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scumsucking tax leeches

The UK’s vast and increasing inequality

We agree, there is inequality. So, Dame Margaret, Lady Hodge. She’s got two equivalent titles. Sure, one in her own right being the female equivalent of a Knight, the other as the widow of a Knight. But that’s a bit greedy isn’t it, hoarding society’s top honours like that?

Shouldn’t we tax one off her to redistribute?

And what is the solution?

Children from good homes are at the same risk of sexual abuse as less fortunate children due to their activities on the internet, a major new report has warned.
Youngsters who would never previously have been considered “at risk” because they are bright and from stable family backgrounds can fall victim to online abuse just as easily as youngsters in care or abusive homes, it said.
The study by Barnardo’s and the Marie Collins Foundation also said it had found British children as young as eight being targeted by paedophiles online.

My word, that is terrible, isn’t it?

So, what’s the solution?

“A greater emphasis needs to be given to training professionals working in the police, social work, health, education and voluntary sector so they can better protect children from online abuse.”

My word, that is a surprise, isn’t it? We should give more money to the nice people at Barnardo’s and the Marie Collins Foundation.

I would never have guessed that that’s what the report would say. Really, never.