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How very fun

Trivial, sure, but very fun all the same:

‘Earth sandwich’: two men, two slices of bread and 12,724km of filling
Men in New Zealand and Spain calculated longitude and latitude to perfectly align both slices

One slice of bread either side, Earth sandwich, obviously.


Sid James grew up on Hancock Street.

Hormones are such a drag

It is as the impish, inquisitive hero of the earlier film, with a mop of unruly black hair, that most audiences know Mowgli. His chirpy tones were provided by the son of the film’s director, Wolfgang Reitherman. Bruce Reitherman was 12 when he was drafted in at the 11th hour after the original Mowgli’s voice broke during the four-year production.

Fiendishly difficult questions

Over at The Guardian and at least some of them aren’t in fact that difficult:

8. When asked why he robbed banks, he apocryphally said, “Because that’s where the money is.” Which US bank robber gives his name to a rule of focusing on areas with likely high returns, or ruling out obvious explanations first?

Well, some on now, everyone knows that’s Willy Sutton.

9. The Oscar-nominated documentary Waste Land by Lucy Walker is about the “pickers” or “catadores” who scavange Jardim Gramacho, an enormous dump in which city?

Rio de Janeiro
Mexico City

Rio, obviously. The other two are Spanish speaking/influenced, and Jardim is Jardin in Spanish. It’s Portuguese for Jardim to be Jardim. So, err, D’oH!

Some of the others though are pretty tough.


The 2009 “underpants bomb” plot failed because the terrorist had been wearing his explosive-laden undergarments for more than two weeks and soiled the explosives, a senior US official said.

But, but, doesn’t everyopne want to live next door to George Monbiot?

A couple are offering a £1,000 ‘reward’ to anyone who helps them to sell their 116-year-old converted chapel through social media.

Eden and Lizzi Sutcliffe, who have lived in the property at Corris, near Machynlleth, mid Wales, for more than seven years, became frustrated when they received only one viewing after placing the £199,000 property in the hands of an estate agent last September.

Surely there
are hordes of Guardianistas who would like to live next to the Great Man?

They do themselves well then

Post Office customers wondering where the trade union barons who called the strike last week go in their spare time need look no further.

The Labour Party paymasters at Unite visit a Grade II-listed country house in Surrey that is owned by the union.

Esher Place is a £100million property where the union bosses can stay in one of 52 bedrooms.

They can browse free copies of the Morning Star and enjoying fine dining in the restaurant, or relax in the extensive lounge and bars.

The residence is billed as being “modelled on a French château”, although Unite, which has donated £9.2 million to the Labour Party since Ed Miliband became leader, claims that it is used merely for “residential courses and training”.

However, on its website, it advertises weekend breaks at Esher Place for officials, playing on its proximity to various attractions including racing at Sandown Park, the Hampton Court Flower Show, and “London Sights, Shows and Shopping”.

Dawn Anderson, a Unite official, praised the dining at Esher Hall, saying recently: “The food is wonderful!”

Seems a tad unkind really, as they do seem to be offering the rooms etc to the average member at very reasonable rates.

In order for this (quite light but all the same) smear to work it would need to be shown that the union bosses had preferential access to the place. Of which there is no evidence that has been presented…..

Err, yeah, could be

Mia Farrow: Woody Allen’s son Ronan ‘possibly’ Frank Sinatra’s


Err, yeah, whachoo think?

Responding to years of speculation, the actress, 68, acknowledged her son was “possibly” fathered by the rat-pack star, from whom she “never really split up” after their divorce in 1968.