Updated Digital Package

We had a great response to the first digital package we put out at the start of the lockdown so today we launched our second box. You can grab some of Tim’s books for free as well as other well known authors. Check it out HERE.

Seems fair enough

Chart flop: VisitBritain sorry for literary map ignoring Wales and Scotland
The nation’s official tourism agency published a map of inspiring bookish sights that left Wales ‘depicted as trees’ and Scotland guillotined

The two places don’t actually speak English and therefore can’t be considered to contribute to literature – you can only do that in the top dog language after all.

There’s also the point that the two places aren’t literate. You know, that Welsh attempt at a play which spells stuff backward, the Scottish brushes with poetry containing entirely burning misspellings.

So, seems fair enough. And a rousing chorus…..


I conceived of the Tax After Coronavirus (TACs) project after very recently re-reading Keynes’ ‘How to pay for the war’.

He didn’t read it very well.

Spudda is recommending price controls, rationing and excess profits taxes. Even in the introduction Keynes tells us that all three of these are inefficient and undesirable.

Digital Care Package

Over £100 of Free Goodies For Isolation.

Across the globe, we’re adjusting to a new reality. Socially distancing ourselves from loved ones and adapting to new routines, even if temporary, can be incredibly challenging. We wanted to take this opportunity to send you a digital care package. Below you’ll find over £100 of materials. A mixture of things we’ve curated, created, or just found helpful. We hope that, in some small way, it may help improve your mental wellbeing. Just click the gift below! Free goodies include books from the ASI, IEA and others plus some vouchers and free trials. Madsen has also included a copy of his PHD that was republished a few years ago called “Trial and Error and The Idea of Progress”.

– Tim & The Team (please help by sharing this on Twitter)

(We’d like to say a BIG thanks to The ASI, IEA and others who helped put this together)

Click ^ Here

Bug Fixing

The latest version of wordpress is incompatible with the theme the site uses (its 10 years old). Were making some bug fixes and should be back to normal (whatever that is) soon.



Theatres have to turn a profit of course but shouldn’t they aspire to do more than that?

From our ever popular series, Questions in The Times We Can Answer

In more detail, we already have a subsidised theatre sector. The point of which is to do the stuff that the seeking a profit sector doesn’t have to.

Not sure they’ve quite got this

“The Royal Family respect and understand the wish of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex to live a more independent life as a family, by removing the supposed ‘public interest’ justification for media intrusion into their lives.

There are rules about what the British press will do to get a story about the Royals. There are no rules elsewhere, no rules about non-Royals.

Well, OK, there’s that EU right to privacy stuff but no one takes that seriously over the Pond.

Royal status rather protects them.

After all, they’re not going to be not-famous once they’ve gone, are they?

Wealth of Nations

We recently had a thread about the best books of 2019.

Eamonn Butler – Director of ASI has kindly uploaded a PDF and ePub copy of his “Condensed Wealth of Nations“.

You can download it: HERE

I found the original impenetrable. (I also currently use Atlas Shrugged as a door stop..)

This is an easier 84 page primer on the Wealth of Nations which i hope everyone here finds useful.

Comment issue should be fixed

*After a bit of debugging the “you are posting too quickly” error should hopefully have been fixed.

*Have increased the width of the blog so the text area is bigger.

*Going to test out nested comments this weekend. If it becomes a pain we can deactivate them.

Please verify and let me know.


Tim Worstall In Numbers

I have just been doing some manual backups of the site and decided to go into some of the numbers around the site.

The year with the most posts was 2008 followed by 2017
2008: 3554
2017: 2913

The most commented article was: Broadly my view although she’s going to get into so much trouble over this”

The month with the most comments has January 2020 storming ahead with double the previous highest.
January 2020: 13,080
January 2016: 6590

Top Commenters…
So Much For Subtlety: 12,912
Deary Me: 8,964
John77: 8,931
Mr Ecks: 8,446
IanB: 7,876

Updating TW



Just updating on the post below.

I have added SSL Certificates (As recommended by some here)
Moved to a VPS (As recommended by some here)
Removed dead links from Vainglory and Blog Roll (As recommended by some here)

We have a staging site of what we would like to move to HERE

We listened to what was said last time and kept things such as the comment counter on posts and decreased the margin on the mobile comments section. Each post should display on the homepage fully unless its over 1000 words and then it will require “read more” to be clicked.

I do understand that the commenting system is a little different (we can enable nested posts too). If the commenting system is not right or changes need to be made i’m happy to address them. (Including moving back to the default system).
The new commenting system has:
-Nested comments
-Direct reply to comments
-Up and down votes (does not affect order shown)
-User Following – This allows you to be notified when a user comments on a post even if you haven’t engaged with the post yet
-See who commented on what (this only applies inside Tim Worstall and nothing like Disqus)

I quite like the changes but as always i’m willing to put it to the users.

The current template used was last updated in 2012 and technology has moved on massively and does create some security issues for us (not necessarily the end user). Were currently getting somewhere in the region of 25,000 brute force attempts daily because of unpatched security holes. We can block the IP’s but it’s like whack-a-mole. We need to move to an updated system but we want to make sure its right, first.

(PS. I did honestly try to make it green again but my interior design skills aren’t the best…)




Me again!

As i have said previously the theme used on TW is out of date and full of holes. We also need to add things like an SSL certificate os makes sense to do it all together.

You can check out the new site: here

Its just on a temporary server for the moment. Take a look around and let me know any suggestions, changes and all that.


Site Problems

On Tuesday we added an SSL certificate so you get the green lock (nearly wrote cock!) symbol in your browser meaning TimWorstall.com is now secure. We just want to steal your data, cash and voting intentions…

We also doubled the ram and processing power of the server so hopefully it’s quicker to access.

If the site still looks a bit broken clear you browser cache.