An elderly millionairess accused of trying to “seduce” a celebrity dermatologist in a campaign of harassment was trying to seek redress for botched treatment, a court has heard….

OK, there are women like that out there but “I’m going to punish you by having sex with you” is still a fairly low estimation of one’s own worth….

You just try having a place only for cis- hets

It might even be beneficial if such places existed. But just try it:

Having a space where LGBTQ people can simply exist in their own skin and experience, without judgment or pressure to hide for the benefit of cisgender, heterosexual people, can be enormously beneficial.

But in recent months, queer and trans people have been feeling the loss of affirming LGBTQ spaces since cities and states began shutting down nonessential public spaces in mid-March.

Goose and gander comes to mind…

An amusement

Sometimes gender really does matter:

In the new study, this combo marketed as Truvada was tested against intramuscular injections of the experimental drug cabotegravir or placebos in men who have sex with men and transgender women.

If trans women are entirely, wholly and totally female then there wouldn’t be this distinction in who the trial subjects have sex with, would there?

That we should all be polite and address people as they wish to be addressed doesn’t change this.

Well, yes, justice delayed is justice denied

A London Underground manager sacked for sexually harassing a female colleague has been awarded a £14,000 payout after bosses took too long to dismiss him, an employment tribunal has ruled.

Olushola Adenusi, 59, was subject to disciplinary proceedings after he told a woman he wanted to sleep with her and that he could tell she was fit by her body shape.

The customer services manager was sacked for gross misconduct but took legal action against London Underground on the grounds of unfair dismissal.

An employment tribunal found that while the decision to fire him for harassing the woman, known only as C1, was reasonable, the 16-month investigation took so long that it became unfair.

So when do those investigated for kiddie fiddling get compo for the length of time it all takes?

Or doesn’t that work because the Carl Beech victims were in fact innocent?

When people stop shagging HIV infections fall

This really is a surprise, isn’t itisn’t it?

Their findings confirmed what health professionals nationwide had predicted: through complying with measures to physically distance, the public are having less “risky” unprotected sex with new partners. This alone has helped slow the rate of HIV transmission, but a prolonged period of sexual inactivity in Britain has other benefits in the attempt to slow new cases of HIV.

So, all that was necessary to slow/stop the spread of HIV was that people stop shagging around. Hmm, well, OK, but that might have been a simpler solution all along, no?

Well, yes, but….

For some, weight truly is the torture that never ends. On Planet Woman, even today, weight loss is still mainly cast as the life-giving sun, while weight gain is the foreboding death star that will kill your dreams. For some, it gets properly serious. The plus-size people who are made to feel grotesque on a daily basis. The anorexics whose deadly mental health condition is undermined and underfunded. The questions – the rage – around weight, diets and body image never stop. Why is a thin woman preferable to a fat one? Why is smaller better than bigger? Then you get Adele, a celebrity who decided to lose a shedload of weight, and there’s another pressing feminist question: whose business is it really?

The actual feminist question is who is it doing all the talking?

It not being the men:

Men Puzzled By Debate Over Bouncy Girls
23rd March 2010
MEN across Britain continue to be puzzled by the debate over the pros and cons of bouncy girls, it emerged last night.
Martin Bishop, a remarkably ordinary human from Doncaster, said: “The girl with the hips, the magnificent knockers and the warm, happy face… or the arrogant, sulky angle-poise lamp who spends half her life in the bog?

“I’ll be honest, I don’t listen to women all that much but from what I can gather the debate is, essentially, about attractiveness and therefore it is reasonable to assume that I, as a man, am the one who is supposed to be attracted.

“We keep saying it until we are blue in the face – for the love of god, please gain some weight because we do not want to have sex with someone who looks like a 12 year-old boy.”

Ahhhh, yes, that’s right, it’s the wimmins doing the faffing over weight, isn’t it?

We can even draw into evidence that economists’ favourite, revealed preferences. Look at what people do, not what they say. Fat birds all over the country have children, as any potter into public spaces shows. Fat birds must, therefore, be getting porked as that’s what causes children. And if fat birds are getting porked by those capable of getting them pregnant then it can’t be the men rejecting fat birds, can it?


