A useful insight into real politics

Even so, as late as Saturday morning Johnson was completely undecided and still turning to confidants for advice. What if he gambled all on Brexit but lost? Would he wake up on 24 June to find his ambitions dashed on the rocks of a historic decision and a fatal misreading of public opinion? That was, and is, the nature of the gamble.

It’s absolutely sod all to do with whether Brexit is the right thing for the country or not. It’s to do with whether supporting or opposing it gets one closer to the brass ring of No. 10.

Yes, obviously, we all know that but nice to have it so spelt out.

We tend not to do politics this way

Nigel Farage fears he has been the victim of an assassination attempt after his car was sabotaged, causing a terrifying motorway crash.
The Ukip leader careered off a French road after a wheel on his Volvo came loose while he was driving from Brussels back to his home in Kent.
When the police arrived at the scene, they told him that the nuts on all of the wheels had been deliberately unscrewed, The Mail on Sunday has established.

Assassination sorta went out of favour with the Duke of Buckingham, around that time or so.

To cut someone dead took on a different and more effective meaning.

As to this:

The Ukip leader is considering a new career as a television presenter if he leaves politics after the EU referendum.
Mr Farage has been involved in discussions with production companies about fronting a three-part series on military strategy, including a history of the First World War. News of Mr Farage’s talks has been spread with glee by his growing number of critics in the party, who argue that Ukip needs a fresh leader to reinvigorate it.
Last night, a spokesman for Mr Farage said that the idea of him fronting programmes had been ‘bubbling away’ since early last year – when the TV companies were first contacted – but no deals had yet been struck.
Last night, ex-Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom, who once shared a flat with Mr Farage in Brussels, said he could see why the party leader would be interested in presenting a military history series.
Mr Bloom said: ‘We have done military tours together. Nigel is a very good raconteur, “Corporal Snoops manning the machine-gun at the bridge… here’s the spot he won his VC”, that sort of thing.’
A spokesman for Mr Farage said: ‘The TV thing is an idea that has been bubbling away for a while. He’d be bloody good at it – and it was discussed last year. But no deal has been done.’

When I worked for the party my direct boss was someone with 30 years experience of making TV. And Clive was absolutely adamant that Nigel would be extraordinarily good at that very job. Used to insist that he would make a fortune at it.

Well, yes, but

UKIP is demanding 12 seats in the House of Lords amid claims that David Cameron is ignoring the democratic will of voters.

Wouldn’t reach me although I can think of a friend or two that would reach.

Lord Pearson is just one of three Ukip peers in the Lords. No Ukip peer has ever been appointed to the Lords, however, as the current three are defectors.
According to his calculations, seen by the Mail, Ukip would ‘deserve’ 66 peers based on its share of the vote at the general election’.

Now that would be more fun. We’d definitely be into the C team which would leave me with a chance.

Obviously not going to happen though, is it?

Things just get better, don’t they?

Ralph Miliband, a Marxist academic, founded a small group of political activists who met at Tony Benn’s house in London, and included the then newly-elected young MP, Mr Corbyn.
According to a 2011 biography of Ed Milband, Ralph tried to re-engage with Labour during the 1980s in collaboration with Benn, himself a famous Left-winger.
The book, Ed – the Milibands and the Making of a Labour Leader, describes how Ralph saw his role as helping to prepare a practical socialist programme of policies for the Bennites “should they assume control of the Labour Party”.
With this in mind, Ralph created the Independent Left Corresponding Society (ILCS) with Benn. The group, which met on Sunday evenings at Benn’s house included Mr Corbyn, Left-wing writers, and the academic, Andrew Glyn, who was a friend of the Miliband family and taught Ed at Oxford University.

Go on Jerry!

50 Northern seats for Ukip…..

Ooooh yes, please, please, puhleeze!

Labour MPs’ decision to help the leftwinger Jeremy Corbyn enter the party’s leadership race appears to be backfiring after Britain’s biggest trade union told members to vote for him.
Mr Corbyn, who has been on Labour’s hard Left for decades, only made it onto the ballot paper last month with minutes to spare after MPs lent him their votes to broaden the debate.
However, Mr Corbyn has now had his chances of winning boosted after Unite, Labour’s biggest donor, told members to vote for the Islington North MP to be the party’s leader.
Five unions – including the Fire brigades Union and the RMT rail union – are now backing Mr Corbyn to beat rival Yvette Cooper, Liz Kendall and Andy Burnham to be Labour leader this September.

It’s one member one vote these days, isn’t it?

And wouldn’t it be fun if Corbyn does win? That would be swathes of the North going UKIP at the next election…..

