Yes, obviously, clearly so

Interviews with dozens of witnesses for a new documentary series has forced a fresh reassessment of Hefner and his empire, suggesting that while the magazine magnate tried to present himself as a champion women’s rights in reality he was a “vampire” who manipulated and coerced young women.

That hundreds, if not thousands, of young women bettered themselves economically by getting their tits oot fer the lads must mean that Hefner was exploiting them. Can’t be anything else, can it?

Holly Madison, a model who dated Hefner for eight years, also told how he refused to use protection during sex and how the Playboy Bunny lifestyle even led her to consider suicide.

8 years of sex without a condom is just terrible punishment for an adult woman, isn’t it?

I think it’s unlikely

Romanian sex traffickers are grooming girls as young as 10 in school playgrounds and forcing them into prostitution in the UK, according to a shocking new documentary.

Using the so-called “lover boy method”, recruiters target vulnerable youngsters convincing them they are in a relationship before then exploiting them.

Oh, the convincing, sure.

What I don’t believe is British punters eagerly picking up 10 and 13 year olds. Or rather, I will believe there are paedos out there who might, but not that the average British sex punter is going to.

Perhaps it shouldn’t happen but who is actually surprised?

Jeroen Rietbergen, the show’s band leader, has admitted he had “sexual contact” with women involved in the show several years ago, having been previously warned about his behaviour.

Mr Rietbergen, a Dutch composer, said he believed the interactions were “reciprocal and equal” but now understands the women “may have had a different experience”.

“During my years of involvement with The Voice of Holland, I had contact of a sexual nature with some women involved in the program and exchanged sexually tinted WhatsApp messages. My involvement with The Voice of Holland was as a pianist and bandleader,” he added.

Armies of young women want their shot at fame. Casting couch possibly involved.

I’m perfectly happy with the idea that perhaps such power imbalances shouldn’t involve the sex bit. But I simply cannot bring myself to be surprised that they do. Entirely voluntarily too – the idea that some will trade access to what they’ve got for what they want wouldn’t;t surprise even maiden aunts – maiden aunts would probably understand it more than most actually, given that they did;t do so by their own choice.

Young folk discover the concept of “friends”

People who identify as straight are attracted to the opposite gender, while people who identify as gay or lesbian are attracted to the same gender. Those who identify as bisexual are attracted to more than one gender, and people who identify as pansexual are attracted to people regardless of gender. Usually, who you’re attracted to is the same in both the sexual and emotional sense, but not always.

For some people, like May, sexual and emotional attraction are split across sexes and/or genders. Many have taken to TikTok to share what it’s like to have this kind of attraction, detailing the confusion, worries, hopes, and joys that come with it.


Cultural Appropriation!

Wearing intricate costumes made of plants and adorned with tropical flowers, the women look spectacular. While their torsos remain completely still, somehow, impossibly, their hips are moving in circles so fast it’s almost a blur.

These women are performing traditional Tahitian dance, or Ori Tahiti, in Tahiti’s annual cultural festival, the Heiva. And they’re not alone. Thousands of women across the globe, from Mexico to Japan, are doing it too.

According to a report published by the French ministry of culture in 2017, there were more than 12,000 Ori Tahiti dancers in the United States and more than 10,000 in Latin America. In Japan, the movement has attracted 25,000 dancers and is projected to grow to 500,000 by 2027.

How dare this happen?

BTW, the idea that women swinging hips is specifically Tahitian will come as something of a surprise to several hundred thousand years worth of human beings.

Adult woman finds sex and emotions intertangle

While he could be very affectionate, he made it clear from the outset that he didn’t consider – or want – us to be anything more than friends with benefits. For much of the time we were carrying on our affair – relationship? Fling? I’m still not sure how to categorise it – I thought I was fine with that. I was certain I didn’t want to be in a committed relationship at that time, with him or anyone else.

Yet when we were out together and he went home with somebody else, or when I heard he’d slept with someone after the last time we’d met, I found myself minding more and more, while knowing that I had no right to. It began to make me miserable.

Weird how often Granny was right, isn’t it?

How does this work then?

My Husband’s Girlfriend Is One Of My Best Friends. Here’s How Our Family Works.

OK, modern family and all that. Hey, their lives.

It’s this bit:

When I met my spouse ― a queer, nonbinary person with a disability ― eight years ago

He had three kids by this point. These two then married, had another. And he’s added the girlfriend to the roster. Again, their lives and all that.

It’s just describing a male shagging two birds, with four kids, as queer and non-binary seems to be stretching those terms somewhat. Sounds very ci- het- and, umm, male actually.

It’s the insane levels of narcisism that so grate

That’s not because bi+ women dating men are less queer than those who aren’t/don’t, but because it can be more difficult to navigate patriarchal gender roles and heteronormative relationship ideals within different-gender relationships. Debora Hayes, a bi person who presents as a woman, tells me, “Gender roles are very bothersome in relationships with cis hetero men. I feel pigeonholed and limited as a person.”

Jesus Honey, you’re looking to get laid. It’s really not that difficult an activity……

A weird finding I don’t believe

So, OK, professors attacking the female students. Well, attacking perhaps not so much – attempting to bonk say – but let us for the sake of the argument agree:

It found that sexual violence is “endemic” at universities, with one in 10 staff assaulted at work but only half reporting incidents over the past five years. It also found that 12 per cent of women and 5 per cent of men had directly experienced workplace sexual violence.

Note, the claim is sexual assault. It’s not nasty remarks, it’s willy waving and staining outfits etc up to rape.

while workers who are trans and non-binary were at higher risk of directly experiencing sexual violence (1.3 times as likely).

