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Which fuckin’ idiot decided this?

But from next month, the MoD will change the rules across the Army, Navy and RAF so that for the first time houses are allocated on the basis of how many children a serviceman or woman has, not their rank.

Just insane:

“There has always been married quarters and soldiers quarters,” he said. “They work together but socialise separately and it’s the same for married accommodation. Officers should live amongst each other, and non-commissioned officers and soldiers should live together, to avoid the difficulties of your next-door neighbour being your boss or one of your subordinates.”

Now you can do it the other way. I’ve been on an American base in Germany that does.

Colonel’s rather grander house surrounded by those of slightly less grand Majors and so on, to a circular suburb of enlisted. Another way of enhancing, enforcing, that heirarchy if you like.

But having the widower Colonel, kids left home, in the one bed housette while the progenitive corporal has a 4 bedder right next door? No, that’s simply not going to work.

An MoD spokesman said: “Our Armed Forces personnel make extraordinary sacrifices to protect our nation, which is why our Modern Accommodation Offer puts fairness first.

Shoot the cunts.


Missing the point

A government minister has defended the military’s “woke” policies, as he said the Armed Forces must reflect today’s society.

Andrew Murrison, the minister for defence people and families, told MPs that he was “guilty as charged” if he believed in making the military a more inclusive and diverse workspace.

We don’t want the military to reflect society. We want them to defend it. This is different and it’s not a subtle difference either.

Still, fortunately this fool will be out of office within the year. But will the successor believe the same drivel?

This might not work out so well

The British Army wants to relax security checks for recruits from overseas to boost diversity and inclusion, The Telegraph can reveal.

Britain’s armed forces have consistently failed to hit recruitment targets and are looking overseas to boost ethnic minority representation, which currently stands at 14 per cent of the regular army.

A document leaked to this paper, titled The British Army’s Race Action Plan, notes that the Army “struggles to attract talent from ethnic minority backgrounds into the officer corps”.

Published in March 2023 and understood to be the latest guidance, it outlines a series of “actions” to boost representation and describes security clearance vetting as being “the primary barrier to non-UK personnel gaining a commission in the Army”.

I’ve been vetted a couple of times. Not sure how deep they went but I passed both times (over export licences for military/nuclear goods). It does take time. There are also different levels of vetting – I didn’t get the full going over. But the idea that you don;t want to check those who are going to become your own intelligence officers of the future – no, that doesn’t make sense, it really doesn’t.

Err, yes…..

The Royal Navy is redeploying marines and sailors to become diversity and inclusion officers to enhance the “lived experience” of personnel amid ongoing recruitment challenges in manning its ships.

Three internal Navy job advertisements, seen by The Telegraph, seek to attract serving sailors and marines to work on diversity policy. The roles are based in Navy Command HQ [NCHQ] in Portsmouth and are intended to “improve the lived experience of our people”.

No, shoot them all

In a networked world where fighting methodologies, communications circuits and recognised pictures are shared and homogenised between allies in an instant, there is seemingly little consensus on how to fight within the information battlespace.

That’s from an article complaining that the tweets from a British ship in the Red Sea aren’t very amusing.

Shoot the entire media class. All of them.

There’s a reason everyone shrugged this off

If the world’s powerful nations had not so brazenly shrugged off three-quarters of a million Palestinians being driven from their homes 76 years ago, accompanied by an estimated 15,000 suffering violent deaths, the seeds of today’s bitter harvest would not have been planted.

Because the invaders – all the Arab nations that could get troops to the area – told the Palestinians to leave so they could slaughter all the Jews. Who, unfortunately for the invaders, decided not to die and fought back.

Then, a piece of truly abject fuckwittery. Instead of that displaced population dispersing around the wrold so that the call for the river to the sea became as politically important at the 15 nutters who march each year for the return of the Sudeten (and I’ve been there and seen them doing so) it was maintained as a seething mass in Gaza.

