Indian social comedy

Garg is now playing 15 shows a week. She will do three in the evening, after we have spoken, working up material for an hour-long comedy special she will film in September.

“Now I don’t want to slow down,” she says. “I have a lot of years to make up . . . I was home for 16 years, and I’m back at work, and my kids know that and my husband knows that. Most importantly, my mother-in-law needs to know that. Can you write that in your article?”

Not, really, going to work

One way of measuring the cost of housing is in the monthly payment that must be made to gain access to it.

Downing Street is exploring the idea of trying to tackle the housing crisis with ultra-long mortgages of up to 50 years that could pass between generations, allowing more people to build up equity rather than pay rent.

Spreading the cost over more years so that monthly payments are lower is likely to push up prices, isn’t it?

Because the man’s an ignorant tosser

Shares in quoted companies are almost irrelevant to their funding so why do we let so much emphasis be placed on them?

Shares in public companies on stock exchanges are, largely enough, the exit route for the original investors. Those people who actually stump up the risk capital to go and build the new thing do require an exit. Otherwise their insistence on annual returns would be horrifically high because they’d never be able to sell – they could only hold forever.

So, the existence of public equity exchanges increases the amount of capital spent upon building real stuff and new companies etc.

The only reason Spud doesn’t get this is because he’s ignorant. What makes him a tosser about it is that stock exchanges are the very method by which we gain what he says he wants, investment in new activities.

Hell’s Angels

Barger’s transformation from wild one to mild one was complete when he abandoned his allegiance to the Angels’ most sacred icon of freedom and individuality. “Personally, I don’t like Harleys,” he confessed. “I ride them because I’m in the club and that’s the image, but if I could I would seriously consider riding a Honda . . . we really missed the boat not switching over to those Japanese models.”

Careful there, careful there

The lawyers didn’t quite scan this one properly.

Yet, away from the paddock, it is the financial woes of parent company Aston Martin Lagonda that are of the greatest concern despite the best efforts of Stroll and his wealthy friends to rescue a company that has been bankrupt an incredible seven times previously.

That’s not actually true. This being something I’ve written about several times in one of the day jobs.

The business of making Aston Martin cars has been bust 7 times before, this is true. This current company hasn’t been. It’s an important distinction. One that’s on the verge of being actionable I would say…..

Gosh, d’ye think?

Its president can also gain access to the confidential tax declarations of companies or individuals. While these cannot be published, Mr Coquerel’s rivals claimed in the run-up to the vote of a risk that a Leftist radical could be tempted to breach this rule for political gain.

Although why that would be exclusive to leftists I’m not sure. Which politician wouldn’t abuse that power?

So, that’s captured by the extremists then

Women who question transgender ideology have been branded ‘farts’ as part of equalities training offered to civil servants in Nicola Sturgeon’s Government, it has emerged.

Workers who attended a workplace “trans 101” course were told the term was an acronym for “feminism appropriating ridiculous transphobe” and that women who oppose inclusivity measures were part of a “trans hate group”.

Probably best off just cancelling all such training – all diversity, sexuality, gender etc – in order not to employ any such activists….

Blimey, bit harsh

If you can’t get pissed and grope fellow members of your club then what is the world coming to?

Boris Johnson’s deputy chief whip has resigned following claims that he drunkenly groped two men at a private members’ club in London.

What the hell’s a private club for if not that?

What a weird idea

Study suggests existence of up to 2.1m ancient and veteran trees in England
Researchers find there could be many more ancient trees than previously recorded, amid calls for better protections

So if we’ve got a couple of million of the buggers then why do they need protecting? We are, after all, at the good end of the Kuznets Curve, where nature is expanding again…..

My word, now isn’t this the very grand surprise?

When London won the bid in July 2005, its backers billed it as a groundbreaking moment. Previous Olympics had done so much damage to host cities, leaving behind useless venues, unleashing property speculation and social displacement. But London’s bid was different. It vowed to be “a model for social inclusion”. Its legacy would be “the regeneration of the area for the direct benefit of everyone that lives there”. Sebastian Coe, chair of London’s organising committee, promised that the regeneration of the area in and around the Olympic park would produce 30,000-40,000 new homes, “much of which will be ‘affordable housing’ available to key workers such as nurses or teachers”.

Ten years on from the patriotic pageant that brought the nation together to bask in director Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony, with its pastoral vision of merrie England and cavorting NHS nurses, just 13,000 homes have been built on and around the Olympic site. Of these, only 11% are genuinely affordable to people on average local incomes. Meanwhile, in the four boroughs the site straddles – Newham, Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Waltham Forest – there are almost 75,000 households on the waiting list for council housing, many living in desperate poverty. Thousands of former residents have also been rehoused outside the area since the Olympics took place.

Grand plans to grandly plan everything turn out to be grand fuck ups.

We’re all very surprised that this is the result of letting government loose with £20 billion, right?

But no one to know what it is

A cryptocurrency hedge fund set up by two former investment bankers has collapsed owing more than half a billion dollars.

Three Arrows Capital entered liquidation on Wednesday after a British Virgin Islands court ruled in favour of creditors seeking repayment of debts.

Shortly before its demise, the hedge fund had defaulted on a $674m loan, triggering creditors to seek its liquidation.

The thing about the famed South Sea Bubble company flotation is that everyone at the time knew it was a scam…..

Not a huge insight, to be fair

Her first chapter, “A Brief History of the Normal”, makes her central point succinctly by examining the term’s shifts in meaning. Before the 19th century, normal meant “regular”, “governed by a rule”: a right angle was “normal”, while the French Ecoles Normales trained model teachers for a new rational era. It came to its modern sense via astronomy, in what would come to be known as “normal distribution”. The characteristic symmetrical bell curve emerged from Carl Friedrich Gauss’s plotting of errors in astronomical measurements in 1801: large errors occurred infrequently, generating the low, long tails; smaller errors occurred very frequently, generating the rounded peak around the most likely actual value of the phenomenon itself.

Largely a restatement of statistical variation. And given the number of different ways that we can measure a human we’re all at the extremes for one thing or another and therefore abnormal. So, normal doesn’t exist.

In one of the Tom Clancey’s, the one where the Iranians weaponise Ebola, one of the subjects they test (ie, infect and thereby try to kill) upon seems likely to survive the experience until they actively kill him. Some muttering about the depth of the human gene pool – meaning variance is so high that some would indeed survive even Ebola.

And let’s be honest about this, if something is an aside in a Tom Clancy novel it’s not exactly an unknown now, is it?

Umm, why?

The Government should offer free abortions to women from the US who are unable to secure them, British doctors have said.

The move by the British Medical Association follows the decision by the US Supreme Court to overturn the Roe v Wade ruling, ending American women’s legal right to have abortions.

Currently, overseas patients are able to have abortions in the UK but are charged a fee.

Why should taxpayers here pay for it? Apparently the reason is because the NHS should never charge foreigners.

Proposing the motion, medical student and women’s rights campaigner Marina Politis described the situation in the US as an “emergency”, saying: “Abortion is essential health care… In [some] cases, the US Supreme Court decision is a death sentence. In other, less risky, pregnancies, this decision still removes an essential right of the individual to choose what happens to their own body.”

She added: “In the context of a hostile environment, we have seen increased migrant charging. We also need to provide safe abortion care to all nationals seeking this in the UK, without subjecting them to overseas patient upfront tariffs – and this must be regardless of borders going far beyond the US.”

Bugger that.