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So, I was whining about how high the electricity bill was

And that led to thinking about what is it that actually runs off it?

Fridge, dishwasher, clothes washer, lights, hmm, nothing there to explain the 1500 kWhrs a month.

Phoned the electric company, surely this bill is wrong?

Thought a bit more, looked around – ah, that 2000W electric oil heater’s been getting a bit of use hasn’t it? Think it through, look up energy consumption numbers, prices, umm – yes, that probably is it.

Sigh. Only took 3 months to work it out. Sigh.

What fun

Ashford University course work:

ECO 204 Week 5 Discussion 2 Public Choice and Rent Seeking (Ashford University)
Public Choice and Rent Seeking [WLOs: 4, 5] [CLOs: 1, 4, 6, 7]. 1st Post Due by Day 3. Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Tim Worstall’s article, One Benefit of Nancy MacLean’s Democracy in Chains – Public Choice and Rent Seeking Popularised.
Based on the article’s information and Chapter 14 in your textbook, especially Sections 14.1 and 14.2, respond to the following:
• What is the public choice idea or theory?
• Explain what rent seeking is.
• How can you combine the ideas of public choice and rent seeking?

OK, Ashford, but still.

Being used in a syllabus I’ve not assigned myself….


The first British saint of modern times is to be created after the Pope gave final approval for the canonisation of Cardinal John Henry Newman.

We’ve got a portrait of him on the wall. An original – no, not the Millais one.

Wonder if it’s time to take that to the Antiques Roadshow?

Tech support desk. Am I being an idiot?

So, second hand PCs, Dells. Want to run them with 2 monitors. Windows 7 does this.

So, buy VGA splitter cable. Install. I get duplicate monitors. But that’s all.

!windows button! P gives monitor choices. I want extend, not duplicate. But it won’t take. Won’t work, nowt happens.

So, am I being an idiot here? What is it that I’ve not done?

Green ink

I get a letter:

Brexit No Deal No food

You made a short appearance this and proved that you are a supremely ignorant stupid bastard

It would be much better if you remained silent

Please do….try making an honest living

Hugh Cooke

They’re not in green ink any more but the same old letters still happen. scam

I’m really pretty sure this is a scam:

“xxx said:

Hello this is host from uk in regards 29/3 booking.

the house you booked address: (xxxxxx) this house i got a some work need to be done that week.

I want a request you if you accept my offer that i can orrange you aultranative house in SAME area, SAME location. BIGGER size, and SAME price.

ill send you all nessessery details. If you dont like it also let me know then i can cencel your booking.

Please let me know soon as you can.

If possible please contact me through whatsaap massenger. My no xxxx

many thx”

Scam to collect cancellation fees it looks like to me.

Anyone got any bright ideas about

Am I making it yet?

From George Will:

She leavens her sentimentality with nostalgia: “When I was a kid, a minimum-wage job in America would support a family of three. It would pay a mortgage, keep the utilities on and put food on the table.” Well. The Adam Smith Institute’s Tim Worstall suggests some pertinent arithmetic: When Warren was 10 in 1959, the federal hourly minimum wage ($1, which would be $8.55 in 2018 dollars) for 2,000 hours (40 hours a week for 50 weeks) would provide $2,000 a year, below the poverty threshold ($2,324) for a family of three.

Yes, I know, I’ve been doing this a long time and I should be blase. There’s still a certain perking up at seeing a point being picked up and broadcast in this manner.

Thin is though Warren’s been repeatedly claiming this. And I seem to be the only person who went do the sums. Why?

I know I’ve asked this before but internet advertising revenues

I did ask this months back and the answer I got was $5 per 000. Or even £5 per 000.

That is, how much revenue should you expect to get from a certain amount of traffic being shown ads?

The answer back was that $5 per thousand, or even £5 per thousand, was about right.

This is obviously of importance to me as Cont Tel is intended to make a contribution to living costs. And at current pageview levels it would at that sort of rate. A contribution that is, not cover them entirely.

But the rate appears to be very much lower. More like 0.50 per 000.

So, what’s wrong here?

One option is that I’ve misunderstood. That it’s not per 000 pageviews, but per 000 visitors. We do tend to get multiple pageviews per visitor.

Another is that the readership tends to be an extension of you tech savvy people and thus we’re facing a higher than average incidence of ad blockers.

A third that we’re getting the advertising wrong – not sure how, as we’re using Google’s services just like everyone else.

A fourth is that ad rates rise as volumes do. It requiring, say, 2 or 3 million pageviews a month before reaching those giddy heights of $5 per 000?

So, anyone actually know here? Any readers who work with this sort of stuff?

My thanks to you all

Some months back I asked about online and other resources to help with GCSE maths. Many suggestions were made and rather than try to write individually to those who helped a more general knuckle to forelock here.

Not quite sure what modern class marks mean but the grandkiddy’s maths one has gone from minus two to plus three as a result of your suggestions and a couple of hours spent over the summer going through them.

The most helpful seeming to be the BBC’s bitesize site. The advantage of which really seems to be that it’s all small enough – in the right sort of volumes – that there’s a willingness to actually do the work. 10, 15 minutes of homework time each day nibbles another bit of the subject.

There were a couple of things I was able to point out. When trying to o linear equations it aids in writing them out properly.

x + 2 = -7

Imagine, just as an example, now solve for x.

Rewrite out as + x + 2 = -7 aids in tracking negatives and positives.

The other I recall was that if you understand fractions – which grandkiddy did – then you understand ratios – which gkiddy didn’t. Because they’re just different ways of looking at the very same thing. 2/7 and 5/7 are the same as a 2:5 ratio.


But that really helpful thing was the guidance to that place where maths will actually be done. Actually doing a subject being a very good start to getting to grips with it of course.

So, we thank you, both.

Pleasuring the Google News Algo

So, tech gurus out there. Anyone got any guides to pleasuring the Google News algo?

Story selection by them. A year back I had a pretty good idea of what interested them, got them to pick up a story. Now, not so sure. But now I nee to know again.

so, any guides out there? Any thoughts on what they do like to showcase, put on the front page?

I do actually know two people at Google but neither work on News…..

An email

Sorry Tim, I don’t wish to be offensive but I’ve looked at your web-site and given the conceptual resources you use (or lack of) there’s nothing you can say that would be of interest to me,

Note that he wrote to me.