Some mentally challenged keyboard warrior on the BNP forum has decided that UKIP are in fact controlled by MI5 and that leader Nigel Farage is too busy making \’a fortune\’ in Brussels and not doing any work.

Explaining Hillary Clinton

You know, he might just be right here.

All of her supporters who are currently whining about sexism- and I\’m looking at you, fellow non-American voter Elton John – should perhaps consider the possibility that she\’s perceived as a quasi-Republican android with a huge, throbbing boner for power because, you know, she is one.

Froggie Sex Machines

A startling revelation: the Frogs are trying to spice up their sex lives and in doing so they\’re buying up British designed sex toys.

One possible explanation is that the Brits (as George Mikes pointed out, the Continentals have sex lives, the British have hot water bottles) needed technological assistance and thus developed the technology to aid them. Necessity being the Mother of Invention and all that.

Another is that the Frogs have rather changed the nature of their relationships in recent years. Anecdotally at least, the normal method of dealing with a boring sex life there was to take another partner, wasn\’t it?

Or possibly both are true, the latter change meaning they are now taking advantage of the British Industrial Revolution and lead in technology.


Wee Willy

Yup, Hutton is at it again.

The Chancellor should take a closer look at the 1930s. The heart of Roosevelt\’s New Deal was not public works or programmes for the unemployed, significant though both of these were. It was the root-and-branch reconstruction of an American financial system that, like ours today, had run amok in a laissez-faire, deregulated free-for-all. The Federal Reserve was created, public banks were launched to lend to homeowners, refinance mortgages and lend to industry and investment banks and commercial banks were legally separated.

Sigh. The Federal Reserve was created in 1913. It was the SEC that was part of the new deal legislation. Fannie Mae was also, but the second such public bank, Freddie Mac, was launched in 1970, to break Fannie Mae\’s monopoly.

He\’s got a deep knowledge of economic history, don\’t he?

For social democrat politicians, as Gordon Brown and Darling still purport to be, this should be a golden opportunity. They should not hesitate and set out to reconstruct the British financial system around solid progressive values. Credit needs to flow again. We cannot live in a society where the flow of credit doubles then halves almost from year to year. What Obama can only propose in America is possible in Britain. And by doing this, the government would be relaunched. It would show purpose, expose the Conservatives as bankers\’ narks – and save the British middle class from a house price disaster. All that is required is what the government lacks – conviction.

You\’d never have guessed that Mrs. Hutton is a buy to let landlord, would you?

Oh Dear Darling

Alistair Darling has demanded an urgent review of international biofuel programmes as part of a plan to tackle the world\’s mounting food crisis. The Chancellor said he had asked the World Bank to produce an analysis – for June\’s G7 meeting of global leaders – on the impact of green policies, including America and Europe\’s biofuel programmes, on global food shortages.

\’This is an urgent problem,\’ said Darling, who was speaking in Washington at a meeting of G7 leaders. \’People across the world will say, "Why didn\’t you see this coming?" when it is staring us in the face. We have got to take action.\’

Dunno why he\’s doing it at the G7. The level of governance which dealswith the is the European Union. There\’s nothing that the UK (a member of the G7) can do about it alone and the G7 has no influence over the EU. Be far more effective to give Sr. Barroso a phone call.

It Ain\’t How Much You Spend

The best performing schools in the country are receiving up to £1,800 per pupil less than their neighbours, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

Nope, it\’s obviously the way that you spend it.

"Some of the schools into which big money is being poured are the 638 secondaries with poor results that Mr Brown is threatening to close. What rational system knocks hell out of successful schools and pumps inordinate amounts into schools that the Government itself regards as failing?"

It\’s called reinforcing failure, a tendency of government programs everywhere.

Well Said

As you may know, I hold no brief for either Ken or various Green types, but this seems entirely sensible:

Ken Livingstone came under fresh pressure last night when it emerged that his allies in the Green Party are calling for the legalisation of ecstasy.

Actually, the full policy:

Miss Berry\’s manifesto, launched last week, advocates "decriminalising recreational drugs such as ecstasy and psychotropic mushrooms" as well as "providing heroin on prescription".

Entirely sensible. It might be that we\’ve actually got there the first recorded agreement betwen the Adam Smith Inst (not that I speak for them ex officio you understand, but it is close to stated policy) and the Green Party.