Yeah, right on guys

Ukip has been banned from one of Britain’s biggest gay pride parades in an apparent U-turn by organisers who say they are worried about the safety of participants.

The inclusion of Ukip in the original lineup of the Pride in London march set for 27 June had been controversial.

Many in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community spoke out against the involvement of the party, which has been linked to a string of allegedly homophobic controversies.

Following the creation of a petition calling for the party to be banned, Pride organisers said they had rejected Ukip’s application to take part on safety grounds. Organisers said the decision was not politically motivated.

So, the party with the first transgender MEP, a party with at least one gay current MEP, that’s the party that can’t walk down the street in the name of gay rights.

Sure, there’s nothing political about this at all, is there?

My speech to the European Parliament (and Commission) on the British referendum

“Mr President, fellow members of this Parliament, our colleagues in the Commission and the various arms of the bureaucracy.

“We come to the subject of the upcoming referendum in my native Britain on whether that fine country should remain as part of this European Union or should leave. Many people have many different views on this important subject. I shall be doing my utmost to make sure that the vote is to leave this institution. This Parliament, this Commission, this bureaucracy: Britain should leave all behind.

“It is possible to provide detailed reasons for this conclusion. However, it’s not actually necessary for me to provide them here. For there’s one very simple, conclusive and over-riding reason for why I think Britain should leave.

“I don’t want my country to be run by you fuckers.

“Thank you for the ride and good bye.”

Pity this didn’t come a week earlier really

Every country within the EU could be forced to accept a quota of refugees under highly controversial plans to be unveiled by Brussels this week.

Britain said it would refuse to accept the proposal by the European Commission to share the refugees and asylum seekers – who have arrived in their thousands in southern Italy in recent months – among the EU’s 28 member states.

The plan, driven by Jean-Claude Juncker, head of the European Commission, is “practically seen as a declaration of war”, one senior EU official said.

According to the draft, seen by Italian media ahead of its unveiling on Wednesday, “the EU needs a permanent system for sharing the responsibility for large numbers of refugees and asylum seekers among member states”.

Would have had something of an effect on voting, don’t you think?

BTW, international law on this is very clear. Yes, everyone has the right of asylum on the grounds of presecution, war, famine and so on. And that right is claimable only (and please do note it is *only*) in the first safe country one comes to. A refugee does not get to go jurisdiction shopping.

There’s a lot of truth to this

The universities, left press, and the arts characterise the English middle-class as Mail-reading misers, who are sexist, racist and homophobic to boot. Meanwhile, they characterise the white working class as lardy Sun-reading slobs, who are, since you asked, also sexist, racist and homophobic. The national history is reduced to one long imperial crime, and the notion that the English are not such a bad bunch with many strong radical traditions worth preserving is rejected as risibly complacent. So tainted and untrustworthy are they that they must be told what they can say and how they should behave.

Which is what leads to this of course:

In the England that does not look like London, the white, poor, uneducated constituencies that run up the east coast from Kent to Sunderland, Ukip came second in 100 seats.

Ukip and Teh Gayers

Charities representing lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender (LGBT) people have criticised UKIP for being the only one of the seven main political parties to not mention gay people in its manifesto.

As politicians come under increasing pressure to tackle issues facing the LGBT community, Ukip’s track record has been marred by a string of embarrassing gaffes.

Had to happen, eh?

Despite not mentioning homosexuality, the party did affirm its opposition to giving an inclusive relationship education to primary school pupils – claiming it would “encourage experimentation”.

A party spokesperson told the Independent: “UKIP believe absolutely in equality, and as such have produced a manifesto for all, rather than driven by the needs of differing special interest groups.

“We believe that amongst other things properly funded healthcare, that lower taxes, that a decent defence and political freedom from the European Union are things that are good for all people regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual preference. It is a message of equality and universality.”

However, the party has been condemned for the glaring omission.

Alistair Stewart of the Kaleidoscope Trust said it was “disappointing, if not surprising”.

He added: “The absence of any reference to the LGBT community really stands them out compared to almost all other parties, who have flagged their commitment to supporting LGBT voters.”

Stonewall said: “It’s extremely disappointing that UKIP has failed to recognise or agree to help tackle issues affecting the way certain groups of people can live freely as themselves without fear of persecution or discrimination.

“We’re at an extremely important point in the LGBT movement where, if we have any hope of achieving this, complacency is not an option.”

At which point (and please do note, I have no official position of any kind within Ukip and am a supporter and have been an employee and candidate) you can all just fuck off.

