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There could be a reason for this

Half of Britons can’t name a Black British historical figure, survey finds
Exclusive: majority of British people found to have ‘shockingly little’ knowledge about Black British history

There weren’t that many Black Britons back in history. Black pop of Britain in 1946 (after the Septics went home, before Windrush) was about 30,000.

That’s not a large number to select famous people that people recall from. So, about the population of Wishaw. Name some famous people from Wishaw.


Smaller charities are increasingly benefiting from money left in wills after a series of scandals at large organisations, new figures show.

Some 10,428 charities were named in wills in 2018, with people “beginning to question more who they are giving their money to,” according to experts.

Last year, £3 billion was donated via gifts in wills, an increase of 50 per cent over the last decade, but despite the record figure, nine of the 25 highest earning organisations earned less than in the year before.

People should be more selective.

What fun on charity shops!

The number of charity shops on the high street should be curbed because they cost the Government more in tax breaks than they make in profits, a new report says.

Hmm, mebbe so. But from the report this is interesting:

The US charity, Goodwill Industries6, which runs 3,000 charity shops, manages to convert
83% of overall income into profit for charitable activities. The majority of Goodwill
Industries’ income derives from its charity shops

True, so far as it goes. But Goodwill counts the cost of running its shops as part of its charitable activities. Because that’s where they do the training for people to move onto other jobs.