But, you know, history doesn’t exist for polemecists, does it?

As to what’s really happening here. Hamas fucked about and now it’s finding out. Vile, terrible and awful though it is, that’s what’s happening.


Seem to be forgetting what the Royal Navy is for.

1) Control the seas

2) Put troops ashore exactly where needed then come and take them off again when necessary.


Two amphibious assault ships are to be mothballed under government plans to make up for a severe sailor shortage in what critics have described as “the beginning of the end for the Royal Marines”.

Grant Shapps, the defence secretary, has put forward proposals to retire HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark from active service, The Times can reveal.

Bad, bad, idea.

Now there’s some gongs

Major Michael Sadler MC MM

Both the Military Medal and the Military Cross.

Each means about the same thing. But, back then, one was for non-officers, one for officers. So, having both means having done the thing as a non-officer, become an officer, and done the thing again.

That’s, erm, impressive. And I’d doubt there are all that many who’ve achieved that double. Rather rarer than MC and bar I would have thought?

Now, this is interesting

The military is shunning heat pumps and instead warming soldiers’ homes with cutting-edge electric boilers that cost less to run.

Ministry of Defence (MoD) officials have been working on “Project Nixie” since 2020, The Telegraph can reveal, focusing on finding alternatives to heat pumps for barracks.

Much of the MoD’s domestic building stock is not suitable for heat pumps, which have only been fitted in a “very small proportion” of military homes.

An MoD spokesperson said that the project was launched to find a cheaper alternative to heat pumps, which require comprehensive and expensive work to a property before installation.

And, erm, are they cheaper for everyone? If so, why isn’t that being shouted from the rooftops?


The US government charged a former diplomat who served on the national security council in the 1990s with secretly serving as an agent of Cuba’s government for more than 40 years.

Victor Manuel Rocha was arrested on Friday, following a long-running FBI counterintelligence investigation. The US ambassador to Bolivia from 2000 to 2002, Rocha also worked on the national security council from 1994 to 1995. He is charged with committing multiple federal crimes.

Not wholly sure it’s that important. There’s little Cuba would find out this way that they didn;t already know. The US doesn;t like the commies. And?

#Anyway, we’ve the David Sirota piece to look forward to. How “internal diplomacy” or some such on behalf of peace loving socialists is a really good thing to be doing or some such.

HMS Belfast is still there, no?

On Thursday night, the Royal British Legion said Poppy Day – when the country remembers those who made the ultimate sacrifice – should be a time for remembrance, not political protest.

Pro-Palestine marches have taken place every Saturday for the past three weeks, with the numbers attending steadily growing.

Another rally is due to take place this weekend, with a further mass gathering, organised by six groups including the Stop the War Coalition, planned for Armistice Day on Nov 11.

If they cross one of the bridges (say, Westminster, which they probalby will) they’d be well within range of Bellie, no? Action that day as they used to say.

So why won’t Egypt let them out?

Egypt has been caught in a dilemma for weeks about opening the Rafah crossing into Gaza: wanting to help the most seriously injured Palestinians leave, but adamantly refusing to contemplate a surge of Palestinian refugees into the Sinai peninsula. “We are prepared to sacrifice millions of lives to ensure that no one encroaches upon our territory,” Egypt’s prime minister, Mostafa Madbouly, said earlier this week.
Sisi said at the Cairo peace summit on 21 October that the world must never condone the use of human suffering to force people into displacement. “Egypt has affirmed, and is reiterating, its vehement rejection of the forced displacement of the Palestinians and their transfer to Egyptian lands in Sinai, as this will mark the last gasp in the liquidation of the Palestinian cause, shatter the dream of an independent Palestinian state, and squander the struggle of the Palestinian people and that of the Arab and Islamic peoples over the course of the Palestinian cause that has endured for 75 years,” he said.

