He’s got a point here

Jeremy Corbyn has said he does not believe it is anti-Semitic to describe the creation of Israel as racist in a move which saw his relationship with the Jewish community plummet to new depths.

The Labour leader called for the party on Tuesday to adopt a personal statement which would have permitted activists to describe “Israel, its policies or the circumstances around its foundation as racist”.

I think that he is anti-semitic. And not particularly through any animus to Jews, but because he’s so deeply invested in the Palestinian (for which read, really, anti-US hegemony) idea. But put that to one side.

Is it right to say that the foundation of Israel was racist? To the extent that you think the Jews were/are a race, mebbe, mebbe not. You could substitute culturalist, tribalist, religionist, you might get closer. There was certainly some distinction made between those who were in group and those who were not.

But whether you’re right and whether you’re allowed to argue the case are rather different things. Of course you can/may argue that case, just as you should be allowed to argue any other.

After all, because something actually was racist – if we assume it was – doesn’t mean that it was therefore a bad idea. Whether it was a bad ‘un or not depends upon whether it was a bad ‘un or not. Who got to rule the Danelaw and why was definitely something decided along racial – or tribal – grounds. Doesn’t mean that Yorkshire’s a bad idea, does it?

Well, yes, not a surprise

More than 80 per cent of the rise in Britain’s population between 2001 and 2016 was because of migration, a new analysis has found.

Migration Watch UK said that 3.1million migrants had come to the UK over that period and 2.5million children had at least one parent who was born abroad.

When adjusted for migrants who had died, the figures suggest that 5.4million of the 6.6million increase in the UK’s population over that period.

All of the rich nations – absent migration – have fertility rates below replacement level.

Not exactly a great surprise.

Childhood diabetes is about fatty lardbuckets or immigration?

Growing numbers of children and young people are developing type 2 diabetes, a disease usually seen in those aged over 40, in the latest sign of worsening childhood obesity.

The number of people aged up to 25 with the condition in England and Wales increased from 507 in 2013-14 to 715 in 2016-17 – a 41% rise.

The sharp rise has prompted concern among doctors and led to renewed calls for tougher government action to tackle the .

OK, anything is valid, worthwhile, as it’s for the kiddies!

The figures show that people from some ethnic minorities are much more likely than others to develop type 2 diabetes. Almost half of the 715 young people were black or Asian.

Banning immigration, repatriation, would seem to reduce the incidence of Type 2 diabetes in children in England.

Hmm, what’s that? You mean you didn’t actually mean do anything at all to reduce this? Ahhh, so, now we do get to the point that only some things are worthwhile, so which are they?

The amazing car bombers of no apparent ethnicity

The thing is:

More than 100 cars have been set alight in across Sweden overnight, as gangs of masked youths went rampaging in a series of attacks believed to have been coordinated on social media.

Dozens of vehicles burned in Sweden’s four major cities – Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenburg and Uppsala – on Monday evening and in the early hours of Tuesday.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven reacted with anger and did not hold back during a radio interview on Tuesday morning.

‘I’m furious, for real. My question to these people is “what the f*** are you doing?”,’ he told Sveriges Radio P1.

If it had been the whitebread boys of the Swedish Democrats then I think we’d have been told.

Well, no, not really

Stonehenge builders were Welsh, Oxford University finds

We were slightly short of the concept of being Welsh at that time. Then again current day South Walians aren’t Welsh either. Largely the descendants of recent migrants from the Midlands plus some Irish. That’s why they’re so fervently flag waving of course, recent immigrants often are.

Wonder what the result will be here, eh?

The home secretary has ordered research into why men convicted of grooming-gang sex crimes are disproportionately of Pakistani origin.

Sajid Javid, whose own family roots are in Pakistan, said that establishing the “particular characteristics” of the perpetrators was “critical to our understanding” of offending in places including Rotherham, Telford and Newcastle.

The truly important thing here

Children’s books must have more black characters, a study funded by the Arts Council has said.

Only 4 per cent of books published last year aimed at primary school children featured a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic character, according to research commissioned by the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE).

When analysing how many children’s books had a main character who was from an ethnic minority background, researchers found that the proportion dropped even further down, to one per cent.

Meanwhile, almost a third (32.1 per cent) of pupils in primary schools in England are from minority ethnic backgrounds, the latest official figures show.

“The demographic make-up of the UK did not align with the presence of BAME characters in books published in 2017,” the report said. “Each ethnic minority category was significantly under-represented.”

Yes, there’s that rather fascist demand that children’s books must be propaganda.But the much more important one is that 32% of children are BAME.

That replacement of the British seems to be working well then?

Cousin marriage

Yes, of course I knew of it an the potential problems. But the numbers shock:

According to a report for the BBC’s Newsnight, British Pakistanis are 13 times more likely to have children with genetic disorders than the general population.

They are responsible for three percent of all births, but produce just under a third of all British children with such health problems.

In Birmingham, around one in ten children from first cousin marriages either dies in infancy or develops a serious life-long disability caused by genetic ailments, according to health officials in the city, where half the mothers of Pakistani origin are married to a close relative.


An interesting little thought

At which point a bit of history. Fourth century AD and the Goths turned up on the Danube border of the Roman Empire. The usual reason given being that they were being driven west by the expansion of the Huns further east. Lots of argy bargy about whether they should be let in and so on. They and similar confreres (Visigoths, Ostrogoths etc) went on to sack Rome, conquer Spain and Carthage and so on, all that mess of the late empire.