Of our current selection of MEPs one is openly gay (I’ve worked with him and his partner, good blokes) making our gay representation something like 5x that of the general population. When I worked for the party we all worked damn hard (and celebrated when we succeeded) to get our transgender lesbian into that same Parliament. Another of my colleagues was the Gay Officer for his student union.

We don’t mention these things as politics because we simply don’t think they’re the stuff of politics. Sex and sexuality is something for consenting adults to decide upon, not the province of either politics or a political party.

Another way of making this same point is that given that we actually walk the walk we see no reason at all to bleat about talking the talk. We’ve gone well past the stage of needing to do that.

So there is a libertarian party at this election then

Ukip bosses said have no problem with his “unusual” line of work which Langley revealed to them when he put himself forward for election.

Mr Langley, who has been in the porn business for 30 years, said: “This is no big deal. It is just electioneering and it is the type of thing you expect in the run up to any election.

“I have never made a big deal out of what I do and I am not breaking any laws.”

He added: “Ukip is a working class party which appeals to working class people.

“Normal people go to the pub and enjoy a pint and then probably go home and enjoy adult entertainment. What people do in their private lives is really up to them.

“What people do in the privacy of their own homes is nothing to do with politics and I cannot see why there should be any problem with any of this.”

His Johnny Rockard Global Media business has been running for more than eight years and boasts a speciality in “the British girl next door genre”.

His website boasts it is “probably the most globally publicised and promoted UK name in adult entertainment” due to an “increasing appetite for explicit content”.

A Ukip spokesman said: “Mr Langley is not doing anything illegal and it is a little bit unusual but at the end of the day he is a businessman.

“Nothing is being hidden and there is no issue as far as we are concerned with him standing for UKIP in the election.”

Although it has to be admitted, specialising in the “British girl next door genre” when one is based in Bristol makes him a braver man than I.

No tax on the minimum wage

One of Ukip’s basic promises for this campaign. One of only five in fact.

Yes, we all know where my sympathies lie anyway. And some of us know the source of this policy as well. But it’s also a good enough policy to get my vote all on its lonesome.

Idiot twattery

Two million UK citizens working abroad could become illegal immigrants overnight if Britain were to leave the European Union, former attorney general Dominic Grieve has warned.

Yes, why not, let’s make the assumption that only one law would change, not several at the same time.


London is now France’s what, third, fifth, largest city? So they’d all be illegals as well, right? So there’s a deal to be done there.

Amusingly, as I’ve said before

It wasn’t just the ethnic mix. Because Dulwich is a south London school with very few boarders, unlike most public schools, it attracted boys from all over London and parts of the south-east.

I remember my first class quite vividly. Sitting on one side of me was the son of the chief executive of a global company, who was enormously rich. They had a huge house in Farnborough Park in Kent, with staff. On the other side of me was a boy who would become a good friend and whose father was a coal merchant in Penge, also in south-east London.

Exactly twenty-five years after me, my eldest son went there. It was in many ways even better for him. The quality of the teaching was much higher – in my day a number of the teachers were terribly good old chaps and they had had a good war, but were hardly cutting-edge teachers.

One of them was my brother in law (taught both of them)….Nipper Young.

Telegraph subs…..

“UKIP candidate gets date of General Election wrong on campaign poster” claimed the Telegraph this morning, publishing a leaflet from soon to be red-faced candidate John Tennant, who had embarrassingly told voters to turn out on May 6 instead of May 7.

Just one problem with the story: the leaflet was from 2010, when polling day was May 6. Whoops!


Sounds about right

Two thirds of Britain’s laws are either made or influenced by the European Union amid concerns that red tape is damaging businesses, it has been claimed.

An analysis by Business for Britain, a group campaigning for reform of Britain’s relationship with the EU, found that 64.7 per cent of all laws in this country are related to EU regulations and directives.

That means that twats like Sven Giegold (a particularly stupid Greem MEP from Germany) get to determine two thirds of our laws.

Haven’t we been asked, several times, whether we’d like to be ruled by Germans? First time around, under the Hanovers, we said yes, but then took most of their powers away. Second time we said no to the Kaiser and the third time around is the only bit of History anyone ever studies these days.

Shouldn’t we be asked again?

I look forward to Polly complaining about this

Migrants coming to the UK are putting pressure on its sewerage system, the party’s immigration spokesman has said.

Ukip immigration spokesman Steven Woolfe stressed the party was not anti-immigration or anti-immigrant.

But he argued that the number of incomers had put strain on infrastructure such as schools, hospitals and the sewerage system.

Because of course Polly has, more than once, said that the way to count the number of people in an area is to look at the strain on the sewage system, not the electoral roll or the census.

Goose n’ gander n’ all that.