At least this makes sense

Eunuch should be recognised as a formal gender identity, according to documents published by the Scottish NHS.

The National Gender Identity Clinical Network for Scotland (NGICNS) shared the claims from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) that “eunuch-identified people” were the “least visible” trans group and would benefit from “gender affirming medical care”.

The paper was deleted on Wednesday night and the Scottish Government issued an apology, claiming it had been published by mistake.

There are folk who identify as eunuchs, they do go get orchidectomies. This is actually a thing over and above inventions of bluehaired teenagers.

Now, what we should do about it is another thing, but that the authorities seem to be running from a real and actual type is interesting, isn’t it?

In my day

So, is there a way to fulfill your own wants, needs, and dreams without the help of a partner — but without completely eschewing relationships? There is, and it’s becoming more of a phenomenon via solo polyamory. On the surface, it sounds like just another term for “being single,” but solo polyamory is more than that. It’s a lifestyle that focuses on independence, while still cultivating intimate connections — minus the desire to reach traditional relationship milestones.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all path to happily ever after, but with today’s social pressures and hustle culture, it’s important to be in control of the free time you do have. Just think: What could you achieve if you flip the script, prioritizing personal growth and leaving romantic relationships to where there’s extra room? Practicing solo polyamory allows you to have your cake and eat it, too. I spoke with experts and others with firsthand knowledge about how to embrace the solo polyamorous lifestyle — and why it might yield your healthiest relationships yet.

….we called this shagging around…..

Err, yes, think we’d accept this reasoning

“We say that the exchange of money for services is quite obviously a business interest. It goes without saying that accepting pay from members of the public in exchange for sexual services is conduct which is capable of bringing the police into disrepute.”

Threesomes, werl, private life, innit? Money? That’s a business.

A detective who worked as a prostitute when he was off duty has been found guilty of gross misconduct after failing to report his business interests to the police force employing him.

Detective Constable Nicholas Taylor and his partner Eleanor Turner advertised online to meet men for sex at their home in return for payment, a misconduct hearing was told.

It’s a fair cop Guv’*.

*Oh, come on, you didn’t think I was going to leave that line out, did you?

Lordy be, again?

The United Nations’ Aids agency has called some reporting on the monkeypox virus racist and homophobic, warning of exacerbating stigma and undermining the response to the growing outbreak.

UNAIDS said “a significant proportion” of recent monkeypox cases have been identified among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men.

But transmission was most likely via close physical contact with a monkeypox sufferer and could affect anyone, it added, saying some portrayals of Africans and LGBTI people “reinforce homophobic and racist stereotypes and exacerbate stigma”.

We seem to be re-running HIV here. A disease of promiscuity more than anything else. Where promiscuity is different in different sections of the population it’s actually right, not wrong, to note that in the spread of a disease of promiscuity.

So, err, what is an “Adult Sauna” then?

Monkeypox cases in Spain have been linked to a superspreader event at an adult sauna in Madrid.

Enrique Ruiz Escudero, the region’s cabinet minister for health of the community, said on Friday that health officials had traced many of Spain’s 30 monkeypox cases to a single sauna in the capital.

Is this a bathhouse? So we’ve the same transmission mechanism as HIV in the early days then?


The extent of this boost varies from person to person: While libido is often portrayed as a simple reflection of hormone levels, it’s actually the product of a slew of complex factors—an equation that experts are still puzzling out. Notably, the alleviation of gender dysphoria that often comes with going on T can reduce a person’s stress levels and increase their comfort in their own skin. Those changes themselves can trigger an uptick in libido. The initial surge in sex drive that comes with taking T also typically abates over the course of a few months or years, eventually leveling off into a new baseline of sexual interest and urges.

You get more interested in sex because you’re no longer worried about your sex – instead of because testosterone.

Yeah, right.

Well, yes, obviously

In philosopher Amia Srinivasan’s brilliant essay collection, The Right to Sex, she discusses her surprise at her Oxford University students’ reaction to sex-negative feminism of the 1970s and 80s: having seen the effects of pornography on their own lives, they were deeply sympathetic. They weren’t the only ones. New Statesman columnist Louise Perry is publishing The Case Against the Sexual Revolution, which argues for “a new sexual culture built around dignity, virtue and restraint”.

If you’re going to be radical, a rebel – and who doesn’t want to be able to claim that aura? – then you’ve got to be a radical, a rebel, against the prevailing orthodoxy. In a society where 5 years olds are taught to put condoms on bananas then being against libertine sex is to be that radical rebel.

You know, just the swing of the pendulum.

There is also the possibility that if sex is available anywhere, anywhen, the wimmins have less power over their menfolk – that exclusivity of supply can be used as a manner of direction after all.

A slight weirdness

The wealthy political activist and Democratic donor Ed Buck was sentenced to 30 years in prison on charges that he supplied and personally injected gay men with methamphetamine in exchange for sex, leading to two deaths and multiple other overdoses.