Now, I can imagine that if we use a modern definition – mispronouning say – then we can reach this result. But if we’re sticking with the usual and colloquial definition of sexual violence – white and powerful men forcing their willies upon people – in what damn world are the trans and non-binary going to get more of this than the tits and pussy crowd?

We’re trying to make the allegation that the trans and non-binary are more attractive to the average power crazed and lust driven white male? Rilly?

The study also discovered that staff with disabilities were twice as likely to experience direct sexual violence years as non-disabled staff, and workers with a sexual orientation other than heterosexual were almost twice as likely to directly experience sexual violence than their heterosexual peers.

No, we’re not using that normal definition of sexual assault, are we?

The one legged lesbian propforwardinadress gets raped more often than that Sophia Loren lookalike in the Italian department? Have these people ever met any humans?

Somewhat amusing

Odd mind:

France’s first lady, Brigitte Macron, is set to press charges after a conspiracy theory claiming she was born male gained traction on social media.

The rumour, which can be traced back to a small, extreme-Right journal article from September, falsely claims that the 68-year-old wife of Emmanuel Macron is a transgender woman who was born under the name Jean-Michel Trogneux.

How many kids does she have?

Presumably, like all proper conspiracy theories, there’s some complex explanation of that but really.

On the other hand it could just be a really marvellous joke but it’s always difficult to tell when the subject is French politics.

Ms Macron’s lawyer, Jean Ennochi, said there would be “legal action” against the instigators of the claims for libel.

Sounds like a case for Owen Jones here. As being trans is just fine then how can the suggestion be libel? Which is what folks – not Jones who was still in shorts at the time, licking sherbet dabs rather than anything else – did actually say about Jason Donovan suing for being called gay. Can’t be libellous, can it?

So what did he say?

The head of the Police Federation of England and Wales is being investigated over allegations that he sexually touched a woman at the Police Bravery Awards earlier this month, The Telegraph can reveal.

This won’t hurt?

Be brave now?

It’s sex, not porn

Billie Eilish has just turned 20. Last week, talking to the radio host Howard Stern on SiriusXM, she discussed the impact that viewing pornography online, at a young age, had had on her. She explained that she was about 11 when she first saw pornography, and that it had given her nightmares, and affected her understanding and expectations of what sex should be. “I think it really destroyed my brain and I feel incredibly devastated that I was exposed to so much porn,” she said.

Not to particularly defend 11 year olds watching porn. But it’s sex which confuses, not porn. This is why we have these age of consent things, because we realise that kiddies don’t understand and can’t.

That the entirety of society – outside the wilder reaches of the Labour Party – agrees on the undesirability of paedophilia is proof of this very contention. Sex is confusing to children, they don’t understand it.
Portrayal of it isn’t the point at all.

The Guardian, always wrong, about everything

The sex of babies is determined at conception, when exactly half of embryos should be girls and half boys.

The first half of that is wrong by modern claims. Sex is, of course, observed at that stage.

It’s also wrong by the older, truer, standards in the second half. Because there are more conceptions of boys that girls. Can’t recall the number but 10% is calling from dim memory. The equity is 50/50 at puberty and since male embryos are more likely to abort, male children more likely to die, there are more conceptions of males than females.

Sigh, that’s pretty good, being wrong about both modern and real science in the once sentence.

My word

The first accuser to testify against Ghislaine Maxwell has told jurors she wished she never received five million dollars in sexual abuse compensation from Jeffrey Epstein’s estate.

Won’t that just increase the incentive to complain?

Actually, there’s a significant number out there who would accept that as a very decent price to be shagged let alone complain.

So, so, Guardian

I consider myself polyamorous – but my girlfriend finds this hard to accept
She wants us to be faithful to one another, and I want her to feel loved and valued. But I also want more for myself

We used to have a much easier – even more understandable – description of this. “Being male”.

We also used to know what to do about it. Sure, OK, so, and no, don’t. Because that’s what being adult means – controlling some part of who you are.

As that line goes, “In my day we called that shagging around”

Now this I do not understand

Carer stabs man 12 times in homophobic rage after they have sex
He shouted “I’m not f***ing gay” after losing his temper when the man declined more sex


Even this doesn’t help:

Liverpool Crown Court heard

I thought Scousers were layabout tealeaves, not thick as pigshit?

Linguistic details matter

Blurred lines: can selling your body ever be empowering?

That specific question, as particularly asked?


Apart from anything else it’s illegal. You cannot sell yourself into slavery.

Now ask the question as it really is:

Blurred lines: can renting out your body ever be empowering?

Answers might be different, might not be, but it is a very different question.

An alternative explanation

Apparently young Americans are having less sex. Or, possibly, fewer of them are having it. This paper looks at religion, late marriage, porn, etc.

The pandemic disrupted American life in many ways, but one trend remained the same: rising sexlessness. A growing share of younger Americans are living without sex. The new 2021 General Social Survey can be used to track these trends over time. As Figure 1 below shows, since 2010, there has been a sharp rise in the share of males and females ages 18 to 35 who report not having sex in the prior year.

Any number of possible explanations of course. But let us now be Worstallian here. Has the definition of sex changed?

This is self-reporting after all. So, we have to at least consider what people doing the self-reporting are considering to be sex. I don’t know whether that general societal definition has changed. I can imagine it going either way – fnarr, fnarr – of course. “He looked at me funny” might now be sex because it appears to be sexual assault to some people. Equally, as Bill C pointed out, a blow job isn’t actually sex.

But before I made any conclusions that’s something I’d insist is explored. Is the incidence of sex changing because the definition is?

Modern mores

In 2021, it’s painfully heteronormative to presume that sexual intercourse has to involve a hole being filled by something cock-shaped.

Well, OK, I guess. Would be willing to bet that it’s still mean, median and modal form of sex tho’.