Pretty much

“About people like Weinstein and the casting couch and all of that,” she says, “I have a confession. In my day, if you went up to a guy’s hotel room, you knew exactly why you were going and in those days it was consensual. Times were different,”

Rather what my basic – base perhaps – analysis has been all along.

Leave aside what should be. The actual problem here is that we did have a set of rules. No matter how good or bad they were, a set of rules that all knew and which were abided by at that cost of social ostracism if they weren’t. Note again, this is not to say that they were good – or bad – rules. Just that they existed and were known.

Those rules are now in flux. We’ve a number of claims about what the new rules should be. And we’ve most certainly not come to a general societal agreement about what these new ones are.

Which is what the general problem is.

Now, to get back to what the rules should be. I go for capitalism and free markets because that’s, to my mind, the best way of dealing with and harnessing people as they actually are. Sure, socialism sounds fun, us all working altruistically for some greater good, it’s just that homo sapiens sapiens doesn’t do that. Socialism is for some other species, bees, ants maybe.

Rules about sex? Think that whatever the rules are should run with what human nature is. Sure, constrain the bad bits – as markets constrain the greed of capitalism – and promote the good. And entirely willing to agree that effective contraception/DNA tests etc change what the rules need to be even as they’ve not changed a couple of hundred thousand years of how we got here.

So, for example, virginity just ain’t what it used to be. And isn’t as we can all observe out there. But that people will trade what they’ve got for what they want hasn’t gone away – just as an example.

Suppose so really

Like customers in non-sex industries, clients come with ideas about how much a given worker’s labor is worth, and cam performers of color, who are gender queer, fat or disabled have to navigate some clients’ perceptions that their labor is worth less.”

Gwyneth Paltrow’s on screen labours pay more than those of Doreen from accounts. Kim Kardashian’s on screen efforts pay more than those of xe from accounts.

This is a surprise or problem to whom?

Lots of headaches about

Half of British women ‘have poor sexual health’



The computer models generated two extra categories for women. The first was predominately characterised by having a “low interest” in sex – the most common form of sexual dysfunction in women – and comprised 29% of women surveyed.

That’s what giving up on colonialism has done to us. No point in lying back and thinking of England any more, is there?

A saving grace

Campaigners have called for nude art classes in schools to improve body image issues caused by social media, and teachers will decide if children can take part.

Artists want models to disrobe for young people and display the unfiltered human form, counteracting distortions of shape, size, and normality young people receive online.

Could solve this simply by a trip to the beach.

But at least they’re not asking the children to do the modelling. That would be too too close to paedo.

There’s an amusement here

A US judge has awarded $13m in damages to 22 women who were defrauded by the owners of GirlsDoPorn, a website specialising in “amateur”-style pornography.

Contractually they’re probably right. They were promised the porn wouldn’t go online, it did, bang to rights.

The amusement rather coming from the underlying claim they’re making. Which seems to be that doing porn is just fine as long as no one knows about it. Which might even be the normal human reaction but still. You have actually gone and done the act, haven’t you?


Quite why we’re supposed to be interested I’ve never been sure. What other people do with their gonads – as long as all are consenting adults – isn’t really my business. Not until that activity is being offered to include my gonads at least, at which point I get to be selective – or non-selective, as happens to men rich in maturity.

But, a political claim:

Lib Dem leadership contender Layla Moran says she is pansexual and in ‘stable relationship’ with a woman

Pansexual – a paedophile specifically interested only in children who never grow up? Like dogging with the goat legged and permanently erect?

Not discriminatory – in either sense, the modern of not oppressing by discriminating, the older of shagging anything that moves?

Incapable of making up her mind, which would suit for a Lib Dem?

Difficult to know what people mean these days, isn’t it? A fruitarian for example, this is t-t-t-touch me, I wanna be fruuiity, right?

You what?

They can’t possibly believe this. Can they?

As Helen Joyce recently noted in Quillette, it has become an article of faith in progressive circles that our sexual attraction follows the abstraction of gender, not the reality of biological sex.


Well, yes, but societally

There’s a certain truth to this:

More than a third of all pornography watched in New Zealand depicts non-consensual sexual activity, a study by the chief censor has found, in the first report of its kind into the country’s sexual viewing habits.

Censor David Shanks said the findings were important because, increasingly, young people were using the internet as their first and primary tool to learn about sex – and many applied what they had seen to their own sex lives. And while adults usually had the experience to treat porn for what it was – fantasy – younger viewers did not.

He said: “For young people, or people inclined to coercion, the repeated theme of ‘no’ becoming ‘yes’ could very easily be problematic.”

“Often the videos with this content would start with a reluctant partner, usually the female, who starts out saying ‘no’ to sex but whose initial resistance is overcome through insistence and subtle pressure by the male. The actress is then portrayed as enjoying the sexual contact – female pleasure was notable in 99% of the videos,” Shanks said.

Obviously, not the she said no but if she’s raped she’ll enjoy it idea.

But that it’s women who make the choice of sex or not, with whom or not. That it’s men having to do the impressing to get into that bed. That’s pretty much how it does work, yes.

It’s an obvious outcome of the basic biology here, that pig and chicken deciding what to have for breakfast. The chicken’s interested in eggs but the pigs committed to the ham idea. So with human fertility and thus the general difference in the who gets to decide and when.

As usual, the underlying problem here is that the people trying to define these rules don’t seem to have met many humans.

How comforting, The Guardian still employs nutters

I know what that thing is. We should ban nude scenes for anyone under the age of 50.


Humans tend to be interested in nekkid fertile flesh. If you don’t grasp that you’re not getting the most basic thing about sex, sexuality and, well, humans actually.

