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Times subs!

Joe Biden vows to cancel oil pipeline to Canada

It’s an oil pipeline from Canada. This being easy to prove, look at a map. Now, the oils not going to run up now, is it? Quite, clearly, gravity works so it will flow from Canada into the US.


North of Naples is a vast underground supervolcano that vents itself in mysterious earth movements and noxious gases. The Romans noticed. They concluded that Lake Avernus, in a round crater in this fuming landscape, was the entrance to Hades.

An entrance to hell, not the.

You what?

and the typical US graduate earning about $1 million over their lifetime.

Median weekly income is $865 for a full time worker, $44k a year. Average annual personal income is more like $33,000.

Graduates, still, make a premium to median incomes. Working life of 30 to 40 years?

Nope, not right.

Innumerate Guardian journalists

Look, we know they have problems with numbers – being all arts graduates – but this is ridiculous:

Europe Day, additional to VE day, marks the moment 50 years ago when Robert Schuman, the foreign minister of France, in a landmark speech laid the foundations for the European Union as a response to the devastation of the second world war that had ended five years earlier.

Schuman’s speech was in 1950. As anyone with a brain would realise when writing that sentence. It’s the 75th of VE day, right? 75 minus 5, as stated, is 70, not 50.

Jeez, yes, arts graduates and numbers, but really, who believed that it extended to dates?

Tsk, subs, really

Boarding an airliner before Covid-19 halted mass air travel, most people gave little thought to who owned the aircraft on which they were about to fly.

Most would have assumed it was the airliner they had booked their tickets with.

You might suppose the airliner is owned by the airline….

Union organising in digital media

A very good thing, oh yes:

Five years ago, unions barely existed in digital media. Today, they may save the industry from the worst of the COVID-19 depression—and provide a model to other working professionals.

Within just a few months, five new digital-media companies unionized—Salon, The Guardian US, Vice’s editorial team, ThinkProgress, and Al Jazeera America.

Two of those five are bust and another employs – still – Amanduh.

Can’t see this is a great advertisement in favour of unionisation.


That explains that then.

When the JC went bust and straight to liquidation I emailed a contact there thinking that this was all a bit sudden. To be told that they couldn’t possibly comment. That now makes sense.

No Ollie, No

Instead, the compensation of chief executives is set by a company’s board and the decision-making is, to say the least, not transparent. It can also result in perverse incentives. A large component of compensation will typically be in stock options, which creates an incentive to take excessive risks.

Quite a number of years out of date there. Stock awards, not stock options, these days.

Don’t these people have editors?

Wealth taxes have always been politically controversial. Both Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren proposed ongoing levees on wealth while they were running for president, applied every year, as part of a broad program of reducing economic inequality.

They were going to build an embankment around wealth? Bury it, Jimmy Hoffa style, underneath one? Drown it?

A very interesting question

Here’s a thought experiment. Imagine if you typed a search request into Google – say for information about the coronavirus or bushfires or the best phone to buy – and the results that came back to you included none from traditional media companies.

No news reports written by journalists, no independent reviews by technology reporters, no professional compilations of the latest on a crisis.

How useful would Google be to you then?

And if the answer were “Just as useful as it is now” then what’s the point of all those grievance studies graduates doing the typing?

Well done to The Guardian, oh, well done indeed

2. What do ‘negative prices’ mean?

In short: oil producers are paying buyers to take the barrels of oil off their hands because storage facilities are full to the brim. At the market’s lowest point on Monday, an oil company might have paid about $40 for every barrel of oil someone was willing to take. A buyer would need to factor in the cost of transporting oil from the well to a shipping port, or a storage facility, where it may need to be held for up to six months, at significant cost. They would also need to bet that oil prices will rise later this year to make a return on the “investment”. No oil company wants to “sell” their crude at a loss, so many producers are likely to shut their wells until the market recovers.

It’s the futures price, for May delivery, which has gone negative. Not the spot or physical price.


Times! Subs!

The gunman is thought to have killed at random in multiple locations during his 60-mile drive in two separate vehicles through the towns of Truro, Brookfield and Shubenacadie.

He drove all 60 miles in those two separate vehicles, did he? Or drove one then t’other?

Like the use of the word denturist, agreed, not something I’d seen before. But this:

Officers appeared visibly shaken at a press conference in Dartmouth, after losing one of their own, Heidi Stevenson, a 23-year-old veteran constable, who leaves behind a husband and two children, aged 10 and 13.

She started young, no? And at 23 years old – rather than 23 years of service – she’s not really a veteran anything. Looking elsewhere it’s 23 year veteran, not 23 year old.