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The joys of wedding season returning

Living, as we do, in the centre of where folks go for their hen and stag parties we tend to view the return of wedding season with a slightly jaundiced eye. Then again, given the lack of ability to travel at present it might be that people are getting on with the hitching part without the alcoholic blowout that usually precedes it.

Still, as Americans are noting, wedding season is starting again:

Wedding season is slowly ramping up again. Of course, the pandemic’s made it a difficult year for the industry, and now many vendors are working hard to tackle another issue: inclusivity.

Inclusivity isn’t one of those things I’d expect a wedding to be about really, given that rather the point is exclusionary. That sexual relationship is now to be markedly less inclusionary than it might have been when looking around for who to marry perhaps. True, there’s the Krankies to tell us how this might be different but still.

There’s also a slight puzzle about why this is the season:

In general, wedding season extends from late spring and continues through early fall, with weddings peaking in June and September.

That spring time is when fancies turn to thoughts of love is true, rising sap and all that. And if every bird in the country is twittering that they’re the one then of course some fancies will turn that way. That, given the way that humans work over time, explains the September peak at least. But it does still leave the spring one as something of a mystery.

All of which makes this an apposite time to talk of AW Bridal Brand. A one stop shop for the clothing necessary to meet that peak wedding season.