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BYND Cannasoft’s fun deal

A certain amusement at what a company called BYND Cannasoft has just done. They’ve just issued stock to buy another company, their own stock then jumped 312%. That price is rapidly receding back – 120% up in the 30 minutes it took me to type up the report.

But it’s what they’ve bought that amuses. Amuses in that fnarr fnarr sense.

which holds the patent pending intellectual property for a therapeutic device (the “EZ-G device”) that uses low concentrations of CBD oils, such as hemp seed oil and other natural oils, to treat certain women’s health issues


regulates the flow of low-concentration CBD oils into the soft tissues of the female reproductive system.

The idea now is that birds smoke dope with their fannies.

Umm, OK. Makes more sense than drag hour at the library I suppose.