I admit that I’m not fully up to date with the details here but I’m certainly under the impression that a rich, gay, not ugly, man isn’t going to have great difficulty in gaining a shag.

So it might not be the sex itself that he was in pursuit of…….the control, the power, maybe?

Now this is interesting

Almost half of French people back a proposal to make it a criminal offence to shirk domestic chores, according to a new poll.

The survey for the Ifop institute also found that if the proposal was implemented, 14 per cent of respondents would be prepared to file a criminal lawsuit against their spouses or partners for failing to do their share of the housework.

OK. So, presumably it will also be possible to sue the other half for not going out to work to bring money into the household then?

Of course, this being France the more usual methods of with-holding sex until some mucking in with the housework is done won’t work. French folk don’t have sex with the people they live with, do they?

Well yes, can happen

A trainee surgeon falsely accused two senior doctors of sexual harassment after she was caught trying to take credit for a major study at Cambridge University, a misconduct tribunal has heard.

Dr Zoe Sun, 37, reported the innocent medics to detectives from two police forces and wrongly insisted to supervisors that the pair faced arrest.

The allegations were made after Ms Sun was exposed for falsifying a research project funded by pharmaceutical giants GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

Someone who lies about one thing might well about another. Floodgates are breached, after all.

Still, now we know that at least two claims of sexual harassment are wrong. So, again, floodgates are breached – how many more are now that we know at least some are?

This is, erm, amusing

It may sound like a Nigella Lawson-inspired drag queen, but Shigella is no joke – it’s an STI that some people don’t even realise they’ve had. Because it causes diarrhoea, stomach cramps and fever, it’s easy to mistake this nasty gut infection for food poisoning, but it’s actually caused by bacteria found in faeces.

Well, yes. A common method of getting shigella is through contaminated food so we probably could call it food poisoning. It’s also possible to gain through certain sexual practices so I guess we could call it an STI as well.

The possible amusement here coming from how Vice wants to insist that it’s not food poisoning at all – it’s an STI!

Really, no, I don’t think so

Sex traffickers are taking advantage of young women and unaccompanied children fleeing the war in Ukraine, police and volunteers in Poland have warned.

As more than a million refugees flood westwards to escape Vladimir Putin’s invading troops, a darker side to their welcome in central Europe has emerged.

Police on the border with Ukraine have made multiple arrests in the area of suspected traffickers preying on vulnerable woman and children with the promise of a lift and accommodation, sources told The Telegraph.

The authorities are understood to be particularly concerned about gangs seeking to lure vulnerable refugees to Germany for sexual exploitation.

This works the other way around I fear. There are those who insist that prostitution is only ever done by those forced into it. Therefore, any group of women in extremis must become prey for those who would force them into prostitution.

As BiS keeps telling us there’s no shortage of staff. And further, those forced into it aren’t good employees anyway.

Might some refugees sell sex under economic pressure? Sure. But the number of pimps prowling the borders in order to force women into it will be around and about zero. This is a fantasy built up of a misunderstanding of who sells sex in the first place.

Often happens to revolutions you know

Some might say sex positivity has benefited women such as Adams, giving them the confidence to set boundaries in bed and discuss their experiences openly. But she is unconvinced. “It doesn’t benefit women. Even if there are individuals who feel personally empowered, collectively it continues to oppress us,” she says. “It’s all well and good saying that we can have sex now without being shamed and victim blamed. But it’s not like that’s being translated into real life.” The sense that the revolution hasn’t lived up to its idealistic promises may be fuelling resistance.

Human behaviour often enough has deeper roots than merely capitalism or patriarchy…..

Yes, obviously, clearly so

Interviews with dozens of witnesses for a new documentary series has forced a fresh reassessment of Hefner and his empire, suggesting that while the magazine magnate tried to present himself as a champion women’s rights in reality he was a “vampire” who manipulated and coerced young women.

That hundreds, if not thousands, of young women bettered themselves economically by getting their tits oot fer the lads must mean that Hefner was exploiting them. Can’t be anything else, can it?

Holly Madison, a model who dated Hefner for eight years, also told how he refused to use protection during sex and how the Playboy Bunny lifestyle even led her to consider suicide.

8 years of sex without a condom is just terrible punishment for an adult woman, isn’t it?

I think it’s unlikely

Romanian sex traffickers are grooming girls as young as 10 in school playgrounds and forcing them into prostitution in the UK, according to a shocking new documentary.

Using the so-called “lover boy method”, recruiters target vulnerable youngsters convincing them they are in a relationship before then exploiting them.

Oh, the convincing, sure.

What I don’t believe is British punters eagerly picking up 10 and 13 year olds. Or rather, I will believe there are paedos out there who might, but not that the average British sex punter is going to.