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On the next honours list

There’s a slightly odd convention – so I am told. That later PMs do not take honours until earlier PMs have had their. Tone took a K, so that’s OK, so did Major. Brown, G, hasn’t had one yet. That then blocks Cameron, May, Boris, Truss and Rishi from their.

Cameron was put into the Lords to be For Sec. That doesn’t breach the convention. But all of them are, in theory, eligible for anything from K to an Earldom, at their choice. But only once Brown G has had his. And if he refuses honours then he’s cockblocking them all.

Now, how much this convention is going to be kept to if Brown, G, keeps this up is another matter. For the thing about convention is that it can be changed. But that is how I understand it works right now. Until Gordon the Viking takes summat the rest can’t get anything.

A more minor interest will be how many of them try to go for the Earldom, if allowed a gong at all. The old objection, that we’d then end up with the great grandson of a PM as an hereditary legislator no longer applies, as an hereditary does not gain a seat in HoL. The specific would have to be the Earldom which inherits, plus a Life Peerage which does not, as the elevation to the Lords for an ex-PM.

My best guess is that Dave is gagging to be an Earl, May would like to be a Countess and the others I don’t know about.


Avictory for the right in the Portuguese general election this week could reverse the social advances of the past few years and herald a return to the “moral, theoretical and political bankruptcy” that followed the 2008 financial crisis, the leader of the small Left Bloc party has said.

Speaking to the Guardian as Portugal prepared to go to the polls on Sunday in a snap election triggered by the collapse in November of António Costa’s socialist government, Mariana Mortágua said rightwing and far-right parties did not have viable solutions to the country’s housing, healthcare and wage crises.

Yeah, quite. Far better to stay with the left so that Prime Ministers can receive birbes from lithium mines in peace…..


Extremists are trying to undermine British democracy, Rishi Sunak warned on Friday as he called for the country to come together and “beat this poison”.

In a speech on the steps of Downing Street, the Prime Minister said there had been a “shocking increase” in extremist activity in the UK in the wake of Hamas’s Oct 7 attack on Israel.

Mr Sunak called the victory of George Galloway in the Rochdale by-election on Friday “beyond horrifying” and said that extremism demanded a response “not just from government, but from all of us”.

Deckchairs and ocean liners come to mind.

Kill the bureaucracy, stop the boats and build some damn houses. Who gives a F that Gorgeous George is back in Parliament?

No. Fuck Off


I appreciate that this suggestion is unlikely to meet with universal agreement. Jealous of Sadiq Khan? That virtue-signalling pipsqueak? The Leftie London Mayor who’s constantly trying to politicise public spaces by filling the fourth plinth at Trafalgar Square with sculptures of transgender “sex workers”, giving London railway lines woke new names, and using New Year’s Eve firework displays to turn the London Eye into the EU flag? Why would anyone on the Right be jealous of him?

The answer is simple. They’re kicking themselves because they’ve belatedly realised that they should be doing exactly the sort of thing he does.

Quite blatantly, Khan uses his position of power to promote his own ideological values. And yes, it’s utterly insufferable.

The aim is to to replace one purveyor of mimsy political grandstanding with another of a slightly different shade.

It’s to return to a politics and government that does only what it is necessary that government does and then fucks off and leaves the rest of life alone.

But, guess I should wish for a unicorn at the same time, right?


George Galloway has won the Rochdale by-election, defeating the incumbent Labour Party who finished a distant fourth.

So, how about that arrival of the Muslim vote into British politics then? Quite the opportunity to build a little party carrying what, 15 to 20 seats? Because there are constituencies with highly concentrated populations, the thing needed to gain seats in a FPTP system by constituency.

The idea of being liberal seems to have vanished

Meal deals are to be stripped of crisps and fizzy drinks in Scotland under SNP plans to tackle an obesity crisis.

Proposals unveiled on Tuesday state that the popular supermarket offers, as well as temporary price reductions on unhealthy food and drink, will fall within the scope of a new junk food crackdown north of the border.

