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Should I like this or not?

So, someone I write for had a job ad out for some more work. So, I wrote in to see about it. They tell me that they’ve not got much budget to do this work. Therefore they can’t afford my rates for me to do it.

Hmm, should I take this as being a good sign, or a bad one?

BTW, no, it’s not the work I currently do for them.

So who is our expert on earplugs?

The knowledge base among the readership here is, umm, surprising at times.

So, who knows all about earplugs? After a couple of years of hiatus the bar scene here is getting back into its stride. So, more attention – as we try to sell – needs to be paid to earplugs. So, who knows about them?

What I want is the absolute maximum noise blockage that can be gained. The ones from the supermarket have “SNR 35 dB” on them. I want more than that. These say 38dB. These 37 dB. 38 dB. 38 dB.

Which seems to be about what is possible. Or, at least, what is on sale. But are there any 45 dB? 50 dB? Is there another technology, for example? Different material? Or is 38 dB (claimed) the top end of the market?

Just the sort of job for me really

It’s rather like an extension of this blog except there’s a paycheque attached to it.

This is why it matters that governmental statements during a war are examined, even explained, rather than just repeated. Yes, something “nuclear” got hit. But the actual story here is that the U.S. government has been spending money by the bucketload these past few decades to make these “nuclear” things not dangerous if they do get hit. Given that we’re paying the bills, perhaps worth pointing out?

Actually, rather a return to the very early days when I would shout “Don’t these people have editors?”

Well, no, they don’t, or not good ones. I’m still pointing this out decades later….

Damn, can’t find the data

Anyone with better Google Fu? I seem to recall seeing something that says you must have a 153 metre (don’t know why that number) belt around a fracking site before you hit any extant infrastructure.

Can anyone aid me in finding an official reference to this number?

Exclusion zone leads to areas – aquifers – that you can’t frack in at all. And I’m just not finding the info with other searches.

Disagreeing with Jordan Peterson

Much of this takedown of Jordan Peterson is rubbish. But I did find this bit fun after I was directed to it via Twitter:

No, that wasn’t Ford’s notion, that’s a myth. To quote the business-friendly press, “It should be obvious that this story doesn’t work: Boeing would most certainly be in trouble if they had to pay their workers sufficient to afford a new jetliner. So, if creating that blue collar middle class that could afford the cars wasn’t why Ford brought in his $5 a day wages, what was the reason? Actually, it was the turnover of his staff. It was nothing at all to do with creating a workforce that could afford to buy the products. It was to cut the turnover and training time of the labor force: for, yes, in certain circumstances, raising wages can reduce total labor costs.”

Well, yes, obviously I’m going to agree with that.

I do think it’s fun. That something I wrote a decade back is becoming something “the other side” uses to confront those who might be thought of as being “on my side”. It’s sorta becoming embedded…..

Goddammit I hate fucking computers

So, massive excitement, got the mesh network up and running. Can get phone to talk to it. Can get SWMBO’s tablet to talk to it. But I cannot get the laptop nor desktop (operating through a wifi connector) to connect to it.

The desktops connected through actual cables work fine. So does the desktop using a cable instead of the wifi connector. And so does the laptop when using a cable.

The reason we can’t just all use cables is because there aren’t that many cable slots on the router.

So, buggery fuck fuck. There’s some shit here which is just being shitty. Typical fucking computers.

Yet even more lovely tech questions

OK, so, I’ve now got my lovely new monitors. And also my lovely new – to me – computers. Some HP boxes.

Cool, so I’ve now got two HP boxes and four monitors. The aim is to have two m to one b. I want to be able to have different images on the screens. OK, I know Windows (10 on these boxes) does that.

Hmm, so, there are a couple of, I guess, ways this can be done. One wide from the hdmi port to a monitor, another from the VGA to the other. That have a chance of working?

Or, a splitter I guess. But looking at Amazon I see lots of so called VGA splitters which do not, in fact, offer two different screens. You just get to repeat the same screen. Which isn’t what is wanted.

