Nick Griffin was correct then

No, obviously not about everything. But about one specific thing:

A senior police officer admitted that his force ignored the sexual abuse of girls by Pakistani grooming gangs for decades because it was afraid of increasing “racial tensions”, a watchdog has ruled.

After a five-year investigation, the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) upheld a complaint that the Rotherham officer told a missing child’s distraught father that the town “would erupt” if it was known that Asian men were routinely having sex with under-age white girls.

The chief inspector is said to have described the abuse as “P*** shagging” and to have said it had been “going on” for 30 years: “With it being Asians, we can’t afford for this to be coming out.”

Memory is not what it could be, but didn’t Griffin say this on TV once – Question Time? – and get roundly slagged off for having done so? I’ve even some vague thought that they were talking about this back in 2004/5.


The government has distanced itself from Dominic Cummings’ call for job applications as he was accused of “subverting due process”.

On Thursday the Prime Minister’s chief adviser posted a 3,000-word job advert on his blog, inviting “true wild cards” and “weirdos and misfits” to work for Downing Street and the civil service.

Last night senior cross-party MPs, trade unions and employment industry bodies raised concerns about potential breaches of equality and data protection laws.

Can’t have someone just gaily employing who they want to now, can we?

Because conservatives, by definition, are not centrists

What does it mean to be “too far left” — and why are conservatives not scolded about centrism?

From our ever popular series headlines we can answer.

In more detail, the “political centre” is further left than anything which can be called conservative. Thus it’s not possible to be conservative and centrist.

Of course, there are other names for those who try – RINO being only one of the polite ones.

So why aren’t we all talking about Diane Abbott’s son?

Well, for myself:

The alleged attacks took place over the last six months at three London hospitals, the Homerton Hospital in Hackney, the Royal Free in Hampstead and Mile End Hospital in Tower Hamlets.

The last assault on a hospital worker is said to have taken place just two days before Christmas.

He also faces one count of exposure on a hospital ward.

The laddie’s having problems rather than being one perhaps. There but for the Grace of etc. Hope he gets better soon is really the only worthwhile comment here.

That’s cute

Lizzie’s not asking for the big money.

‘Bamie’s doing it for her.

Former President Barack Obama has privately defended and praised Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., to wealthy Democratic donors reluctant to support her after she swore off big-dollar fundraisers, The Hill reports.

Purity and cash, now how about that?

Americans don’t get all the subtleties of British slang

Of course, they shouldn’t either, they’re different languages.

But this:

In just the last few weeks, Buttigieg—a mild-mannered Midwesterner who has been tucking in his shirt since grade school—has sparked blinding, irrational hatred from the online left.

Buttigieg is gay – not exactly a revelation at this stage – and one of the English slang words for gay is “shirtlifter”.

It’s only worth a “tee hee” not even a “snigger” but there is a mild amusement at that US description of how square and cornbread the guy is…..

An excellent impression for a politician to leave

The billionaire founder of the Phones4U retail chain handed £500,000 to the Conservatives three days after clashing with shadow Chancellor John McDonnell in a well-publicised row on BBC Radio.

John Caudwell said he gave the donation because he had never before felt so “never felt so paranoid about the destruction of Great Britain” which he believed would have happened under a Labour government.

Just mere minutes of conversation convinces the punter to support the other guy.

Way to go John!

OK Owen

Labour’s defeat was a calamity for the party and those it exists to represent. Corbyn’s leadership was partly destroyed by Brexit, by the remorseless attacks of its internal and external opponents, and by its own severe mistakes. Any new left project must learn from all of this. But from public ownership to tax justice to investment, it was not its signature policies that condemned it – and those ideas must remain at the core of whatever comes next.

Possibly the voters didn’t like those things tho’?

OK, so we’re not exactly Trumpists here

I certainly haven’t been, I was always more “Please, not Hillary”. And it’s true that watching American politics has been most amusing these past few years as the cultural divide opens out into a chasm. Perhaps not quite the ruling oligarchy but certainly prevailing political fashion has found that some half the country just doesn’t agree. And that in a democracy they do indeed have a voice.

But this seems to be missing part of the point:

Donald Trump has been impeached by the House of Representatives, becoming only the third US president to suffer the ignominy and bringing him a step closer to being removed from office.

Two articles of impeachment were passed over his behaviour in the Ukraine scandal – one for abuse of power and the other for obstruction of Congress.

Not a single Republican voted for either article – a fact the White House seized on to portray the Democrats’ impeachment drive as motivated by political bias.

Yes, OK, Trump, whatever.

But does anyone really think that it’s not political bias driving this? Not particularly D such either, but the establishment being pissed at that apple cart being rocked?

She may or may not have said it

But that’s not the problem she faces:

One of the MPs tipped to replace Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader has been accused of calling northern voters “stupid” in a row over who was to blame for the party’s election defeat.

Emily Thornberry, who represents a Remain-voting constituency next to Mr Corbyn’s in north London, is alleged to have told a fellow MP in a Leave-voting seat: “I’m glad my constituents aren’t as stupid as yours”.

Absolutely everyone thinks she could have said it so it will stick. More, everyone thinks she believes it even if she didn’t say it.

He’s really, really, not got it

We won the argument, but I regret we didn’t convert that into a majority for change
Jeremy Corbyn
We must now ensure that the working class, in all its diversity, is the driving force within our party

The point being that there isn’t a working class any more, not in the manner that the Marxists think there is. We now leap direct from lumpenproletariat to petit bougeoisie. There’s also no longer a working class in the old Labour sense. That guiding star of the movement simply isn’t there any more.

Har, Har, Har

Among those who fell short were the former Labour MPs Chuka Umunna and Luciana Berger, and the ex-Conservative Sam Gyimah, who had been placed in London seats the Lib Dems believed winnable. Other former Tories such as Phillip Lee and Antoinette Sandbach also lost.


Toe-curlingly bad performers and insignificants were punted up as loyalists, while serious heavyweights Keir Starmer and Emily Thornberry might as well have been shut in Johnson’s freezer.

If Ems is a heavyweight is Labour’s loss all that much of a surprise?

How Joyous

The general view is already explained here. But isn’t this just iced cake?

The other big loser of the night was Liberal Democrat Jo Swinson, who lost her East Dunbartonshire seat

Sadly she’ll be right back as Baroness Swinson but still, nice to see.