, was appointed to the inquiry on the impact of Covid-19 on ethnic minorities; Dr Raghib Ali, who denies racism has any role in disproportionate coronavirus deaths, was appointed a government Covid adviser; and Tony Sewell, who has questioned the idea of institutional racism, was appointed chair of the government’s commission on race and ethnic disparities. On top of this, Truss’s fellow equalities minister, Kemi Badenoch, has bizarrely claimed that the authors of some of Britain’s bestselling anti-racism books “actually want a segregated society”. With Munira Mirza, a strong critic of Theresa May’s Race Disparity Audit, installed as No 10’s policy director, it’s clear that the current government is unlikely to identify systemic racism as the cause of racial inequalities in health, criminal justice, housing, employment or any other area – regardless of the litany of independent racial inequality reviews that suggest otherwise.

Anyone who doesn’t already agree with the programme can’t be allowed to monitor, decide upon, design or control the programme.

Of course we have democracy, it’s just that as The Party is objectively correct then therefore only Party members may stand for election…..

It’s amazing how racist liberal America can be

This is the flip side of our oft agreed observation that while the UK isn’t perfect it is one of the less racist places on the planet. Well, outside the Jezza wing of the Labour Party it is at least. Take this from a Brit who moved to Portland:

The first surprise was the lack of non-white people. I later discovered that the 2010 census found Portland to be the whitest big city in the US. When our daughter started daycare, she came home and said she didn’t like her brown skin; she wanted to be white like the other kids. She was three. I felt like a fool for moving her out of a city where she would have been surrounded by people who look like her.

Living in Portland was also the first time I felt noticed for being in a mixed-race marriage.

“Mixed race marriage” is something so common as to be not remarked upon – almost – in London these days.

Well, yes, obviously, this is the only solution to racism

It wasn’t until years later that I realized American identity does not need to function like a sword hacking away at our differences, or a snake digesting them. In his 1996 book The Coming White Minority, Dale Maharidge explores the view that multiculturalism presents “two stark choices: the United States sticks with a white-centered melting pot, or degenerates into separate conflicting societies.” He reveals an alternative to assimilation. He quotes a researcher who imagines it as “a continuous cauldron of activity, rebirth, reformulation.”

Multiculturalism is not a threat to civilization. The only thing it threatens is extremism. As America becomes more mixed, we will have a greater capacity for empathy. People with hyphenated identities are familiar with multiple ways of being; they can readily inhabit different people and diverse realities.

It seems so obvious now as I sit on the grass with my five-year-old niece, who is Mexican, Puerto Rican, Black, and American, fluent in Spanglish and Shel Silverstein.

Quite so, a few generations of miscegenation and the job’s done, right?

Why did anyone think this wouldn’t happen?

Earlier parts of the inquiry, which have looked at institutions including the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church, focused on many of the worst-known scandals involving such organisations. It was anticipated that the organised networks strand of the inquiry would examine the most infamous examples of group grooming and exploitation.

Over the past decade, big trials have exposed a previously hidden crime model that involves the systematic targeting and sexual abuse of teenage girls by groups of men who were largely of south Asian origin.

Since 2011, groups have been prosecuted for sex-grooming in towns including Rochdale, Rotherham, Oxford, Telford, Burnley, High Wycombe, Leicester, Dewsbury, Peterborough, Halifax and Newcastle upon Tyne.

The IICSA held two weeks of public hearings for its “organised networks” investigation from late September, and a final day for closing submissions is due to take place on Thursday. It decided to hear no evidence from survivors or those with expert knowledge of the crime pattern.

The inquiry chose instead to select six areas of England and Wales: St Helens, Tower Hamlets in east London, Swansea, Durham, Bristol and Warwickshire “because they represent a range of sizes, demographics and institutional practices”. None of the six has witnessed a major prosecution of a south Asian sex-grooming gang. In all six areas, according to the 2011 national census, the proportion of the population that is of Pakistani origin is lower than the national average.

Henrietta Hill, QC, lead counsel to the inquiry, told the hearing on its opening day that the inquiry “carefully considered the extent to which, if at all, it should focus on areas such as Rochdale, Rotherham and Oxford, all of which have attracted public attention”.

The IICSA decided, she explained, that it was “more appropriate” to focus instead on “different areas, not least because it was intended that this was a forward-looking investigation building on analysis that’s already been done”.

Lions, with fire.

Actually, lions with flamethrowers riding T-Rexs with head mounted laser beams.

Fascinating stuff

Also, if it were true that non-whites suffer from systemic racism throughout their lives — adversely affecting their health, education, income, housing, employment (the key determinants of health) — this would be reflected in life expectancy and overall mortality figures that are the best measures of overall health.

However, data from England and Scotland has shown that most ethnic minority groups have both better overall health and lower rates of all-cause mortality than white groups. Even over the course of the pandemic, despite the higher Covid death rates, overall mortality in ethnic minorities has not been higher than for whites.


Foreign rough sleepers face deportation from UK post-Brexit

Ms. Patel has just gained herself some millions of votes. Whether she should or not depends but I think that will be the general reaction.