Options in a consultation for “rebalancing meal deals towards healthier options” include banning any food or drink classed as being high in fat, sugar or salt from the promotions in meal deals. These typically consist of a sandwich, snack and drink for a set price.
As well as lunchtime meal deals, evening “dine in” offers, in which consumers can purchase a main dish, side and pudding, would also face being banned if they included unhealthy components.

There’s gotta be a point at which we tell the cunts to fuck off. Sure, I’m well past it, but when is the general population going to do so?

No, it’s not the illegality that is the thing here

Sir Keir Starmer’s campaign manager failed to declare £700,000 in donations amid concern that some of the funds came from a Jewish donor who needed to be protected from anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, The Telegraph has learned.

Morgan McSweeney’s think tank was investigated by the Electoral Commission after he failed to register donations received by Labour Together, an organisation he ran until 2020, when he became Sir Keir’s chief of staff.

Now The Telegraph has learnt that during the time Mr McSweeney failed to register support from millionaire venture capitalists and businessmen, concerns had been raised about protecting a high-profile Jewish donor.

Well-placed sources said that senior figures at the think tank wanted to ensure that Sir Trevor Chinn, who is a director of the organisation and a regular donor, kept a low profile because of “growing” anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

It’s that they were worried enough about their own party’s antisemitism to actu illegally.

The Guardian gets everything wrong. Again

Portugal’s two-week general election campaign has officially begun with centre-right and centre-left parties leading in the polls, but a far-right populist forecast to collect almost a fifth of the vote is a further sign of Europe’s nativist drift.

Everyone in politics in this country is a thieving bastard. Further, the entire place is run for the benefit of the haute bourgeois professions – notaries, VAT accountants, bank managers and the like. The fiscal oppression of the actual working people is immense. So too is the lack of power of anyone not inside that gilded ring of those of the right job and position.

It’s a lovely place to live but God Forbid you should ever try to make a living here.

That there’s a party shrieking a pox on all their houses – and doing well by doing so – is not all that much of a surprise. Actually, it’s welcome.

So here’s a fun question

The standard is – sorry, has been – that if a party gets even just the one MP elected to the Commons – and it has to be elected, someone jumping ship is not included – then they get a peerage nomination the next time there’s a list of political peers.

This is how the Greens have been nominating people over the years.

Performance at Regional, European, Council elections does not count. But one MP, elected, in the Commons, does.

So, imagine that Reform wins Rochdale. No, go on, just imagine.

We actually end up with two questions here.

1) Will the deal be maintained? Or will there be some mumbling about “Well, we didn’t really mean that the likes of you get to nominate!”. The BBC used to try that trick all the time with things like political party broadcasts, talking heads on TV during election campaigns and so on.

2) If the deal holds who will Reform nominate for the first peerage?

And question 2a) – Will Nige want to accept it?

Weds 6 th November

It’s gonna be interesting folks

With 99 per cent of the votes counted, Ms Haley has won only three of the 50 available delegates.

The result makes it all but certain that Mr Trump will secure the GOP nomination this summer, and puts Ms Haley’s campaign in a precarious position ahead of the slew of primary votes on March 5.

I distinctly recall sitting reading in Nov 2016. Even posting – I think he’s going to do it – as the results came in. And the frisson that went with it.

I wasn’t pro-Trump as much as very anti Hillary. I simply despise – as it pretty obvious really – that whole political lineage that thinks that ever more central government is the solution to life.

No, I don’t think The Donald was a good President, I don’t think he will be again. His views on trade and tariffs are positively insane, just as one example.

But, given what they’ve been doing to try to make sure he cannot run, or to bankrupt or jail him for the temerity of even trying, that US Establishment needs a good hard kicking in the grallochs, if not an actual gralloching.

6th November. If he wins then the rejoicing will be marvellous to enjoy. Then we’ll all have to work out what to do about Trump actually being President of course, but the event itself will be that marvel to be righteously shrieked with joy about.

Poverty of ambition

Left-wing anarchist made plan to kill 50 politicians
Student Jacob Graham

That’s what’s wrong with the young of today, poverty of ambition.