For the same reason they’ve insisted they remain stuck in there this psat 75 years. Because if they did disperse then there wouldn;t be that pressure to destroy Israel. And the 2.5 million people are to remain cooped up in order to maintain that pressure to destroy Israel.

As I’ve pointed out the calls to retake Koenigsburg come from a very few lonely old men after that third or fourth beer. Because that former population is not still stuck in a camp in Pomerania. To be brutal about it the existence of Gaza itself is what keeps the problem festering.

Ahh, so that’s the crime

A female sergeant has been demoted for pulling down a colleague’s trousers and licking her forehead as “banter”, a court-martial heard.

Staff Sergeant Kayleigh Preston allegedly pulled down the lower-ranked soldier’s trousers at work. She then grabbed Sergeant Louise St Louis’s underwear and pointed out it matched the colour of her trousers, the hearing was told.

At another meeting SSgt Preston licked her junior colleague’s forehead, but claimed it was just “banter”.

She was later disciplined and found guilty of ill-treatment of a subordinate which led to her being reduced in rank to sergeant and ordered to pay her victim £800.

An interesting little thought on VAT on school fees

Will they top up the military and diplomatic allowances to account for VAT?

As you may or may not know one of the grand perks of military and diplomatic life is getting the private – boarding – school fees paid. It used to be, assume still is, 100% for the diplomats and 75%, maybe 85%, for the military. Because, posted abroad, we don’t run a system of secondary schools across the world (don’t have the numbers to do so, tho’ we certainly used to have some primary scchools run by the RAF, I went to one) with the English curriculum.


So, VAT is put on school fees. Have Labour thought through whether they will now up the allowances to pay the VAT? My best guess is that they’ve not even thought about it because they’re ignorant of the issue itself.

And this will matter. Take an entirely invented but not wholly unusual example. Perfectly reasonable officer (and senior NCOs could well fit this too, school fees are paid for non-officers’ kids) but who is topping out at Major or equivalent. Not one of life’s potential generals that is. Being paid £60-£80k, it’s that sort of range these days.

Marries late 20s, three kids in quickish succession. At one point all three in school (13 to 18). The school fees are more than pay – £90k, easily. Now add VAT – £18k. That’s a hell of a dent in £60k. Changes the calculation about being in.

Yes, obviously this is extreme. But there really are – is a group of – those who know they’ve missed the promotion years. But who stay in because the fees get paid. And when the fees are no longger necessary, the youngest passes 18, then they leave. They’ve got to go by 55, but they might go at 46, 49, whatever, depends on the fertility thing.

This is even checkable. Look at the retirement ages of those outside the promotion years (think it’s within 10 years of making Major, you don’t get next step ahead by then you’re not going to? About that, -ish) and see how many drop out before 55. Look at the pattern there.

My bet is that the Diplomats will definitely get this paid. The military, well, who knows? It’ll definitely be a big change in terms of service if they don’t.

My other, and much firmer, bet is that Labour haven’t thought about this because they don’t know.

Not sure this is wholly true you know

The Army is facing questions over a decision to feature a trans soldier on a panel at a “women in leadership” event.

Warrant Officer Class 2 Deborah Penny, who became the first transgender soldier to serve on the front line, took part in a discussion on “lived experience” of women in the forces during the event at Sandhurst this week.

The soldier, who has served in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan during a career spanning more than 40 years, is the Warrant Officer for diversity and inclusion in Army engagement.

I have a feeling that the on the front line was before the conversion.

Campaigners have questioned why the bomb disposal expert was given a place on the five-person panel over a biological woman, saying that WO2 Penny’s experience was “irrelevant” to women as she joined the forces as a man and served in roles which barred female soldiers.

Ah, yes.

Something I don’t understand

Ukraine ‘fires missiles at targets inside Russia’ for first time
Moscow accuses Kyiv of a ‘terrorist attack’ after apparent strike on the port city of Taganrog

Russia definitely fires missiles into Ukraine.

So, since when was it possible to say “no backsies” in war?