The point being the number of them. At this distance numbers get shouted about but the Goths might have been about 100,000 people. That’s kids an’ all. Roman Empire population was perhaps 50 million.

Which is interesting, isn’t it? Because 2015 saw some 1 million refugees – that’s asylum and economic together – coming into an EU of 500 million or so. 0.2% of population both times.

No, this is not to say that they’re going to sack Rome – not that anyone would notice these days – but it is to say that this is a point of such size that we cannot just ignore it. Something must be done – so, what?

We should therefore welcome the immigrants?

No one living in Britain is truly British, scientists have said after finding that the builders of Stonehenge were nearly totally replaced by European immigrants.

The original indigenous Brits were near totally replaced by immigrants.

The aim and purpose of life is to have offspring wh go on to have offspring.

We should welcome a new wave of immigration why?

What horrors, democracy triumphs

Miloš Zeman, the Czech Republic’s populist president, has been narrowly re-elected in a tense contest against a liberal challenger, marking a victory for anti-immigrant, far-right forces in the country and potentially tilting its politics in an anti-western direction.

Anti-immigrant, far right….

The outcome followed a campaign in which Zeman, who has carved out a reputation as a fierce critic of Islam, painted his opponent as weak on immigration, an issue that resonates strongly in the central European country, where opposition to the EU’s migrant quota scheme runs high.

But it does seem to be what the people want.


An Iraqi court condemned to death by hanging a German woman after finding her guilty of belonging to the Islamic State jihadist group.

She is one of hundreds of foreign jihadists held by Iraqi authorities, who in December announced the defeat of Isil after a gruelling three-year battle. She is believed to be the first European woman to be sentenced to death in Iraq in relation to Isil.

The woman, who is of Moroccan origin, was sentenced for providing “logistical support and helping the terrorist group to carry out crimes,” said court spokesman Abdel Settar Bayraqdar.

….definition of European there.

Sweden shows it’s not poverty causing the crime and violence

The crime surge is mainly confined to so-called “areas of social exclusion”, a code for neighbourhoods such as Rosengard that are predominantly populated by immigrants. They are not classic ghettos — the infrastructure and services are better than in areas of central London — but these communities are plagued by high crime rates and unemployment.

In Malmo, where a fifth of the 340,000 inhabitants are under 18, children as young as 14 roam the streets with Kalashnikov assault rifles and bulletproof vests. The average age of gang members is 22, the vast majority of them hailing from migrant families.

So, it ain’t the paucity of public services etc causing it, is it? Meaning that spending more on UK public services won’t solve whatever similar problems we’re having.

People of no religion nor ethnicity!

Twenty-one masked men have been seen throwing molotov cocktails at a synagogue in central Gothenburg.
‘We are in place with a number of units,’ said Peter Nordengard, police chief of the West Western region, told the Expressen newspaper.

Nothing about who was doing this.


Honeybuns, you’re just not supposed to say this

A lawyer from Sweden has claimed the majority of rape cases she deals with are being committed by people of ‘a foreign background’.
Elizabeth Massi Fritz, a legal expert from Stockholm, has now called on the government to ‘lift the lid’ on the problem.
Ms Fritz claims she tried to get hold of statistics from the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention to back up her observations, but was told those numbers are not kept.

Err, yes, I suppose this is probably true

Every Muslim woman I’ve met is integrated

Because you’re unlikely, wandering around society, to meet those who aren’t integrated.

My mother-in-law has lived here for nearly 40 years and can’t really speak English at all but she can understand it. She works, helping take special needs children to school every day. If that’s not integrated I don’t know what is.

Well, after 40 years we might expect a tiny, teeny perhaps, ability at the language.

Seems entirely sensible to me

Dr Mark Collard, Professor of Archaeology at the University of Aberdeen and currently the Canada Research Chair at the Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada, believes that changes in society had led to a desperate shortage of marriage partners.

The growth of polygamy and social inequality in the Late Iron Age meant that richer men took many wives, or concubines, causing an in-balance in the male-female sex ratio.

Suddenly young poor men had little chance of securing a wife unless they became rich and well-known quickly, says Prof Collard. And raiding was a shortcut to heroism and treasure, he believes.

“What is clear is that the sex ratio would have been substantially biased and increasing through time, and even small amounts of bias can have a big effect,” he said.

“In a population where just a few powerful older men are able to have multiple concubines you end up with a large number of young single men quite rapidly. Some men would have two to three wives, but the Norse sagas say that some princes had limitless numbers.

“So raiding was away to build up wealth and power. Men could gain a place in society, and the chance for wives if they took part in raids and proved their masculinity and came back wealthy.

“Because polygynous marriage increases male-male competition by creating a pool of unmarried men, it increases risky status-elevating behaviour.”

Thus monogamy leads to rather more peaceful societies.

That foreign virility

A gang of Somali refugees have been jailed for their part in the systematic rape and abuse of teenage girls who were failed by police and told their “lifestyle choices” were to blame for their ordeal.

Victims, as young as 14, were given drugs and repeatedly pestered for sex by the men, who were part of a wider gang based in Bristol.

Three men – Sakariya Sheikh, 23, Mohammed Dahir, 24, and Abdirashid Abdulahi, 23 – were convicted of 14 charges relating to four girls, following a third trial into the sexual exploitation of vulnerable schoolgirls.