The 19-year-old was said to be motivated by a “hatred and contempt” for the Government

Divorce doesn’t suit Mr. Gove

Taxpayers to back 99pc mortgages for first-time buyers
Treasury considers allowing families to put down a 1pc deposit to secure a property

This is one of his plans and it’s mad like near all of his recent plans. D’ye think we could get Sarah Vine to take him back? So sparing the rest of us these plans?

Grubby political chess

The Commons needed to focus on the horror in Gaza. Instead this was a grubby game of political chess
Polly Toynbee

The bit that Polly’s never grasped – or never allowed herself to grasp – is that all politics is such grubby chess.

Therefore politics isn’t a good way to deal with things – because the thing gets subsumed into the grubby chess playing.

Purely political

NEW YORK (AP) — A New York judge ordered Donald Trump on Friday to pay $355 million in penalties, finding that the former president lied about his wealth for years in a sweeping civil fraud verdict that pierces his billionaire image but stops short of putting his real estate empire out of business.

Judge Arthur Engoron’s decision after a trial in New York Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit punishes Trump, his company and executives, including his two eldest sons, for scheming to dupe banks, insurers and others by inflating his wealth on financial statements. It forces a shakeup at the top of his Trump Organization, putting the company under court supervision and curtailing how it does business.

Can’t see that it’s fraud to being with. Any anker who doesn’t check valuations before lending deserves the bankruptcy that’s going to arrive real soon now.

Can’t see this as being anything but purely political viciousness.

Sidney Blumenthal is an idiot, isn’t he?

The brief by Ginsberg et al was unvarnished: “A decision from this court leaving unresolved the question of Donald Trump’s qualification to hold the office of president of the United States under section 3 of the 14th amendment until after the 2024 election would risk catastrophic political instability, chance disenfranchising millions of voters, and raise the possibility of public violence before, on, and after November 5 2024.”

The brief added that “the grounds for avoiding the merits are not credible: Colorado manifestly had the authority to determine Mr Trump’s legal qualification for the office he seeks, and this court has jurisdiction to review that federal-law decision on its merits. To punt on the merits would invite chaos while risking great damage to the court’s reputation and to the Nation as a whole.”

But apparently the justices failed to read this brief, just as they apparently failed to read the various amicus briefs filed by distinguished historians.

Picture how the scenario might unfold as though reading it as a history from the vantage point of one year from now. The Ginsberg brief predicts the dire consequences that would flow from the supreme court ruling against Colorado. If we layer on to that prophesy the seemingly disparate events of this winter of our discontent we can see, through a mixture of fact and speculation, a disastrous unraveling.

The warning – for whatever it’s worth – is that if the Sc doesn’t decide whether Trump is eligible or not, if it simply delays the decision, then that might cause big problems down the line. Well, could be.

Blumenthal then leaps to the assumption that he’s already proven that the decision must not just be made, but must be made for Colorado and against Trump.

This is not just idiocy, this is malevolence. But then we knew that about Blumenthal anyway…..


Lib Dems target ‘Waitrose women’ to smash the Tory Blue Wall

They’re already the only bloc that reliably vote for them, aren’t they? The virtue signalling middle class?

Aha, aha, aha

Is Jill Biden secretly running America?
With the US president’s cognitive abilities under increasing scrutiny, many believe his wife is the one steering the ship

A D Ed running America?

That would explain a lot, yes.

But no serious observer of American politics thinks that’s true in any significant manner. Rather more speculation that this is the third Obama admin, no?

The reason Joe won’t be prosecuted over the papers?

He said he was “pleased” that the Department of Justice had decided not to pursue him in the courts, but did not address the fact that one reason for the decision was that a jury would acquit him because they would think he was a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory”.

That’s, erm, interesting, no?

That VP pick looks more and more important…..

Behind the scenes, there is discussion of Kamala Harris – his unpopular vice president – taking his place and running against Mr Trump in November.

That’s probably not a solution that will work to the benefit of the D party.

Newsom drafted in? What?