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Purely political

NEW YORK (AP) — A New York judge ordered Donald Trump on Friday to pay $355 million in penalties, finding that the former president lied about his wealth for years in a sweeping civil fraud verdict that pierces his billionaire image but stops short of putting his real estate empire out of business.

Judge Arthur Engoron’s decision after a trial in New York Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit punishes Trump, his company and executives, including his two eldest sons, for scheming to dupe banks, insurers and others by inflating his wealth on financial statements. It forces a shakeup at the top of his Trump Organization, putting the company under court supervision and curtailing how it does business.

Can’t see that it’s fraud to being with. Any anker who doesn’t check valuations before lending deserves the bankruptcy that’s going to arrive real soon now.

Can’t see this as being anything but purely political viciousness.

Sidney Blumenthal is an idiot, isn’t he?

The brief by Ginsberg et al was unvarnished: “A decision from this court leaving unresolved the question of Donald Trump’s qualification to hold the office of president of the United States under section 3 of the 14th amendment until after the 2024 election would risk catastrophic political instability, chance disenfranchising millions of voters, and raise the possibility of public violence before, on, and after November 5 2024.”

The brief added that “the grounds for avoiding the merits are not credible: Colorado manifestly had the authority to determine Mr Trump’s legal qualification for the office he seeks, and this court has jurisdiction to review that federal-law decision on its merits. To punt on the merits would invite chaos while risking great damage to the court’s reputation and to the Nation as a whole.”

But apparently the justices failed to read this brief, just as they apparently failed to read the various amicus briefs filed by distinguished historians.

Picture how the scenario might unfold as though reading it as a history from the vantage point of one year from now. The Ginsberg brief predicts the dire consequences that would flow from the supreme court ruling against Colorado. If we layer on to that prophesy the seemingly disparate events of this winter of our discontent we can see, through a mixture of fact and speculation, a disastrous unraveling.

The warning – for whatever it’s worth – is that if the Sc doesn’t decide whether Trump is eligible or not, if it simply delays the decision, then that might cause big problems down the line. Well, could be.

Blumenthal then leaps to the assumption that he’s already proven that the decision must not just be made, but must be made for Colorado and against Trump.

This is not just idiocy, this is malevolence. But then we knew that about Blumenthal anyway…..


Lib Dems target ‘Waitrose women’ to smash the Tory Blue Wall

They’re already the only bloc that reliably vote for them, aren’t they? The virtue signalling middle class?

Aha, aha, aha

Is Jill Biden secretly running America?
With the US president’s cognitive abilities under increasing scrutiny, many believe his wife is the one steering the ship

A D Ed running America?

That would explain a lot, yes.

But no serious observer of American politics thinks that’s true in any significant manner. Rather more speculation that this is the third Obama admin, no?

The reason Joe won’t be prosecuted over the papers?

He said he was “pleased” that the Department of Justice had decided not to pursue him in the courts, but did not address the fact that one reason for the decision was that a jury would acquit him because they would think he was a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory”.

That’s, erm, interesting, no?

That VP pick looks more and more important…..

Behind the scenes, there is discussion of Kamala Harris – his unpopular vice president – taking his place and running against Mr Trump in November.

That’s probably not a solution that will work to the benefit of the D party.

Newsom drafted in? What?


Nikki Haley’s long-shot campaign to be the Republican presidential nominee suffered an embarrassing blow on Monday night when she failed to win the party’s Nevada primary election — despite being the only viable candidate in the field.

The former South Carolina governor, 52, finished second behind “none of these candidates”

That’s a joke that’s going to follow her for a long, long, time.


Downing Street wants to give UK families higher priority for social housing in a controversial scheme that will be badged as “British homes for British workers”, the Guardian can reveal.

Officials will launch a consultation in the coming weeks into how they can give British citizens faster access to social housing, a move designed in part to bolster Rishi Sunak’s reputation for being tough on immigration.

But the move has prompted anger from some in government, who warn it could further fuel support for the rightwing Reform UK party.

How does this *increase* support for Reform?

Well, yes, and maybe no

I know about the poll which says so:

Oust Sunak or Tories face election massacre, warns former Cabinet ally
Sir Simon Clarke says ‘extinction is a very real possibility’ as poll suggests Tories could beat Labour with new leader

And I rather doubt it. Sure, St Kemi or the like might sway a few. But the real Tory probglem is, I think, a general upchuck about them – the party, the time servers, even the wets.

Doesn’t mean they won’t try of course….

This could be right

Donald Trump would win the US election if it was held today, a private equity grandee has said, adding that analysts had “missed” the scale of his following in America.

Obviously, I don’t know but this could be right yes. There is a significant – perhaps not significant enough etc – chunk of people who are out there going “The fuckers are trying what now?”

In a rational world with sensible politics few to none of us would be supporting Trump. Given what that permanent state is trying to do currently being against them does make sense. And will enough think that way?

Likely, likely

Reform UK, the Right-wing party set up by Nigel Farage, will hand Labour a huge majority by drawing millions of voters away from the Conservatives, polling suggests.

The former Brexit Party, now led by the businessman Richard Tice, will cost the Conservatives 96 seats, a YouGov poll predicts.

