Richard Corbett MEP.

Did you know he\’s just added a comments section to his blog?


Just been emailed by the Great Man himself. Apparently the blog I linked to is a fake!

Who knew?

The real one is here.

As he says:

Following a Google Alert I was very surprised to find a replica of my blog, that someone has bizarrely gone to a lot of trouble making.

Quite who is behind this hoax is a complete mystery but I thought I should make it quite clear I have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it. The fake blog address is, and they appear to be simply be cutting pasting from my actual blog.

No, I seriously doubt that\’s how it is being done. There\’s a much easier way.

But I have to admit I prefer the new one. Exactly the same content, it\’s just that you get to make comments as well.

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