More testing needs to be done here

Chinese researchers who tested the sperm of men infected with Covid-19 found a minority had the new coronavirus in their semen, opening up a small chance the disease could be sexually transmitted, scientists have said.

A study by doctors at China’s Shangqiu municipal hospital of 38 men hospitalised with the disease found that six of them(16%), tested positive for Sars-CoV-2 in their semen.

Interesting. So what now needs to be done is get some women hot to trot, sample them secretions and see.

Because it if turns up in bodily fluids then which fluids does it turn up in?

I misread this at first

Was Boris Johnson’s baby born early, and will he take paternity test? Everything we know so far

Eh? Thought he was acknowledging it already?

Ah, no:

Was Boris Johnson’s baby born early, and will he take paternity leave? Everything we know so far

But wouldn’t it be amusing if there was uncertainty?

Yer Wha’?

Set against an extraordinary political backdrop, Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds have defied the odds

Boris is known for a certain sexual incontinence, yes. But it’s not for one night stands nor shagging the secretary on the broom cupboard a la JFK. Rather, it’s for having a mistress, a long term piece on the side. That he’s been with Carrie 18 months now is not actually against those odds.

True, that he’s only with the one is but that’s another matter.

Not really, no

An irresistible floral scent dabbed on the body may sound like a cliche from a perfume advert, but it appears to play a role in how male ring-tailed lemurs attract a mate.

Researchers in Japan say they have identified the odours males waft at females, and shown the latter’s attention is indeed captured by the pong.

They say these substances could be sex pheromones, chemical signals produced by all members of one sex within a species to affect the behaviour of the opposite sex, helping bag a partner.

If so, it would be the first time sex pheromones have been found in primates.

We have found sex pheromones in humans, humans are primates…..

Ah, here’s their get out:

“Although there [is circumstantial evidence] that humans utilise olfactory cues for communication, there is no authentic pheromone that has been chemically identified,” said Touhara.

Seems a fair enough award

Liberty identifies as an ‘objectum sexual’ – an individual who is attracted to objects. She objected to being included in an end-of-year article by Sun columnist Jane Moore, which nominated her for a “Dagenham Award (Two Stops Past Barking)” prize, simply because of her sexual attraction to Lumiere.

She also raised concerns about the accuracy of the newspaper’s reporting after the article referred to her being married to the chandelier. She pointed out she was in a relationship with the chandelier but not yet married to it.

The second paragraph does rather justify the first, doesn’t it?

Firmly against such education

A controversial sex education course that taught children as young as six about touching their own genitals has been pulled by a council following a backlash.

The “All About Me” syllabus, which was rolled out at over 200 primary schools across Warwickshire, proposed that children should learn that “lots of people like to tickle or stroke themselves as it might feel nice” including their “private parts”.

The syllabus reassures children that this is “really very normal” but adds that it is “not polite to do it when other people are about”. It recommends that children do this when they are alone, such as “in the bath or shower or in bed”.

Nope. After all, what’s the joy of childhood if you don’t get to find out interesting things for yourself?

Is she that scary?

Or is it that she’s that gorgeous?

They were warned by the officials against stockpiling toilet paper or flour. But that’s not all New Zealanders have been hoarding, according to the nation’s largest retailer of sex toys, which said sales of its products tripled after Jacinda Ardern announced a month-long lockdown of the country.

I have to admit that a sex toy isn’t quite the association I have with Ms. Arden, nor the likely accoutrement to my observing her on the telly.

Tolerate is le mot juste

Don’t ‘celebrate’ gay people, just accept us, says teacher at centre of schools row

Accept is reasonable, but I think tolerate is closer to the correct meaning. To accept Simon Cowell would be asking too much, toleration is about as liberal as I can get.

And yes, Mr. Cowell is a reasonable comparison for sexuality. Other peoples’ tastes are none of my damn business assuming that they’re not being offered directly to me to partake of, subject to the usual consenting adults only caveat.

An expensive shag

Kyle Walker has apologised after it emerged that he hired two escorts to visit his apartment during the coronavirus lockdown.

The Manchester City and England defender is facing a fine from his club that could be up to two weeks’ salary — about £240,000 — for the incident, which occurred last Tuesday and in the early hours of Wednesday.

Thought footballers got their choices of freebies anyway…..

Yes, yes, we do know the joke, the payment is to get them to leave afterwards…..