That’s without Nigel returning to lead it.

Mr Tice’s party is predicted to win 13 per cent of the vote,

Without concentrated regional support you need a few more percent than that to start winning seats. Start to go 5 and 6% above that and you start to win swathes.

So, what’s Nigel worth on the campaign trail? And will he run?


The Crown Prosecution Service is refusing to reveal Sir Keir Starmer’s role in the wrongful prosecution of subpostmasters after admitting it took at least 27 victims to court.

The CPS said it was combing through historic files and had found at least 27 prosecutions it had brought over issues linked to the Horizon IT computer system.

Oh Dear. How Sad. Never Mind.


Pressure on Ed Davey over knighthood after Post Office boss hands back CBE
Paula Vennells’ decision that she will forfeit the honour puts pressure on Liberal Democrat leader who was Post Office minister at the time


So, let’s get this straight. Three of the psat 5 Lib Dem leaders have been the Minsiter in charge of this as it unfolded. The Labour Party leader, as DPP, prosecuted some of them. Or course, the Tories have been in office this past 14 years it has been hidden.

This is now something of a political issue, isn’t it? And the reason that nowt’s been done about it is, to quote Dr. Kiosk, they are all guilty.

If only there were some political party outside the establishment that could exploit this and sweep with the voters’ anger. Nige?

Don’t Protest! You might be exploited by Nazis!

‘The mood is heating up’: Germany fears strikes will play into hands of far right
Angry protests by farmers, hauliers and railway workers risk being exploited by populists such as Alternative für Deutschland

Which is, of course, to get it the wrong way around.

Also, equally obviously, AfD are not Nazis.

The right way around is that the strikes are a sign of discontent with current policy. Therefore, in order to not allow the Nazis a chance, it is current policy that should change.

Yes, yes, it is

Reform a bigger threat to Tories and country than Labour, claims Lee Anderson
Conservative deputy chairman tells Right-wing party’s leader to be ‘careful what you wish for’

Not because the risk is the same. It’s pretty obvious that Labour’s going to do very well at the next election. It’s not certain that Reform will win a single seat.

But because it’s a different type of risk. Labour is a cyclical risk. Some ol’ two parties swap power. Ho Hum. Reform is – even if a lesser risk – a systemic risk. If Reform ends up permanently capmed out there on the right, 10 – 15% of the votes every time, then the Tories aren’t going to ever win bupkiss. Ever.

Different level of threat – even if with wildly different levels of probability.

Erm, posing, yes, probably

Mr Lee was later moved by helicopter to a hospital in Seoul where he is expected to undergo surgery.

Details have yet to emerge about Mr Lee’s attacker or his motivations, although local media reported him to be in his 50s and said he was posing as a supporter.


Kemi Badenoch has appointed a Tory peer as the new low pay tsar over fears that Labour planned to bring a union baron into the role.

The Business Secretary has picked Baroness Phillippa Stroud, a leading figure on the Right of the Tory party, to lead the Low Pay Commission, which helps set the minimum wage.

The decision will thwart any attempts by Sir Keir Starmer to choose a Left-wing figure who would “clobber” companies to appease his backbenchers. It will also ensure that a Conservative thinker who is pro making work pay is in place for at least the first two years of a possible Labour government.

Government appointment is made by government. When will this rape of democracy cease?


The numbers of families without a permanent home and in short-term housing, whether hotels and B&Bs or temporary rental properties, has hit a record high this year, with the latest statistics showing it now affects 121,327 children, according to data collated by the House of Commons library.

Other figures, also compiled by the library, show that councils across England have 261,189 homes that are classed as long-term vacant, meaning they have been empty for six months or more.

OK, so more empty homes that houeholds needing one.

Helen Morgan, the Lib Dems’ housing spokesperson, said: “It is heartbreaking to think so many children are going without a permanent place to call home this Christmas, while thousands of houses lie empty.

“It’s a sign of just how broken the housing market has become under this Conservative government. For years the government has utterly failed to build the social and affordable housing we need, leaving far too many people without a secure home.

“The Liberal Democrats would tackle the housing crisis, giving local authorities the powers they need to take on big developers and deliver the affordable homes that their communities need.”

Erm, isn’t the first contention the opposite of the second?

#We have enough houses but they’re badly allocated is v different at least from we need more houses, no?

This isn’t good

Colorado’s highest court has ruled Donald Trump is disqualified from holding office and removed him from the state’s 2024 ballot due to his incitement of the Jan 6 insurrection.

It is the first time a state court has found the Republican frontrunner should be barred from the ballot because of a US constitutional provision disqualifying people from federal office if they have engaged in “insurrection”.

Yes, yes, of course, Trump is literally a fascist and if he wins the next election that will be the last one ever. But democracy realloy is supposed to be the will of the people. So, banning people from running on political grounds – and no one sane believes this is anything but a political claim – means exactly that end of democracy feared.

No, not a good decision.

Yes, obviously

Ed Davey: ‘Being a carer is harder than being a politician’

Because you’ve actually got to do something. Make a coffee, change the bed, sort the washing. Rather than spout whatever contradictory nonsense seems likely to gain a vote here or there.