So, – and do this by actually showing me the page which has the piece of kit on it on Amazon.,co,uk – what is the kit necessary to have two different screens off the one box?

No, don’t tell me about hdmi splitters because the two old screens, which will the juniors in each set up, don’t have hdmi slots.

So, it’s either I can use both the hdmi and the VGA outputs off the one box. Or a VGA splitter. And if the second, which type do I need?

Another one of those tech things

So, new monitor. Which seems to be displaying the text a little too high.

The margin at the bottom of the screen is a bit too big. The one at the top is a little too small. The tops of the tabs are disappearing off the top of the screen that is.

So, what’s this called? Because unless I can work that out of course I can’t look up how to solve it….

Some folks just never do quite get the point

A comment answered at the ASI:

“Notice that you did not answer my question, which jobs would you prefer these people to do instead?”

Have you noted something about us around here? That we tend to think that pointyheads sitting in distant offices aren’t the way to decide who does what in an economy? So, asking a pointyhead, me, what jobs people should be doing is failing to grasp the most basic logical point. We think that pointyheads planning things from distant offices is a bad idea. So, why are you asking the pointyhead in the distant office what the plan is?

Isn’t this an interesting turn up for a Brexiteer

So, a mate is now an asylum seeker. Isn’t that an interesting turn up, seeing this all from the other side?

Given that he does actually have a case it should work out OK. There’s also always the fallback of the spare bedroom and what the fuck do you mean paperwork? Wrong country currently for that to work and he might be shocked by the career path of the one person we do all know in the right country.

But still, fascinating really….

Tech advice again

So, this one is easy

Keyboards. Bored and tired of the cheapy stuff. Also, got some new work starting which will require lots of typy typy.

Those old IBM clicketty click keyboards. Apparently some folks make them like that today. Cherry maybe?

So, the task is, find the brand and model which are like that. On Amazon. So that I can then order from…..

Bastard technology shit

So, I buy the tablet. Have the USB to Ethernet connector. And the damn thing won’t connect to the internet over ethernet. I know the cable/adaptor works because I get the little flashing light, also it sucks power down the cable. But not internet.

Bastard modern shit.

Any ideas?

Can’t use Amazon ES technical help line ‘coz that’s in Spanish only.

So, here’s a little business opportunity

NFTs. I have one specific Forbes article that would make a fun NFT. No idea whether it would make a profitable one, but it could make a fun one. Copyright is mine.

So, does anyone understand this field well enough to be able to manage the process? I’m well aware of my total inability to wade through the system. But perhaps there’s some mutually beneficial cooperation that can be done?

Do note the point here. As with the herrings, NFTs are for selling, not buying.

Horrible, but

Four Russians found dead at Albanian resort

Sauna goes wrong, asphyxiation. Horrible.

And the immediate thing that popped into my mind was something entirely different. Yes, OK, Albania, Adriatic. Coastal Croatia is lovely just to the north, so is Corfu just south. Mountains and wine dark sea and all that, why not resorts?

And yet, I’m old enough to find this very jarring. All that commie and socialism stuff. Iron Curtain etc. And Albania was deranged even by the standards of that nonsense.

What, resorts in Albania? No, don’t be silly – ah, hmm, perhaps the world really has changed in this lifetime?

New place to write

Teen Vogue introduces us to the concept of necropolitics, the horrifying idea that some lives are worth more than others. This is, they insist, because capitalism is such a vile distortion of the true human spirit. As we might expect from people trained to tell us what is this season’s must-have nail polish, they’ve managed to get the entire concept the wrong way around.

That some lives are worth different amounts from some others is simply the way that we humans act, it’s something built into the basics of the species. The only influence capitalism has, as opposed to any other form of economic structure, is that it raises the value applied to each life.

The only problem with this work is that it does mean that I’ve got to read the likes of Teen Vogue.

Sigh, the things I do, eh?