But then that seems to be a requirement for writing for the Guardian really.

Human trafficking, eh?

Seventeen people have been arrested in early morning raids as part of a joint operation by British and Romanian police targeting an international human trafficking gang.

The raids in London also led to the rescue of 29 women, aged 20 to 40, who were believed to be victims of trafficking and have been taken to a place of safety, according to the Metropolitan police.

Those detained, who are aged between 17 and 50 and include three women, were held on suspicion of modern slavery, controlling prostitution, class A drug offences and firearm offences relating to a stun gun.

So, the allegation is that the 29 women were forcibly moved to the UK and forced into prostitution. That’s what trafficking means. That the movement was involuntary, that the job being done was involuntary.

And how does this work? Any Romanian can just walk out of any door in the UK and is legal to take on any job anyone would like to hire them for. There’s no problem with papers or licences of visas or…….

Perhaps a little more likely is that working girls were aided in their travel to a richer country to voluntarily be working girls. In return for a cut of the action. This could be all sorts of things, including brothel keeping and living off immoral earnings. But it ain’t human trafficking.

We’ll have to wait and see what charges are brought, won’t we?

Are giraffes gay?

Seems like an odd claim:

Senior Labour figures have become embroiled in a bizarre gender policy row over whether male giraffes are naturally gay.

The controversy began when Dawn Butler, Labour’s shadow secretary for women and equalities, gave a speech at the Pink News awards defending the teaching of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues in schools.

She cited giraffes’ gay behaviour as evidence of how ridiculous the concept was that children could be taught to be gay through lessons on LGBT issues.

I grasp the various arguments about how any why gay exists. The gene, just as one example of such an argument, is beneficial in other formats or circumstances, thus it persists generation to generation even if it is not beneficial to the generation of descendants of the individual. And all that.

But I really do struggle to see how an entire population can be 90% gay from generation to generation. Seems most unlikely as an evolutionary outcome.

This is fun


Transgender woman Ria Cooper, 25, says she has contacted police after a series of messages were sent to her over Whatsapp by a photographer who promised to help promote her career.

The west Hull woman, who became Britain’s youngest transgender woman at the age of 15, claims the man suddenly stopped all contact after discovering she was trans.

She says the man made contact after she began sending links to her fans on social media of her new glamour modelling portfolio.

During the conversation, the man said the glamour industry was small and “everyone was family” after bluntly proclaiming he couldn’t work with her because she “had a c***”.

“This is absolutely f****** disgusting behaviour,” said Ria.

There are times when discriminating between those who have had the chop and those who haven’t would seem reasonable. Having sex, making porn, would appear to be one of them.

Even in Hull.


The maker of Always sanitary pads has given in to claims of discrimination by transgender men and removed the ‘Venus’ symbol of the female sex from the wrapping.

Menstruation is – as with the inverse, pregnancy – rather the definition of the feminine.

A trans activist using the pseudonym ‘Melly Boom’ had tweeted in July asking Always why it was ‘imperative’ to have the sign on their sanitary products.

The tweet said: ‘There are non-binary and trans folks who still need to use your products too you know!’

Time to end care in the community, no?

We’ve got your problem right here Emma

Sgt Emma Slade, who has responsibility for policing prostitution in Avon and Somerset, said: “Vulnerable women are being enslaved and exploited for sex within pop-up brothels. They are isolated and suffer terrible abuse. Many of the women are recruited and trafficked on false promises of legitimate work but find themselves in a very different circumstance.”

Slade said that when police carried out safeguarding visits to brothels, they often found women from the far east and eastern Europe who spoke no English and did not know the emergency services phone number.

That someone is from the Far East or Eastern Europe does not mean they’re enslaved. It simply means they’ve moved from there to here to rent out their gonads.

Sex slavery is appalling, a vile crime, repeated rape. Migration to be a tart in a higher paying market might be something that you disapprove of but it’s not even a crime.

Pecunia non olet

Michael Jackson songs have been pulled from primary school teaching materials in the wake of child abuse allegations.

A company that supplies music lesson resources to around half the primary schools in England removed all mentions of the late pop star from its teaching material.

Charanga took the decision earlier this year, following the release of the Netflix documentary Leaving Neverland, which detailed claims from Wade Robson and James Safechuck that they were abused by him as young boys.

Mark Burke, director of Charanga, said: “In light of the allegations made against Michael Jackson in March, we felt it inappropriate to promote or share his content with our users.


The music stands or falls as music. The sexual behaviour as sexual behaviour. One does not infect the other, either way around.

Still, be interesting to see the BBC subtitles of a show arguing this point. They’re still using Gill Sans aren’t they?

Well, I suppose so, yes

The flippantly named NoFap community has gained a strange prominence since it was founded in 2011 by Pittsburgh web developer Alexander Rhodes. Inspired by a small study that suggested that male testosterone levels rose after seven days of abstinence from ejaculation, followers avoid masturbation in order to “reboot” their brains.

Not quite sure what the end result of the rebooting will be but reasonably certain it will happen.

Even among noodle armed snowflakes a week’s entire abstinence will have the average 18 year old male leaking testosterone through the eyeballs. Might not be an entirely happy rebooting……

That first law of the social sciences

All stereotypes have some truth in them:

As the first member of the Royal Family to marry someone of the same sex, it is perhaps fortuitous that Lord Ivar Mountbatten likes to shock.

The 56-year-old cousin of the Queen is preparing to celebrate his first wedding anniversary with James Coyle, who works as senior cabin crew for an airline.

Also “member of the Royal family” is doing some work there. Pretty extended family….