On the naming of names

Used to be a Mexican American comedian who had a great riff on the way that people didn\’t properly consider how the name of a product worked in other languages.

One example was the Chevy Nova. To a Spanish speaker this could easily be taken to be Chevy No Va. And what\’s the point of a car that doesn\’t go?

We seem to have another one from the Finns. The Nokia Lumia is one of their brands. Might not play out so well in certain parts of the Spanish speaking world (I think it\’s actually only parts of Spain but….)


(De or. inc.).

1. f. p. us. prostituta.

An interesting aviation statistic

since the last full-length runway was opened in the South East in 1946,

And it seems that it\’s true as well:

Although a truncated runway capable of accommodating short-haul flights was opened at London City airport in the Eighties, all of the full-length runways in the South East that connect Britain to vital emerging markets pre-date the end of the war.

We could possibly mutter something about having a lot of runways left over from the war perhaps but it is astonishing that we\’ve not really added to the infrastructure give the growth in flying over those 70 odd years.

Sure, that we\’ve had the growth without having to add shows that we did have a lot of runways post war but still….an interesting statistic nonetheless.

Once a diva

The start of Elizabeth Taylor\’s funeral has been delayed after the film star left instructions requesting that her coffin should arrive 15 minutes late.

Always a diva.