Those Bankers Really Are Overpaid, Aren\’t they?

2007 earnings:

Oprah Winfrey: $260 million
Tiger Woods: $115 million
Steven Spielberg: $110 million
Dr. Phil McGraw: $90 million
50 Cent: $33 million
Gisele Bundchen: $33 million
Miley Cyrus: $18.2 million
Mary-Kate Olsen: $17 million
Ryan Seacrest: $12 million
Trouble (Leona Helmsley’s dog): $12 million
Eli Manning: $11.5 million
Katherine Heigl: $11 million
Jeff Foxworthy: $10 million
Jessica Alba: $9 million
Mariska Hargitay: $7 million
Carrie Underwood: $7 million
Scarlett Johansson: $5 million

For Dearieme in the comments. After the first three:

Relationship adviser: one about to get divorced if tittle tattle is to be believed.



Teen pop sensation.

Ditto (or is it actress?)


Bow Wow.



Comedian ("You Know You\’re a Redneck" when your family tree has no branches.)


Tennis player? Or model?



How Revealing

Guardian leader:

His younger opponent – the 52-year-old centre-left candidate Walter Veltroni, the outgoing mayor of Rome – is more experienced than Mr Berlusconi, having entered politics earlier.

The creation of a multi-billion fortune is not "experience"? Only time in politics counts?

Umm, Ben?

700 million?

The EFSA, for example, have produced three PDF reports full of technical material, including a massive statistical re-analysis of the original data (kindly provided by the original researchers) which they harp on about enormously, but which they conclude changes basically nothing. For an organisation representing the interests of 700 million people, well-funded by Ukip voters\’ tax money, and with a massive advisory panel, they also make some slightly bizarre criticisms of the science.

The European Food Safety Authority is an EU institution, no? So how do we get to 700 million? 450 million rather, no? Even if it\’s EFTA or EEA I can\’t see it getting to 700 million.

Anyone know the answer?

Spot On

So, a newspaper carries and advertisement for the BNP. The editor\’s comment?

In his editorial column, Mr Martin wrote: "To be able to tolerate those we vehemently disagree with is the hallmark of an open, egalitarian and democratic society, where freedom of speech and expression are sacrosanct."

Quite. As DK said in a slightly different context. Why do we not censor or ban fascists?

Because we are not fascists.


Communitarians Again

A mother in need of a kidney transplant was denied her daughter\’s "perfect match" organs after her sudden death.

Laura Ashworth died, aged 21, at Bradford Royal Infirmary after a suspected asthma attack.

She had spoken of her desire to help her mother, Rachel Leake, who has kidney failure, but despite being on the national organ donor register, did not formally record her wish for her mother to benefit.

A transplant co-ordinator then told Miss Leake, 39, that her only child\’s organs would go to strangers.

One of Laura\’s kidneys went to a man in Sheffield and the second to a man in London. Her liver was given to a 15-year-old girl.

Good that three people were given the chance of life, of course.

A spokesman for UK Transplant said a final decision in the case was taken by the Human Tissue Authority in line with the Human Tissue Act.

Your dead body belongs to the State, not your family.

Nice to see it spelt out so clearly, eh?

Soldiers Rights

This all seems very strange to me I must say:

In a blow to Des Browne, the Defence Secretary, a senior judge said troops in combat zones have a "right to life" at all times, even while under fire on the battlefield.

Makes you rather wonder whether the politicians actually read and understood the Human Rights Act 1998 before they waved it into law.

This I rather like though:

But rejecting Mr Browne\’s bid, the judge said: "A finding that there was a failure to act in a particular way does not appear to determine a question of civil liability. I do not think that findings of fact, however robustly stated, can be forbidden."

Rock on Judge! A finding of fact being simply another word fo "truth".

The Council Spies

More than 1,000 covert surveillance operations are being launched every month to investigate petty offences such as dog fouling, under-age smoking and breaches of planning regulations.

No, no,. these are very special powers, only to be used in times of grave crisis:

When Ripa was passed in 2000, only nine organisations, such as the police and security services, were allowed to use it, but that number has risen to 792, including 474 councils.

In 2006, more than 1,000 applications per day were being made to use Ripa powers. The Act allows councils to authorise surveillance, obtain phone records and details of email traffic from personal computers (though not their contents) and obtain details of websites individuals are logging on to.

No, really, they are very special powers only to be used in times of grave crisis.